The Best Gaming Desks – Ultimate Buying Guide of 2017!

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When building your ultimate gaming setup, you may look to get the best gaming monitor, most high-end​ graphics card, coolers for your unit, and many other components. Often overlooked, however, is the need of a place to store everything, in other words, a desk for your computer. To keep everything tidy and hold up your computer, you are going to want to buy a desk, and seeing as you will want to buy a desk, you will want to buy the best.

Luckily, there are literally tons of desks in various price ranges available, giving you many options to choose from. With all these choices of gaming desks, you may feel a bit overwhelmed when buying one. To help you out, we are sorting out the best gaming desks available in different price ranges, so that you will be able to buy the gaming desk that is best for you.

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Best Gaming Desks On A Budget

Did buying parts for your computer leave you a little short on cash, but you still need a desk? These desks may be what you are looking for, as each of the following desk come with a budget price. This leaves you with enough money to start buying games for your new computer. So what do we consider budget? If you’re looking for a desk under a hundred dollars up to around two hundred dollars then this is the section for you.

Also Note: Prices do fluctuate so if something is a little bit above the determined price that’s why!

Best Gaming Desks Under $100

Atlantic Gaming Desk

(Desk Dimensions: 44.8 x 26.2 x 7 inches)

Check Out The Atlantic Desk’s Current Price On Amazon

Do you have tons of wires and computer parts that you don’t know what to do with? Then we may just have the desk for you, as the Atlantic Gaming Desk is a neat freak’s dream come true.

The Atlantic comes equipped with an easy cable management system. This will allow for you to organize the cables to your computer, speakers, and monitor easily, making for less mess and tangling when using your PC.

If you need even more organization, the Atlantic has you covered there as well, as the desk has several extra brackets and shelves that can house numerous items. From DVDs, games, controllers, papers, books, you name it; there is a place for it in the Atlantic desk.

One thing that a lot of desks have issues with is the fact that the feet on the desk can sometimes scratch up the floor if you live in a place with linoleum or wooden flooring. This is something you won’t have to worry about with the Atlantic, as the desk is designed with feet that won’t damage floors, allowing you to get your security deposit back when you move.

There really isn’t many negatives to speak of with the Atlantic Gaming Desk, so you can know that you will be making a secure purchase by buying one of these bad boys. If you need a desk that give you more storage and organization, this desk is exactly what you are looking for.

Other Great Gaming Desks Under $100

Need Computer Desk

(Desk Dimensions: 47 x 23.7 x 29.5 inches)

Check Out The Need Computer Desk’s Current Price On Amazon
To look at the Need Computer Desk, you probably would think that it looks more like a kitchen table than a computer desk. Surprisingly, however, this design is exactly what makes the Need one of the best computer desk available.

The surface of the desk, being broad and thick, can hold up to 800 pounds. This means that you will be able to mount several monitors and your tower comfortably on the surface of the Need desk… if you put the legs on tight, that is.

The legs of the desk are a bit of a weak point in the design of the Need. If the screws are not completely fastened on tight, they are subject to falling off easy, taking your whole gaming setup with it. So before placing anything on top of your desk, double check to make sure that the legs are tight and secure, and make sure to check them routinely.

Attaching the legs of the desk, and maintenance on the desk should be very easy, however, as the assembly is a cinch and can be done in less than twenty minutes. On top of that, the material the desk is made of is very durable as well, with the wood being both waterproof and scratch resistant.

While far from perfect, the Need computer desk is still one of the strongest desks you can buy for around $100. If you have a multi-monitor setup and need something that can support that, then the Need may be the desk for you.

Best Gaming Desks Under $200

Z-Line Cyrus Work Station


(Desk Dimensions: 26 x 48 x 36 inches)

Check Out The Z-Line Cyrus Desk’s Current Price On Amazon
One of the few brands on the list so far to make more than one appearance, the Z-Line presents us with our top desk under $200, the Cyrus Workstation.

Much like the previous Z-Line offering, the Claremont, the Cyrus is beautiful and stylish and would feel right at home with anybody’s style. Also, again like the Claremont, the Cyrus is made of the strongest wood and glass material, which will keep your computer, and any other items, from ever crashing down while in use.

One thing that makes the Cyrus stand out over its brother is that it can easily support multiple monitors, so long as they are under 30 inches. This makes this desk an excellent choice for those gamers that prefer that kind of setup.

There aren’t many negative things to say about Cyrus. Most people tend to love the unique look and design of the Cyrus desk and with good reason. If anything, the tray could be slightly higher quality, and some people have reported that assembly is a little complex. But for the price, this is an excellently designed desk and you’d be hard-pressed to find a better-looking desk around this price range.

