Best Gaming Monitors Under $100 – 2020 Buyer’s Guide

Gaming is a form of relaxation activity. The term was coined to refer to regular gameplay. It means playing games on an electronic device. Initially, consoles and computers were used for gaming. But with the advent of smartphones and the internet, gaming has evolved into a competition where different players are constantly competing against each other. No matter how much time you spend playing on your phone, the actual fun is still in computer gaming. To make it more worthwhile, you need a great gaming monitor.

There is a huge range of gaming monitors available in the market. But the fact is most of us operate on tight budgets. For gaming, you need a great computer which does not come cheap. To make ends meet, most of us compromise on monitors. Some of you might not agree, but let us assure you that even if you are on a tight budget, you can buy a great gaming monitor. In fact, in this article, we have rounded up the best gaming monitors under $100. Read on. Who knows, you might end up finding your diamond in the rough?

Comparison Chart of the Best Gaming Monitors Under $100


HP Pavilion 21.5-Inch (22cwa)

  • Promises unbeatable picture quality
  • It features an open wedge style stand
  • Comes at an amazingly affordable price
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Acer R221Q bid 21.5-inch

  • It has a zero frame no boundary design
  • Features a 21.5 inches Full HD display
  • Wide view IPS delivers every detail clearly
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Sceptre E205W-16003R

  • Best for the money
  • Equipped with built-in speakers
  • Features a 20 inches glass LED display
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  • Slim profile with a stable and durable approach
  • Optimized for the finest image and color quality
  • Compatible for mounting on walls and monitor arms
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Acer HA220Q bi

  • Equipped with a widescreen LCD display
  • Perfect for wide-screen gaming, multimedia, and productivity
  • Supports a number of input ports for linking multiple sources
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Can You Find a Quality Gaming Monitor Under $100?

When we say monitors under $100, most people frown thinking a quality gaming monitor at such a low price does not exist. True, the more features a device has, the higher its price goes. People usually associate price with quality.

Let's straighten out our facts. Technological advancement has given rise to a number of quality monitors under $100, no matter how hard people think they are to come by. Though they are not like the latest high-end buttery smooth ones, they do fulfill the requirements of the best gaming experience. These include color accuracy, connectivity ports, and screen size. To prove our point to non-believers and if you are looking for a quality budget monitor, we have reviewed some of the best monitors under $100 below.

What to Look For in a Gaming Monitor

Choosing a suitable gaming monitor is, in itself, a daunting task. It is further complicated by exclusive gaming corporations that are introducing new innovative monitors each passing day. You will find yourself bombarded with a number of questions before you finalize your choice. To make it easier for you, we have come up with features that classify a monitor as a great option. You can refer to them before making a final decision.

Screen Size

The first thing to look for in a gaming monitor is the size of its screen. The favored screen size among hard-core gamers is 24 inches. Any larger and you will find yourself struggling to focus on different parts of the screen. On a smaller screen, you can take up every detail by just focusing on the center of the screen. A screen smaller than 22 inches is not recommended as it is not compatible with today’s games. It is advised to look for a monitor with a display of 21 inches to 24 inches.


Nowadays, monitors are equipped with a number of panel technologies. These include the Twisted Nematic (TN) panels, the Vertical Alignment (VA) panels, and the In-Panel Switching (IPS) panels. The Twisted Nematic Panels have a faster refresh rate and pixel response but appear dull when viewed from the sides. Vertical Alignment panels offer a higher contrast ratio and deliver deeper black and robust colors.

However, they also cause ghosting effects that are not good for your performance. In-Panel Switching panels have broader viewing angles and marvelous color quality. But they don’t match the pixel quality of TN panels and also cause motion artifacts. You should carefully consider all these panels before deciding on a suitable one for yourself.

Response Time

Response time is a feature most competitive gamers worry about. The response time of an ideal monitor is 1 to 2 ms. All the latest monitors feature it. However, we believe that anything between 1 and 5 ms is fine. The lower the response rate of a monitor, the smoother and clearer output it delivers. Even in budget monitors, you can find some with a 1ms response time. You should look for a monitor with lesser response time.

