Best Computer Speaker Under 100

Finding The Best Computer Speaker Under 100 – An In Depth Review

To find the Best computer speaker under 100, we’ve broken out the list to fit what your room design or overall preference may be.

Some people don’t have the luxury of having a big space to fit a full 5.1 speaker set up in their room and may only have the smallest desk they can find.

As mentioned, we have broken up the list below to our choice of best 5.1, 2.1 and 2.0 speaker sets available for under 100 dollars.

In short terms, the first number represents the number of speakers and the “.1” represents if the system contains a subwoofer.

Whatever your need, you will find best computer speaker under 100 dollars here.

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Best Speaker Under 100 – 2.0 Configuration

For people who have smaller desks, want to have small speakers for laptop use, or don’t want to have a subwoofer hogging precious foot space; clutter-free 2.0 speakers come in handy.

4. Creative T12 – 2.0 Speaker

First off we have the T12s by Creative Labs.

A 2.0 channel, 18 Watt RMS (9 watts per satellite) speaker system, carrying a frequency response of 20Hz – 20kHz.

Creative T12
  • Built in Bass Flex technology
  • High Performance Drivers

This speaker set can be placed on your desk and won’t take much space given the dimensions 7.08″ x 2.80″ x 3.86″.

The speakers have a typical glossy piano black finish (can be dust and finger print attractive).
The front drivers produce the mids and the high frequencies, and at the back, the bass radiator takes care of the lows.
Easy to use and straightforward.
Sound quality is overall well balanced, as I would expect to come from Creative labs. The right speaker has the volume control that serves as the power switch as well.
The speakers have an auxiliary-out for a headphone along with an auxiliary-in for another device input.

On the back of the right speakers you have the ports for the power, auxiliary-in and output to the left speakers.

In a nutshell it is an excellent choice, and it fits nicely in our list for the best computer speaker under 100 dollars in the 2.0 category.

3. Creative Gigaworks T20 – 2.0 Speaker

Creative has another entry to our list of best computer speakers under $100 for the 2.0 channel category, let’s take a peek at the Creative Gigaworks T20.

Creative T20 - 2.0 Speaker
  • Precision-tuned two way speaker design with 28 watts RMS
  • Woven glass fiber cone driver

Here’s another excellent speaker from Creative Labs is the GigaWorks T20, sleek piano black finish for the back and the front, matte black for the sides, and has a detachable front cover (if you prefer to have your drivers uncovered).

This speaker set has 3 sets of drivers that handles different tones, the top Bass port covers your lows, the Front drivers covers the Mids and the Highs. What’s nice about this speaker is that it does not just have the volume control/power on switch, it also has the dial/knob to control the Bass and treble separately.

The backside of this speaker has your auxiliary-in, with the power and the output going to the left speaker. The front side has an auxiliary-out and an auxiliary-in for another device, all ports are gold plated so expect them to last.

This speaker is almost like the T12 but with more features to it and bigger sound. The T20 has a frequency response of 48 – 20,000 Hz and a total of 28 Watts (14 watts for each speaker).

Still a great choice if you wanted to have your desks neat and simple. Beautifully designed, plug and play and compatible with most devices.

2. Edifier E10 – 2.0 Speaker

“Straight lines meet smooth curves” this is the theme for the Edifier E10, at 36W these babies are our number 2 pick.

Edifier E10 - 2.0 Speaker
  • High performance integrated 2.0 speaker system with unique design incorporating straight lines...
  • Each upper section of the speaker contains two 1½ inch midrange/ tweeters, and a 1½ inch x 3...

This is a 2.0 channel speaker set that has a total power of 36W and a frequency response of 48 – 20,000 Hz.

Edifier E10’s offer great sound quality that is refreshingly styled differently than most others. The volume and power controls are located on one of the speakers.

The top part of the satellites holds 1½ inch midrange/ tweeters, and a 1½ inch x 3-inch passive radiator. The base holds the 3-inch woofer and a 3-inch passive bass radiator for maximum deep bass effect.

