Razer Turret Review, Awesome Couch Gaming

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A great, yet flawed addition to any PC gamer who wants to game in their living room

  • Beautiful Portable Design
  • Wireless ( Extremely Long Battery Life)
  • Decent Ghosting
  • Cool Charging Dock
  • Magnetic Mousepad
  • Razer Synapse 2.0
  • Not Backlit
  • Expensive
  • Bad For macro-rich games such as MMO’s
  • Keyboard Feels Cramped
  • Mouse feels cheap
  • Keyboard’s missing features
Razer Turret Rating

While The Razer Turret isn’t the best for someone who’s ultra competitive or hates the feel of chiclet type keys, the Razer Turret does lapboard gaming very effectively, making it a good all in one solution worth the price. If you’re into quick action-packed games then the Razer Turret is hard to beat especially considering that it really has no competition at the moment.

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Razer Turrent In-depth Review

What Are Keyboard and Mouse Lapboards?

Keyboard and Mouse Lapboards are a new fad that seems to have been introduced because of  PC gaming becoming a more streamlined process with PC-like consoles such as the Steam Box or the Alienware Alpha(both of which are excellent for their target audience.). There are already a few keyboard and mouse Lapboards on the market, such as the Phantom and the Corsair’s Lapdog, but they honestly feel like rushed products that were just rushed out into the market which is why the demand has not really been fulfilled until now.

Why The Razer Turret?

With that quick rundown on the history of the rise of Lapboards let’s get into the lapboard we’re going to be talking about today. While the Razer Turret isn’t the first lapboard to come on the market, I can honestly say that it is at the moment of this review THE BEST all in one bundle for someone who wants to use a mouse and keyboard in the comfort of their living room. 

Razer Turret Design


The design of the Razer Turret is easily one of its most appealing features. Not only does this device offer a slick and premium look that completely puts other lapboards to shame (seriously some of these lapboards look so clumsy), but it also allows for mobility that’s never been seen in a lapboard before. This works well when you consider that it’s a wireless lapboard(I’ll talk much more about this later on) that has insanely long battery life(Up to 4 months for the keyboard and 40 hours for the mouse!).  

On that topic, one of the coolest design choices with the Razer Turret would have to be it’s really cool docking station. This station allows you to charge the Razer Turret in style and in a very efficient manner, but on top of that, one thing that I really like about the Turret is its mobile design. Controllers are light and I can see how Razer tried their best to imitate that same feeling with the Turret.

Razer Turret Keyboard Breakdown

rsz_1171q7prmz5ll_sl1500_One thing is clear when you look at the Razer Turrets Keyboard; the design is based on a Laptop keyboard. For people who’re hardcore gamers, this design choice might completely make this lapboard a no go, but considering that Razer Turret targets individuals who’re more likely to go with a streamlined process, this is a fantastic design choice. You see, people who’d buy the Razer Turret are also more liable to value simplicity over complexity, and that’s what I get off from the Turrets Design.

Razer further reinforces this when you realize that Razer didn’t include some of the things that they are known for in this keyboard. One such example is that the Razer Turret has no additional keys to streamline the process which is almost commonplace in their keyboards. I’m not necessarily happy with this, especially the fact that this keyboard is also not backlit!(almost unforgivable at this price range), but I do have enough wisdom to see where Razer is coming from and can’t fault them for taking the minimalistic route. I can, however, blame them for going the minimalistic way and charging such a premium price, however, as that makes these lack of keyboard features a con.

The only other issue I have with this keyboard would be the fact that the Razer Turret can feel cramped at times due to the compact nature of this product. It’s not necessarily a con if you’re okay with a compact keyboard, but for people who aren’t used to it, it can definitely take some time to get adjusted.

An annoying, but minor issue with this keyboard is the fact that it turns off after a few minutes of inactivity. While this is a great battery saving feature(Keyboard lasts four months on one charge!), it can easily become a nuisance if you get off the Turret for a few minutes and forget to turn it back on. This is only a minor issue, though, so I can’t really count this against it too heavily.

When it comes down to it, the Razer Turret’s Keyboard is good for those looking for a minimalistic product that lets them play games from the comfort of their own living room and also don’t mind the chiclet type keys and the keyboard not being backlit. However, if you’re expecting a keyboard that’s similar to Razer’s Blackwidow, then you’ll be severely disappointed.

Razer Turret Mouse Breakdown

rsz_171q7prmz5ll_sl1500_Consistent with Razer’s vision the mouse for the Razer Turret has the same feel as the keyboard, minimalistic design that removes additional features for a smooth, consistent look. One of the most important things about Razer Turret’s mouse is that it’s wireless and supposedly can get up 40 hours of battery life and with a 2.4Ghz adapter, which means you shouldn’t experience any lag while gaming, making it a pretty reliable wireless mouse on that front.

Next is the DPI(Dots Per Inch) of the Turret, while the range 200 and 3500 DPI might seem incredible to someone who doesn’t know gaming mice, it’s not that good as there are Mice under $50 with better DPI’s than that. DPI’s not everything, but it’s a helpful tool for customizing your mouse experience. So if you like a lower to medium DPI, the Turret should be okay for you, but if you’re used to having a higher DPI, then you might struggle to adjust.

While I understand the need for simplicity, I honestly wish this mouse would have had buttons on it. I’ve always wanted to play MMO games in my living room, but the fact that this mouse has no buttons on it whatsoever really only makes it useful for someone who’s going to be playing action games with little to no macros. Sure you could use the keyboard, but considering as the keyboard also has no extra programmable buttons it makes it difficult.

One thing I do love about this mouse isn’t a part of the mouse, but the mousepad. You see it’s magnetic and while I didn’t think that would mean much it’s a neat feature that helps give the Razer Turret it’s sense of identity. If it was just a little bigger it would be perfect, but even though it’s not that big, I still appreciate the feature.

For the price this mouse is lacking features, but when you consider who the Razer Turret’s target audience is, it makes perfect sense. So to conclude this breakdown, if you’re just going to use this mouse to play some shooters like Star Wars Battlefront, then this will serve you well. But if you are considering other cheap mice under $50 there are some that blow this one out of the water. It’s hard for me to fully recommend getting the Razer Turret for the mouse when I know that there are others with a much better return on investment.

Razer Turret’s Software

While it might seem like the Razer Turret is a mainstream device, that doesn’t mean that it’s not supported by some amazing software that’s been tested for years. Yes, just like all the other Razer product, the Turret can be used with the software which gives you a powerful tool to easily customize your gaming experience. No, this won’t fix some other issues you may have with the lapboard, but it’s always nice to know that this keyboard is backed by some pretty powerful software.

Razer Turret Review, Ending Comments…

It would be easy to hate on Razers solution to gaming in the living room, but I honestly see this as a gateway to a start of a whole new generation of lapboards in the future. That’s not to say that Razer’s Current lapboard, the Turret is bad as that’s not the case whatsoever. They emphasized simplicity and in a way, I think that was a pretty good plan to start out. However, I hope that in the future they can improve upon this product that includes a lot of the features that hardcore PC gamers crave. Then they could just call it the Razer Turret Pro.

So for right now would I recommend this to someone who wants to PC game in the living room? If they have the cash and are looking for a keyboard and mouse to play simple games, then yes I would, but if they wanted to play more complex games(MMO’s), then I’d advise them to get something else.

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Well, I’ve talked enough, but I’d like to hear your opinion. Do you guys think you’re going to pick up a Razer Turret or do you think that PC Lapboards still have a way to go? Answer in the comments in the below. If you have any questions you can also feel free to post a comment below as well, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I get the chance.

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