Top 10: Best Gaming Speakers of 2019

I’ve written a lot about great gaming headsets, but I’ve never talked about the best gaming speakers. Today, I plan to change that with a list of amazing gaming speakers for anyone. So whether you’re on a $50 budget or can get something that will really blow your mind, you’ll find something on this list.

First of all, I want to clarify that I will almost exclusively use the RMS wattage for speakers (vs peak power). RMS power is considered true power and peak power is really just a marketing term.

Depending on the speakers you choose, you may need to get a sound card for your PC. Check out my post on the best gaming sound cards to learn more.

If you are looking at speakers on a budget, I also have a crazy in depth review to find the best gaming speaker under 100 dollars – it’s definitely worth a read.

If you’re looking for some gaming speakers that are under $100, then you should check out these speakers below. Each of these speakers is the best in their respective category and will provide you with a great gaming experience.

10. Cyber Acoustics 30 Watt Powered 2.1 Gaming Speakers

If you’re looking for cheap gaming speakers, then the 30-watt cyber acoustics are probably going to be your best bet. Not only are they insanely affordable, but they also look pretty stylish and produce great sound.

Cyber Acoustics 2.1 Gaming speaker
  • 62 watts peak / 30 watts RMS power, enough to provide rich enjoyable sound, filling even the...
  • Dual 2” drivers in a flat panel designed satellite brings crisp accurate mids and highs.
Below $50!
Powerful Subwoofer
Great Sound for Price
Can’t compete with more expensive gaming speakers

Cyber Acoustics Subwoofer Satellite SystemIt is a 2.1 speaker system, fitted with an MP3 cradle, subwoofers, frequency of 50Hz-20 kHz, and a one year warranty.

This kind of gaming speakers makes your ears comply with its roaring and booming bass performance. It is housed in an acoustically balanced tuned wood cabinet. Additionally, its subwoofers are infused with a deep, solid clear, audible encounter, no matter what your ears are listening to. It consists of a pod, which turns off and on the speakers with an LED power indicator.

Besides, the pods also permit volume levels to be adjusted with just filch of a finger for the bass control of the subwoofers, and the satellites. The pod also has a built-in readily available and convenient auxiliary input, headphone, and Jack.

Conversely, if your intention is to make the most of your gaming experience, and enhance the quality of the sound coming from your processor, although you are working on a budget, these speakers are just what you need as they are affordable and inexpensive.

Besides, they are convenient, fitting, and suitable desktop controls, which qualify the acoustic subwoofer satellite system to become one of the top gaming speakers. Furthermore, the speakers magnetically shielded with 62 watts peak power, and RMS of 30 watts. Hence, its inbuilt features make the gaming speaker to fill the room with a powerful sound.

9. Logitech Z323 2.1 Speaker

What list wouldn’t have a bunch of Logitech gaming speakers in them? The Z323’s are a great buy for the price as they are really cost friendly. They’re actually great for the price and produce very good sound. If your on a lower budget then these are definitely worth a look.

Logitech Z323 2.1 Gaming Speaker System
  • Immersive Logitech 360-degree sound for crystal-clear, room-filling audio
  • Ported, down-firing subwoofer delivers deep, rich bass. Satellites(height x width x depth): 8.3...
Great Subwoofer
Front Facing Speakers
Difficult to clean

The Logitech Z323 speakers are the best gaming speakers under $50, period.

The Logitech speakers offer a very respectable 30 watts of RMS power which is impressive for the price and size of these speakers.

The speakers have both RCA and 3.5 mm inputs for easy connections to any PC, gaming console or phone (sorry no bluetooth).

Almost a standard feature, but you can adjust the volume and power directly on one of the speakers. There is also a headphone jack should you wish to keep your sound directed to a headset.

The only negative I can think of for these speakers (taking into account the price) is that there isn’t any fabric cover over the drivers – which means that dust can collect there and you will have to spend a little more time keeping them clean.

8. Genius SW-G2.1 Gaming Speaker

While the Genius SW-G2.1’s are a new brand that I’ve heard little to nothing about, I have to admit that they are one of the best budget gaming speakers that are currently on the market. If you’re looking for something that’s versatile and are willing to try out something new, the Genius SW-G2.1’s are a good bet.

Genius SW-G2.1 Gaming Speaker
  • Adjustable Volume and Bass controls
  • Ultra-rigid MDF wooden cabinet subwoofer with rich and deep bass
Cool Design
Sound Amazing for the price
Long cord
Made Specifically for Gamers
Works with almost any device
Subwoofer could be better (still pretty good!)

I have to say that for anyone who’s on a budget under $100, these are great gaming speakers. These gaming speakers are clearly designed and styled towards the gamers that want some extra flare to their setup, rather than discreet looking ones.

