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About Frank

Hey, everyone my name is Frank and I’ve been building PC’s for 6 years now. From friends to Relatives I’ve built many different types of PC’s, but the one type of PC that I’ve always loved putting together would be a gaming PC. There’s a certain feeling I just can’t describe that comes with putting together one and starting it up. Not to mention upgrading the PC always keeps things fresh and can become quite addicting if you let it.

I’ve been an avid gamer ever since I can remember and that passion only grows day by day. I still remember getting my Gameboy color and playing Pokemon fire red and embarking upon my gaming journey. It’s been amazing to witness how gaming has evolved over years and how each day it feels like there’s always something exciting being announced.

When I finally wanted to step into the world of PC gaming I had to get a PC, so being new and naive to the field I decided to set my gaze on a Pre-Built Gaming Desktop from AlienWare. My friend who had been PC gaming way longer than me was almost horrified when I told him that I was getting an Alienware gaming desktop. He told me “Dude never get a Pre-Built PC they are complete and utter rip-offs.” Me being a curious person, I decided to look up the price differences between an Alienware and a PC you could build yourself with the same specs and the markup on the Alienware was outrageous. For the Alienware PC, I wanted I would have paid an extra $500!

This is really an exciting time to be a gamer, especially a PC gamer, as there are so many exclusives coming out from both small and big developers. If you haven’t built your PC yet, then you should really get to it.

About Graham

Hey everyone, my name is Graham and I’ve been building PC’s since university in 2006.
About Graham
Much to Frank’s story, I was trying to save as much money as possible and decided to take the plunge and build my own PC (a Pentium 4 CPU!). Ever since I created my first build, I’ve been hooked – building computers as a hobby for my friends and family.

I absolutely love gaming, I think I spent more time gaming than in class! Making time for it now is a little more challenging now that I have a family, but I still make it a big part of my life.

Why are we So Against Pre-Built Desktops?

Both of us understand that companies need to make money, but if people are able to take a bit of their own time to build their own PC – they can get such a better PC for the same price or save money and get the same quality. In addition, by building your own PC, you’re able to take control of any computer issues you may have and upgrade your computer without buying a whole new one.

Our Solution

With this knowledge, we have decided to make up to date current PC gaming builds here on this site that you can use to build your own gaming desktop at a fraction of the price pre-made builds will cost you.

Contact Us

If you ask us a question on any post – we’ll try to answer it ASAP, but if you would rather contact me through email then here is the email to contact me from.

Best Wishes,

Frank & Graham