Best Projectors For Gaming – Top Picks of 2017

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One thing that almost every person will do in their life is take a trip to the movie theater. It is a staple of American society, and seeing action come to life on the big screen is an experience like no other around.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if that same type of theater experience can be brought to the world of gaming? If bringing the world of gaming and movies together is something that you have always dreamed of, then you are in luck!

PC gaming projectors are devices that can hook up to your computer and display an image through it’s lens. This allows you to “project” your gaming display onto a wall or white screen, giving you the movie theater experience from your home, bringing your video games to life like never before.

If this sounds like a gaming experience you would like to have yourself, then this list of the top ten gaming projectors is right up your ally. In this list, we will provide you with projectors each with varying prices and features, in the hope that you will find the projector best suited to your gaming needs. So now, on to our feature presentation!

10. Bestrunner LCD LED Projector

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Our first projector, which falls into the $70 dollar range, is the Bestrunner Projector. And with some of the best features available in the price range, the Bestrunner is a great place to kick off the list.

Giving off a 1080p display, this projector features some of the best picture and color available for any projector, not just a cheaper one. This is thanks, in part, to the Bestrunnner’s 1000 Lumen light source, which gives a high-quality image from up to four meters away.

The Bestrunner comes with every port you could possibly need, with inputs for HDMI, USB, VGA, and SD, among others. The Bestrunner also features some pretty decent built-in speakers, and all in a small package that won’t take up much space in your living room.

The lower price point does lend itself to some small issues, however, that you may not get in some more expensive projectors. For example, the screen must be used in a dark area, as the display will not show up clearly if in a lighted room. There are also rare occurrences of the screen glitching or lagging, although these instances are few and far between.

Overall, the Bestrunner is one of the best projectors you can buy that won’t leave you with an empty bank account. If you want a cheap, yet high quality gaming projector, you certainly can’t argue against the Bestrunner.

9. Elephas Home Theatre Projector

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Staying in the same price range as our previous projector, we have the Elephas Home Theater Projector. And for just ten dollars more than the Bestrunner, you get a projector that is as versatile as many of the more expensive products.

This is thanks to the Elephas’ wide range of uses. Not only are you able to use this projector to play your PC games on, but this projector is also great for gamers using home consoles such as the Xbox or Playstation, as well as users wanting to watch movie and TV.

The Elephas can do all this because it supports inputs for various devices, through HDMI, VGA, as well as support for various audio systems. Adding to the value of this projector is the convenience of the product, which is easily manageable due to it’s lightweight design, as well as the Elephas’ ability to reduce energy cost thanks to it’s low energy consumption.

A word of caution when buying the Elephas: while it is rare, some projectors have been known to ship defective. Should you be willing to take that gamble, however, you will find the Elephas to be one of the best projectors for the price, giving consumers convenience and versatility in one package!

8. Pyle PRJG48 Projector

Check The Pyle PRJG48 Projector’s Price On Amazon

While the last two projectors have certainly been great additions to this list, neither can compare price wise with our next entry: the Pyle PRJG48.

Our lowest priced entry today, the Pyle comes up to a price that ranges between $50-60 dollars, depending on the seller. This makes the Pyle a great choice for those on a budget who may have found our last two products a bit too expensive for their taste.

Despite the lower price, the Pyle is anything but cheap. Able to project images in full 1080p HD, the Pyle not only supports your PC, but can play various forms of media off of the likes of SD cards as well, allowing you to play your movie collection straight from the device. And with the scree rotation adjustment feature, you will be sure to get a clear picture no matter your viewing angle.

Granted, the lower price does become noticeable when putting the projector up against some more expensive ones. For example, the light source for the projector is not very bright, so viewing must be done in a dark place. The Pyle’s light also does not have a very long shelf life, with the user having to replace the bulb quite frequently.

Despite these flaws, the Pyle does give users a lot for a very low price. The Pyle PRJG48 is a great choice for gamers on a budget who don’t mind a little gaming in the dark.

7. DBPOWER Multimedia LED Projector

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Our next projector is probably the most powerful on our list so far. And at just under $100 dollars, the DBPOWER LED Projector is one of the strongest projectors you can get without breaking the bank.

