The Best Gaming Earbuds With Mic 2016

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We all know about the cheap affordable gaming headsets that you can get, but what about earbuds for gaming? Not only are earbuds good for gaming, but they also are good for listening to music, calls, and exercising.

In this post, I aimed to talk about gaming earphones with mics that could also be used for all these other activitys and still be good for gaming as well. All the earbuds on this list are under $50 and will provide a great gaming experience.

I know everyone’s ready to get into this guide, so let’s jump right in.


BEES In-Ear Earbuds with Mic

Check The BEES In-Ear Earbud’s Price On Amazon

If you’re looking for really cheap gaming earbuds, then you really can’t go wrong with the BEES in-ear headphones. Not only are they under $10, but they also have an in-line mic and provide high-quality sound. So for the people on a tight budget, these are for you.


There’s nothing that really stands out with these earbuds, but honestly, I like it. There all black and are just a clean pair of earphones. These are tangle free which is a godsend for anyone who just likes to shove their earbuds into their pockets.

They’re also very comfortable and will allow you to play for hours on end without having any issues.


The BEES earbuds have excellent sound quality for the price, especially bass. Other than the bass you are getting a super crisp output that will provide you with a great immersive experience.

I wish the sound output was a little higher than what it is but other than that these produce great sound for the price.


The mic is definitely the worst part of these earbuds, but considering the low price it will do the job well. Don’t expect to sound crystal clear when talking to others while gaming, but the mic will allow you to communicate with others at a fundamental level.

Any Issues?

Honestly, these earbuds aren’t going to compete with the other gaming earbuds on this list, just because of the price difference. So if you’re looking for some seriously good gaming earbuds, then you might want to up your budget.

Turtle Beach Call of Duty Gaming Earbuds

Check The Turtle Beach COD Earbud’s Price On Amazon

Turtle Beach is known for their great gaming headsets, but only a few people know that they also make some of the best affordable gaming earbuds around. If you are looking for earphones that can be used on the go, without breaking the bank, then these are a good buy.

The earbuds are styled after Call of Duty: Black Ops II, with the black and orange theme. You have to put them in at a weird angle which might be something that people aren’t used to

Another thing I like about these earbuds is the fact that they have a braided cable which will allow for added durability.

Oh yeah, the cord is 6 feet long which is good for anyone who’s going to be using these for gaming on their desktop, but this could also be an issue for people who only want to use these headsets for listening to music on the go.

I promise you that with these earbuds you will never have to worry about the volume being too low. Honestly, these might be the loudest earbuds on this list. They also have good bass, which is one of the most important sound qualities you’re looking for when it comes to gaming.

These earbuds are also noise cancelling which is a welcome feature for any gamer who wants to fully immerse themselves in the game world by blocking out outside noises.

These turtle beach call of duty gaming earphones have an in-line mic which is ok for most people, but if you are looking for something a little better in the same price range check the top two earbuds on this list.

Any Issues?
People are reporting that these earbuds are breaking in a short period, and if this does happen, you should send them back and get a full refund.

These are great earbuds for the price, but the durability just doesn’t seem to be top notch.

Edifier P270 In-ear Earbuds

Check The Edifier P270’s Price On Amazon

These are my recommended earbuds for someone who is trying to pick up some good earbuds for around $25. Not only are these earbuds that can be used for just about everything, but they’re also pretty good for gaming as well.


I love the Edifiers design. It’s not super colorful or anything, but instead, it just looks like a high-quality product. These earbuds are small, but still fit incredibly well and while these aren’t noise cancelling they still block out most outside sounds.

You can also get the Edifier earbuds in different colors for those who aren’t a fan of the all black look.


Okay, on one hand I like the Edifiers sound because of how balanced and clear it is, but on the other hand, I wish that there was more bass.

If you care less for deep bass and more for earbuds that will allow you to feel like you physically hear those sounds in the game world, then the Edifier is a good fit for you.


The Edifier P270’s mic isn’t the best due to it being inline, but other than that the voice quality is good and people can hear you just fine.

