Corsair K95 RGB Review, Best Keyboard of 2017

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Corsair previously took the gaming market by storm with their K90 keyboard, and now they’re back with a…er…vengeance. Indeed, the new Corsair K95 RGB keyboard packs a host of features you’d expect from Corsair, with an excellent design to boot, incorporating such awesome features as key backlighting and Cherry MX switches. There’s a reason the K95 has consistently been rated the best gaming keyboard on the market. And don’t let the price tag fool you – this mechanical keyboard is a bargain.

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Worthy of pro gamers and casual players alike, the K95 comes packed with amazing features. Below We’re going to totally break down what this keyboard brings to the table and who I’d recommend it for.

– Aircraft-grade aluminum

This is one durable keyboard. Constructed of aircraft-grade anodized aluminum, this board will basically handle anything you can throw at it. It’s also exquisitely designed, with the keys seeming to float over the black metal backing. Perfectly touch responsive for obstruction-free access, the raised approach to creating the keys means crumbs and other dirt particles can be cleaned with ease.

– Multicolor Key Backlighting


A hallmark feature of the K95 RGB is its array of laser-etched keys backlit for see in the dark capability. While the keys themselves are fairly easy to make out without this feature, this certainly comes in handy while playing in a darkened room. Not only that, but every key can be programmed to display a different color. It makes for a pleasing look that’s as easy on the eyes as it is practical. The array of LED lighting perfectly lights the keys without bleeding through, making it easy to quickly find what you’re looking for. While this setup does make the individual keys a little dimmer, overall it’s a system that works well.

– Onboard Power

A complex keyboard needs a complex brain. For fast computing power, this keyboard makes use of a dedicated 32-bit ARM processor. Commands will be analyzed and transmitted at lightning speed thanks to this onboard CPU, giving you the ultimate gaming power when you need it the most. The onboard memory storage will also remember your settings, so you’ll never have to recalibrate if you don’t want to.

– Smooth Switches

German engineering at its finest, the  K95 RGB incorporates authentic Cherry MX Red switches into the housing. Unlike the MX blue switches, these keys make use of mechanical rather than electrical impulses to transmit key data, which offers the perfect amount of resistance without loud clicking noises and bumps associated with comparable keyboards. Typing away quickly and steadily is akin to taking a smooth ride, and it’s not only for regular keys – all keys on this board are of Cherry MX Red design, unlike the silicon add-on function keys of earlier Corsair models. Anti-ghosting technology will ensure that each keystroke is channeled into the proper game commands, with no discernible ghosting. Finally, a switch on the back allows you to control the keyboard’s polling rate, essentially how often the key will repeat when depressed, a handy feature based on what kind of typist you are. All in all, it’s one of the smoothest keyboards you’ll ever operate.

– Dedicated media keys

Play music and sound, stop, pause, fast forward, all with the ease and convenience of the dedicated media keys. You’ll never have to mess around to save sound settings – simply push the buttons on the fly and away you go. Conveniently located on the side, they’re easily accessible during gameplay. Time is money when you’re playing, and you’ll never have to waste it finding your optimal media settings again.

– Corsair Utility Engine

The K95 RGB takes advantage of the Corsair Utility Engine (CUE) to provide an exceptional optimization experience. CUE allows you to customize almost everything about the keyboard’s functions, giving you complete control over its operation. Individual keys can be assigned specific lighting characteristics, overall animated lighting settings established, and you can even play simple games based on the lighting patterns of the keyboard alone. One criticism is that it’s so capable that it borders on too complex – it’s so open to customization that it’s easy to get lost in CUE’s abilities.

– 18 Macro Keys


Macros offer the ability to program complex functions into the keyboard, and the Corsair K95 RGB offers 18 G-keys to bring your macro programming to the next level. Complex game routines can be easily managed this way, and the onboard software makes it easy to program. Not only that, but it can be set up so that specific game profiles are loaded when the game is initiated. But the fun doesn’t stop there. Using CUE functionality, any key on the keyboard can be programmed to do virtually anything, making the entire board a virtual playground of macro programming.                                                                                   (Can have different modes)

– USB Pass-Through

The K95 features a Y-cable allowing for in/out USB connectivity. While the keyboard only supplies USB 2.0 speeds, it’s an extremely handy feature when you’re looking for a USB power source and your computer is located down underneath your desk.

Other Notable Things About the K9 RGB

2-Year Warranty

Corsair has one of the best warranties in the business, and they certainly don’t fail with the K95. The keyboard is covered under its 2-year warranty, which should give even the most diehard gaming enthusiast plenty of time to find out if the board shows any flaws or defects. Their support is top-notch, offering a forum where troubleshooting is available and even provides downloadable macros to enhance the user’s gaming pleasure.

Wrist Rest

Spending hours on your PC with your wrists bent at an awkward angle can become pretty taxing and can even lead to injury in some cases! But when you’re really into a game it can be hard to stop playing, and That’s where the K95 RGB’s rubberized wrist rest comes in. It allows you to rest your wrist and continue gaming with no problems. The Wrist Rest is a much-appreciated feature, as I can’t tell you how many times my wrists had started hurting after a long gaming session. The wrist rest is also removable for cleaning, part of which makes this not only visually striking but solidly practical as well.

Who Would I Recommend the k95 RGB to?

If you’re anything like me, and like to have the latest and greatest, then this is the best keyboard of early 2016 without a doubt. Not only does it provide an abundance of buttons, but it also offers premium comfort to the person buying it.So if you care about any of this then you are definitely going to want to pick this up regardless of how skilled you are. I’d even go as far as to recommend this to anyone who spends a great deal of time on their computer which is trying to take their browsing experience to the next level. You can assign shortcuts to the G-keys allowing you to put all of your favorite extensions and then set different macros inside those extensions. This will increase your productivity ten-fold! While this keyboard is a great boon to any person wanting to take their gaming to the next level, I would personally say this keyboard is ideal for someone who plays MMO’s competitively. The reason for that is because it is a high-level mechanical keyboard with 18 different G-keys that will allow you to have the edge on an opponent. The K95 RGB is also great for other gaming genres, but if you’re not playing something that requires a lot of macros to stay competitive, you can probably get away with getting something cheaper.

If you are the only thinking about getting this for gaming purposes, however, I would personally say this keyboard is ideal for someone who plays MMO’s competitively. The reason for that is because it is a high-level mechanical keyboard with 18 different G-keys that will allow you to have the edge on an opponent. The K95 RGB is also great for other gaming genres, but if you’re not playing something that requires a lot of macros to stay competitive, you can probably get away with getting something cheaper.


The Corsair K95 RGB is the go-to keyboard for professional gamers, and the relatively low price tag makes it accessible to all. While designed primarily for gaming, the board makes an excellent all-around keyboard, due to the Cherry MX keys which offer perfect resistance without noticeably audible clicks or bumps. Its onboard power coupled with backlit key elegance, aluminum durability, elaborate macro programmable keys and the customizing power of the Corsair Utility Engine makes it truly a gaming keyboard for the 21st Century.

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