Best Liquid CPU Cooler For Gaming – Top Picks Of 2017

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One of the essentials when building your custom computer is to make sure that your computer has good fans to keep it cool. When a computer overheats, it can damage components and can even completely fry your computer, causing it to malfunction, so you want to always make sure that you have adequate cooling.

While fans alone are a good way to keep your computer cooled down, sometimes they just can’t get the job done, especially on more powerful builds that heat up easy. So what should you do in this case?

This is where the liquid fan cooler comes in to play. These coolers combine your traditional fan with a safe liquid that is used to keep your computer cooled off. The result is a fan that keeps your computer cooler under intense stress.

Today, we will be looking at ten of these liquid fan coolers that we feel are the best for your computer. So should you be looking to add one of these to your build, be sure to read on to discover which one is right for you.

10. Intel Motherboard Liquid Cooler-BXTS13X

  • Easy to install
  • Has very nice aesthetic
  • Quiet during operation
  • Somewhat Cheaply Made
  • Doesn’t fit all CPU
Check The Intel BXTS13X’s Price On Amazon

Our first liquid cooler, from the computer geniuses at Intel, is not only one that is certain to keep your computer cooler than some two fan builds, but looks great as well.

This fan, known as the BXTS13X, is one that will look great in any build you can put it in, thanks to it’s size and black and blue coloring. This is in combination with the fact that this fan can keep a computer between 30-40 degrees Celsius, making this a good choice for both use and aesthetic.

Installation is a breeze, thanks to instructions that illustrate easily how to  attach the cooler to your computer. And after your fan is installed, you will never have to worry about hearing any sort of whine from it, as the fan remains very quiet while in operation.

That doesn’t mean everything is perfect with the unit, however. To start, this fan is made particularly for LGA115x and LGA1366 CPU, which means that the BXTS13X won’t fit all computer builds. You also have to be careful how you handle the cooler as well, as the plastic that the fan is made with is a bit fragile, and can break easily.

Even so, those with careful hands can get a lot of use out of the Intel BXTS13X, which will keep your computer cool while looking great!

9. Arctic Liquid Freezer 120 CPU Cooler

  • Great Price
  • Compatible with almost every computer
  • Silent Operation
  • Broken units have been shipped

Check The Artic Freezer 120’s Price On Amazon

The Arctic Liquid Freezer, our second liquid cooler for today, is a powerful, 120mm fan that can not only keep your computer cool, but the money in your wallet.

This is due to the affordable price of the fan, which is around $65 dollars, making it one of the most affordable liquid coolers available. This makes the fan a great option for those that want to protect their computer, but also want to save a few dollars that they could otherwise use on some other computer parts.

If sound is an issue with the fans you currently have, then you will be pleased to know, much like our previous entry, that the Arctic cooler runs extremely quiet when in operation. If you are having any sort of issues finding a cooler, then the Arctic is your choice, as the cooler can fit into almost any size build and connect to most Intel and AMD processors.

The drawback to all this comes from trying to find one of these units that work. Unfortunately, there is a decently high rate of defective product with the Arctic, with their being reports of certain people having to return faulty units. Thankfully, the process of doing this is painless thanks to the company’s customer service.

While there is some risk involved when it comes to finding a working product, it is worth it for this cooler. The Arctic is a powerful and affordable liquid cooler that anybody with a custom computer will love.

8. Corsair Hydro Series H60

  • Affordable Liquid Cooler

  • Comes with copper cold plate

  • Easy, tool free installation

  • Keeps temps extremely cool

  • Hard to use software

Check The Corsair Hydro H60’s Price On Amazon

While the Arctic is a great and affordable liquid cooler, it isn’t the only affordable cooler in the game. Such is the case with our next product, the Corsair Hydro Series H60, which comes with the same affordable price point around $65 dollars.

Much like the Arctic, not only do you get the great price point, but you get a liquid cooler that keeps your computer at low temps. These temperatures are kept even lower thanks to the Corsair’s copper cold plate, which comes as a standard with each fan.

Something else that makes the Corsair unique in comparison to some other liquid coolers is the Corsair’s super easy, tool free installation. Should you be lacking tools such as screwdrivers when installing the fan, you have nothing to worry about, as they are not needed to secure the liquid cooler inside your computer case.

There really isn’t much bad to speak of about the corsair, outside the liquid cooler’s included temperature reading software. The software itself can be kind of confusing to navigate and use, which may be something some users won’t like, but in no way reflects how the fan itself functions.

Both the Arctic and Corsair fall under the same price range, and no matter which of the two you may happen to choose, you are sure to get a powerful fan well worth the price paid.

7. SilverStone Technology All-In-One Liquid CPU Cooler TDO2-LITE

  • Does not require refills

  • Sturdy, leak proof tubing

  • Auto-adjusting fans

  • Fans are loud

Check The Silverstone TDO2-LITE’s Price On Amazon

SiverStone Technology brings us our next liquid cooler with their “all in one” CPU fan. While many coolers so far today have been good to keep your computer from overheating, none of them have the ability to maintain themselves quite like the SilverStone does.