Refresh Rate

The refresh rate is the number of times the screen refreshes the image per second. It is measured in hertz (Hz). These days, monitors have a refresh rate of 60Hz, 120Hz, 145Hz, and 240Hz. The higher the refresh rate, the more expensive the monitor is. A preferred refresh rate for gaming is 120 Hz.

Input and Output Ports

It is important to look at what kind of input and output ports a monitor has. Look for a monitor that supports every kind of video input like HDMI, DVI, and Displayport connectivity. This enables you to connect it with a number of gaming consoles like Xbox One and PS4. A USB port is an added bonus because it allows you to sync different gaming controllers. Also, ensure that the output ports are supportive of graphic cards because if they are not, you won’t be able to connect your monitor.

Quick Take - Best Gaming Monitors Under $100

Before we go any further, here are the best gaming monitors under $100:

1. HP Pavilion 21.5-Inch (22cwa)
2. Acer R221Q bid 21.5-inch
3. Sceptre E205W-16003R

Review of the Best Gaming Monitors Under $100

Above, we have claimed to clear the misconception of budget monitors being lacking. Below we have reviewed some of the best gaming monitors under $100. You should go through them and decide for yourself whether we are right or not. Also, you can choose one of these units if you want to buy a budget monitor yourself.

HP Pavilion 22cwa 21.5-Inch Full HD...


  • It is very well built
  • Contains a high-quality IPS panel
  • Comes with a standard HP warranty
  • Offers stunning pictures and viewing angles 
  • Provides great features at an unbeatable cost 


  • Screen size is quite small
  • No port is given for audio input
  • Has a 7ms response time and 60 Hz refresh rate 

What Recent Buyers Report

People who recently bought this product really like it for its crisp and vibrant display. They also like its ease of installation. You only have to engage the mounting spokes, and you’re ready to plug and play. Users report that every component of this monitor is made flawlessly. There is not even a single glitch to report. Hard-core gamers are also buying it for dual monitor setups.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This unit stands out as the best budget monitor that comes under a $100 price tag. It is has a bright and clear display. You may be worried about numbers and units sighting its performance. All of this falls apart when you see this monitor operate. The picture quality is just gorgeous. You may so think the 21.5 inches screen is quite small, but in reality, the monitor is built in a way that the screen appears bigger. At a glance, you can easily assume the screen size to be around 24 inches. This is actually a great unit from a reputed supplier.

Who Will Use This Most

People who are looking for a budget monitor for themselves, their kids, or anyone else are most likely to put it to great use. Hardcore gamers who like a dual monitor setup to fulfill their gaming demands are more likely to use this the most. People who want a high-quality monitor but don’t want to spend a ton of money will also benefit from buying this monitor.

Bottom Line

To conclude, we can say that HP Pavilion 21.5-Inch stands tall at the top of our list. It packs a ton of excellent features with great image quality and an affordable price. If you find its size a bit lacking, you can always pair two of these for dual monitor setup. Covered by standard HP warranty, this is one monitor you should definitely consider buying.

Acer R221Q bid 21.5-Inch IPS Full HD...


  • Offers a number of input ports
  • Features a slim and attractive design
  • Comes with a space-saving oval stand 
  • Provides excellent picture quality from any angle
  • Thin bezels qualify it for multiple monitor setups


  • Not suitable for hardcore gaming
  • Does not cover 100% sRGB color gamut 
  • Lacks depth that most professionals require 

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers report it to be an excellent gaining monitor. Users really like that it can be connected to any input source to work as an external monitor. Games report that it connects gaming consoles like Xbox and PS4 easily and flawlessly. Buyers also love it for its easy setup.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This monitor stands out as the second-best gaming monitor under $100. At a low price, it compares well with some other expensive units in terms of features. With a number of input ports, it can easily hookup with many sources and do them justice in picture quality. It has a sleek and stylish design that also adds to the beauty of your interior. Thus, it’s a wonderful product at a reasonable price.

Who Will Use This Most

People who are on a tight budget will hugely benefit from using this monitor. Users who want to have a multi-monitor setup are also likely to use this the most. Users who want an attractive monitor to add to the décor will also put it to great use. Gamers who want a space-savvy monitor will also like using this unit.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a slim and stylish monitor that comes within your budget, then this is the right product for you. A slim design with thin bezels also makes it suitable for multi-monitor setup and usage. It supports a number of inputs so you can easily connect it to a wide range of input sources. It also works great as an external monitor. It’s a model sure worth your money.

