Best Headphone Stand for you

The Best Headphone Stand – From Style & Function to DIY

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So you have a nice pair of headphones or bought a great gaming headset. No matter what brand or model of headphones you have; what better way to take care of and display your headset than with a headphone stand. You need a place where you can hang your headsets after long hours of use. There are a lot of …

Best computer speakers under 50

Find The Best Computer Speakers For You – The Best Budget Speakers Around

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We reviewed and searched hundreds of speakers. Many hours and coffee drinks were used to put together this roundup. This is a massive post, we reviewed the best computer speakers across two budget categories to find the best budget PC speakers under 25 dollars and the best computer speakers under 50 dollars. We have broken the speakers under $50 into …

Best 140mm case Fan for you

[Top 10] Best 140mm Case Fan (Ultimate Roundup) in 2019

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Looking for the best 140mm Case fan? Sounds easy enough to find in practice. The reality, is that everyone is typically looking for something different in a case fan. Some want the 140mm fan that pushes the most airflow (CFM), looking for the best quiet 140mm case fan, and some are just looking a good affordable 140mm fan. We’ve broken …

Best Computer Speaker Under 100

Finding The Best Computer Speaker Under 100 – An In Depth Review

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To find the Best computer speaker under 100, we’ve broken out the list to fit what your room design or overall preference may be. Some people don’t have the luxury of having a big space to fit a full 5.1 speaker set up in their room and may only have the smallest desk they can find. As mentioned, we have …

Redragon CENTROPHORUS M601 - cheap gaming mouse

Redragon CENTROPHORUS M601 Review: The Best Budget Gaming Mouse?

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Delivered by Redragon, the Redragon Centrophorus M601 is an all in one gaming mouse is catered for fast-twitch players that enjoy responsiveness and quickness in their play. With a price tag of below $30, it’s a steal! PC Gaming Builds We’d Rate The Redragon Centrophorus M601 An 8.5/10! PROS Excellent balance price-quality. 3200 DPI with quick toggling. Sturdy braided cable. …

Logitech G105 Review

Logitech G105 Gaming Keyboard Review:

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For those looking for a budget gaming keyboard, the Logitech G105 is a steal! We’d Rate The Logitech G105 An 8.5/10 Logitech G105 Review – Introduction Over the years, Logitech as a brand has established a very strong reputation in the gaming industry with its range of widely available gaming accessories. Right from PCs to high-end gaming consoles, Logitech’s range …

Best GPU for Mining

The Best GPU for Mining Cryptocurrency

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If you’re looking for a simple answer as to what is the best gpu for mining cryptocurrency, then regretfully I can’t deliver – the answer is always more complicated. The first question you need to ask yourself, is which algorithm are you going to mine? For those new to the game, there are two main mining algorithms right now Equihash …

Xiberia Gaming Headset Over Ear Review

Xiberia Gaming Headset Review: Should You Buy It?

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Introducing The: XIBERIA Gaming Headset When it comes to gaming, having a reliable pair of headphones is an essential part of any gamer’s set up. With that in mind, the XIBERIA Gaming Headset crushes it. Offering clear and crisp binaural sound, but also in terms of its integration with PC and Macs. It also stands out from other competing brands in part …

Skytech Archangel 1050TI Review

Skytech Archangel 1050 TI Review: Is This Worth Your Money? Find Out!

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With the pervasiveness of gaming, and with game developers in a virtual arm’s race with mass-market producers of computers, we’ve seen the introduction of PC platforms which are specifically designed with gaming in mind. This makes very specific demands on the type of computer you’re running, and there’s an extra emphasis on added cooling systems, computing speed, and versatility since …

Best RX 570 FI

Radeon RX 570 Round-Up: Find The Best RX 570 For You!

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When it comes to the gaming experience, it always boils down to three things: the player, the hardware, and the game itself. But of these three, the hardware component is the only thing you can easily manipulate and tailor, and with the gaming industry taking off in terms of pushing the physical limits of their technology, gamers themselves these days …