Integrated Graphics Vs Graphics Cards (Decoded) – The Lazy Man’s Guide

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Before we go into integrated graphics vs graphics cards I need to take you through the principles of what each really mean. So what is a graphics card? A graphics card is a separate add on unit for a computer designed to  handle complex visual processing. A graphics card then sends the information to your monitor(s) or display.  All graphics …

build or buy a PC

Is it better to Buy or Build a Gaming PC?—The Debate for PC Gaming Enthusiasts

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If you have the budget all sorted out, you’re probably wondering if you should build or buy a gaming pc that is prebuilt for you. Building a PC is not as stressful as you might think. In fact, it’s as easy as following along a youtube video, opening some screws and removing/replacing parts – more on that later. The flexibility …

the best headphone DAC AMP

The 9 Best DAC’s for Any Price range

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Getting great sound is a challenge overall. We’ve done the hard work and looked at headphone AMP DAC combos that cover many budget ranges. There are a few things that you should look for when picking up a good DAC. You can come across an affordable DAC (Digital to Analog Converter) that has relatively the same basic function as two-thousand-dollar …

best gaming laptop under 1500

Find The Best Gaming Laptop Under 1500 & 1300 [Top 11]

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I think we can all agree that the GPU is the cornerstone of any great gaming rig. To find the best gaming laptop under 1500, our main focus was on the GPU first and foremost. Secondly, we wanted to make sure the display was strong enough to match the great frame rates your gaming rig is pumping out. Of course, …

best computer speakers under 200

Best computer speakers under 200 – Bluetooth and Booming!

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To find the best computer speakers under 200 dollars we found worthy of buying; we considered the sound quality and the overall functions to justify the price. Just like our quest to find the best computer speaker under 100 dollars – we have broken up this list into separate speaker configurations that are worthy of the price tag – 2.0 …

Best Arcade Stick

Best Arcade Stick – Bring Your Gaming To The Next Level

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Searching for the best arcade stick (or fight stick) is a very personal journey at times. There are many factors that come in to play beyond the standard durability side of things. We will be exploring the different avenues for each arcade stick but before we begin with our review – we want to explore the different parts of the …