What make the DBPOWER tick is the numbers behind the projector. With full 1080p contrast, 1000:1 brightness, and 16:9 aspect ratio, supported by the projector’s 2000 lumens light source, you have a product that can provide picture quality that can rival even movie theaters.

The size of the projection is massive as well, with the image able to be displayed in a size between 50 and 140 inches! Using the projector’s “keystone correction” feature, even if you chose to display your gaming on at 140 inches, your gaming will still look clear, with no distortion.

What might hurt this projector for some people looking for a gaming projector is that the product isn’t very user friendly. Unlike some other projectors available, set up and use of the DBPOWER can sometimes turn out to be a hassle, and may deter the less tech savvy.

An overall great product, the DBPOWER LED Projector is one of the best budget projectors on the market, with an insane amount of capability packed into a small package!

6. iRulu BL20 Projector

Check The IRulu BL20 Projector’s Price On Amazon

Our next projector takes us a little further up the price ladder, costing around $170. But price is no object in comparison to quality, and quality is what you get with the iRulu BL20.

Coming in multiple colors, the iRulu is capable of providing crystal clear, HD picture in both 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratio, and can do so at a distance of up to 6 meters. This makes the iRulu a great choice for those gamers who may wish to mount their projector on the ceiling, as they can get great quality even from a distance.

The size of the display is pretty big as well, with a max size of up to 200 inches. This gives users the ultimate in home theater experiences, combined with the multiple inputs and projection options from the front, side, and rear of the projector.

As great and vast as the iRulu’s features are, it does lack any sort of support for SD cards. While this certainly may not be enough to turn away a lot of people from a great product, the lack of SD support is a somewhat glaring omission to an otherwise near-flawless projector.

It goes without saying that the iRulu is a great choice for anyone building a home theater, and not just gamers. With everything mentioned above, plus support for most smart phones, the iRulu is well worth the cost.

5. Pyle Home PRJLE33 Projector

Check The Pyle PRJLE33 Projector’s Price On Amazon

The Pyle brand name once again shows up on our list today with the Pyle Home PRJLE33. This is for good reason, as for the second time today Pyle shows us why they make some of the best projectors available.

Boasting a 100 watt lamp that will last up to 20,000 hours, the PRJLE33’s 2500 Lumens light source will give you endless use from your projector with just one bulb. This means that you can game in confidence knowing that your display won’t suddenly cut out at a crucial moment.

While the display is not as big as our last entry, the iRulu (with this Pyle projector’s display having a max of 100 inches), the size is more than adequate for most. And this is coupled in with the fact that users can display their games and movies in both 720p and 1080p, giving you the best picture for your experience.

On the negative side of things, the projector seems to have some issues with the HDMI ports, with some users stating that the ports had trouble reading things such as Roku sticks and Amazon Fire. There also are some users that think, for the price of $170 dollars, that the Pyle PRJLE33 is somewhat lacking in features.

I myself don’t believe this to be the case, as I think that this projector is one of the best money can buy. While the picture itself is good, the longevity of this unit make that Pyle PRJLE33 well worth the price paid.

4. Abdtech 2600 Lumens LED Projector

Check The Abdtech Projector’s Price On Amazon

If our last entry wasn’t your cup of tea, then our next product, which stays in the same $170 dollar price range, may be for you.

The Abdtech Home Theater Projector boast a 2600 Lumens, LED light source that helps provide an HD, 1000:1 image display that is crystal clear. While the max range for this image may be short (at a max distance of 3 meters), the quality of the picture is unparalleled, giving you a gaming experience like none other.

While other projectors may be able to provide similar picture quality, none have the unique cooling system that the Abdtech has. Using a “Fan Soundand” cooling system, heat of the unit is evenly dispersed, allowing users to no longer have to worry about overheating while in use.

As of this writing, the Abdtech is fairly new to the market. As such, not many people have stated any issues that they may have had with the product. While we, ourselves, have yet to find any issues, it does not mean that they do not exist, so it is a case of “buyer beware”.

Nearly perfect in every way, you can’t afford to pass up the Abdtech. With awesome picture and staying as cool as a cucumber, any gamer will be proud to use a Abdtech projector.