The speakers can easily fit any space and are real space savers. For Mac users this speaker blends in nicely because of the silver and black finish, but of course, any computer or gadget is compatible with this since it is using a 3.5mm jack for connection.

For a different look in sound, choose the Edifier E10 as your best computer speaker under 100.

1. Bose Companion 2 Series 3 – 2.0 Speaker

Bose is one of the leading names in sound, in the speaker industry they have a great variety of speakers that are truly crafted to perfection.

Bose Companion 2 Series III - 2.0 Speaker
  • High quality audio performance, with clear sound at any volume. Use the auxiliary input to...
  • High quality audio performance, with clear sound at any volume

The Bose Companion 2 is the best computer speaker under 100 dollars for our 2.0 speaker versions.

We’ve shown different data points on wattage and frequency response for the previous speakers. Bose doesn’t publish data relating to the power or frequency response. For the most part, I can understand; sound is subjective, and individuals have different wants and needs.

I listened to these speakers and the sound is amazing, really clear and balanced overall. As for the design, simple, classic and elegant.

The control knob is on the front for volume and power, the ports are located on the back side of the speaker. As is typical with Bose speakers, there are no controls for Bass/Treble.

The right speaker has the connections for auxiliary-out, power, and an auxiliary-in for an additional device.

If you consider the reviews of users on Amazon, these speakers also boast the most impressive rating by both score and volume.

All in all, if you have $100 to spend and want 2.0 speakers – these are absolutely the speakers to choose.

Best Speaker Under 100 – 2.1 Configuration

As we continue our best computer speakers under $100 list; we now move on to the 2.1 channel category.

Adding a separate subwoofer, takes the divide and conquer approach. Typically, adding a subwoofer adds bigger sound and more wattage.

We hope you enjoy.

6. AVerMedia Ballista Unity – 2.1 Speaker

AVerMedia has been around the electronics industry since the early 90s.

Beginning our 2.1 PC speaker list is a speaker that is catered to the gamer crowd overall, and is a good choice to consider.

AVerMedia Ballista Unity- 2.1 Speaker
  • Specifically Designed and Configured for Gaming Audio
  • 40 Watts Peak Power: Experience crystal clear audio and rich bass sound with no distortion

This speaker is something a gamer would like to have on his desk. It looks awesome and can be loud. This speaker can gives you 40W RMS of power and a frequency response of 50Hz – 20KHz.

Clarity is something that is not as impressive as others on the list. These speakers are not for the audiophile or the video editors (but why would they be looking at under $100 anyways…). These are catered to individuals who care for Bass in a big way, while caring for their budget.

The Ballista has a control box that contains volume control along with a headset connection, mic ports and an auxiliary-in port for another device. The power button is on the bottom left part of the control box as well.

At the back of the control box, you have the connectors for RCA in (comes with a 3.5mm & RCA wire), along with the connections for the satellite and the subwoofer.

I’d say it is stylish, but the sound quality is on the lower end as the sounds can feel a little flat.

Still, it’s worthy to earn its place on the best computer speakers under $100, mainly due to its price!

5. Genius SW-G2.1 1250 – 2.1 Speaker

Earning the number 5 spot we have the SW-G2.1 1250 from Genius.

Genius has been there for ages providing us with computer peripherals like scanners, mice, keyboards, and speakers, so I am not surprised these have made our best computer speaker under 100 dollars list.

Genius SW-G2.1 1250 - 2.1 Speaker
  • Adjustable Volume and Bass controls
  • Ultra-rigid MDF wooden cabinet subwoofer with rich and deep bass

Genius clearly doesn’t spend a bunch of money on creating names as the SW-G2.1 1250 doesn’t have any attractive styling to it. Fortunately, Genius has spent the time crafting a more Gamer focused speaker design.

