With the best 800 dollar gaming PC build of 2016,  you will be able to play any game that comes out this year on ultra settings without a doubt. If this build was a pre-built PC it would probably cost you thousands, but since you’ve decided to make your own PC, you are saving a great deal of money that can instead go to peripherals or anything else.

I spent many hours researching all of the different parts in this build to get you the most optimal performance for the cost, and not only is this build  a powerhouse, but it also happens to look the best out of all of my builds so far and I guarantee that people will be impressed when they see your gaming PC.

I did a 700 dollar gaming PC build recently and while that PC is amazing, this one is definitely the better option if you want to guarantee yourself ultra settings for a long time… Now, without further ado lets jump right into this awesome build!

Why Build A PC Instead of Buying A Pre-Built One?

I just want to take a second, before I get into the build to talk about this since I’ve been asked it a thousand times.

Yes, you can buy a pre-built PC for 800 dollars, but I one hundred percent guarantee that my 600 dollar gaming PC build would wipe the floor with it because the people who make pre-built gaming PC’s need to make a profit as well and in order to do this they put on this sick awesome case that makes the PC look fantastic, but inside, the parts that really matter are usually worth much less than you are paying for them.

So if you want to spend 800 dollars on a pre-built PC and still struggle to run games on high settings then be my guest, or you could just spend a little time making your own PC and build a PC that can run games on the highest settings. Some people just will never build their PC and that’s okay, but if you’ve come to this site then with my help you can build that gaming PC you’ve always dreamed off. I personally won’t let you fail.

Not  only do you get insane value when you build your own PC, but you also get this sense of satisfaction that you’ve completed something and that’s a feeling a pre-built PC, just can’t give. Just think back to last time you made something? Don’t you remember it? that’s a feeling that cannot be replicated nor taken away from you.

I understand why many people hesitate, though, they think that building a PC is some very difficult process, and maybe if you were to try to build it by yourself that would be the case, but there are so many resources that are available that make building a gaming PC easier than ever before.

You may not know me or anything, but  I will personally help you with any problems you may have when building a PC. Just leave a comment below and I will answer swiftly.

How To Build A PC

Building a desktop by yourself can be a difficult task, but since this is the era of the internet there are ample resources out there that show you the building process step by step and all you really have to do is follow along. Below is a video that I’ve found to be concise, but also very informative. If you would like a more in-depth video, check out my How To Build A PC page

I understand that this video might not answer all of your questions so please feel free to leave a comment below so that I can get with you as soon as possible.

Best 2016 800 Dollar Gaming PC Build, That Will Dominate


Not only will this build impress anyone who looks at it with its beautiful case, but most importantly this thing is packing some major power inside. This PC can handle all of the recent releases such as Fallout 4, The Witcher 3, and even GTA 5 on ultra 1080p, 60FPS. Even if you’re looking to go 4k (resolution) then this can even handle that, but at the moment, I would check out one of my more expensive builds as this one won’t be able to handle this at a smooth 60 fps at all.

At 800 dollars you’ve made an investment that will pay dividends. Below is the build broken down into parts and then the explanation of each piece and my reasoning for including it into the build. I recommend you look at this to get a better understanding of what you are buying.

The Build

Last Updated: November 15th, 2016



For a mid-tower case, the Thermal Tank N21 is definitely worth every penny. Not only will you be getting plenty of space, but also a slick design that will impress anyone who looks at it.

Even though the looks are what makes this case stand out, it still has all the space needed when you upgrade to bigger CPU’s and Video Cards.

One of the biggest reasons I picked this case was due to its design that allows for better airflow which leads to a cooler PC (This leads to less overheating and the extension of your PC’s life). This case also comes with one fan to help cool it even better.

One main issue that this case does have is cable management. That’s not to say its horrible but there are some cases for the price with better cable management, but you will lose the looks factor.

I understand that not everyone has the same sense of style so below I’ve included a link that allows you to pick another case that is still compatible with this build.

Power Supply:


For this build, I’ve chosen the 600 watts power supply by Corsair. This brand has been making quality power supplies for years and I can vouch for their quality.

I chose this power supply over EVGA’s simply because of the fact that Evga has this sort of prime membership deal going on that makes you pay considerably more if you are not an amazon prime member. Corsair’s power supply is 80 plus bronze which means more efficient power draw and fewer costs to you in the long run.

This power supply also has a big  fan that helps in making sure your build doesn’t get overheated, but still remains very quiet allowing you to focus only on gaming and not fan noise.

