Budget Builds

If you’re looking to build a Gaming PC between $300 – $600, then this is the section you need to check out. These builds are pretty amazing when you consider their price point and are ideal for someone who’s just getting into PC gaming.

Mid-Range Builds

If you’re looking for a gaming PC that’s between $700 – $1000, then this is where you want to look . Make no mistake, these builds are very powerful and can run just about any of the newer games on max settings with no problem.

High-End Builds

If you’re looking for a gaming PC build that’s over $1000 and is going to last you years before you even have to think about running a game on anything less than Ultra settings, then this is where to look.

Why Use Our Gaming PC Builds?

Rapid Assistance

If this is your first time ever building a gaming PC, it can definitely nerve wracking. On this site, I promise you’ll never have to wait more than a day to get a response to your question and I’ll do my best to aid you in getting your PC built!

Up To Date

We update our gaming PC builds every month to ensure that you never get a PC that doesn’t have the latest and greatest PC components.

Bang For Your Buck

I find that people tend to make builds that aren’t specifically the best for the price you pay. These builds will always focus on maximizing gaming performance while still not going over the budget!

Save Time and Frustration

Building your own PC can be confusing if you have no one to guide you, these PC builds were made in order to help save you time and help you not have to deal with the frustrations of figuring out how things work.

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