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Of all the genres of video games that there are for the PC, one of, if not the most popular, is that of First Person Shooters. Team Fortress, Counter-Strike, Battlefield, and countless other FPS games have become staples of the PC gaming world, being enjoyed by millions across the globe.

To fully enjoy these games, one needs the best possible equipment. While a simple keyboard and mouse are enough to get you playing, a simple mouse really isn’t the best choice to go into a first-person shooter. For this, you’ll want something better suited to meet the requirements of speed and accuracy that are the key to success in FPS games.

For this, we have FPS Gaming mice. These mice are specifically catered to help with first person shooter gameplay, doing so by reducing delay and having fast response time, while also having extra features that are beneficial to the player. With these mice, gamers are sure to get the upper hand in their favorite FPS.

If you happen to be in the market for one of these FPS gaming mice, then you will enjoy this list of the top 10 FPS Gaming Mice. This list features the best of the best in FPS mice, each with their own features and prices, to help give you an idea of which mouse may be best for you. So, without further ado, let’s get this list started.


Check The VicTsing’s Price On Amazon

Our first mouse for today comes courtesy of the good people at VicTsing. While it may be last on the list, the VicTsing is certainly anything but last when it comes to FPS gaming mice.

The mouse has everything that gamers love in their mice, thanks to the “Professional Laser Chip”. The VicTsing is has five DPI settings with a max of 16,400, plus the high 12,000 FPS and 30g acceleration that first person shooter players love. And you get this quality no matter if your gaming setup uses a Mac or Windows OS, making it a great choice for everyone.

The VicTsing also comes with a total of seven buttons that can be mapped to the players choosing. These can be mapped to five memory options, that all have their own LED color code for quick and easy identification.

Adding to the amount of customization this mouse has is the eight piece weight tuning set, which allows gamers to distribute weight to their mouse in whatever way they prefer. The VicTsing also has an eco-friendly design that is also ergonomic and comfortable in the gamers hands.

With tons of options, and a price of only around $23 dollars, the VicTsing may be the best option on our list. Little to no drawbacks, great features, and great design make the VicTsing a force to be reckoned with.


Check The Kung Fu Mouse’s Price On Amazon

Our next mouse is the cheapest mouse on the list today, the Kung Fu Gaming Mouse. At under $15 dollars at the time of this writing, this may be one of the best available budget mice for gaming.

The Kung Fu mouse comes with a total of six adjustable DPI settings, from 500 to 4000. Combined with 6600 FPS and 1000Hz polling rate, the Kung Fu is capable of performance that is well out of its price range.

If your hands tend to get a little sweaty during gameplay, the Kung Fu comes built with bilateral anti-slip silicone. This makes sure that a gamer maintains a perfect grip even if their hands start to sweat during intense sessions.

The mouse can be extremely sensitive, sending your cursor across the screen with the slightest touch. This may be an issue for those that play with lower sensitivity than others. The mouse also lacks a lot of the bells and whistles that you may get with pricier options, such as customization of buttons.

This is to be expected with a budget mouse, however, and what the Kung Fu gaming mouse does, it does well. For mere pocket change, the Kung Fu is probably one of the best budget mice available.


Check The REDRAGON M801’s Price On Amazon

Our next mouse, the M801 Mammoth, is certainly one of the coolest looking mice available. Sporting a red and black design and emblazoned with the company’s dragon logo, this stylish mouse can certainly make you the envy of your gaming friends.

And looks isn’t the only good thing in this package, as the M801 has plenty of gaming features that players will love. To start are the speed and accuracy of the mouse, with five separate DPI settings ranging from 1000 to 16,400 DPI, 12000 Frames per Second, 30G acceleration, and 1000Hz polling rate. This makes the Redragon one of the best available mice for FPS gaming available.

The M801 also has 9 buttons on the mouse that can all be programmed. These programming options can be saved to five separate memory profiles, which allows nearly 16 million button combinations. This is an insane amount of options, which means there is no reason a gamer can not have the mouse perform exactly the way they want it.

If you game on Mac computers, you are out of luck, as the Redragon is unfortunately only compatible with Windows PCs. And much like the EUASOO, a cd is required to install all the drivers, which can be an issue if you don’t have a disc drive.

For Windows gamers, there are very few choices that provide as much customization as the Redragon Mammoth. And with a relatively modest price point of $30 dollars, it’s hard to say no to this mouse.


