Best Cheap Mechanical Keyboards Under $100

When looking for the best cheap mechanical gaming keyboard under $100, I really had to make some difficult decisions as there were just so many high-quality keyboards at affordable prices. Eventually, I narrowed it down and picked the top 10 keyboards that I found under $100. This list also has mechanical keyboards that I’ve found that were under $50 for any people who are on a tight budget and are really looking for a bargain. So, now without any more delays let’s jump right into this list! Also, if you’re looking for a gaming mouse then check out my post on the best cheap gaming mice under $50.


I know not everyone has the budget for an expensive mechanical keyboard, so I’ve decided to include a few high-quality cheap mechanical keyboards that are great buys for under $50. These keyboards won’t be able to compete with the more expensive ones, but they will get the job done and are excellent buys in their own right.

My Number 1 Pick – The Tecware Phantom 87

So I’m going to put my best mechanical keyboard for under $50 right here at the top. I know most of you are looking for a deal and it doesn’t get much sweeter than this!

The Tecware Phantom 87 RGB isn’t the best mechanical keyboard you can get under $100, but it is the best buy when you compare price to the performance you’re getting.

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The TECWARE Phantom 87
  • RGB BACKLIGHTING - Enhance your gaming experience with 20 preset configurations on mechanical...
  • OUTEMU SWITCHES - The gaming mechanical keyboard comes with customised Outemu mechanical...
Very Durable (50 Million Keystrokes)
RGB Lighting (20 Presets)
Comes In All 3 Major Switch Variants (Red,Brown,Blue)
100% Anti-Ghosting
Tenkeyless (It’s a compact mechanical keyboard)

RUNNER UP – Redragon K551 Keyboard

Another great cheap mechanical keyboard for $40 would have to be Redragons K551. Not only are you getting something that won’t break the bank, but it’s also a full keyboard with a host of features that really set it apart.

Redragon K551 VARA LED Gaming Keyboard
  • GAMING KEYBOARD; 104 Key Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Custom Mechanical Switches(Cherry Blue...
  • MECHANICAL KEYBOARD; K551 Redragon Keyboard, LED backlit mechanical gaming keyboard, the Red...
Full Mechanical Keyboard
Superb Build Quality
LED Backlit
Interchangeable WASD & Arrow keys
Keyboard might not be as responsive for some

Other Great Mechanical Keyboards Under $50

MechanicalEagle Z-77 Keyboard

As long as you’re okay with the fact that this keyboard is tenkeyless, then it’s a great keyboard for the price that provides a lot of value and is easily my second pick for the best mechanical gaming keyboard under $50.

Great Build Quality
Multiple Lighting Modes
Tenkeyless (It’s a compact mechanical keyboard)

1STPLAYER Firerose Gaming Keyboard

While this keyboard doesn’t use the traditional cherry MX keys it does bring a lot to the table with its low price, and excellent tactile response. Earning it a spot on this list for anyone who is on a budget.

Full Keyboard
Potential Longevity Issues

 AULA Demon King Keyboard

If you can get past the fact that this keyboard is tenkeyless, then this is a great mechanical keyboard for gaming. Not only is it compact, but it’s also affordable making it a great buy for anyone on a budget.

LOWEST Price for a mechanical keyboard
Lockable Keys to avoid any mistakes while gaming
Clean Design
Not Backlit

AULA Ergonomic Sapphire Keyboard

For its price this cheap mechanical gaming keyboard is hard to beat, if you’re looking for an actual mechanical keyboard under $50 that’s also compact then the AULA sapphire gaming keyboard was made specifically for you.

FULL Mechanical Keyboard
Wrist Rest
Great Tactile Response
Amazing Value
Keyboard is not backlit


All of these mechanical keyboards are more than worth the price and are currently priced between $50 and $100. If you’re looking for a Mechanical keyboard that’s going to last you for a long period of time then these are the ones you should primarily look at.

My Number 1 Pick – The Corsair K70 Gaming LUX

This thing is a beast! For under $100, I honestly feel that it has no equal. If you’re looking for the best mechanical keyboard under 100 dollars then you should definitely check this out!

Corsair K70 Gaming LUX Keyboard
  • Aircraft-grade anodized brushed aluminum frame for superior durability / Advanced lighting...
  • CUE support enables advanced macro and lighting programming for virtually unlimited game...
FULL Mechanical Keyboard
Custom Software Allows for a great deal of customization
100% Anti-Ghosting
Software Can Be A Bit Confusing For A Beginner

RUNNER UP – Razer Blackwidow Full Ultimate Keyboard

Razer has done it again! The Razer Blackwidow ultimate is easily one of the best mechanical gaming keyboards under $100. If you’re looking for something that’s stylish, but will also allow you to game at your full potential then this is it.

Razer Blackwidow Full Ultimate Keyboard
  • Designed specifically for gaming, the Razer Mechanical Switch actuates at an optimal distance,...
  • The all new Razer BlackWidow Ultimate features individually programmable backlit keys along...
FULL Mechanical Keyboard
Unique Razer Mechanical Switches
100% Anti-Ghosting
Programmable Keys
2-Year Warranty
Very Durable
Razer Synapse Software
Customer Service isn’t the best

Other Good Mechanical Keyboards Under $100

HAVIT RGB Gaming Keyboard

If the mechanical keyboards about are a bit too pricey then here’s a great alternative! For $70, HAVIT’s keyboard is really something that you should check out. Not only are you getting one of the best budget mechanical keyboards with no anti-ghosting and blue switch keys, but you’re also getting a keyboard with some amazing build quality for the price too.

FULL Mechanical Keyboard
STELLAR Build Quality
RGB LED Backlit
Independent Blue Switches
Very GAMER-ish
Software isn’t that great

Logitech G610 Orion Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Logitech has produced a very good gaming keyboard. Not does it have no ghosting whatsoever but it’s also fully backlit and gives you the choice between cherry brown or cherry red switches at purchase. This is the first level of truly mechanical keyboards from Logitech. Truly an amazing buy!

FULL 104 Key Anti-Ghosting
Choice between red and brown swtiches
Amazing Tactile Response
Function Keys Too Close To Keyboard Keys


Many people seem to think that getting a cheap mechanical keyboard is impossible, but throughout this list, I’ve shown you some mechanical keyboards that are even less than $50 that still provide insane amounts of value.

If you would like to add something to this list or just need some further help in finding a good mechanical keyboard on a budget, please feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll get to you as soon as possible.

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