The subwoofer is definitely weaker than the speaker when it comes to quality. It’s not necessarily bad, but you really have to crank it up to get any that thumping bass that some seem to desire from their speakers. This only matters if you care a lot about bass.

The only issue with these speakers is that they’re wired, which might pose some problems for some. The cord length of the Genius SW-G2 is good enough, however, to where it’s not so much of a problem, compared to the Ballista Unity.

Whether you’re gaming on the PC or on a console, the Genius SW-G2’s are gaming speakers that you should definitely check out for under $100.

These speakers produce 38 watts RMS of power (20W subwoofer 9W x 2 speakers) which is decent to get the room shaking. If I was on a budget, these would be at the top of my list.

7. Cyber Acoustics 2.1 Gaming Speakers

While the Cyber Acoustics CA-3908’s aren’t the best gaming speakers on this list, they do hold their own and provide great value for the money. The booming bass on these gaming speakers makes them ideal for bass lovers. They also boast good mids and highs for the price.  If you’re okay with spending around $70, then these are one of my top picks.

Cyber Acoustics 2.1 Gaming Speakers
  • PREMIUM ROOM FILLING SOUND: Driven by an acoustically optimized internal power supply, this...
  • EASY TO USE: The convenient control pod gives you full control over your sound system. Turn it...
Really Loud
Great for long distance speakers
front facing subwoofer
2.1 surround sound
Durability issues

The Cyber Acoustics CA-3908 consists of a desktop control pod that is convenient, switch, headphone, LED power indicator, master volume, aux in jack, and bass volume. Additionally, it comes with acoustically balanced tuned wood cabinet subwoofers and an included video game adapter cable.

Besides this kind of the gaming speakers are magnetically shielded. The Cyber Acoustics CA-3908 allows you to play games in surround sound, which guarantees you enjoy an appealing surround sound experience. Further, the Cyber AcousticsCA-3908 Platinum is low-priced, affordable, great sound, and its sleek appearance makes it very attractive on the eyes.

While there are a lot of pros to the 3908, there are also some cons. It contains a lot of wires which can be an issue for some. It does not include a variety of bass, but its max is excellent. Besides it is not thundering or booming except you blast the volume.

The CA-3908 is designed to deliver finer audio performance to computers, iPods, and portable devices. It provides great long, productive expedition with a little distortion, power-driven amplifier, which provides clear deep bass, and a superior dynamic acoustic variety, making it very easy for me to recommend it to someone who’s on a budget.

6. Logitech Z623 200 watt Speaker

Best budget Speaker

If you’re looking for my top gaming speakers on a budget, I’d easily go with the Logitech Z623’s. For just north of $100, you get powerful surround sound speakers, adjustable bass, and so much more. My only real con would be that it takes 200 watts, which might be an issue for more power conservative people (if you ever would consider this).

If you look at the amount of 5 star reviews on Amazon, I’m not the only one that appreciates this Speaker.

Logitech Z623 2.1 gaming speaker
  • THX-certified 2.1 speaker system brings your music, movies and games to life in immersive...
  • 400Watts of Peak/200Watts (RMS) gives you the power to listen as loud as you want to while the...
2.1 Surround Sound
Powerful Subwoofer
Adjustable Bass
Simple Design
Long Cords
Great Mids and Highs
A few people have had subwoofers fail
Not for sound snobs

Logitech is probably in the top three most respected gaming peripheral brands out there and unlike razer or other brands, I can say without a doubt that it’s because of the quality of their products and not just marketing.

The Z623’s speakers are small but really powerful. They offer high quality 2.1 surround sound that makes the Z623’s stand out. Considering that even at its highs there is no distortions, I’d have to say that these are pretty well made. The bass is great (talk about that more below), but I was also suprised to find the mids to be very clear as well.

The Z623’s subwoofer is also very good. First of it’s very big allowing it to more easily bring out that rich bass that just makes gaming a pleasure. While comparable in price to some satellite speakers, these easily outpower them. You also have bass control which is even better if you’d like to turn up or turn down this experience.

The only complaints someone may have with this device is that it’s not stylish enough and wired cords. I honestly like my speakers simple and clean, but others may want something like the Genius 2.1’s or the Ballista Unity. Those are both great gaming speakers, but these are better. If you’re looking for the best gaming speakers on a budget then get the Logitech Z623 flat out.