To start, unlike other liquid coolers, the SiverStone never needs to be refilled, able to maintain it’s liquid coolant. This is assisted by the sturdy, leak proof tubing, which helps cycle the water in the cooler. This combination makes for a long lasting. low maintenance fan.

As self reliable as the SilverStone can be, it is even more so when taking into account the cooler’s auto-adjusting fans. The dual fans will allocate themselves to meet your computer’s needs, keeping your computer cool at all times.

The problem with all this convenience is that the fans of the SilverStone tend to be a bit loud while in operation. This is sure to annoy some people who may use it, especially if they are going for a build that is as quiet as possible.

Minor setback aside, the SilverStone is a cooler unlike any others. Self reliance and low maintenance make this a fan many people building their own computer are sure to love.

6. MasterLiquid Pro 240

  • Durable design prevents damage

  • Customizable fan speed and pressure

  • Quick heat dispersion through ceramic bearing pump

  • LED lights add aesthetic quality

  • Fans may come unbalanced, causing vibration
Check The MasterLiquid Pro 240’s Price On Amazon

Clearing out the bottom half of our list is Cooler Master’s Masterliquid Pro 240. which is a cooler that is sure to give the consumer everything from style to performance.

The design of the Pro 240, which has the same type of hard coated, leak proof tubing that the previous entry has, is extremely durable in design. After installation, should you choose to move your computer, you won’t have to worry about the 240 getting damaged, as it’s rock hard exterior prevents this sort of incident from occurring.

Despite this durability, the fan blades themselves can come across some balancing issues. If jarred or installed incorrectly, fan blades can become unbalanced, which creates a noisy vibration. This can be easily remedied with some quick maintenance, but is still a situation you should be careful to avoid.

Should nothing go wrong with the balancing, then the fans are sure to please, as they are customizable for both air pressure and speed. This, along with the quick heat dispersion thanks to the cooler’s pump, will keep your computer nice and cool when operating. The Pro 240 will look great while doing this as well, thanks to the addition of stylish LED lighting to the fan.

While maybe not the most feature heavy of liquid coolers out there, there is no question that the Pro 240 provides a combination of durability and performance that is sure to please.

5. Thermaltake Water 3.0 Extreme S CLW0224-B

  • No software needed to control fans
  • Universal Socket Compatibility
  • Low Maintenance cooling
  • Larger in size than some

Check The Thermaltake Water Extreme S’s Price On Amazon

For many years, the name of Thermaltake has been one that has lead the charge for PC cooling systems. This trend of high quality products continues with this liquid cooler, the Extreme.

One thing that many people with a custom computer build will be sure to love is the universal socket of the Extreme. This socket means that, no matter what CPU you may be using, this cooler will be able to connect to it, eliminating the worry of finding a fan compatible with your processor.

While the fan is compatible with most processors, the same can not be said about most computer cases. Due to the larger size of the cooler, the fan is unable to fit inside of smaller cases, such as the Mini-ATX, leaving users of those cases to have to look for a fan elsewhere.

If you have the space to accommodate the Extreme, then you will be happy to know that, once installed, you likely won’t have to worry about the fan again. The fan is extremely low maintenance, and never needs to be refilled or otherwise tampered with once installed. And speaking of installed, no other software is needed to operate the fan, as the user is able to control the fans without needing to install extra bloatware.

With products such as the Extreme, it is no wonder that Thermaltake is widely respected in the computer industry. Should you have a big enough computer case, then buying the Extreme is a choice you won’t soon regret.

4. Liquid CPU Cooler, RIOTORO TR-240

  • L Shaped bracket increases performance
  • 240mm radiator increases cooling area
  • Special Fan Design increases airflow
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Durability Issues
Check The RIOTORO TR-240’s Price On Amazon

RIOTORO, unlike our previous brand Thermaltake, is a name that is actually very new to the liquid cooler game. In fact this product, the TR-240, is one of their first computer products.

Seeing as they have something to prove, RIOTORO made sure they came out of the gate with a cooler that can perform like the big boys. To do that, they created a fan that has a special, L-Shaped bracket design, which helps increase cooling by improving tube rotation.

That isn’t the only part of this product designed for increased cooling, as the fan itself is also specially designed to help increase airflow. All this is helped by the 240mm radiator, whose size helps to increase the cooling area, which in turn keeps your computer temperatures low.

Unfortunately, for all this cooling power, durability had to suffer a bit. The RIOTORO, more so than some other fans, can be susceptible to malfunction if poorly handled, so caution should be taken, especially when moving your computer tower.

While durability may be a big flaw, this is helped by a five year warranty and the fact that their is so much cooling power in this package. While it may have a ways to go to compete with Thermaltake, RIOTORO certainly came out of the gate swinging.