A power supply messing up can hurt your other components, so I wouldn’t recommend getting some very cheap one with low watts. This is a powerful build and 600 is already low enough as it is, don’t mess up your PC trying to be cheap on this.

Video Card:


The ZOTAC GTX 1060 has to be one of the best mid-range graphics cards on the market. With an 800 dollar budget, you are already going to be doing some high-end PC gaming without a doubt and at this point you are merely future proofing how long your system can remain playing games at a high level.

With Gaming computer builds, your video card is what makes or breaks your build, and that is also the case with the GTX 1060.  This card is the most expensive item you are getting and just, so you know this thing is worth every penny.

The GTX 1060 by itself is already a fantastic card that benchmarks insanely well, but the card I’ve gotten for you guys is not the normal 1060, no this is the ZOTAC Amp 6gb’s Edition! 

Not to mention this thing runs near silent and most of the time you won’t even hear the fan unless you are doing some very intensive stuff.

This card is even capable of creating games if you’re ever thinking of becoming an indie developer.

I really can’t imagine a better card at this price range, Hell I wish I started off with a GTX 1060; it would have made gaming a much better experience.


The ZOTAC 1060 video card might be the hero of the build, but every hero needs a sidekick, and there’s no better sidekick at this price than the Skylake I5-6500 Quad Core Processor by Intel.

What you want from a processor in gaming is quick snappy load times and basically anything that needs to be processed. 

The Intel I5-6500 is also a quad core which is right on the mark and will allow your games to process even quicker as you use different cores to handle different tasks.

All this adds up and makes the I5-6500 ideal for any gaming out right now and anything that should come out in the near future.


The MSI Micro ATX motherboard might be my most controversial choice for this build, but I wholeheartedly think that it was the right choice considering this build isn’t really meant for SLI gaming (two graphics cards) due to the graphics card overcompensating this and the whole premise is to have a powerhouse graphics card and then upgrade later to another powerhouse after reselling the current one.

Other than this motherboard being a micro ATX, everything about this MOBO is pure gold. It’s a high-quality motherboard that houses all the main functions without any issues.

It also has MSI’s famous BIOS which is specifically tailored for gaming and allows you to better modify your PC components.  If you do plan on changing motherboards, please run it by me before you do to make sure that it is compatible with the rest of the build.


The RAM I chose was the Ballistix Sport two 4GB’s kit which equals 8Gb’s in total. RAM is important simply because you need it to run any programs. RAM stands for random access memory, and the more RAM you have the programs, you can have open.

For gaming nowadays 8gb’s is the minimum and anything lower will handicap this system. This is another thing I would advise against changing.

If you wanted you could always go for 16Gb’s of RAM, but 8Gb’s is more than enough right now and for the foreseeable future.

Hard Drive:


For the hard drive, I chose Western Digital 1 TB hard drive. Western Digital is a respectable company and also makes high-quality products. It’s up to you when it comes to hard drives, but this is my recommendation.

I would not go any lower than 1 TB, in particular with this build due to how much money you are already investing in it. No point in cheaping out on space when it’s so affordable.



The last thing this build features is a 240 GB SSD from PNY . What’s so great about SSD’s? Well, they load things much quicker than hard drives do making them pretty handy especially if you put the right applications on them. I know a lot of people may be tempted to put their favorite games on their SSD, but what I recommend you do is install your OS on the SSD. It’ll make your PC feel much quicker and your boot up times will be non-existent.  This is more of a

As you can tell, SSD’s are more of a luxury item, so if you’d rather not get it and save some money your build wouldn’t suffer too much, but I really do recommend getting one as it just makes your PC feel so much better.

(Optional) Optical Drive:


I chose to not include the optical drive in my build due to the fact that almost no one needs one anymore. I can’t remember the last time I’ve ever used one in my build before and don’t feel that it is necessary.

I would recommend you get an optical drive if you are going to install the OS through DVD (there are other options such as USB) or if you like to watch movies from the disk. 

Since most gaming is digital nowadays, there is no longer a need for them if you are gaming. However, I still understand that some people may still want one, so I’ve linked a very affordable one below that doesn’t forgo on quality.

Build Conclusion

There’s no doubt in my mind that this is going to make a great gaming PC for anyone who follows this build. For 800 dollars you will not only be getting a great build but a build that will stretch as far as possible for the best possible gaming experience for the money.

If you follow this build you will be able to run any game that’s currently out 1080 FPS 60FPS without a doubt. I would recommend this build if you know you are going to be using this PC often and love to have the best of the best.

