Best Gaming Keyboards Under $50 On Any Budget

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As always, there is a host of keyboards for the gaming enthusiast to choose from. Fortunately, choosing the right keyboard for your needs doesn’t mean breaking your wallet. Many excellent models are very affordable, with some even coming in at under $50. Below we’ll take a look at some of the best gaming keyboards that fall under that mark which, as you’ll discover, don’t skimp on features even though their prices are low.


 If you’re on a budget, then this is the list for you! All of these keyboards are less than $30 dollars and I’ve even included a lot of combo sets so you can keep your gaming peripheral costs down. If you have any questions about this list please feel free to leave a comment below.

AULA Gaming Keyboard

Check The Aula Gaming Keyboard’s Price On Amazon

The AULA LED backlit gaming keyboard is as stylish as it is functional. The tricolor LED system allows for the keyboard to be lit in three separate colors – red, blue, and violet – lighting up the laser-etched keys in brilliant fashion. The keyboard has an ergonomic design with armrest and non-slip keys which carry a high degree of touch sensitivity. While not a mechanical design, the keys almost behave as if they are. The unique polymorphic shape gives good access to all keys, especially the space bar, in true gaming fashion. Functions keys can be programmed as needed. The AULA Gaming Keyboard is, overall, an excellent keyboard for the price.


The AULA gaming keyboard is splashproof which can be a pretty useful feature if you’ve ever made any mistakes and completely wrecked your keyboard in the past. I’d advise on not bringing any liquids near your PC at all, but being realistic, I know that’s not going to happen.


My only problem with this keyboard would have to be the fact that the manual isn’t even in English. I understand that this product is being made in China, but when you’re going to release a keyboard in other countries, you should, at least, take the time to at least translate the manual.

Recommended For?

I’d recommend this keyboard to someone who is looking for a unique gaming LED Backlit keyboard that is cheap, but effective.

Redragon S101 VAJRA Gaming Keyboard

Check The Redragons S101 VAJRA’s Price On Amazon

The Redragon S101 Vajra Gaming Keyboard along with the included Centrophorus USB Gaming Mouse are an ideal combo for under $30. Stylish design meets ergonomic comfort, as the keyboard features interchangeable WASD keys that are laser-engraved. Also, 12 multimedia keys complement the 104 standard keys. The keyboard itself is black with red directional keys, a real plus when time is of the essence. One of the better features of this board is the mouse, which is hypersensitive thanks to its superfast gaming engine. The 5-foot cable is a plus for extension capabilities, and the gold-plated USB connector does nothing but looks good I guess.


One thing that stands out about this mouse and keyboard would just have the be the low cost. The mouse and keyboard both have features that should cost about $20 more than what the actual cost is.


Considering that I have this combo set, I did, in fact, have a problem with the keyboard. When I first received Redragon S101 Varga Gaming Keyboard, a few of the keys were not working, which made me have to return it to Amazon and get a new one. I didn’t have any issues with the second one, and it still works to this day, but this is something you should be aware of.

Recommended For:

If you’re on a budget, then this keyboard and mouse make an excellent pair that is worth every penny. If you’re looking for a good cheap combo set then definitely check this deal out.

CM Storm Devastator

Check The CM Storm Devastator’s Price On Amazon

The CM Storm Devastator Gaming Keyboard was made with feedback in mind. Built of durable materials featuring side rubber pads, this LED backlit keyboard offers a host of features. Available in red, blue, green and multi-color, it offers laser-etched keys covered with a non-slip coating and includes a stylish, fast mouse that will melt in your hands. The keys themselves are incredibly responsive for such an inexpensive keyboard, delivering just the right amount of tactile feedback. All told, this board will delight anyone from the casual to the seasoned gamer.


This Keyboard also comes with a mouse that is totally usable! It has three DPI presets going all the way up to 2000 which is good for most people, but if you’re looking for more competitive mouses check out my post on gaming mice under $50


I honestly have had no issues with this keyboard after having used it for months. The worst thing I could say about it would have to be the lack of software. Other than that this keyboard and mouse are great.

Recommended For:

Anyone who is looking for the best budget gaming combo set. You get a high-quality product that is perfect for people trying to game at a competitive level on a budget. There really isn’t much else to be said about it other than that it’s a good buy.

SportsBot SS301 LED Headset, Mouse, and Gaming Keyboard Combo

Check The SportsBot SS301 Combo’s Price On Amazon

It’s not often that you find a keyboard, mouse and headset offered for under $50, and this pack does so in true gaming fashion. The SportsBot SS301 is a blue backlit LED keyboard providing multiple brightness options for a subtle, well-lit experience. Ten multimedia keys can be set to control a multitude of functions. As well, the included headset offers responsive bass and treble settings for a deep, resonating sound. The mouse, meanwhile, comes with 4 presets to control its speed with admirable effectiveness. The durable design is constructed with ergonomics in mind and is padded for comfort as well as anti-skid qualities. For a 3-item gaming set that won’t break the bank, the SportsBot SS301 is worth a look.


Honestly, there isn’t anything unique about this product, but just the fact that you can get a keyboard, mouse, and headset that all seem to be of relatively decent quality is astonishing.


There are some reports of there being quality issues and at this price, it’s so be expected. Just remember to return any products that might not work and get a new set and you should be okay.