The set has 38W RMS total power (20W subs and 9W each satellite); while having a frequency response of 58 Hz ~ 20K Hz. It can produce crisp, clean sound for lows mids and highs, and as mentioned, the overall design can attract gamers.

This speaker set comes with a control box designed in similar fashion to the AVerMedia Ballista Unity.

The controls allow you to adjust the volume & the Bass along with a power switch. In addition, the front of the control box has a headphone and mic ports.
The control box is where everything connect to and from. On the back of the control box, you have the 2 RCA connectors (Input and Output), a 3.5mm input along with a mic out.

The only thing I tend to hate about the design is that they used a bright blue, LED as power indicator.

Genius offers 3 colors to choose from – for some reason, the blue color is ~$20 more than the Red color, and black is the least expensive option.

Certainly a respectable start in our best computer speaker under 100 dollars list.

4. Edifier M3200 – 2.1 Speaker

Drop-jaw gorgeous, this is the main thing I can say about this speaker set from Edifier. The M3200 is our 4th best computer speaker under 100.

Edifier M3200 - 2.1 Speaker
  • Uniquely designed, 2.1 audio system capable of hosting multiple audio sources via 3.5mm...
  • Wooden enclosed, magnetically shielded subwoofer with 5 1/2 inch driver

The style of the satellite is unique; they look like a modern hourglass – and are styled beautifully. Edifier has once again, focused on style and power for M3200 speakers. These speakers come in with 34W RMS of power (16W sub and 9W per satellite) and have a frequency response of 45 Hz to 20 kHz.

The Edifier M3200 has clean sound and definitely can produce the midbass and low bass.

The subwoofer has bass control and the connections for the satellites as well as the auxiliary-out to your computer or your gadget, and of course, the power switch.

The drivers for the sub is front-firing, but the woofer is protected by a fabric screen in front.

The Edifier M3200 speakers have a control pod that can control the volume, and at the bottom, there is a headphone port and the auxiliary-in. Adjusting the volume is so smooth, and the ring around the knob lights up whenever the speakers are turned on. This speaker is plug and play and compatible with most devices (computers, cell phones, tablets) that have a 3.5mm port. The material used for the speakers is plastic.

The Genius 1250 is very close to the Edifier M3200, while the Genius speakers have a little more power and a bit better signal to noise ratio; the Edifier M3200 has the connections at the Subwoofer spot and is a little more refined.

If you’re looking for what I would say is arguably the nicest set of speakers in the group and worthy of the 4th spot for our best computer speaker under 100 list.

3. Logitech Z333 – 2.1 Speaker

Coming in at Number 3 of our best computer speaker under 100 list, is from Logitech – the Z333.

Logitech Z333 - 2.1 Speaker
  • Stream all your favorite playlists and soundtracks wirelessly from any Bluetooth enabled...
  • 80 watts of peak power blasts rich, clear and bold sound via satellite speaker set and...

If you’ve ever looked into Logitech speakers, there are so many versions it’s difficult to know what the difference is between all of them. We have the Z333 listed here as it’s extremely affordable.

If you’re looking for Bluetooth connectivity, then the Z337 is available here. Other than Bluetooth (and the price), there is absolutely no difference between the Z333 and Z337 for power and other functions.

The Z333 has 40W RMS (24W subs and 8W per satellite). The frequency response for this set is 55hz-20khz. The design is not flashy for a gaming rig; this is more on the minimalistic side of things.

The satellites are slightly tilted upwards, so the sound is directed towards you.

The sub is front-firing and has the port on the side. At the back of the Sub, you will find the bass control knob, connections for Auxiliary and RCA, the speaker outputs as well as the control pod port. Adjusting, the sub volume above the midpoint didn’t necessarily produce a noticeable difference – but below midway there is a big change.

Looking at the control pod, it felt somewhat flimsy but it gets the job done. Adjusting the volume control is smooth, and on the sides of the control pod, you will see the headphone jack, the Bluetooth button (only on the Z337), and the power button.

