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Budget Builds

If you’re looking to build a Gaming PC between $300 – $600, then this is the section you need to check out. These builds are pretty amazing when you consider their price point and are ideal for someone who’s just getting into PC gaming.

Still Amazing!

Make no mistake, These builds are fully optimized for PC gaming and will get you a great gaming experience on a budget!

Budget Gaming Builds

Mid-Range Builds

If you’re looking for a gaming PC that’s between $700 – $1000, then this is where you want to look . These builds feature the latest gaming tech and can run just about any of the newer games on max settings with no problem.


You want something that's going to destroy most games? Check these builds out!

Mid-Range Gaming Builds

High-End Builds

If you’re looking for a gaming PC build that’s $1000 or more and is going to last you years before you even have to think about running a game on anything less than Ultra settings, then this is where to look. These builds are monsters!

Next Level...

These builds are the best of the best. If you're serious about gaming, then this is where to look.

High-End Gaming Builds
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