Important: If you make any changes to this build please feel free to leave a comment below of your final revised build so that I can make sure the build is compatible and you don’t waste your time nor your money. 

Recommended Peripherals

You may have just built the most amazing PC in the world, but none of that really matters if you don’t have peripherals to actually start using with that gaming PC. Below are my most recommended peripherals for this $800 gaming PC build.

Recommended Monitor


This monitor is amazing value for the quality. If you are looking for a monitor that provides deep color contrast and one that is also very bright then this is the perfect monitor on a budget. I’ve had this monitor for years and not once have I had any issues with it. Due to the price of these monitors they also work very well for a multi-monitor setup.

Recommended Keyboard/Mouse Combo


If you are a gamer and want to have that competitive edge online, but are on a budget then this is an awesome combo set that really feels just as good as some of the most premium keyboards and mouses. This is one item that I can recommend without even having to worry about whether or not its worth the buy because it definitely is.

Recommended Headset


I actually have a pair of these headphones and for the price these things provide amazing design, sound quality, and comfort. The style on these headphones is definitely a very important aspect, but the one thing that really makes these a joy to use has to be their comfort. I can game for hours and where another pair of gaming headphones would start to hurt my ears, the design on these headphones are unusual, but that creativity actually makes a better final product that is definitely worth checking out. You hear games sounds just fine and people hear you crystal clear through the mic.

Recommended WiFi


Wifi is something that you will need with your gaming PC and the Panda USB wireless adapter 300Mbps is a simple cheap option that also happens to be highly effective. The one thing that really makes this USB wireless adapter stand out would have to be the ability to set this adapter in less than a minute and already be connecting on the internet. I would also recommend ethernet cable, but if that’s not possible this will do just fine.

Operating Systems Information

After getting your PC built and all of your Peripherals there is one more thing that still needs to be done before you can get to playing awesome games and that is picking an operating system. What is an operating system? Well, basically it’s an application that opens up when your PC turns on and manages all other applications. That might sound confusing but I’m pretty sure everyone here is using one. There are thousands of operating systems out there, but the two major ones available to you that I’m going to talk about are (Ubuntu) Linux and Windows.

(Ubuntu) Linux


Ubuntu Linux is basically a more streamlined version of the original Linux and was made for people who want to try an alternative to the powerhouse that is windows. It was made by a team of developers that are all very experienced coders and it’s the biggest offshoot of Linux there is at the moment with around 250 million users worldwide.

If you like having a vast amount of customization options then Linux was made for as you can nearly change every aspect of Ubuntu Linux to better fit what you like. The other major plus for a Linux would have to be that it costs literally nothing to download as its an open source OS.

Linux does have some things going for it, but there are also a lot of issues, especially when it comes to gaming. Linux being open source means that it’s not as supported as Windows is which can lead to annoying bugs that really have no estimated times when they will be fixed. The biggest issue with Linux at the moment is that PC developers don’t support the OS at the moment to the extent that it needs in order for it to be considered valid. Using the Linux OS will severely limit the number of games you can play and yes while there might be some sort of emulation system out there on Linux it will most likely come with a host of bugs.



Windows is something that I’m pretty everyone here knows and there’s a reason for that considering they own more than 3/4ths of the Operating System market and seem to be growing even further.

Some reasons to go for Windows is simply that at the moment all of the developers make their games for it since that’s where most of their sells come from and no PC game is going to be restricted when you are on this OS. The other big pro for Windows is that they fix issues with their OS pretty quickly.

The biggest issue people have with windows is that most people feel the charge for the OS is outrageous and I’m not really the judge of that. If you look through the internet yes you can get the OS free, but that’s up to you. I would personally recommend Windows 7 premium or Windows 8.1 as both of these versions of windows have been tested and most bugs are smoothed out and then do the free upgrade to windows 10 in the future when the OS becomes a little more stable.


With PC gaming growing faster than ever now is the right time to start building a gaming PC and with the best 800 dollar gaming PC build of 2016, you really can’t go wrong. With this build, you will be getting enough power to run games on ultra settings and the looks to top it off. If gaming is really a major hobby of yours that you spend hours this is a build I would whole-heartedly recommend.

If you have any questions about your build or this post, please feel free to leave a comment below so that I can get back to you quickly. Also, what do you plan on naming your PC? Tell me below.

112 replies
  1. Steven
    Steven says:

    Would I be able to switch out the graphics card to the new Nvidia 1080/1070 cards in this build? And if not what would I need to switch?

