Is It Worth It to Repair My Laptop?

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You always want to get the most bang for your buck. Regardless of the size of your budget or bank account, getting the best value is always something to pay attention to. This policy becomes especially important when it comes to big investments or purchases like insurance, your home, technology, and electronics. Buying a computer is usually expensive, and throwing …

Best 140mm case Fan for you

[Top 10] Best 140mm Case Fan (Ultimate Roundup) in 2019

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Looking for the best 140mm Case fan? Sounds easy enough to find in practice. The reality, is that everyone is typically looking for something different in a case fan. Some want the 140mm fan that pushes the most airflow (CFM), looking for the best quiet 140mm case fan, and some are just looking a good affordable 140mm fan. We’ve broken …

Best GPU for Mining

The Best GPU for Mining Cryptocurrency

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If you’re looking for a simple answer as to what is the best gpu for mining cryptocurrency, then regretfully I can’t deliver – the answer is always more complicated. The first question you need to ask yourself, is which algorithm are you going to mine? For those new to the game, there are two main mining algorithms right now Equihash …

Best I7-7700K Motherboard FI

Best Intel I7 7700K Motherboards for ATX & mATX

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When putting a new CPU into your custom PC, there becomes a need for you to increase the overall power of your machine. If the motherboard that you’re using can’t keep up with the rigors of your processor, your whole unit is likely to run poorly. Note: Click on the tabs to show alternate content! For most standard sized computer …

Best RX 570 FI

Radeon RX 570 Round-Up: Find The Best RX 570 For You!

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When it comes to the gaming experience, it always boils down to three things: the player, the hardware, and the game itself. But of these three, the hardware component is the only thing you can easily manipulate and tailor, and with the gaming industry taking off in terms of pushing the physical limits of their technology, gamers themselves these days …

The Smallest ATX Case: Best SLIM and Compact ATX Cases Reviewed

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I live in a small, two-bedroom apartment, and finding enough space for all of my stuff can sometimes prove challenging. This is why I used a small-form ATX case when building my computer. These cases are designed to hold full-size ATX motherboards and components while still being small enough to fit into any place you wish to put it in. …