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Best Gaming Computer Under 600 Dollars, Beauty And The Beast

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When making the best gaming computer under $600 dollars build, I knew that you guys would be in for an awesome treat. Not only is this build very powerful, but it is also very stylish and will definitely impress. The good thing is unlike my $500 dollar builds (which are totally awesome by the way),  this PC will feature a better CPU and GPU combo that will bring significant increase in performance when gaming. not to mention, the sleek minimal look that this build has.


Honestly, I understand why people would rather buy a pre-built PC instead of just building their own. It’s super easy, and much less time consuming and in a perfect world, everything would work out just fine. The truth is, however, that when you buy a pre-built PC you are getting a computer that’s worth much less in parts than you paid for it. Basically, you’re paying a huge price for them to build the PC for you, and maybe that’s fine for most people, but if you are on this site, and have someone like me willing to walk you through every step of the way, there’s no need to buy one.

That’s not the only reason either if you’re like me building your first PC will not only save you money but also gives a sense of value to the PC that a pre-built PC never has. You built the PC by yourself and that really does mean something. If you’re still intimidated, just remember that you’re not alone and I’m with you every step of the way. Please if you have any questions leave a comment so I can help you. I really want every person who comes to this site to build the PC of their dreams.

The Best 2017 Gaming PC Build Under 600, Beauty And The Beast

When researching what PC to build I had two main criteria. I wanted a to make a build that was a beauty on the outside but was a beast on the inside with awesome specs that would play even the most demanding of 2016 games on very high settings even at such a low price. With this build, I believe I have achieved both objectives.

The Phrase “Beauty and the Beast” perfectly describe this build and if you do decide to build this you will know why. You will easily be able to play most 2016 games on very high (even ultra on some) games at 1080p 60fps with this build. If that doesn’t get you excited I don’t know what will! If you are thinking of running all those new titles on very high settings with steady  60 FPS in games such as Fallout 4, GTA 5, and The Witcher 3 some of the most demanding games out right now then this is the build for you.

Not only is this build good for right now, but I’ve also made it with the future in mind as instead of having a Micro-ATX board I’ve instead decided to switch am ATX board, which will allow more many more customization options in the future.

I’m super excited to share this build with you and can’t wait to see some of the builds you guys make using this template, so let’s jump right in!

The Build

Last Updated: August 23rd, 2017

Case – NZXT S340 Mid Tower

Award Winning, Stylish, Well Built, Spacious Mid Tower Case

Power Supply – EVGA 500 Watts

Powers The Whole Build, 80% Efficiency, 3-Year Warranty

Graphics Card/GPU – EVGA GeForce GTX 1060 3GB SC GAMING

An Amazing Video Card For Those On A Budget!

CPU – Intel i3-7100

3.70 GHZ Processor, Best Budget CPU On The Market

Motherboard – MSI Pro Series Intel B250

Good Affordable Micro Motherboard

RAM – Kingston HyperX FURY 8GB

High-Quality DDR4 RAM, 2400 MHz

Hard Drive – WD Blue 1TB

A Very Reliable Hard Drive, 7200RPM

Save These Components for Later

Build Breakdown


NXZT S340 Mid Tower CaseThe NXZT S340 is not only pleasant to look at, but also very spacious so if you ever do plan on upgrading in the future, there will be nothing to stop you from doing so. Yes, there are better cases out there, but this case went with the theme, looked stylish and also provided amazing value for what you are getting. This case also has USB 3.0’s which allows for quicker and more efficient charging. Not to mention you get 2 fans that come with this case which saves even more, money in the long run and keeps your PC from overheating.

Even if this case seems to be a steal for me, I understand not everyone has the same taste, so just in case you do want to switch to another case, I’ve included a link below that will take you to other compatible cases for this build. After all PC building is all about making your own choices I’m only here to guide you.

Find Other Cases

Power Supply:71Al4oNIbeL._SL1200_

The power supply I used for this build is from the reputable EVGA. 500 watts is more than enough for this PC set-up, but in the future, you will definitely need to get a more powerful one as the upper tier Video card and CPU consume a lot of power. Other than that, you just need to know that this power supply is good and effective and will last you for a long time.