I would have liked to see the bass control placed on the control pod so you would not need to crawl to your sub whenever you need to adjust the bass.

For the Z337, connecting through Bluetooth is easy you just need to press the button on the control pod and connect it to your device. The light on the control pod will then turn to blue letting you know that you are connected, and if you have nothing synchronized to it, it goes back to white.

The Z333 It can still produce clean audio and hit the lows, mids, and high frequencies and given the price of the Z333 is a value packed best computer speaker under 100.

2. CyberAcoustics CA-3908 – 2.1 Speaker

The CA-3908 from CyberAcoustics is our number 2 on our list and very close to the best pc speaker under 100.

CyberAcoustics CA-3908 - 2.1 Speaker
  • PREMIUM ROOM FILLING SOUND: Driven by an acoustically optimized internal power supply, this...
  • EASY TO USE: The convenient control pod gives you full control over your sound system. Turn it...

Cyber Acoustics’ CA-3908 is number 2 choice for the best computer speaker under 100 for good reason. This speaker set is one to keep an eye on.
The power of this speaker is 46W RMS (26W subs and 10W per satellite) and is the most powerful speaker on our list. The Frequency response of this speaker set is 50Hz – 18KHz, while the signal to noise ratio is a decent 80dB.

We found the speakers to get very loud, and can produce a very good amount of thump and a nice sound overall.

The design is attractive overall, the satellites are piano-black, and the base is silver with the CA logo at the bottom.
The satellite also has removable covers so you can vary the look of your setup or easily clean the cloth – which is a nice added feature.

The Sub is in a durable case; it has a front-firing driver with the port at the back. They included a dock for your phone or gadget, so it does not have to be left just on your desk.

The control for these speakers is by using the master control pod that has every control available on the puck itself. The control pod has volume & bass control, a power switch, along with the auxiliary-in and headphone jack.

Overall, overall a very close number 2 in our best computer speaker under 100 dollar list.

1. Logitech 523 – 2.1 Speaker

Without further ado, let’s reveal what we have our best computer speaker under 100.

Logitech has managed to put together a very good speaker set for the price.

Logitech 523 - 2.1 Speaker
  • Room-Filling Logitech 360-degree sound for an immersive music, movie and game experience
  • Down-firing subwoofer with 6.5-in pressure driver delivers ultra-deep bass without distortion

Logitech Z523 comes in first on our list, and is the best 2.1 computer speaker under 100 dollars.

The specifications for this speaker are great, though it has less power than the Cyber Acoustics, it has a decent 40W of RMS power(21W subs and 9.5W per satellite).

While not the most powerful, the Logitech Z523 has the widest frequency range (35 Hz – 20 kHz). You can feel the deep bass when you are listening to anything you can throw at this speaker.

If you’re interested in wireless connectivity to your devices, the Bluetooth add on is available here – but is more expensive (yet still under $100!).

The front satellites are piano black finish and a matte finish on the sides. The right satellite speaker has the Volume control that serves as a power switch as well. The volume knob as an orange LED that tells you that the speakers are on. Just below the volume knob is the bass control that allows you to pump out that deep bass whenever you feel like it.

Since the controls are on the speakers, the volume adjustment and bass adjustment is convenient. On the side of the right speaker you have the headphone jack and the auxiliary-in for an additional input device.

The subwoofer is down-firing, the grill on the front is not the actual driver but the passive bass radiator.

I hope you agree with our choice of the best computer speaker under 100 for the 2.1 channel category.

Best Speaker Under 100 – 5.1 Configuration

For our last list, it is just a head to head between two speaker sets in the 5.1 channel category. We have the Creative Inspire T6300 at number 2 and Logitech Z506 coming in at number one. There aren’t any others that are worth mentioning.

2. Creative Inspire T6300 – 5.1 Speaker

Creative is indeed a brand that has been out there providing real quality speakers.
The T6300 is one of them.