Now wait a minute – you might say – what about the Logitech Z625? The difference between the Z623 vs Z625 is that the Z625 has an optical input. Everything else is the same. If you’re looking for the optical input as a feature then you can get the Z625 here


  • 3.5mm input
  • 200 watt total RMS power (35W x 2 speakers, 130W Subwoofer)
  • THX certified
  • 35Hz – 20KHz Frequency Response
  • 2.1 speaker configuration

Top 5 Best Gaming Speakers Of 2019

If you have a little more money to spend and are looking for some of the best gaming speakers that are currently on the market, then check out these top 5 gaming speakers that just sound amazing. You should expect to pay a pretty penny, however.

5. Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 THX Certified Speakers

The Klipsch ProMedias have been around for a while, and that’s a good thing. When looking for gaming speakers you need to focus on more than just the appearance, but also the performance. with the ProMedias I can easily say that these are the best 2.1 gaming speakers out there.

Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 THX Certified...
  • THX-certified, three-piece computer audio system
  • Exclusive Klipsch MicroTractrix Horn maximizes digital technologies such as CDs, MP3 downloads,...
2.1 Surround Sound
Plug and Play
Adjustable Bass
Powerful compared to other 2.1 Surround Systems.
Old Design style

It’s definitely easy to dismiss the Klipsch ProMedias due to their older design, but to do so would be a major mistake. I wouldn’t have put these speakers on my best gaming speakers list if I didn’t think that they were any good. The ProMedia’s just have great sound quality. Strong mids, highs and killer bass. The satellite speakers produce a very impressive 35 watts RMS which should be plenty to immerse yourself in your game.

There’s a reason they were made over 10 years ago and people still buy them.

The ProMedia’s Subwoofer kicks out an impressive 130 watts RMS of sound – and its performance is nothing short of amazing. It handles low frequencies really well that it really makes gaming on it a joy.

Yah, I’ll admit compared to newer speakers, these speakers lack many of the new features and aren’t as easy on the eyes. If you’re looking for that, then simply put, the Klipsch ProMedias aren’t for you.

If you’re looking for the best 2.1 gaming speakers, I honestly do not feel like you can find better speakers for this price. It’s easy to make something flashy, but it’s hard to make a product that can last for years and still provide the same amazing surround sound experience. If you’re looking for a respected brand that just oozes quality the Klipsch ProMedias are you best bet.


  • 3.5mm input
  • 200 watt total RMS power (35W x 2 speakers, 130W Subwoofer)
  • THX certified
  • 31Hz-20Khz Frequency Response
  • 2.1 speaker configuration

4. Bose Companion 5

Best 2.1 gaming speaker

With a name like Bose, you would expect the best. Of course, with the best comes a hefty price tag.

Bose Companion 5
  • No special software, sound card upgrade, adaptors or complicated wiring required.Do not unplug...
  • Speaker arrays come fully assembled on stands for superb performance and more usable desktop...
2.1 Surround Sound
Plug and Play
Clean Styling
Love or Hate Bose

These speakers offer a very big amount of bass – which is crucial for gaming speakers as you need to feel all of the action!

The puck for the volume control is a major benefit. Turning the puck adjusts the volume easily. Tap it to instantly mute the volume and the led indicator turns to red to indicate it’s muted.

These gaming speakers are designed to direct the sound directly to your ears, and these speakers absolutely crank out the sounds without any distortion.

Setup for these speakers are incredibly easy with a simple plug and play USB port which is perfect for any type of computer.

Surprisingly these speakers do not offer any specifications as to the overall power of the speakers nor the frequency response, but if the 4.5 stars on Amazon and the large amount of reviews mean anything – my review is on point.

There aren’t many reviews

While I rate these speakers as the best 2,1 gaming speakers, a very close second would be the Klipsch promedia speakers listed in my number 5.

3. Audio Engine A5+

If you’re looking for a wonderful sound experience and have the money for it, then the Audioengine A5+ is ideal for you. Just imagine using these with virtual reality in the future, and how great of an experience that will be.

Audioengine A5+
  • Built-in power amplifiers, 50 watt per channel RMS
  • Compatible with any computer (Mac or PC)
Rich Sound
Beautiful and simple
Easy Set Up
No Subwoofer (2.0)

The Augio engine aims to give you a full surround sound experience with only 2 speakers.

I had to include this speaker for the simple fact that it is the best sounding speakers overall, and you would hope so given the price for just two speakers.

The speakers are large though (7.8 x 7 x 10.8 inches), as you would expect to obtain such wonderful sound.

These speakers produce a total of 100 watts of power and has a 3.5mm and an RCA inputs for use. You can also connect other speakers to this for later should you wish (hello subwoofer?) and has one of the best signal to noise ratio’s around of 95dB.

The speakers themselves have custom Kevlar woofers and silk dome tweeters. The Audioengine 5+ comes with a remote control (not that I would use it that much since I’m at my computer most of the time).

If for some reason you have run out of USB ports, you can also access the USB port on the back to charge your phone should you need it.