But that isn’t a negative for the desk itself, so you can rest assure that if you were to buy the Z-Line Cyrus Workstation, that what you pay would be money well spent.

Other Great Gaming Desks Under $200

Origami RDE-01 Computer Desk


(Desk Dimensions: 47.2 x 23.6 x 29.9 inches)

Check Out The Origami RDE-01 Desk’s Current Price On Amazon
Origami is the Japanese art of paper folding, which is used to create beautiful, yet simplistic, works of art. That same principle is what makes the name of our next desk so appropriate.

As the name suggest, the Origami is a desk that can fold open and closed. This design allows for the desk to be ready in box, with assembly being as simple as unfolding the desk and placing it where you want in your living space.

Should you wish to move the desk after it is setup, wheels can be attached to the legs of the Origami, allowing you to move the desk around at will. Should the need arise that you have to pack away the desk, the Origami is easy to fold back up, and can be folded flat to store in any area you may wish to put it.

A word of caution, however. While this folding design is great and convenient, sometimes the latches that secure the desk upright can be faulty. This can cause the latches to come loose, sending anything on your desk crashing to the ground.

Luckily, this kind of problem is an isolated one, and does not effect the majority of these desk. If you are willing to take the gamble, the Origami will treat you to a desk as artistic in design as it’s name implies.

Best Mid-Range Gaming Desks

Our next batch of gaming desks are our mid-range gaming desks, which all fall under the price umbrella between $200-400 dollars. While these desks may be a bit more expensive, they also are generally made with stronger materials, and have more features that gaming enthusiasts would love.

Best Gaming Desks Under $300

Techni Mobili Hip Desk

(Desk Dimensions: 61.2 x 61.2 x 30 inches)

Check Out The Techni Mobili Hip Desk’s Current Price On Amazon
If you liked that our last desk, the BHG, had interchangeable parts, but were looking for a desk that was a bit larger, then this desk, the Techni Mobili, may be just what you are looking for.

Just like the previous entry, both the left and right sides of the Techni Mobili can be changed up, allowing you to construct the table in a way that best suits your style. In addition to this, the Mobili is very large, which allows for plenty of space on your desktop for multiple monitors, or even your speakers and other accessories if you wish.

The Mobili is made using a scratch resistant steel frame. This means that no matter how much it may get jostled if you need to move it, the frame will remain blemish free and strong, with not a single scratch mark to be found.

Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for the glass desktop, at least as it concerns the manufacturer’s packaging. The protection provided inside the packaging isn’t great, and can sometimes cause the glass top to break during shipment. Luckily, the manufacturer includes a five year warranty with your desk, wish should help to replace it should the worst happen.

While maybe not the sturdiest of desk, the Techni Mobili certainly is a versatile one, giving gamers many options for their PC setups.

Other Great Gaming Desks Under $300

Pro-Line II Prado Desk


(Desk Dimensions: 60 x 30 x 29.8 inches)

Check Out The Pro-Line II Prado Desk’s Current Price On Amazon
Pro-Line II/OSP Designs proudly brings us our next mid-range desk that comes with a mid $200 dollar price tag: the Prado.

At first glance, this desk may seem a bit overly simplistic. There is no keyboard tray, no extra shelves, and the design itself is fairly basic. This in itself may turn some off, but it if it did, those people would be missing out on a great desk.

One thing the Prado does have that not many of the other desk so far have offered is a wire management system. The Prado comes with per-installed grommets that you are able to simply slide your wires though, eliminating extra mess from stray cables and keeping your gaming station neat.

Much like some of our other desk, the left and right sides of the Prado are interchangeable, allowing you to assemble the desk as you please. If you happen to be in the need for multiple desk, then the Prado has got your back there as well, with both the left and right sides of the desk being able to work as an individual unit.

Simple? Yes. Amazing despite this? You bet you. “Simply” put, the Prado is a great gaming desk.

Best Gaming Desks Under $400

Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk


(Desk Dimensions: 32.2 x 63 x 31 inches)

Check Out The Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk’s Current Price On Amazon

None of the desks on the list so far, in any price range, has been custom made for gaming… until now. Enter the Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk.

Setup of the desk is super easy. All you have to do is attach the legs, and your desk is ready for use in a matter of minuets.

Once set up, the desk is as beautiful to look at as it is to use. The Arozzi is available in five separate colors, to best suit your style, and the surface of each has a cool and colorful decal, which is unique to the Arozzi brand. Not only that, but this same surface can also double as a mouse pad, should the need arise that you need to use it as such!