Video Card:

Nvidia has been dominating the entirety of the graphics card industry with ease with their 1000 series making an amazing gaming experience much more accessible to all.   The GTX 1060 is a card that is affordable yet very powerful. This card can easily run most games on max settings and would easily last you for years to come. On a $600 budget, this card is easily one of the best you can get at this time.

GPU’s are essential for anyone who wants to play games on their PC’s seriously and the GTX 1060 is an awesome card to have in your arsenal.

The thing is this isn’t a regular 1060 either instead I wanted to crank this build up even more by putting in an GTX 1060 Superclocked version. Basically, this thing is a silent beast. One of the things I can’t stand is a loud desktop and with this video card, you really cannot hear a thing. This card is also able to be overclocked, which will improve performance in open world games such as fallout 4 and The Witcher 3 by a great deal.

TLDR: This thing is awesome and worth every penny.


Ah, the i3-7100 has to be one of the best processors on a budget to be in so many of my builds. This thing really provides some amazing value especially when you are trying to max out performance without breaking your wallet. Not only does it have value, but it also has some amazing longevity.

Many people are speculating that in the future 4 cores will almost be mandatory in the future and with the i3-7100 having hyperthreading you will have nothing to worry about if this is the case. Honestly, I love this thing for the price and coupled with the GTX 1060 these things will mow right through any game that comes out in 2017.

Hyperthreading allows the i3-7100 to act as a 4 core CPU. this nullifies the main issue with running dual core processors with gaming and makes it easier for gamers on a budget to get higher quality performance.


While the MSI B250M isn’t a full ATX motherboard, the features that it offers makes it one of the very few micro motherboards that I can easily recommend.

The B250M is another gigabyte board that’s high quality at a good price point and will easily last you for years. Gigabyte is a reputable motherboard maker that I’ve used in many of budget gaming PC builds and there’s a reason for it. This board is very easy to install and setup which is another plus for someone just getting into PC building.

What makes this motherboard even better is the fact that it is compatible with intel’s newly released 7th generation series right out of the box. This alone will save you a lot of time setting things up and grant you more time gaming!


For this build, I picked the Kingston HyperX Fury 8gb(Two 4 GB’s) of ram. Not only is this RAM(Random Acess Memory) very quick, but it’s also overclocked by default which allows for much faster RAM. Not to mention this RAM completely matches the style of the build.

The reason why I’m using two 4gbs of RAM instead of one 8gbs is simple, two 4Gb’s channel memory more efficiently. One example I could use is like a fast food restaurant. The line will move much faster with two different order lines instead of one due to lines being able to focus more on their task. This is the same with RAM, two 4gbs of RAM will get more done because of they can each focus on specific tasks.

Not only is this RAM good value, but it’s also backed by a lifetime warranty so if you ever do have any issues you can just send it back.

Hard Drive:


The western digital 1tb hard drive is a mainstay for a budget gaming PC because of its quality and price. With this hard drive you will have all the space you need for games and then some to spare.

If you really want to save some cash you could go with a 500 GB hard drive, but I wouldn’t recommend going anything lower than that due to how big some of these games are getting.

Other than that good value, a lot of space, brand name, there isn’t really anything that western digitals 1tb hard drive doesn’t have going for it.

(Optional) Optical Drive:


The optical drive aka CD drive is optional in this build because, for the average person, there is no need for it. I can’t remember the last time I used a CD drive as everything is transitioning to the digital platforms such as Steam.

The only way I would recommend an optical drive is if you are seriously going to use it, otherwise what’s the point?

If you do decide to get an optical drive then here is one I have found that is cheap, but still gets the job done.

Build Conclusion

The “Beauty and the Beast” is probably the most future-proof build that you can get while still maintaining a $600 pc budget. All the parts in this build have a clear upgrade path and  there really is nothing that’s holding this build back. If you want to upgrade in the future it will be as easy as switching out one part for another.

The “Beauty and the Beast” also runs games at near perfection and can play all but the most demanding games on ultra in 2016. Seriously this is a build that will last you for a good deal of time and I would easily recommend it to any person who is just starting out with PC’s.

Important: If you do decide to change something from this build, please leave a comment below so I can double check your changes and make sure you don’t make a build that is not compatible (this can make you lose time and money). Just remember I’m here to help and will answer any questions promptly.