Creative Inspire T6300 - 5.1 Speaker
  • "High Quality, Sleek Design, "&V49
  • Clear Sound

This speaker set has both the DSE (Dual Slot Enclosure) that amps up the midbass and gives even distribution to frequency. These speakers are for a smaller room as a 5.1 speaker set.

Creative claims to have a more natural sound due to their Image Focusing Plate – in practice, I feel the sound was pretty good overall.

The total power of this speaker set is 57W (22W for the sub and 7W each for the satellite. The frequency response is at 55hz-20khz.

Setting it up is easy since every cable has different lengths which let you know which is which, same goes with the size of the satellite.

The front satellites are slightly bigger than the center, and are all supplied with 4.5ft of cable. The rear speakers have 11ft and all connect to the subwoofer on the back side.
This is biggest issue overall, as mentioned it is for a smaller room – you will have to split your own cables to get the range that most people want in a room.

The power cord and the control module are both onboard and cannot be detached. The bass control knob is just above the connectors and cables. The subwoofer is down-firing and ported, with the port located on the front side.

The overall sound quality of the speaker is very good, with the bass and midbass you can hear it clearly, as well as the mid and highs.
Keep in mind you cannot directly connect it to a laptop or any device that does not support 5.1 channel. You will also need a converter if you are to connect it to your TV.

Overall a very affordable speaker for our best computer speaker under 100 5.1 Channel category.

1. Logitech Z506 – 5.1 Speaker

The very reason why these speakers are the best speaker under 100 dollars is simple, it has the most power & the widest range of frequency response.

Not to mention it has a Bluetooth module. It’s our clear choice for the best computer speaker under 100 – 5.1 Channel edition.

Logitech Z506 - 5.1 Speaker
  • Speaker: 75 watts (RMS) of balanced power and room-filling sound
  • Speaker: Multiple inputs make it easy to connect your PC, game console, iPod, DVD player and...

So to wrap up our list for the 5.1 categories of the best computer speakers under $100, I give you the Logitech Z506. A monster speaker that give you a whopping 75 Watts of total RMS power (27W subs, 2×8 Watts Front, 16W center, and 2×8 Watts rear).

One of the negatives I noted for the Creative 6300 was the cable length – Logitech does provide longer cables all around, but still could be short for your room. Tee Left and right speaker cables are 6.5 feet, the center speaker cable is 8.8 ft, and the rear speaker calbes are 16.5 ft long.

All speakers except for the front right speaker can be lengthened using RCA male to female cables if need be. The front right speaker has a DB-9 connection so it would need a separate extender.

The speakers can produce a room-filling surround sound and have a frequency response of 45 Hz to 20 kHz. One more thing about the sound quality is it has an Signal to noise ratio of 140 dB which would ensure clarity to whatever you are listening to.

The design is alright, and sort of mundane. The center speaker somewhat brings back the memories of the movie Wall-e. Yes, my world is mostly children related references…

There is also a lesser expensive option, should you not wish the Bluetooth module – which can be found here.

The subs are down-firing, and the port on the front side of the sub. The sound quality, especially the base is fantastic. Nice and clean mids and highs as well. You may get a little static when a big bass hit at higher volumes.

For connection, you get 2 RCA stereo connection on the back side or the 5.1 connection just above them. You also have the bass control knob on the top of the 5.1 connectors. Down at the bottom, the connectors for the satellite are all color coded so no need to have any special markers or stickers.
You can also add the Logitech Bluetooth adapter if you want to have that option as wel. The volume control is onboard one of the front speakers along with the headphone jack and the power button.

Surprisingly with all these features, it’s still ridiculously cheap – and the many reviews on Amazon seem to agree that this is the best computer speaker under 100 for 5.1 speakers.


Choosing best computer speaker under 100 can take time, I hope that we helped with your overall search.

If you happen to find another speaker that is worth being on the list or please leave a comment down below.

Thanks for reading.

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