Check The Corsair M65’s Price On Amazon

Our next mouse is one of the toughest mice available: the Corsair Gaming M65. Designed in a way that is built to last, the Corsair may be the only mouse you need for years to come.

What makes the mouse so tough is that it is designed with aluminum that is the same quality as airplanes. When you think of objects that are made to be durable, aircraft’s are usually near the top of that list. Being made with that same kind of material makes the Corsair a mouse that is as strong as they come.

Even with that strength, the Corsair is a very lightweight mouse that has a high-stiffness chassis. This gives the Corsair the perfect weight distribution for those very intense gaming sessions. That combines with the ability to change the DPI of the mouse on the fly to make it an optimal choice for first person shooters.

Some issues are known to exist when it comes to the functionality of the mouse wheel button. The button itself, not the wheel portion, can malfunction, causing it to not work in games. During high-pressure gaming situations, this can become a handicap. This is seemingly the only major flaw with the Corsair though.

While the center button may be an issue, the Corsair makes up for it by also being very comfortable in your grip. With the strength and comfort of the Corsair, you will be able to use this mouse for endless hours of gaming.


Check The EUASOO Z-7900’s Price On Amazon

While not quite as cheap as some of the other mice on this list, the EUASOO is still one of the more affordable mice we will look at today, coming with a price point of only around $24 (at the time of this writing). And just like the Sades, a cheaper price point does not mean a mouse that is cheaper in quality, as the EUASOO is a very capable gaming mouse.

The EUASOO is a dream for those gamers that want a mouse with many options for button inputs, as the EUASOO has 13 programmable buttons and 5 memory profiles. This allows gamers to optimize their mouse for multiple different games, should they be first person shooters or role playing games like Skyrim.

For those looking for speed and precision, the EUASOO delivers on that as well. With 20g Acceleration and 100-150 in/s cursor speeds, your mouse will fly across the screen. Add in the 4000 DPI of the EUASOO, and you will have accuracy that will match your speed.

In order for you to re-map your controls, the EUASOO comes with a cd-rom that installs all the needed drivers. With the increasing amount of people that are using setups that lack CD drives, this can be an issue, as it will cause you to have to look for some other way to download and install the needed drivers. And even with the proper drivers, the right and left click buttons are not programmable, which may turn away some people.

That aside, a great quality FPS mouse at a modest price point is hard to pass up. And at such a low price,  the EUASOO Z-7900 will give gamers more than what they paid for.


Check The Mionix Castor’s Price On Amazon

If you are like me, you like a mouse that not only plays great, but feels great in your hand. It is for that reason, among others, the the Mionix Castor gaming mouse is one of the best FPS mice available.

Featuring multiple layers of rubber and ring and pinkey finger grooves, the Mionix Castor feels comfortable in your hands and has amazing grip. If you plan on having a gaming session that may last hours, then your hand will never feel tired or strained while using this mouse.

Comfort isn’t the only thing that the Mionix Castor has, though, as the mouse is great for gaming in it’s own right. Featuring up to 10,000 DPI, 128kb built in memory, and a powerful 32mhz ARM processor, the Castor can more than hold its own against other FPS mice.

While it is an issue that has not come up with everyone, some users of the Mionix Castor have reported problems with durability. This includes issues with the mouse breaking from repeated use, to people receiving a mouse that was broken upon arrival. This does not seem to happen often, though, as the majority of users have loved the mouse.

And what’s not to love? Having comfort while gaming is essential, and having that comfort in a mouse that can meet your gaming needs as well makes the Mionix Castor an option well worth the money.

4. Sades Q9 Gaming Mouse

Check The Sades Q9’s Price On Amazon

As great as the next top 3 mice are, the high price of these mice may turn off many gamers looking to save money. For those gamers, we have the Sades Q9 Gaming Mouse, which comes at a much more affordable $17 dollars, and still has plenty to be happy about.

To begin with if the Sades DPI settings. With a default setting of 1200 DPI and going up to 3200 DPI, the Sades provides plenty of options for optimal resolution. While this mouse may not be able to reach as high of a DPI setting as some, it does have more options than a lot of mice available, and at a price that is cheaper than those other mice.

The Sades Q9 is also a mouse that is able to be used no matter the operating system or the device it is being used on. From Windows 98 to Windows 10, from Mac to Android, whatever your preferences may be, you will be sure to be able to use the Sades mouse!