Recommended Peripherals

Recommended Monitor: Acer 1080p 21.5 Inch Monitor

Check The Acer G226HQL’s Current Price

I’ve used this monitor in most of my other builds that are on a tight budget and there’s a reason to the madness. This monitor has to be the best 1080p monitor you can get on a budget. Not only is the monitor very affordable, but it also has a range of customization options that further tailor the monitor for an ideal experience.

You also get deep color contrasts and a very bright display (this can be turned down) both of which help immerse you into whatever game you are playing. There are other 1080p monitors that are better than this, but for the price, this cannot be beaten.

Recommended Keyboard and Mouse: CM Storm Devastator II’s Combo

CM Storm Devastator II's Combo
  • Mem-chanical Switches - Cooler Master's exclusive switches are durable and feel like mechanical switches with satisfying tactile feedback
  • Blue LED Backlighting - Single LED backlight helps you type at night. Plus, it looks cool
  • Laser-etched Keys - The print on each keycap won't fade or disappear
  • Compatible with Custom Keycaps - Customize each key with your own keycaps. Cherry MX compatible
  • Precision Optical Sensor - Your cursor goes where you want, as fast as you want, even during intense gaming. Be in total control.

This is an awesome combo set that really helps bring high-level competitive PC gaming to gamers at a cheap price. You get so much for such a low price that even if you weren’t going to build this PC I would still recommend this keyboard and mouse combo to you.

You also get the cool factor when you get this combo as the keyboard lights up and really does look amazing. There’s so much value you here that there really is no reason not to get this combo as when I first started I remember paying $60 dollars just for a gaming mouse.

Recommended Headset: XIBERIA Gaming Headset

Check The XIBERIA Gaming Headset’s Current Price

These have to be some of the most beautiful headphones I’ve seen in a while and on top of that these also match the rest of the PC’s color theme as well. Not only do these headphones look great, but they sound great as well. If you love deep bass that really brings you in when playing a game, then I would definitely recommend these headphones to you. That’s not all these headphones do they also provide noise cancellation, which can really help you get rid of any distractions. Not to mention these things are cheap compared to the quality of the product.

Recommended Wifi: EDUP AC600

Check The EDUP AC600’s Current Price

You need Wifi to get on the internet so above is a cheap option that will work just fine and end up saving  you a great deal of money. This USB adapter is plug and play, so you should be able to just plug it in and the internet should start working. For such a little device, this thing sure does work wonders. I’d recommend connecting via ethernet if possible though.

Operating System Options

After getting your PC built and all your peripherals, you still need one more thing before you can start playing those games on your gaming PC. If the title didn’t give it away the thing you’re going to need is an operating system. What is an operating system? An operating system basically is a software that is automatically booted up when you turn your system on and just as the name implies operates other applications such as games. There are hundreds of operating systems that you could install onto your PC, but in reality, there are only a few that people use and those three are Mac OS, (Ubuntu) Linux, and Windows.

Right off the bat, you can’t use Mac OS due to it being a program made exclusively for macs so that leaves only Linux and Windows. So I will break down these two OS’s and you can determine which one your are going with.

(Ubuntu) Linux


Many of you might not have even heard of ubuntu Linux, but it’s the leading Linux operating system on the market with over 50 million users. There are many reasons why someone might want to use Linux over Windows, but for most people this probably won’t be the OS you want.

The biggest advantages that this OS has over Windows is its amazing customization options  which in turn gives you more freedom as to what you want your PC to do. The other major advantage would have to be its free price tag. As soon as you get your PC you can install Ubuntu Linux and  be ready to go.

Those were some of the good things about Ubuntu Linux but there are still a bunch of issues. Ubuntu’s freedom can actually be pretty overwhelming at times, especially for a novice. Since ubuntu is an open source project there are a lot more optimization issues compared to windows that can seriously become annoying.  The worst thing from a gamers perspective about Ubuntu Linux is that many triple A games do not even support it! Although this is slowly changing that alone drove me from Linux.


Windows 10

I’m pretty sure anyone who is reading this is familiar with the Windows family (windows 7, window 8, etc…) Windows has controlled most of the PC market for years and there seems to be no signs of this changing anytime soon.  One thing many people don’t know is that the Windows OS costs money. Well, at least if you buy it officially. Many people are actually angry about windows costing so much and a huge majority actually Pirate the OS. I’m not here to say whether this is right or wrong, but I just want to say I will not tell you how to do it, so please don’t ask me and that’s all I’m going to say about it.

