Best Monitor For CS:GO FI

Best Monitor For CS:GO Players: Dominate On Any Budget!

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Counter Strike: Global Offensive (commonly referred to as CS:GO) is an online first-person shooter game that has taken the world by storm. Gamers not only compete online against friends and rivals, but they also form teams that compete in big competitions for cash prizes. If you are a CS:GO player, then you know how important a quality monitor is to …

The Smallest ATX Case: Best SLIM and Compact ATX Cases Reviewed

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I live in a small, two-bedroom apartment, and finding enough space for all of my stuff can sometimes prove challenging. This is why I used a small-form ATX case when building my computer. These cases are designed to hold full-size ATX motherboards and components while still being small enough to fit into any place you wish to put it in. …

Best Ryzen Motherboard Featured Image

The Best Ryzen Motherboard: Top X370 and B350 Motherboards Reviewed!

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We talk a lot here about building amazing gaming computers, as well as all the best components and parts to use in your build. But all the fancy hardware in the world does not mean a thing if you don’t have a good motherboard to support it. You’ll want something with power, something that can handle all the rigors of …

best wifi cards for gaming

Top 10: Best WiFi Card For Gaming of 2019!

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What is the best wifi card? There are so many options to choose from, you can lose your mind sorting them out. Connecting to a hardwired ethernet connection when able is always the recommended option. Sometimes though, the extra cords can get in the way, and become a real hassle when making room available for your custom computer. With the …

Best Modem Router Combo – Top Picks Of 2019 For Crazy Internet Speeds!

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Every year, we say goodbye to the old and welcome the new. Old worries are in the past, everything you’ve done now memories, and we look forward to the new experiences it will bring. Much like people, technology changes with each passing year. For example, it used to be that to access the internet, you used to need a phone …

Micro ATX Vs. ATX Motherboards, Which One’s For You?

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When building a custom gaming computer, there are many essential components that one needs to buy. A great graphics card to keep up with intense gaming, a good monitor to display those awesome graphics, and a sound card for the absolute best audio possible. But all these components mean nothing without a proper motherboard. A motherboard is essential, as it …

Top 11: Best Gaming Monitors Under $200

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If you’re a hardcore gamer like me then you’ll want to build a computer with all the best parts that you can find. From graphics cards to processors, the price of these parts can get pretty expensive. So chances are, after you have everything you need, you are likely a tad strapped for cash. Problem is, you still have yet …

Top 10: Best Micro ATX Cases For Gaming

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Even if you have the best graphics card, the most high end of sound cards, and the best Micro ATX motherboard money can buy, all these things are useless without a place to store them. If you want all these components to function, and without a huge mess, you need to buy a case. These cases, or towers, are what …

Zotac GTX 1060 Mini Review, The Compact Monster

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Video games are one of the greatest new pastimes in the world. Breaking the barriers of the imagination and requiring skill that no other form of media requires, gaming is probably one of the most immersive experiences in mankind, and one that transcends cultural and language restrictions. At the forefront of this amazing form of media is the world of …