Best for the Money:
Sceptre E205W-16003R

Sceptre E205W-16003R 20' 75Hz Ultra Thin...


  • Has a responsive time of 5ms
  • Features a bezel-free design
  • Provides a good grayscale performance
  • Seamless when used in a multi-monitor setup
  • Boasts solid performance at a reasonable price 


  • Screen size is quite small
  • Lacks a port for USB connection
  • Resolution maxes out at 1600×900 

What Recent Buyers Report

People who recently bought this monitor report it to be great for gaming. Buyers really like that it comes with two cables so you can link it with a number of devices. Users love it for its built-in speakers, which eliminates the need for bulky external speakers and save a lot of space. Gamers like its headphones port too, as it makes gaming much more interesting.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This product stands out as the best gaming monitor for the money. It has a great response time of 5ms. It also features a bezel-less design that makes multi-monitor setup to a whole new level. For its price, it packs a ton of superior specifications that make it stand out from the rest of the competition.

Who Will Use This Most

Gamers who have built their own PCs will like using it for their multiple monitor setup for their custom setup. People who are hard-pressed and need a super low priced monitor are also likely to use this the most. Users who want to invest in a model that supports audio output will also benefit from using this monitor.

Bottom Line

To conclude, we can say that it surely is a great purchase for its money. You can purchase it if you want a bezel-less display. Another standout feature of this monitor is its built-in speakers. They are powerful and space-savvy. Plus, it has a low response time of only 5ms, making it a great monitor for gaming purposes.

Asus VS228H-P 21.5' Full HD 1920x1080...


  • Secured with an anti-theft lock
  • Features a super bright screen
  • Supports a number of connectivity options
  • Offers six optimized presets to choose from 
  • Provides different skin and temperature modes 


  • Stand is a bit wobbly
  • Does not have built-in speakers
  • Brightness can get overwhelming 

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers of this monitor say that it works perfectly. They say that there are no dead pixels and the colors are vibrant. People really like it for its sharp letters and images. They just love the excellent picture quality. The standout feature that made buyers fall for it is its anti-theft lock. Gamers report that it is perfect for many games.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Well, this model stands out to us as one of the best monitors under a $100 price. It is installed with a super bright screen and offers six optimized presets. You can choose one according to the game type to make your gaming experience more immersive. You can also choose between different skin modes and temperature modes according to your preferences. Secured with an anti-theft lock, it is a worthwhile gaming monitor.

Who Will Use This Most

People who are looking for a monitor with great picture quality at a low budget will find this to be a very useful product. Gamers who want to have a more immersive experience will use this the most by setting its presets according to different games. People who use their monitors with a variety of input sources will also find it a useful product.

Bottom Line

This gaming monitor is certainly a good buy for people in tight budgets. You can use it to make your gaming experience more enjoyable and lasting. With its presets and modes, you can play your game in a setting that is best for it. It boasts super brightness and great picture quality. If you decide to get one of these, you will surely not regret your decision.

Acer HA220Q bi 21.5' IPS Full HD Monitor...


  • Has a super slim profile
  • An Energy Star rated product
  • Has a fast response time of 4ms
  • Features an incredible contrast ratio
  • Installed with a lock slot to protect from theft


  • Does not support a DVI port
  • It does not have a swivel feature 
  • It lacks the option of height adjustment

What Recent Buyers Report

People who recently bought this monitor report it for its great value. Users like it for its slimness and little to no frame. They also like the way the control buttons are placed and hidden on the underside of the monitor. Buyers also like its sturdy stand that saves a lot of desktop space.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This product is a great option for an under $100 monitor. It comes with a stand that is quite sturdy and reliable. Finished with a chrome coating, it is a sleek and stylish addition to your home. It offers great contrast and picture quality. This is a feature that puts it in line with high-end monitors. It has a fast response rate of 4ms, making it perfect for gaming purposes.

Who Will Use This Most

People who are looking for a space-saving slim monitor will surely use this the most. Also, those on the lookout for great gaming monitors on a budget will also benefit from using this product. Finally, people who are afraid of their investment being stolen will also like using this monitor.