Recommended For:

Someone who is on a serious budget and wants to get all of their items for around $40. I honestly haven’t found a better deal online than this so take advantage of this if you are looking for a bargain.


All of these options are above $30, but are worth every cent. You will be getting some truly competitive gaming keyboards for this price range, so if you’re willing to spend a little more take a look below.

BlueFinger LED Backlit Gaming Keyboard

Check The BlueFinger LED Keyboard’s Price On Amazon

Probably the keyboard with the most unique and distinct styling on the market, the BlueFinger gaming keyboard is a sight to behold. Angular and octagonal with etched lightning bolt crack patterns all on the board, it’s backlit with blue LED to enhance the look and feel. In addition to the blue, the LED’s can be set to radiate red or purple. But it doesn’t end with the looks. Anti-skid technology means that the board will remain in place while the keys can be struck without slipping. While it doesn’t include a mouse, the overall versatility of this keyboard can’t be overstated. 19 no-conflict keys along with multiple function keys will get the job done in true, customizable fashion. All in all this new entry to the marketplace deserves a good look, and we probably haven’t heard the last of them.


One cool thing about this keyboard would be the fact that you can change the keyboards color on the go. You’re also allowed to set it to “breath mode” which allows the color to fade in and out.


Some people are having issues with keys not working. These people are definitely in the minority, but in case, this does happen to you be ready to return the keyboard and get a replacement.

Recommended For:

I’d recommend this keyboard to people who care more about looks and less about performance. Sure this is a great keyboard, but other keyboards have a lot more features than this for a similar price.


Check The Death Wing AULA SHZ’s Price On Amazon

This blue-lit LED backlit gaming keyboard features an ergonomic design and offers a low profile. The blue LED brilliantly lights up the laser-engraved keys and also features a non-slip coating. The included mouse features a funky style that comfortably fits any right-handed gamer. Four presets are programmed into the mouse so that your experience can be uniquely customized. As well, the hexagonal shape of the keyboard itself allows for a good palm rest that reduces fatigue and helps to increase your playing durability.


One of the first combo sets that I’ve seen that includes a mouse pad. Useful as mouse pads can run you around $10. it’s not the most appealing mouse pad, but it does get the job done.


Some people are complaining that this keyboard is kind of deceptive in nature as they thought the keys were backlit and not the keyboard. It’s not an issue with the keyboard, but I can see how one could believe that.

Recommended For

People who are looking for a high-quality keyboard, that also offers some other cool peripherals with it. If you’re looking for the best keyboard though this isn’t for you.

Masione Multi-Color Multimedia Gaming Keyboard

Check The Masione Multi-Color Keyboard’s Price On Amazon

Masione’s 7-color LED backlit keyboard offers a range of colors to light up your playing time. This mechanical keyboard has great touch responsiveness and satisfying clicking thanks to its non-membrane design. It features three brightness settings, all the while properly illuminating the letters without annoying bleed through. Anti-slip technology goes into the keys which are incorporated into what the maker calls a “domineering design”. The keyboard’s bottom is metallized, making it as stable as possible and ensures it remains right where you want it.


Almost everything about the Masione Multi-Colored Keyboard is unique, but if I had to pick one thing it would be the fact that it’s half-mechanical keyboard. Half-mechanical just means that the keyboard doesn’t have that clicking sound that a mechanical keyboard would have, but still has the feel. So you’re essentially getting the best of both worlds.


There are no major problems with this keyboard considering that it’s a mechanical keyboard with fantastic reviews across the board. Unless you’re super unlucky, you will be getting a bargain.

Recommended For:

I’d recommend this keyboard to someone looking for a cheap mechanical keyboard under 50 dollars. You’re also getting a unique design and many different color choices.

Logitech G105 Gaming Keyboard

Check The Logitech G105’s Price On Amazon

The Logitech G105 gaming keyboard features blue LED backlighting and offers two brightness level settings. 18 in-game functions can be customized thanks to the 6 programmable function keys, and is even capable of running macro scripts. Additionally, unique functions can be set by pressing 5 keys at once. The key response is sublime, operating without a hint of ghosting. The fact that it’s a Logitech product should seal its gaming cred, but don’t let the brand alone fool you. All of this makes the Logitech G105 an excellent product for the price, one which even the professional gamer would be happy to have in his or her arsenal.


The Logitech G105 allows you to have up to three different saved modes that let you switch macros and presets on the fly. This feature is huge for anyone who’s either trying to save time or plays games where having different macros for each character is important (MMO’s).


I can’t find any functional issues with the Logitech G105, but the design may be considered bland compared to some of the other keyboards on this list.

Recommended For:

If you’re looking for the best gaming keyboard under $50, then this is what I would recommend without a doubt. You’re getting a keyboard that is LED lit, has multiple modes, additional programmable keys, and a lot of other features making this a fantastic buy. If you’re into fashion then maybe consider the Maisone.


As we’ve seen, good gaming keyboards don’t necessarily have to be expensive. There’s a range of keyboards currently on the market that offer features previously only seen on higher-end units, all for much less than you’d think you would have to pay. Items such as anti-slip technology, programmable function keys, LED backlighting and even accompanying mouse and headset are all on offer at reduced prices. So for the ultimate gaming experience for under $50, you can’t go wrong with one of these keyboards.

If this post helped you at all please shares and likes are greatly appreciated! If you have any questions about this post please feel free to leave them below and I will answer them as soon as I get the chance.

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