    • Steven
      Steven says:

      Or would it be better to have something else… Sorry not very smart when it comes to computers, but trying to make a computer worth the money vs store bought.

      • Frank
        Frank says:

        Building your PC will always be a much better option than buying store bought stuff. Once the new, 1070 comes out, store bought PC’s are probably going to cost so much more than if you’d just build it yourself. If you have any other questions, I just want to let you know that I’m here to help!

    • Frank
      Frank says:

      Hey, Steven!
      If you don’t mind waiting for a bit and they don’t sell out then I’d wait for the 1070 personally. It’s going to be a little expensive, but if you can get one(they’re going to sell like hotcakes). This build will work just fine with the 1070 as it is. The 1070 comes out on June 10th.

  2. Mohannad
    Mohannad says:

    do i need a cooler for this bulid or the Thermaltake comes already with a one
    could you recommend a better i5 like i5 6000 cpu for 2016 compatible with the motherboard


    • Frank
      Frank says:

      Hey Mohannad,

      You don’t need a cooler for this build unless you’re going to be overclocking which this build wasn’t really made for. If you’re looking for a better CPU I’d just check out the $900 gaming PC build and switch out the case. If you have any other questions feel free to ask!

  3. Shawn
    Shawn says:

    Can you tell me if this case “Apevia X-SNIPER2-GN ATX Mid Tower” is compatible with your build? I am using your build as my baseline, but i want to change the case honestly. If so, do you see any pros or cons as to why I should not take this case over the one you are recommending? any help would be great, thanks.

  4. Ashley
    Ashley says:

    Hey there, I’m building my first PC and in my excitement I accidentally bought the EVGA GeForce GTX 970 4GB SSC Gaming ACX 2.0+ 1190MHZ Boost 1342MHZ Graphics Card instead of the card you recommended. Can I use the one I bought?

    • Frank
      Frank says:

      Hey Ashley,

      The difference between the two is negligible at best, as long as you have a GTX 970 4G you won’t be missing out on any performance gains. If you need any more help with building your PC, please feel free to ask.

  5. Aaron
    Aaron says:

    How many USB Ports will this build have. If it’s less than three, is there any way to get anymore. Sorry if this is a bad question, I’m not very good with computers.

    • Frank
      Frank says:

      Hey Aaron,

      This build would have 9 USB ports in total, 5 USB 3.0s and 4 USB 2.0s. This is more than enough for any peripherals you might need. If you need some more help or recommendations please feel free to comment.

    • Frank
      Frank says:

      Hey Matthew,

      While the HTC Vive definitely has some demanding specs, this build should be able to run it just fine! If you have any other questions feel free to leave a comment!

  6. Starlord
    Starlord says:

    I am not to tech smart …what direct x , will this build run?? and I really want Civs VI (not out yet)…but Do you see the build having any issues running that game?? And sorry three part question… Do you have recommendations for software?

    • Frank
      Frank says:

      Hey Starlord, It doesn’t matter whether you’re tech smart or not. Building a PC isn’t that difficult if you follow a guide. I recommend you check out my How To Build A Gaming PC Page. Also, this build will run Civilization VI on max settings easily. I’m taking it when you say software; you mean OS (Operating System). For you, I’d recommend getting Windows 10.

  7. Justin
    Justin says:

    What RAM would you recommend getting (2 8gb sticks) that fits the build, and it preferably more along the $60-$70 price range, but it’s ok if it’s over.

  8. Andy
    Andy says:

    Hey man! Before I say, I am not a very techy person, so I was wondering how people make their pcs colorful and bright. I really want to make mine like that, but this case does not suit the occasion.

    • Frank
      Frank says:

      Hey Andy,

      You’d just need to change your case if you’re looking for something a little more flashy. Cases are just the shells, so it won’t change the performance of this build at all.

  9. Danny
    Danny says:

    What do you think of my PC build so far? First build and want to make sure everything is compatible and ready to go?

    PC CASE: Cooler Master HAF 912 – Mid Tower Computer Case
    PROCESSOR: Intel I5-4460 Quad-Core Processor.
    MOTHERBOARD: ASRock H97 Micro ATX DDR3 Pro4
    VIDEO CARD: EVGA GeForce GTX 970 4GB SC Graphics Card.
    RAM: Kingston Hyper X Fury 8Gb’s. {two 4Gb’s}
    POWER SUPPLY: Corsair 600 Watts 80b Power Supply.
    HARD DRIVE: WD Blue 1TB Desktop Hard Disk Drive.
    OPTICAL DRIVE: Asus 24x DVD-RW Serial-ATA Internal OEM
    OPERATING SYSTEM: Microsoft Windows 10 Home 64 Bit.
    MONITOR: Asus 21.5-Inches Led Backlight Widescreen
    KEYBOARD/MOUSE: Cooler Master Devastator LED

  10. 2D
    2D says:

    If there is an extra 100 dollars or so that could go to this build to really add more horsepower, could you let me know? And also, would I need to upgrade anything in the build in order to get 16 G ram? Cause apparently these days it’s what people use and I’m not sure if spending a bit extra on ram or whatever would really kick the build up more.