Bottom Line

This is a great budget monitor from a reputable brand. You can use or for a variety of purposes. From gaming to multimedia, its performance is excellent. With a fast response time of 4ms, you can use it for fast-paced and action-packed gaming. It connects to a number of sources via input ports, so you can use it as an external monitor as well. All in all, it’s a great product worth spending on.

What Size of Monitor is Ideal For Gaming?

The diagonal length of the screen measured in inches is known as the size of a monitor. Monitors come in a variety of different sizes. In the case of gaming monitors, bigger is not better. For gaming purposes, the recommended size of the monitor is 24 to 27 inches. Although, it largely depends upon how far you are sitting from the screen. If you are less than three feet away from the screen, then a 24-inch monitor is perfect for you.

At this distance, you can easily keep an eye on the entire screen just by watching the center of the screen. A bigger screen will mean focusing on one side at a given time. There are also 25-inch monitors. They are also a good option if you sit closer to the screen. Then there are 27-inch monitors. These are useful when you are at a three to four feet distance from the screen. Sit any closer, and you will have difficulty processing everything that is happening on the screen. Expert gamers have deemed a 24-inch monitor is ideal for gaming.

What is a Good Response Time For a Gaming Monitor?

Gamers are particularly worried about the response time of monitors. It greatly affects the choice of a monitor. Response time refers to the time taken by a pixel to change color. It can go from black to white or from one shade of gray to another. It determines the clarity and accuracy at which a moving object is shown on the screen.

As they say, bigger is better. But that is not the case with the response time of a monitor. In this case, the lower the response time, the clearer the image is. Good response time for a gaming monitor lies between 1 and 4 ms. Newer monitors do have that. You should also know that TN panels have the lowest response time of 1 ms, while an IPS panel cannot go below 4 ms. But then again, IPS panel reproduces better color.

What is a Good Refresh Rate Time For a Gaming Monitor?

As mentioned above, the refresh rate is the number of times the screen changes or refreshes the image per second. The higher the refresh rate, the smoother the image appears. It is calculated in hertz. The refresh rate for monitors can vary from a 60 Hz for a typical PC monitor to 240 Hz for the latest gaming displays. A faster refresh rate is necessary to keep up with the movements in the game. For faster and more competitive games, a refresh rate of 100+ Hz is quite advantageous. But if you are not into fast-paced games, then even a 60 Hz monitor will provide better image quality. In the end, it is all up to you. You choose what is more suitable for your usage

What Hz For Gaming Monitor?

You might wonder what Hz means. It is an abbreviation for Hertz. Named after Heinrich Hertz, it is the unit of measurement for frequency. In monitors, it implies the number of the frame displayed per second. For example, 1 hertz = 1 frame displayed per second, so 60 Hz = 60 frames displayed per second.

For gaming, you should have an equal or more Hertz than the frame per second. Otherwise, you risk a blurry image. For fast-paced competitive games, a monitor with 100+ Hz is recommended. A higher Hz enhances the gameplay by offering smoother tracing, rendering, and aiming. Meanwhile, for slow-paced gaming, you can easily do with a 60 Hz monitor.

What Type of Monitor is Best For Gaming?

Choosing the right type of gaming monitor is a tough decision, especially when you are a rookie. With the technological advancement giving rise to a sea of units all calming to be the best for gaming, each new model is supposed to better than its predecessors. Navigating through this sea of options to find the best one for yourself requires you to have some prior knowledge about different specs and features that are offered by different types of monitors. That way, you can make an informed decision. Here are some different types of gaming monitors according to their specifications. You can go through these to work out what type of monitor will work better for you.

Panel Type

Gaming monitors are classified into three types depending upon the type of panel they contain. These are TN, VA, and IPS. TN paneled monitors have the fastest response time and response rate but appear dull when viewed from an angle. VA panels offer better color contrast but cause ghosting. IPS panels have a wider viewing angle and excellent color quality, but they do lag behind TN panels in terms of refresh time and response rate. You can choose the type of panel that is best for your kind of gaming.