So if you care less for a good mic, then the Edifier is a good choice.

Any Issues?

A peeve I have with the Edifiers is that the bass is lacking compared to some of the other gaming earbuds that appear on this list. I’m not saying these earbuds have no bass, but if you’re looking for deep bass, then these aren’t for you.

My only issue is that the cord isn’t the best and if you’re aggressive with your earbuds they might not last you that long.

You do get a one year warranty which is one of the main reasons why I recommend this to people on a budget. If you have any issues, you can use a replacement without any hassle.

Symphonized NRG 2.0 Premium in-ear Earbuds

Check The Symphonized NRG 2.0’s Price On Amazon

At first glance, you can tell why the NRG 2.0’s are popular. They’re made of wood and sound great. There really isn’t much to hate about these earbuds. Not only are they beautiful but they come with an array of different buds that are all different sizes and styles so that everyone can find the best fit. If you like to game in style, the NRG 2.0 earbuds are a great buy.


Symphonized is known for making some of the best-looking earbuds around, and it just didn’t feel right for me to leave them off this list when they’re so affordable.

First off, these earbuds look to cost about triple of what you’re going to pay. So if that’s your thing then these are already a good buy, but you also get a braided cable that will make these headphones last for a long time making this an even greater deal.


While, I love the appearance of these earbuds, ultimately the most important thing about a pair of gaming earbuds is the sound.

Due to these earbuds having a wooden housing you can expect some amazing bass and clear sounds. these earbuds are also noise cancelling which is always a plus when you’re looking for a pair of earbuds for gaming.


The NRG 2.0’s mic is easily the weakest feature (just like most gaming earbuds), but its in-line mic still provides a great experience for someone who is going to just casually talk on the mic. Sounds are clean and for the price there is really little to complain about.

However if you’re looking for a solid gaming mic, I would recommend you check out the last two earbuds on this list (both have awesome mics).

Any Issues?

There are no major issues with these earbuds when it comes to gaming. They provide great bass, and sound all around due to the housing and look absolutely beautiful. While they aren’t specifically made for gaming, they make a fantastic pair of gaming earbuds.

If you do have any issues (which I doubt you will), Symphonized offers a 1-year warranty.

ActionPie VJJB-V1S Heavy Bass Earbuds

Check The Action VJJB-V1S’s Price On Amazon

ActionPie’s Earbuds take the cake for having the most unique earbuds on this list with ease. Without a doubt, if you’re just looking for pure sound quality, these are my top recommendation for you. The other two earbuds on this list have much better mics, but these earbuds are fantastic.


ActionPie opted to have a clear design so you can easily see all the different mechanisms that go into making these earbuds and that choice makes them stand out.

One other thing I love about the VJJB-V1S’s (Why name the earbuds this…) is the fact these are anti-tangle. This is great as it makes these earbuds last much longer as the cords won’t bend and eventually snap.

ActionpPie hit every major point when they were making these earbuds, and they are some of the coolest looking earbuds around.


The VJJB-V1S’s have the best bass out of all the earbuds on this list, but that’s not all, these earbuds also have some of the best mid’s you can get at this price. If you want to hear a player sneaking up behind you or the deep roar of a dragon charging you, then these earbuds can’t be beaten.

When you consider the sound for the price these earbuds are an absolute bargain, that I would recommend to even audiophiles.

There’s no official noise cancellation with these headphones, but the earbuds fit so well that I promise you will not hear hardly anything while you have these on (especially during an intense gaming session).


Just like most other earbuds on this list, The VJJB-V1S’s downfall seems to be its in-line mic. It’s not that the mic is not good for an in-line mic, but people who are going to communicating during intense multiplayer gaming sessions might find the built-in mic underwhelming.

Any Issues?

I wish I could give you something to hold you back from just going out and buying these earbuds, but ActionPie did an incredible job. If you are looking for earbuds that will enhance you gaming experience for around $30, you really can’t find a pair of earbuds that are any better than this.