3. Arctic Liquid Cooler 240 CPU Cooler

  • Powerful Water pump and Radiator

  • Push-Pull configuration for heat dispersion

  • Universal compatibility and flexibility

  • Durable thanks to liquid fluid bearing

  • Flexibility can cause warping

Check The Arctic Liquid Cooler 240’s Price On Amazon

For the second time on this list, Arctic makes an appearance on the list, this time with the 240 CPU Cooler. Given how versatile this cooler is, it is easy to see why.

The 240 gets it’s name from it’s powerful 240 mm radiator which, in combination with the equally powerful water pump, helps to keep your computer as cool as a cucumber. Also helping out with cooling is this Arctic model’s unique push-pull configuration system, which helps to evenly disperse heat.

One of the best features that this cooler has is that it is compatible with nearly every computer build imaginable. Thanks to universal sockets and a flexible frame, this cooler can fit almost every processor inside nearly every size case.

This flexibility does lead to one of the 240’s only flaws, however. Given how the cooler is designed, it can sometimes get warped, which makes it rather ugly to look at. Despite warping, however, the cooler still functions like a dream, as it is extremely durable and does not malfunction easily.

This is truly a fan that is a dream to most people building a custom gaming computer. If you are looking for a fan that fits your build, you likely would have to look no further than the Arctic 240.

2. Corsair Hydro Series H100i v2

  • Advanced PWM Fan

  • Noise reducing plate that also increases cooling

  • Many customizable options thanks to Corsair Link

  • Replaceable parts to match preference

  • Defective product has been shipped
Check The Corsair Hydro H100i V2’s Price On Amazon

Taking our runner up spot for today is another returning name on the list with the Corsair Hydro Series H100i v2. With as much customization as you get with this cooler, it’s easy to see why it has taken this spot.

If you are a building a computer, you want options, and that is something that the Hydro H100i provides in spades. By connecting this fans “Corsair Link” into your computers USB drive, you will be able to control every aspect of your liquid cooler, from fan speeds to the amount of light given off by the device. To further the options available to you, various parts of the cooler can be replaced to match your personal preferences in color, making this a dream for those that want a cooler that fits perfectly with their style.

In terms of performance, the H100i is a fan like no other, featuring a plate that both reduces noise and helps with heat dispersion. Also featured is an advanced PWM fan that increases airflow, which in combination with the above makes a fan that keeps temperatures low, especially during intense gaming sessions.

One issue that has arisen, although very rare, is that some units of the Hydro H100i have shipped defective. While not many have been effected by this, some people have had this issue come up, so it may be something you’ll want to keep an eye out for.

This is just a small blemish on an otherwise perfect product, one that provides both options and performance. That said, there is still one product on the list that beat the Corsair Hydro H100i v2…

1. Thermaltake WATER 3.0 Dual Riing Liquid Cooler

  • Supports four additional 120mm fans
  • High quality pump for superior water circulation
  • Multiple built in LED colors
  • Accelerated heat conductivity from Copper plate
  • None
Check The Thermaltake Water 3.0’s Price On Amazon

As stated earlier, Thermaltake is a respected name in the computer industry for its high quality fans and liquid coolers. So it should come as no surprise that a Thermaltake WATER takes our top spot today.

This fan provides the absolute best in cooling options available. With a water pump that is of superior quality and a copper plate that quickly conducts heat, your system will be certain to never overheat. Should this not be enough to keep your gaming rig cool, the WATER also supports the addition of four 120 mm fans if need be.

If you are looking for something that can keep your computer cool while looking stylish, the WATER has you covered there as well. With multiple built in LED light colors, you will be certain to find an LED color scheme that best suits your computer and looks right at home.

There are nearly no drawbacks to speak of, with the only issue seeming to be that the WATER sometimes ships with parts missing. These are really isolated issues, however, and likely only effected one production run of the coolers, so it shouldn’t be something you have to worry too much about.

With style and power, there isn’t much that can compete with the Thermaltake WATER. This is why we highly recommend this product, and put it in our top spot of the list.

What Liquid Cooler Would I Personally Get?

While all these liquid coolers are great at keeping your CPU cool the ones that I would pick are below.

My Recommended 120 MM Liquid Cooler: The Corsair Hydro H60


For the price, this CPU cooler is hard to beat with its silent performance and stylish design. So if you’re just looking for a small liquid cooler I’d check the Hydro H60 out.

My Recommended 240 MM Liquid Cooler: The Thermaltake Water Dual RIING


While The H100i is a great choice I still would go with the Thermaltake Dual RIING. Not only does it provide a cool RBG color pattern, but the fact that you can easily customize the speeds of the cooler make it very enticing. If you’re willing to pay a good amount for all the bells and whistles I’d get this. If not, I’d get the H100i as that’s still a solid choice.


With the increase of super powerful gaming computers, the need for adequate cooling sources has increased. With these liquid coolers, you will have nothing to worry about, as you can be certain that your computer will be able to keep the temps low, allowing for endless gaming sessions and less stress.

I’d also like to know your thoughts on these liquid coolers. Think there was anything that I missed or just want to add something to this post. If so, leave a comment below and we’ll discuss it!

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