3. ViewSonic PJD5155 Projector

Check The ViewSonic PJD5155 Projector’s Price On Amazon

While we have tried to stay within a certain price range so far on our list, a lot of great projectors exist that may be a bit more expensive than most like. But if you want the best of the best, we have to step outside that price comfort zone, and the $300 dollar ViewSonic PJD5155 is a great place to start.

The ViewSonic sports a massive, 20,000:1 contrast ratio and 3300 Lumen light source, which provides some of the most crystal clear images possible. Adding to the viewing potential that this already provides, the ViewSonic also is 3D Blu Ray ready, providing users with futuristic, 3D displays that most other projectors simply can not do.

This picture quality makes the ViewSonic a great choice if you choose to display your games or movies outdoors, as the bright picture is easily viewable. However, unlike even some of the cheaper options, the ViewSonic does not display in 1080p, making image resolution a little lower than others.

While 1080p may be a big omission, the ViewSonic makes up for it’s short coming with ease of use. Thanks to an intuitive keypad and easy access to the projector’s components, the ViewSonic is easy to use even for those that have not used a projector before in their lives.

So, as you can see, sometimes it pays to step out of your comfort zone. A projector that is beyond compare, the ViewSonic is a first step into the future of gaming.

2. Optoma GT1080 Projector

Check The Optoma GT1080 Projector’s Price On Amazon

While we may be crawling up the price ladder a bit more with the Optoma GT1080, we are also bringing a projector that has even more features than those that came before it.

The Optoma is a projector that can provide a crystal clear, and large, image for any user, getting up to a 166 inch display from up to six meters. This gives gamers the feeling of playing their games on the big screen of the movie theaters, with a larger and clearer image than most of the other competition.

Much like our last entry, the ViewSonic, the Optoma is ready for the third dimension with it’s Vesa 3D port. Unlike the ViewSonic, however, the Optoma is compatible with 1080p resolution, and can even play some newer gaming consoles, such as the Xbox One, for those that may game on devices other than the PC.

It goes without saying that the price may deter a lot of people, coming up to around $630 dollars, which is not light on the wallet. What doesn’t help this fact is that some parts of the Optoma can be fragile, with some people having issues with anything from the lens to the light bulb.

These issues rarely come up though, and in every other regard the Optoma is worth every penny, providing users with a fully HD, 3D gaming experience.

1. BenQ Video Gaming Projector

Check The BenQ Video Gaming Projector’s Price On Amazon

Our final projector may be the best of the best: The BenQ Video Gaming Projector. This is because this product is catered directly to gamers, providing them with features they can’t get anywhere else.

What makes the BenQ great for gaming is the projector’s super-fast response time. With the BenQ’s unique game modes, the projector displays images in full 1080p, and without any lag input that other projectors may have. This makes the projector essential in high-pressure gaming situations, where even the slightest lag can mean life or death.

Using DLP image technology, the BenQ can stand the test of time, as images are certain to maintain their high-quality even after years of use. And for the audiophiles among us, the BenQ also features some of the best built in speakers available on a projector, with movie theater-quality sound.

But what about the price, you may be asking? That is the one major drawback of the BenQ, as the product comes with a rather larger $1000 dollar price tag. While this may make the BenQ a hard choice for those on a budget, it is a small price to pay for the overall value you get.

There are few projectors that are quite as good as the BenQ. The ultimate in gaming projectors, there is no question that the BenQ may be the best projector on the list today.

What Best Projector For Gaming Would I Recommend?

  • For Those On A Budget



  • Get The DBPower Projector

    Not only is ultra affordable, but it also provides many of the features of the more expensive projectors on this list.

    Get This Projector

  • For Those Looking For Something In Between


  • Get The ABDTech Projector

    I expect most people to opt for this option, coming in at around $170, you’re getting great image quality and a very bright 2500 lumens projector. If not for the input lag, this would be almost as good as the top projector.

    Get This Projector

  • For Those Who Want The Best


  • Get The BenQ Gaming  Projector

    Yes this projector will cost you, but the fact that it has very low input lag and great image quality more than makes up for this in my opinion. You also have to think about how long this projector will last you!

    Get This Projector


Nothing beats the feeling of the movies, and with the options we provided to you today, everyone should be able to give their gaming the big screen treatment. If this post helped you at all please consider sharing this with friends. Thanks for reading!

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