Mad Catz E.S. PRO 1 Gaming Earbuds

Check The Mad Catz E.S Pro’s Price On Amazon

MadCatz has outdone themselves with these gaming earbuds. Not only, are you getting earbuds with great sound quality, but you’re also getting a great mic that will really elevate your gaming experience. If you’re looking for the total package you can’t go wrong with the Mad Catz E.S. Pro1 gaming earbuds.


These earbuds definitely look like something you would use for gaming with their neon green color and unique design.

The mic is detachable which is a great feature as it allows you to also use these earbuds on the go, and then you can just reattach the mic when you get back to your PC.

You’ll also be getting a 2 meter long cable which is great for anyone who is going to be using these earbuds for gaming, but might be an issue for people who want to use these for other things as well.

The E.S Pro might not be the most unique earbuds on this list, but there easy to reach controls and dettachable mic are welcome features.


The first thing you’ll realize about these earbuds is that they have great powerful bass, that is either something that you will love or you will hate.

The stereo sound is very clean and will allow you to immerse yourself into the game world as it actually feels like you are there.

Overall, there is litle to complain about when it comes to sound quality in the E.S PRO’s. Sounds are clear and the lows and highs are great.


For anyone who plays multiplayer games with friends, having a good mic is almost essential if you want to be able to communicate clearly and have a good time. There’s nothing worse than playing The Division in the dark zone and wiping because everyone thought you had blown your ultimate due to your crappy mic.

The Mad Catz E.S PRO 1 earbuds dual mic feature is one of its best features. This allows you to game with the detachable mic and use the inline mic for things such as phone calls.

If you’re looking for a good mic, this is one of the better choices on this list. The E.S PRO is a little pricey, but just being earbuds with a good mic makes them worth it.

Any Issues?

These earbuds are a little more expensive than the other earphones on this list, but if you’re okay with that then there aren’t any major issues.


Check The Tt ISURUS Pro Earbud’s Price On Amazon

If I were looking to get some gaming earphones, the ISURUS Pro’s would be my first choice without a doubt. Not only do they have a detachable mic, but they also have great sound quality, durability, and on top of that are very affordable for what you are getting. If you are looking for my top pic, then the ISURUS Pro’s are what I’d recommend.


The ISURUS Pro was made for e-sports gaming, and it shows in the design. It’s simple red and black color scheme looks great, and the detachable mic completes the look

One of the most important things with earphones is how durable they are and with the ISURUS Pro featuring a flat cable you have little to worry about regarding the cord snapping. It’s also tangle free which is even better as tangling can mess up earbuds in the long run.

The earbuds stay in your ear pretty well due to the hook behind the earbud which makes these earphones surprisingly good for activities such as jogging.


The ISURUS Pro’s sound is incredible! The Earbuds are angled which allows sound to better enter your ear canals, and the bass is incredibly powerful.

The highs and lows are also great at providing a good listening experience and will be a blast use while gaming.

When it comes to sound performance, you have nothing to worry about with the ISURUS Pros.


Similar to Mad Catz earphones the ISURUS Pro has both an inline mic and a detachable mic.

This is the primary reason I chose the ISURUS Pro as my number one pick. You get a great mic which is essential to any person who wants to game and still save a little more money than Mad Catz.

Any Issues?

I have no issues with the ISURUS Pros whatsoever. Not only are they affordable, but they offer a great amount of durability, and an incredible mic. If you are looking for a true headset, then the ISURUS Pro’s are for you.


Honestly, my first choice would not be gaming earbuds, and I would really recommend you check out the gaming headsets that I have below $50. These headsets are cheaper than these gaming earbuds, but have better sound quality and most importantly are much more durable.

My goal in telling you this is to make sure you get your moneys worth and give you a heads up of what else you can get for the same price range.

Good Cheap Gaming Headsets Under $50

However, if you still do want to pick up gaming earbuds, I’d recommend you go with one of my top three choices. The other earphones are good, but those three are my go-to picks.

If you have any questions about these earbuds or want me to help you find some other earbuds feel free to leave a question below and I’ll get to it as soon as I can.

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