The Best PC Gaming Chair: Ultimate Buying Guide Of 2017!

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Tired of sitting on that mediocre chair you’ve had for years and want to find something that’s going to make your gaming experience so much more comfortable? Well we’ve got you covered with this gaming chair buying guide! After the PC and other essentials, I would say a gaming chair is the next big thing you need to buy! Why? Well because most of us gamer’s don’t just game for an hour or two a day, but usually three hours or more!

You’re doing yourself a great dishonor if you don’t have a good gaming chair that you can comfortably sit on that also provides great back support. One of the best investments I’ve ever made was getting a good gaming chair that I can sit on for hours that also provides great back support and is extremely comfortable!

The aim of this buying guide was to find the best pc gaming chairs on any budget and present them right to you, so you save hours and still find the best of the best for your budget range!

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Top 5 Things To Look For When Selecting The Best PC Gaming Chair

It’s no secret that PC gamers are a dedicated bunch who tend to game for more than a few hours a day. Our buying guide aims to help you find the best PC gaming chair on your budget! We’ve curated a list of what we think are the biggest things one should look for when making a decision on what gaming chair to get, so check it out below!

Comfort: No One Wants To Sit On A Rock

Comfort is by far the most important thing when it comes to getting a chair. No one wants to feel like they’re gaming on a log. It’s also never fun to game and get distracted by an aching butt because your seat has no cushioning. Not everyone wants a gaming chair that feels like their sitting on a couch either though and would prefer something comfortable but firm, so we’ve made sure that this buying guide has good options for both!

Ergonomics: Please Don’t Mess Up Your Back…

Look we only get one back in this lifetime so I think it makes sense to make sure the chair that you’re getting provides adequate support. Fortunately, the chairs we’ve curated do a good job at this so there’s little to worry about. I highly recommend taking a look at the image above as it gives an accurate representation of how you should be sitting so that you can protect your health long-term.

Style: Do You Like How It Looks?

I have yet to meet a gamer who doesn’t appreciate nice looking PC Cases, Graphics Cards, or any other PC Components, so it makes sense that we’d care about the style of what we’re sitting in too. We’re not all a monolith though, and some people will prefer racing chairs, while others will want something that’s sleek, but a little toned down. The buying guide encompasses a variety of style due to this.

Material: What’s It Made Of?

People don’t talk about Materials, but there a huge factor and one of the reasons such price disparity exists. A lot of people just look at the surface and see two chairs that look similar, but one’s much more expensive so they go with the cheaper one. Usually this chair won’t last anywhere near as long though because the materials are most likely of a lesser quality. This doesn’t mean that the cheaper chair is bad, but it’s just something to be aware of.

Price: How Much Is This Going To Set You Back?

What you can get is limited to how much you can realistically put towards a gaming chair. Knowing this we’ve broken this buying guide down into different budgets so you can see some of the best available gaming chairs in your budget range.

So now that we’ve broken down what it is you should be looking for, we’re going to actually get into the buying guide. I ranked things based on my perspective so you might not one hundred percent agree with me, but I’ve included more than enough for you to find something you like!

Best Gaming Chairs on a Budget

Looking for an awesome gaming chair for long gaming sessions, but don’t have the extra cash to fork over after a good Steam sale? Then these next few gaming chairs are what you may be looking for, with all of these chairs affordable to those on a budget. If you’re looking for chairs under $100 up to $200, I recommend you check out this section!

Also Note: Prices do fluctuate so if something is a little bit above the determined price that’s why!

Gaming Chairs for Under $100

Homall Executive Gaming Chair

Homall Executive Gaming Chair

Check Out The Homall Executive Chair’s Current Price On Amazon

Our next gaming chair, the Hormall Executive chair, is one that almost any gamer can put in their home and be happy with. This is because, unlike a lot of other chairs in the price range, the Homall comes in a number of color options, allowing the buyer to match the chair best with their home decor.

Another option that makes this chair great for a lot of users is the chairs high weight capacity. While this may not be a problem for a lot of people, finding a good chair for a heavier gamer seems to be an issue. Thanks to the Homall and a near 300lb weight capacity, this isn’t an issue.

For comfort and durability purposes, the entire Homall chair, from top to bottom, is covered in leather. And, for those that tend to move around a bit while gaming, the chair comes equipped with a 360 degree and multi-direction swivel, allowing for freedom of movement.

The big knock against the Homall comes when putting the chair together. This is because sometimes parts, or even instructions, are missing from the box the chair is shipped in, and in other cases the included screws are not the right sizes for the chairs holes. It’s not known why this happens, but it has effected enough people that it is a bit of an annoyance.

Once you manage to get your chair together, however, there won’t be much else to dislike about it. Perfect for matching anybody’s style or comfort needs, you need to buy a Homall Executive chair!

Other Great Gaming Chairs Under $100

GTracing Executive High-Back Gaming Chair

GTracing Gaming Chair a great racing chair under $100!

Check Out The GTracing Executive Gaming Chair’s Current Price On Amazon

GTracing brings us our next chair with it’s high-back Executive gaming chair. When it comes to this particular chair GTracing seems to have gone out of it’s way to ensure that this chair was made with gamers in mind.