  11. josh
    josh says:

    i actually went down the amd route. i have the vishera processor, 4.0ghz octa-core (8 cores), with the amd radeon r9 380 gpu, a 650w 80 plus gold certified, 525gb ssd, as well as 16gb of ddr3 2133 ram, just a budget motherboard nothing special but it is atx, not mini atx but everything is compatible with this MB, as well as a diypc white full tower case with 5 fans and room for water cooling built into case. total is total right now with an aftermarket heatsink is $811. if you take the heatsink off it’s approx. $765. Which do you think is better, mine or yours for gaming? i paid a little more for a better pc but “sacrificed” on the gpu compared to what i could have gotten and budgeted other things. either way good build on your part for sure. kinda jelly about that gpu lol

    • Frank
      Frank says:

      Yah man that’s a great build, the GTX 1060 naturally carries this build to new levels and crushes the R9 380 in performance which makes it much better for gaming, but your build will easily run most games on ultra.

      • josh
        josh says:

        Do you think it would be better to downgrade on a couple of things to get a better gpu or keep it how it is? from what i understand the cpu i chose is the second best amd cpu at the moment (at least for my socket am3+), 16gb of ram should be plenty, and the r9 380 is the best budget mid tier gpu there is from amd. I have no problem with power consumption as long as it holds it’s own compared to other gpu’s in the same price range, especially the nvidia cards. if the computer would benefit more from a better gpu i could budget a couple of things in my build and upgrade that, but if it’s about as good as it’s gonna get i’ll keep it how it is. Your opinion is much appreciated, thank you!

        • Frank
          Frank says:

          Hey Josh,

          I’d recommend you check out getting an RX 480 or at the very least the 390. The 380’s a great choice on a budget, but when you can get much better performance for about $50 more, I’d say it’s a no-brainer. The only problem is that the RX 480s price is still way higher than it should be at the moment, but if you can find it somewhere for around $250 then I’d recommend that.

  12. zach
    zach says:

    Hey so first time doing this but when i go to amazon to buy the power supply it gives me the choice modular or non-modular. Just need to know which one is needed. And i plan on adding 4 120mm fans, 2 for the top and 2 for the front, would i still be good with the 600w powersupply? And your build helped me a lot thank you.

    • Frank
      Frank says:

      Hey Zach,

      I’d recommend you get the modular power supply as it’ll just make setting your PC up easier. Also, a 600w power supply is more than enough for this build, even with the addition of the fans.

  13. George
    George says:

    If i changed the video card to the Asus GeForce GTX 960 4GB Video Card would this build still be good?
    i know this is a build that is heavily dependant on the graphics card, which why i asked.

  14. jorge
    jorge says:

    for cpu coolers (heatsink and fan) what are your opinions on the dual sided fan ones? for me i feel like it would disrupt the flow of air through your case, any thoughts on this would be awesome! great build by the way!

    • Frank
      Frank says:

      Hey Jorge,

      I’ve never used dual sided fans and honestly don’t plan on it as a one sided cooler is more than enough to keep your CPU cool, even when overclocking.

  15. Seth
    Seth says:

    Hey, this is my first time building a pc and i was wondering if there is a difference in buying the zotac geforce gtx 1060 or the gigabyte geforce gtx 1060 and if i need to change any components. i am considering buying the gigabyte gtx 1060 because of the different prices these two gpu’s change every once in awhile on amazon.

    • Frank
      Frank says:

      Hey Seth,

      There is no significant difference. Everything in this build is still compatible if you substitute the Zotac 1060 for the Gigabyte 1060. Tell me if you have any other questions.

  16. Leander
    Leander says:

    So this is my planned build:

    Case: Inter-tech Q2 illuminator
    CPU: intel i5 6500
    GPU: Zotac Geforce GTX 1060 AMP
    Motherboard: MSI Z170-A PRO
    Hard drive: WD blue WD10EZEX
    RAM: Kingston HyperX fury DDR4 8gb
    SSD: Samsung 750 EVO 120 GB
    Power supply: Corsair Builder CX600 Bronze
    Cooling: Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO

    Do you think this is all compatible and will work better than the original build?

