Average Costs Of These 4 Common Laptop Repairs

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Repairing your own laptop can be a very cost-effective way to keep your device in tip-top shape for years to come. So how much does it cost? Let’s look at few common repairs, and how much of a toll it will take on your wallet.

Screen Repair

One of the most common types of damage to a personal laptop is a broken screen. To most people, this type of damage may seem irreparable; however, depending on the age of the device, it might be well worth looking into dissecting your broken gadget and replacing the display panel yourself. According to this site, the cost of a laptop screen repair is between $160-$230 depending on the type of screen. Some machines are equipped with touchscreens; in these instances, you may find that the cost is a little higher. 

Keyboard Replacement

You’re in a rush to get some work done, or maybe you’re running late to the office after picking up your morning coffee when suddenly, you have a spill, and your keyboard no longer works. Don’t panic just yet. Keyboard replacements can be a breeze and are often inexpensive. In some cases, you may not need to replace the keyboard at all. Just simply power off your device, and let it dry. Keyboard replacements will typically set you back around $20-$60.

Storage Issues

This can be one of the most devastating problems an end-user can run into. You turn on your laptop, and you get an error that says: “boot device not found.” This doesn’t always mean your drive is bad, but it is a possibility. A two-and-a-half-inch laptop HDD will only set you back about $50-$100, depending on the capacity of the drive. So, what about your priceless-bytes? Do not fret. You can typically find a SATA to USB cable for about $10. After replacing your HDD, use this cable to connect your old drive to your device and (hopefully) recover your old data.

Bad Memory

Random Access Memory, the volatile life-blood of any PC (sometimes called RAM “sticks”), can go bad. Most laptop manufacturers engineer their devices so that these small memory chips are easily accessed for the express reason of replacing them, as they are a consumable part. Depending on the generation of RAM, you can reasonably expect to pay around $55-$1000 for replacement “sticks.

If you’re looking to replace these items yourself, Youtube is, of course, a very good friend.

Good as New!

If you’re worried about the expense of making repairs, understand that these costs are a much more affordable option than buying a new laptop. That said, if you need to make multiple repairs, you could get financing.

There you have it! A few simple, cost-effective repairs and you are extending the life of your machine by years.

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