For starters is the beautiful and angular design of the chair. The chair’s design makes the chair look as if it is something directly off of a space station, making it look right at place alongside your top-tier gaming setup.

This cool design comes in two different color options, green and red, to help you coordinate the color with the rest of your gear. While gaming you will be guaranteed to always be in comfort, thanks to the special padding used for this chair, which assures maximum comfort for extended play periods.

From comfort to style, the GTracing Executive Gaming Chair has a little something for each gamer, making it a great choice for your new battle station.

Best Gaming Chairs Under $200

Merax Devil’s Eye High-Back Gaming Chair

One of the best gaming chairs under $200

Check Out The Merax Devil’s Eye Gaming Chair’s Price On Amazon

As the old saying goes, “The Devil is in the Details”, and so is the case with our next chair from  Merax, known as the “Devil’s Eye”.

Made using a combination of breathable mesh and leather, the Devil’s Eye is a chair that is designed not only to be really comfortable, but to stay cool as well. This makes the chair pure joy to sit in for any period of time and in any temperature.

To aid in the user’s comfort, the Devil’s Eye has tilt functions. This function can be adjusted to for more or less tension, which will allow you to move around in the chair as freely as you please.

Assembly of the Devil’s Eye can be a bit on the rough side. First of all, when opening your chair, you will have to do battle with a rather strong factory smell. Then, during assembly, you will notice that some of the drill holes for the screws are not lined up properly, which can make it hard to put together.

Once the chair is put together, you won’t have much to complain about. The Devil’s Eye may be a bit complicated at times, but is worth it in the end thanks to the chair’s unparalleled comfort for a relatively affordable price.

Other Great Gaming Chairs Under $200

Amazon Basic’s High-Back Executive Chair

Although not specifically made for gaming this is a great option for gamers looking for a chair

Check Out The Amazon Basic Executive Chair’s Current Price On Amazon

Amazon, known for their awesome online shopping service, also provides a few good options when it comes to office products. One of these products is their High-Back Executive chair.

This chair is one that would be good for almost any area you may want to use it in, thanks to its choices of black and brown colors. These color choices help the chair to fit into almost any setting, making it great for both home or the office.

The chair has a fully adjustable tilt and height mechanism, that helps it to fit the comfort settings of whoever may use it. While the tilt setting is nice, setting the chair in any position and locking it in doesn’t seem to always work, with the locking mechanism malfunctioning at times.

Another thing working against it is the size of the chair may come off a bit small to some, especially considering the chair’s high-back design. Despite it’s size, the chair is really comfortable, with thick padding all around making for a very cushy seat.

Finally, the price of the Amazon Basics High Back Chair is just around the $110 dollar mark. This makes this chair a fairly affordable option that gives gamers a chair with a great look and feel.

Best Mid-Range Gaming Chairs

Have a bit of extra cash to spend, and want to use it towards a  high quality and comfortable gaming chair? For you, we have a number of mid-range gaming chairs, that come between the price of $200-400 dollars, and also provide a number of different features from our budget gaming chairs

Best Gaming Desks Under $300

DXRacer Formula Series Newedge Gaming Chair

Check Out The DXRacer Formula Newedge’s Current Price On Amazon

The DXRacer, as the name implies, is designed in the popular Race Car style, featuring an Ergonomic Bucket seat… which unfortunately is a problem for this seat.

The bucket design allows for a deeper seat, which some people will love. Where the problem comes in is the “wings” on either side of the seat, which have steel bars running through them. These bars can make for some awkward and uncomfortable seating issues.

Not all is doom and gloom though, as there is a lot to love about the DXRacer, not the least of which is the high backrest. This backrest allows gamers of all sizes to sit back comfortably, being able to encompass the entire body.

For added comfort, the DXRacer comes with optional cushions for both your head and neck. This, in combination with soft armrest, can almost help you to forget about any of the comfort issues that the seat’s design may have caused.

It can take some getting used to, but the DXRacer Newedge is worth the effort, giving gamers all the comfort that they need and while also sporting an amazing design that all your friends will envy.

Other Great Gaming Desks Under $300

 Arozzi Torretta XL Series Gaming Chair

Check Out The Arozzi Torretta Series Chair’s Current Price On Amazon
Pro-Line II/OSP Designs proudly brings us our next mid-range desk that comes with a mid $200 dollar price tag: the Prado.

Arozzi is a name that should be familiar to many gamers in the world, as they provide many quality and stylish gaming products. The Torretta Series Gaming Racing chair is no exception to this.

One thing that can be said for certain about the Torretta is that it gives gamers options. These options start with the many colors available to choose from, allowing you to match your chair to the rest of your gaming gear or your living space.

Even more options are available considering that literally every part of this chair is adjustable. From height to armrest, swivel and reclining, every part of this chair allows you to adjust it to your liking for more comfort. Also added for your comfort is a lower back pad, which can keep your back from becoming uncomfortable during longer gaming sessions.

All the extra levers and knobs that come with the added adjustment options makes the assembly of the chair a bit more difficult than a lot of other chairs. On top of this, the seat itself may not be for everyone, as the armrest are a bit close together, making for a narrow seat.