While it should not come as much of a surprise, the drawbacks of this product are with the fact that, because it is cheaper, there are less features to the mouse. If you are looking for more DPI or speed controls, then this may not be the mouse for you. The mouse also tends to run a bit on the larger side, so the size may not be to everyone’s liking.

For a price that is cheaper then most games these days, the Sades is a value that is hard to beat. And with the kind of performance that even rivals the more expensive gaming mice, you may just want to pick one of these up.


Check The Razer Mamba’s Price On Amazon

Our next mouse is one that is optimized for E-Sports play: the Razer Mamba. With a great look and unparalleled speed and performance, the Mamba is certainly worth a look if you are buying a mouse for high-level play.

If you are looking for a mouse with pinpoint precision, then you may want to look no further then the Razer Mamba. This is thanks to the Mamba being able to reach 16,000 DPI, making it one of the most accurate mice available on the market. And while using this DPI to rack up the frags, you don’t have to worry about tangling yourself in cords, as this baby is wireless.

Another unique feature of the Mamba is the ability to customize click feedback on the mouse. With the Razer’s “Adjustable Click Force Technology”, gamers can adjust the mouse clicks to best suit their needs, whether it be to have more or less feedback off a press of the right or left mouse to fit their play style.

If you are looking for a cheaper option of FPS mouse, then you may want to look elsewhere. The Razer Mamba comes with a price point of around $145 dollars for the wireless edition and around $80 for the wired version making it one of the pricier options available. With a price like that, it really may be a hard choice to buy the Mamba.

But if you do decide to buy the Mamba, then you will not be disappointed, as this is one of the finest mice on the market. Superior accuracy and speed make the Razer Mamba a force to be reckoned with for those with a bigger budget.


Check The Zowie FK2’s Price On Amazon

At first glance, the Zowie Gear FK2 doesn’t seem like much more than a basic mouse. The look is basic, looking more like a normal mouse than a gaming mouse, and the design also appears kind of bland. But there is one major thing that the Zowie has that many other gaming mice do not.

What that thing is is that this mouse is ambidextrous. That means that no matter if you are left or right handed, this mouse will be good for you to use. This is a big deal when considering how few options there really are for those gamers that play in the left-handed “Southpaw” style.

No drivers are required for this mouse to work either, as the Zowie has plug and play capability, meaning you are ready to play the second you connect it to your computer. And should you want to map certain controls to your mouse, the zowie has 4 separate thumb buttons on the sides that a gamer can easily map to their preference.

While this mouse does provide great gameplay options for many, it is very basic. The Zowie does have lower DPI than some other models, as well as less buttons and weighting options, which may make this a pass for those that are looking for a mouse that can do more.

Even so, the mouse is more than capable of helping out gamers playing FPS games. It doesn’t matter if you were born a lefty or a righty, the Zowie Gear FK2 is likely the mouse for you.

1. Logitech G502

Check The Logitech G502’s Price On Amazon

The last mouse we will be looking at today is the Logitech G502, a mouse that is more then optimal for first person shooters. But just what exactly makes it a great choice for FPS? Well, where do we even start?

To begin with is the mouse’s optimization. The Logitech G502 uses an optical sensor to help track the mouse’s movement. This optical sensor can be calibrated by the user to help make tracking performance perfect. Fine tuning this tracking is crucial when trying to look around quickly in game.

Also helping with the speed at which the mouse performs is the Logitech G502’s “On-the-fly” DPI, or Dots Per Inch. This feature helps the speed at which your crosshairs move across your screen, and with the Logitech, the DPI 5 settings, between 200 and 12,00 DPI depending on preference. The DPI can even temporarily downshifted for those that prefer playing as snipers.

Some small issues exist with the Logitech’s drivers, which sometimes have issues functioning properly. An even smaller issue, depending on where you stand, comes with the mouse’s design, with the weight of the mouse and the metal scroll wheel in particular causing issues among some gamers. This issue is more preferential than performance related, however, and does not reflect how the mouse works as a whole.

Altogether, this is a great gaming mouse that provides many performance options that FPS gamers will love. If you are looking for a great FPS mouse, you can’t go wrong with the Logitech G502.


That concludes our list of FPS gaming mice. With a little something for every type of gamer out there, we hope our list helped you buy the perfect mouse for you. Now get out there and start fragging, soldier!

If you have anything that you’d like to add to this post or just have some questions, please leave a comment below and we’ll make sure you’re answered promptly!

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