What Version Of Windows 10?

Something else I get asked all the time is what version of Windows should you get. I personally would recommend going with Windows 10 as of now. Microsoft has ironed out most of the major bugs plaguing the OS and developers are now starting to optimize their games for Windows 10 in particular. With Windows 10 surpassing Windows 7 in terms of usability and also performance, there’s no reason not go with it.

Windows 7 and 8 still work fine, but if you’re building a new PC I just wouldn’t recommend them over Windows 10. Below I’ve included Windows 10. The case for this build doesn’t feature a case so I’d recommend going with the USB version. If you have an external or internal optical drive, you can go with the disk version though.

  • Windows 10 USB Version

    Get this if you plan on using the case for this build and don’t have an external optical drive Check The Current Price

  • Windows 10 Disc Version

    Get this if you’re planning on having an external or internal optical drive with this build Check The Current Price


I really hope this helped and you are now one step closer to building a gaming computer under $600 dollars. This gaming PC build is more than capable of running anything that 2016 can throw at it. it’s not just capable of running games its also capable of running most of them on 1080p ultra 60 fps and even the most demanding games will run on very high settings at 1080p. If you are looking for a future proof build, then this is the build to get.

If you have any questions that you need help with please leave a comment below, and I will answer them as soon as I get the chance. Also, what do you plan on naming your PC? Tell me below.

Get The Beauty And The Beast Gaming PC Build!
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Manh Huynh
Manh Huynh

Hi Frank,
I was just wondering if ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1060 Mini, ZT-P10600A-10L, 6GB GDDR5 Super Compact fit in this build or you got other optimal option that under 300$ graphic card. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


Hi Manh,

I would choose the ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1060 AMP Edition, ZT-P10600B rather than the Mini, it’s actually a little less money and I think it’s a better card. Both will fit this build though.
When your build is all complete, make sure to post it on our social channels – we want to see it!


Hey Frank just some quick questions

1: Can this computer run 1440p games at a passable framerate?
2: Can the CPU run a game and Youtube video at the same time?
3: How quiet will this build be?

Thank you so much for your help


Hey, this is going to be my first pc build and I was wondering if the GTX 1050 TI FTW graphics card would work with the other stuff in the build.

I changed to this Gpu because the original one was too expensive.
Thanks in advance. 🙂


I noticed you said “Yes, there are better cases out there,” for the case you picked. Do you only mean better cases for a higher price, or also a uglier look? If you meant their are better cases that simply don’t look nice, I was wondering what you would recommend if the looks of a case were ignored.

Benjamin Lauricello
Benjamin Lauricello

Can you exchange the Intel I3 to an I5 will this build support it, also this is the most helpful website i’ve been on all day


Yes Benjamin, you can definitely upgrade this build to an i5, it will just go above the $600 mark.

Glad I was able to help, just send me a message if ever you have further questions.

Benjamin Lauricello
Benjamin Lauricello

Hey Thanks for the info i think ill stick to the i3 although I need to run wireless so do i have to get an Antenna like the TP-Link N900

Benjamin Lauricello
Benjamin Lauricello

Also is the Zalman ATX Mid Tower PC Case Z1 (Which can make up the extra cost of an antenna) compatible with the other components


Yep, it will do as they are both Mid Tower Cases.


Hi Benjamin,

No worries, head on here for my Top 10 List of best Wireless Adapters.

Hope this helps!


Hi, would an i3-7100 work with this build???


Hi would a Intel 15-6400 and a 750 Watt Corsair CX750 Power Supply work with this build?


thanks for the build info. Superb. what performance can I expect with a game such as battelfield1?

Evan Martin
Evan Martin

Going to get this build or something very similar soon. I’ve been tracking the prices every few days or so and wondering if you think Presidents day would likely be a good time to pull the trigger? Also, thanks for updating the guide.


I want to build this for my son. He mostly streams games. I have two questions:
*would there be any benefit to upgrading to the Intel i5 chip but keeping everything the same?
*along these lines would more RAM help for this type of application?