Can MacBooks Be Gaming Computers?

Can MacBooks Be Gaming Computers?

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When it comes to computer gaming, one question that keeps being brought up is: Can MacBooks be gaming computers? When it comes to cost, graphics, and compatibility; can a MacBook match up to a PC? Let’s dig in further and find out.


Known worldwide, Apple is one of the most recognizable brands today. But one common complaint of Apple products is that they cost too much. Whether it is a phone, a tablet, or a computer; the argument is often made that you’re paying a higher premium for brand recognition instead of higher quality.

Looking at the latest generation of MacBooks, these machines typically run over $1,000. This is a high expense for anyone trying to get into the computer gaming world right off the bat.

However, it is possible to build a high quality gaming computer that can play the latest games on the highest settings for nearly half the price of a new MacBook — although you may be able to find used MacBooks and gaming laptops for much less. Additionally, should you not want to build your own gaming rig, there are name brand gaming laptops available for less than $1,000. When it comes to cost, a regular gaming PC definitely edges out the MacBook competition.


While PCs outdo MacBooks in the realm of cost, how do they match up when it comes to graphical capability?

The latest games can run all the way up to a stunning 4K resolution on a high end gaming PC, yet it doesn’t appear that MacBooks can match up with that.

On top of that, one reason PC edges out MacBooks in the graphics category is that PC graphics cards can be swapped out and upgraded while MacBook graphics cards aren’t able to be changed. With a MacBook, you’re unable to upgrade your hardware.


The last category we’ll look at to compare MacBooks and PC is compatibility. There are millions of games out on the market, but does that mean your machine will be able to run them?

The simple answer is this: PC will be able to run nearly everything, while MacBooks are going to have trouble finding certain games that are able to work on their system. Most game developers optimize and build their games to work on PC rigs and typically leave MacBook gaming as an afterthought.

Additionally, it seems that MacBook will have trouble keeping up with the latest trends. Certain Virtual Reality developers have said that they’re not able to bring their hardware to the MacBook at all due to Apple “not supporting high-end GPUs.”

One final comparison in terms of compatibility is that PCs have the ability to have “remote play” from both Xbox and Playstation 4, allowing console users to play their games on their computer while away from home. Thus far, only Playstation 4 is available on MacBooks with users reporting issues with the streaming software and Microsoft not announcing any plans to bring Xbox remote play to the Apple computer family.

The Verdict

If you’re looking for a high-end gaming experience, PC is the way to go. However, if you’re looking for familiarity and branding, then a MacBook is the choice for you.

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