If there is anything most gamers love, it’s options, and this is exactly what they will get with the versatile Arozzi Torretta Series chair.

Best Gaming Desks Under $400

DXRacer Classic Series Racing Chair


Check Out The DXRacer Classic Series Racing Chair’s Current Price On Amazon

As we start to review more expensive gaming chairs, you’ll start to see a recurring brand and that’s DXRacer. While there gaming products certainly aren’t cheap, they are some of the most feature rich and high-quality chairs specifically made for gaming that one can get. 

The DXRacer Classic Series Racing Chair is a high-back chair, which allows gamers of varying heights to have adequate back support. The headrest is extremely comfortable and the seating is made for maximum lumbar support to support the lower back during those long gaming sessions as much as possible.

 The chair also has multi-direction adjustable armrests. These armrests can be placed as high as you like and can tilt in any direction you like, making it possible to make the armrest perfect for everyone. On top of that the wide Aluminium base is extremely sturdy and holds up very well even with heavier users.

DXRacer’s Classic Edition gaming chair is not only one of the most comfortable chairs that you can get for under $400, but if I do say so myself it’s very stylish as well. With great design and comfort it easily takes my number one slot for gamers looking for a top chair under or just around $400.

Other Great Gaming Desks Under $400

 SPACE Seating Professional R2 SpaceGrid Platinum Chair

Check Out The SPACE Seating Professional R2’s Current Price On Amazon

Want a chair that gives you control over nearly everything you can imagine? Then our next chair, the Space Seating Professional R2 is for you.

The R2 professional chair is made using a memory foam padding for the seat. This padding will contour to the user’s body, giving everyone the perfect seat shape that they are looking for.

In addition to this users will be able to get an amazing amount of control with their seat. The SPACE R2 includes a multi-direction tilt, that puts the seat into any position the gamer is in, and a seat slider that allows you to move the cushion of the seat forward or backwards at will.

This, in combination with being a strong and durable seat as a whole, makes the R2 one of the best chairs that money can buy by providing a vast number of comfort options.

Best High-End Gaming Chairs

Do you want the best, most comfortable gaming chairs around, and have zero concern about how much you spend? These High-End gaming chairs are just what you are looking for. While they may be a bit expensive to most, the amount of comfort and features that these chairs give you simply can not be beaten. These chairs will cost you upwards of $400 so nothing to sneeze at, but they’re the best of the best.

Best High End Gaming Desk’s Under $800

 DXRacer King Series Gaming Chair

Check Out The DXRacer King Series Racing Chair’s Current Price On Amazon

DX Racer is one that likes to make some lofty claims about their gaming chairs, this time saying this chair is one that is “Fit for a King”. Can the King Series chair possible live up to that expectation?

This chair was designed with gamers of every size in mind, with the chair being made “Big and Tall”. This design helps to accommodate both the smallest and lightest of human beings, as well as the tallest and heaviest with it’s wide seat and tall back.

To further accommodate gamers, the chair has several adjustable features. This includes the height and tilt of the seat, as well as the direction of the armrest, allowing for the best seating experience for the user. Despite this bevy of features, the chair is extremely easy to assemble, with assembly time being just a matter of minuets.

While it’s hard to be certain if this chair is “Fit for a King” (do you see any kings anywhere?), it’s hard to argue that this claim is more than valid. What is certain is that almost every gamer in existence will love the DX Racer King Series Chair.

Best High End Gaming Desk’s Over $800

Herman Miller Classic Aeron Chair

Check Out The Herman Miller Aeron Chair’s Current Price On Amazon

If you’re looking for the best chair that I can recommend under $1000, Herman Miller’s Aeron Chair is easily my top pick. For gamers who spend hours sitting everyday, this will keep your posture perfect, while not being the slight bit uncomfortable.

The Aeron Chair comes in three sizes, A being the smallest, and C the biggest. So no matter how big or small you are this chair is a great fit.

The Aeron is a chair that also has the ability to automatically adjust with your bodies movements. This means even if you have to move all over the place while gaming, the chair will keep up with you and you will always be comfortable.

Adding to your comfort is the unique, patented Aeron material that this chair is named after. This material allows the chair to keep cool no matter what the activity you are doing or the weather.

The only thing working against this chair is the price, which comes up to nearly $1000 dollars. This is quite expensive considering there are plenty of cheaper options available that are great as well. However, those options don’t come with the same kind of twelve year warranty that the Aeron does, which guarantees coverage should anything happen to the chair.

Expensive? Yes. Worth every penny? You bet you. The Aeron may not be the most feature rich chair, but it is one that is guaranteed to keep you in comfort for years to come.

Wrapping Up This Buying Guide…

Wow! This took a bit to right, but I’m extremely glad it’s now completed. So many people have been asking me what gaming desk and gaming chair I recommend so I’ve taken my time to right out both! Finding the right PC gaming chair can be an ordeal and hopefully for you it has now ended. Enjoy the rest of your day and have some fun gaming while you wait for your new chair!

Also if you think a gaming chair should’ve been included in this post that wasn’t let me know and I’ll dig deeper on the chair and get back to you. 

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