    • Frank
      Frank says:

      Hey Mike,

      This is already a pretty cheap case that still comes with a lot of features that you’re going to want. You can get something cheaper, but honestly, you’ll lose more than just looks.

  17. Matthew Williams
    Matthew Williams says:

    I’m building a PC, do you know if there’s a quad core DDR4 motherboard that’s compatible with this build? Instead of DDR3

  18. Shawn
    Shawn says:

    Would this support a Skylake processor like the Intel Core i5 6500 3.20 GHz Quad Core, instead of the processor in the build? I’m wanting to build this computer together but found that upgrading the processor and the power supply up to a 750 watt would be a great option, if you know how the compatibility for the skylake and what psu you would suggest that would be amazing 🙂 I’m not the most tech-savvy this would be my first computer built by myself.

  19. Michael
    Michael says:

    How would this run a game like overwatch? I’ve been wanting to get a pc that will run it at 60-100 fps on ultra. Will this be enough for that?

  20. Biz
    Biz says:

    Hey, I am looking to start my first build and i am looking to play no limits 2 and planet coaster on its highest setting.. All of this is new to me. I am not sure if you are familiar with these games but could you give me any advice or suggestions? Can i use this build? Thnx.


    • Frank
      Frank says:

      Hey Jose,

      You’d lose some of the future proofing that having 6 GB’s of Video Card Memory, and a little bit of performance due to less processing cores, but it’s not a bad idea if you want to save money.

    • Frank
      Frank says:

      Hey Bill,

      The Gtx 1060 is way better than the r9 280x in every way. If you’re looking to future-proof yourself and play most games at ultra settings I’d sell the 280x and get the 1060.

  21. Austin
    Austin says:

    I am seriously considering buying this build, trying to play everything from witcher, skyrim, eso, dark souls etc. I’m trying to switch over from Console gaming for obvious reasons.. But let’s just say I don’t want to actually put it together myself..how would I go about getting it done? Sort of a dumb question, I know but I just don’t want to possibly mess up something by trying to do it myself. Thank you

    • Frank
      Frank says:

      Hey Austin,

      You could look for a local PC building company or ask around on sites such as Craigslist. I’m pretty sure someone would do it for you for a quick penny. Building a PC isn’t that bad. I recommend you give it a try before outsourcing. Just want to let you know that I’m here every step of the way.

    • Frank
      Frank says:

      Hey Gard,

      The Titan X would be compatible with this build and is slightly better than the GTX 1060 regarding performance. However, I wouldn’t recommend getting it over the GTX 1060 as it has an older architecture and costs hundreds of dollars more. If you’re looking to upgrade just get the 1070 or the GTX 1080 which outperform the Titan X. If you already have the Titan X, then I’d not upgrade until a few years from now.

  22. Michael
    Michael says:

    I’m planning on using this build but switching the case out to something else. Would this case be compatible with this build?

    NZXT Phantom 410 Mid Tower USB 3.0 Gaming Case

  23. Night
    Night says:

    I’ve been playing on a early 2009 MacBook Pro until now and will be building my on PC the first time in 15 years and things have changed a lot since I switched to Macs. I’m thinking of getting this build but replacing the i5 with the i3 6100 and the power supply with an EVGA 600 B1 80+ Bronze 600W since it’s quite a bit cheaper. From what I can tell there shouldn’t be any compatibility issues, however what would the effect be on performance?

    • Frank
      Frank says:

      Hey Night, you’re right there aren’t any compatibility issues. Peformance shouldn’t be too much of an issue as the i3-6100 doesn’t really bottleneck the GTX 1060. If you’re going to be doing any work related stuff such as video editing, it might be a good idea to get the i5, but at most you’ll lose a few FPS.

  24. Tony
    Tony says:

    Hello, first time building my own PC.
    2 questions.

    Does the Cooler Master Elite 431 Plus (Black) ATX Mid Tower Case work with this?

    and I’m considering two or three SSDs instead of a HDD.

    Other than making it more pricey, do you see any problems with this or have any thoughts about doing this?

    • Frank
      Frank says:

      Hey Tony,

      The Elite 431 will work with this build. Regarding the SSD question, I’d recommend just getting one SSD and an HDD. Three SSD’s would make for a quick PC, but just installing your OS on your SSD will offer many of the same benefits.


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