As of right now, this product is fairly new, so there isn’t much more to really say about it. This can only be a good thing, however, as you are guaranteed to be getting a great product with the Arozzi.

Other Great Gaming Desks Under $400

Innovex Orbit Desk

(Desk Dimensions: 57.00 x 34.10 x 29.50 Inches)

Check Out The Innovex Orbit Desk’s Current Price On Amazon

Want a gaming computer desk that is a little different than the norm, maybe even a little “Out of this world”? Then this desk, the Innovex Orbit, may be the desk you want.

Featuring multiple, circular shaped shelves for all your storage needs, the Orbit looks less like a desk, and more like your own futuristic control panel. While these circular shelves are good for storing various goods, the raised shelf for computer’s tower is even better, as it provides a space for your computer that is both off the ground and not in the way.

The Orbit also comes with a monitor platform, which will allow you to raise up your computer’s monitor from the desk. Like to keep your monitor right in front of you? Well, that’s fine as well, as the monitor platform is completely optional, meaning you don’t have to attach it to your desk if you wish.

Truly a gaming desk that is unlike anything you’ve seen before, the Innovex Orbit may be the computer desk that will launch you and your gaming into the atmosphere.

Best High-End Gaming Desks

Our final batch of desks for today are certainly not the cheapest options available. In fact, some of these will set you back a good chunk of cash. But these desks are also some of the best available, providing top of the line quality and features you can’t find anywhere else.

Best High End Gaming Desk’s Under $600

Hon Stationmaster Desk


(Desk Dimensions: 60 x 29.5 x 29.5 Inches)

Check Out Hon Stationmaster Desk’s Current Price On Amazon

While there is no doubt that you are here today looking for a gaming desk, what if you would like a desk that would look at place in the workplace as well? Our first high end desk, the Hon Stationmaster, provides the solution for that issue.

Made to look like traditional mahogany wood, the Stationmaster is made to match any kind of home or office equipment. To help with all the wires that this equipment, such as a computer and printer, can have, the desk comes with two cord ports in the desk, as well as cord channels in the legs of the desk itself. This makes it so your cords stay close to your desk, and are not scattered all over the floor.

And with the surface area this desk provides, you will probably have a lot of cords to manage! The desk has a very large desktop, making it easy to place many objects on the surface, from monitors, to towers, and even scanners and other electronics.

While there are not many negatives, one thing that may work against this desk for some is the simplicity, as there aren’t any extra trays or drawers on the desk. But you shouldn’t let this turn you off from this desk, because if you did, you would be missing out on a large, spacious desk that would be great for all your gaming needs.

Best High End Gaming Desk’s Over $600

The BeStar Innova Workstation

(Desk Dimensions: 22.8 x 63.1 x 4.6 inches)

Check Out The BeStar Innova Workstation’s Current Price On Amazon

Have a bunch of valuables and important papers that you want to keep locked away? Also happen to be looking for a gaming desk? If you happen to be looking for this incredibly specific combination of things, than the Innova, from Bestar Furniture, is the desk for you.

When you open the box for this desk, you may happen to notice that the Innova comes in several parts. As you may expect, all these pieces make for a desk that is a bit confusing to put together, so make sure you have a set of instructions and a few friends available.

Once you have it constructed, the first thing you will notice is just how large this desk is. Thanks to the U-Shape design of the desk, you are given nearly a 360 degree surface area to place all your computer parts and other accessories. Not only is this surface large, but it is also resistant to most wear and tare you can throw at it, making the desktop durable as well.

Need to find a place for your valuables or other items you may have? The Innova covers you here, with several drawers and shelves, many of which are able to easily lock, keeping whatever is placed inside it secure.

Certainly a force to be reckoned with, the Bestar Furniture Innova may not just be the only desk you’ll need, but one of the only pieces of furniture you’ll need.

Wrapping Up This Buying Guide…

Choosing the right gaming desk is something that is different for everybody. Some people will want something that stands out and go with the DXracer while some will want something much more low key. Which is why I’ve included so many different options for you up above.The goal of this guide was to have something for anyone visiting this site!nnI hope that this buying guide has helped you narrow down what you want or at the very least given you a few more leads. Having a dedicated gaming area is an amazing experience. Whether you’re on a budget or you’re looking for the best, I hope that you found one gaming desk that would be an awesome fit for you! If you think this buying guide is missing something important or just need some more help trying to decide what to get, leave a comment below and I’ll help you find the best gaming desk for you!

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