I know this speaker isn’t your typical gaming speaker, and some would argue that it shouldn’t belong on this list of best gaming speakers. I struggled with this as it doesn’t have a subwoofer, which I really like for the experience.

The fact remains, however, that it has one of the highest ratings on Amazon for good reason and it’s near impossible to find any negative points about these speakers apart from the price.

I’m a frugal person by nature, so I knocked this down to the number 3 spot given that they’re pretty expensive and have no subwoofer. 

2. Razer Leviathan – Elite Gaming Sound Bar

A product that’s name brand is often not as good as a newcomer that still needs to prove itself. The Razer Leviathan, I can say without a doubt is a great speaker for gaming. With 5.1 surround sound and rich mids and highs. it’s very easy to recommend this gaming speaker. If you want something that will turn heads, this is for you.

Razer Leviathan – Elite Gaming Sound Bar
  • The Razer Leviathan Surround Sound Bar features cutting-edge Dolby technology, superior sound...
  • Featuring award winning aptX technology, the Razer Leviathan seamlessly connects via Bluetooth...
5.1 Surround Sound
Sleek Design
Wireless Speaker
Compact Subwoofer
Name Brand
Subwoofer isn’t wireless

The Razer Leviathan is one of my favorite gaming speakers. Not only does it come with a unique design that is just perfect for any minimalist, but its sound bar is also wireless! Wired speakers were never a problem for me, but there’s always something about a wireless speaker that just gets me excited.

I added this speaker to the number 2 spot of the best gaming speakers list since I love the functionality of having bluetooth enabled on my speakers as well. I tend to either live on my computer or on my phone, and being able to have sound pushed from my phone is great.

You can connect the sound via 3.5mm or optical cables, allowing connection to almost every device you can think of.

The Razer Leviathan boasts 5.1 surround sound that has great highs and lows and can easily help immerse you into any game imaginable. The subwoofer isn’t wireless, which is kind of a disappointment, but it’s a good subwoofer. It handles low frequencies very well allowing for great bass with no crackling or breaking up.

There are actually two different models of this device. One is the portable version without the subwoofer and the other has both the soundbar and the subwoofer.

If you’re looking for something that’s stylish and sounds good, then the Razer Leviathan is my top pick for you. I’m not able to have a 5.1 speaker system where my PC is and I like a simple clean desk – so this is perfect for me and my needs.

It’s also surprisingly affordable. Razer doesn’t always have the best reputation in the gaming community, but I can assure you that if you get the Razer Leviathan, you won’t be disappointed.

1. Logitech Z906 5.1 gaming speaker

Best Gaming Speaker &
Best 5.1 Computer Speaker

It’s easy for me to recommend Logitech, as almost anything I have made from them is top of the line, and even when I did have an issue, it was very easy to get things resolved. If you’re looking for some of the best PC gaming speakers that you can buy, then it’s near impossible to beat the Z906.

Logitech Z906 5.1 Gaming Speaker
  • 5.1 digital surround sound: Hear every detail in your Dolby Digital and DTS soundtracks the way...
  • THX certified home theater speakers: Your assurance of true cinema quality sound. Satellites :...
5.1 Surround Sound
Great Build Quality
High Powered Subwoofer (Great Bass)
Clear Mids and Highs
Nice Design
THX Certified
No Style

First of all, cover your ears! These speakers are able to produce 500 watts (RMS) of power (1000 watts peak power but who cares) which has to be enough to wake up your neighbors on a late night gaming session!

The subwoofer has an 8 inch drivers and produces 165 watts to really get the room shaking with deep bass. You can however, turn off the bass entirely if you wish (but why would you?).

Sound overall is very good with crisp and clean sound, boasting a frequency response of 35 Hz – 20 kHz. The signal to noise ratio is quite good at 95 dB.
You are able to customize how many speakers you wish sound to come out of at the control panel with ease as well.

All of the connections are limited to the subwoofer, but the Z906 gaming speaker offers multiple inputs to connect almost every type of device you want from your PC, gaming console (Xbox, Playstation etc) and phone if you want (again no bluetooth though). Connections are a 3.5mm jack, RCA and optical inputs.

Setup is a breeze and these gaming speakers are THX Certified with a Dolby Digital/DTS amplifier.

If your room allows it, these are the best gaming speakers on the market today – and for all that power, quite affordable as well.


Finding good gaming speakers can a difficult task, but hopefully, this top 10 list helped narrow down some of the best you can get at an affordable price. Gaming headsets are great, but if you’re looking for something that will blow your mind, gaming speakers are the way to go.

If you have any questions about these gaming speakers please leave a comment below and I’ll get to you as soon as I can. 

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