HP Pavilion 21.5-Inch (22cwa)

Response Time

The best gaming monitors have the lowest response times. Different monitors have different response times. Although, the best gaming monitor has a response time of 1ms. It is advised to choose a unit that has a response time under 4ms.

Screen Size and Resolution

Screen size and resolution go hand in hand in determining different types of monitors. Although the recommended screen size for a gaming monitor is 24 inches, there are different variations available. You can choose the screen size according to the viewing distance and space of the installation. However, we do suggest not getting a gaming monitor with a screen size of fewer than 21 inches. 1080p or full HD resolution is the most common amongst gaming monitors. But the latest 1440p or WQHD is considered the best for gaming monitors.

Input Options

Most gaming monitors support a variety of input options. The best gaming monitor must have the input ports for everything your graphics card contains. These include HDMI and DVI connectors.

How to Clean a Gaming Monitor

Gaming monitors are prone to dust, smudges, and strange streaks. The chances are that same stains magically show up on the other screens you have around your house. These include your HDTV, laptop, tablet, and smartphone screens. If you go through the user’s guide about the recommended method of cleaning, you will note that it is lacking and conflicting between dos and don’ts. To help you out, we have come up with a cleaning routine that is suitable for all the screens around you. You need two lint-free cleaning cloths, a mild dishwashing soap, and some warm water. Here’s what you must do.

  1. Try to clean your screen with a dry cloth. This will rid it of dust and less stubborn marks. If this is not enough, go on to the next step. 
  2. Make a solution of your dish wash soap and water. Don’t mix in too much soap. Just a drop will do. 
  3. Take the second piece of cloth and dip it in the solution. Wring it and use or wipe your screen gently. Do not apply too much pressure. 
  4. Now rinse out the soapy cloth with clean water. Wring it again and wipe away the soapy residue on the screen with it. Be sure to get all of it.
  5. Take your dry cloth and wipe the screen with it to remove any cleaning streaks.

This is the easiest and most successful method of cleaning your gaming monitor. It also works for other screens. You must always refrain from using Windex on your screen, no matter how tempting the thought is.

TV vs. Monitor For Gaming – Pros and Cons

This is perhaps the most debated topic in the gaming world. No one has been able to settle it. Although, it actually is a matter of personal preference. All gaming consoles are built to support a TV and a monitor as the display. In fact, you can even use a projector. In this portion, we will provide some pros and cons of both TV and monitor for gaming purposes. You can go through these and decide for yourself which one is better.

Pros of Using TV as a Gaming Display

Let’s first see why a TV is a better option for gaming:

Bigger Display

TVs usually have bigger displays than monitors. This gives them an advantage as you are more comfortable sitting back on your couch while gaming.

Wider Choice of Screen Sizes

TVs come in a variety of sizes. The most popular ranges from 30 inches to 60 inches.

Better Split-Screen Multi-Player View

Bigger displays of TVs offer a better split-screen multi-player view. You can play with or against your friends more easily.

Cons of Using TVs as a Gaming Display

At the same time, you will have to deal with the following drawbacks: 

High Response Time

Let’s face it, TVs are just not designed for gaming. They have a high response time that takes away the energy and action from the games.

Resolution Gap

TVs are restricted in their own sets of resolutions. They have a 720p (HD Ready), 1080p (Full HD) and 2160p (4K) resolution. Most TVs under 32 inches are HD ready. Full HD starts from 32 inches TV, and then there is 4k. There is nothing in between. The lower pixel density results in aliasing.

Pros of Using a Monitor as a Gaming Display

Meanwhile, if you use a monitor for gaming, you will get to enjoy the following benefits:

Low Response Time

Monitors have very low response times, making them faster than TVs. The ideal response time of a gaming monitor can be anywhere between 1 ms and 4 ms.

Higher Pixel Density

Monitors, due to their smaller displays, offer higher pixel density. This means you get a sharper and more detailed image.

DP Support

Monitors support all kinds of input options. This also includes the DisplayPort (DP) connector that TVs don’t support.

Cons of Using Monitors as a Gaming Display

With a monitor for gaming, you will have to face these cons:

Smaller Screens

Monitors lack in screen sizes. They range from 19 inches to 27 inches. This is quite small when compared to TVs that can go over 100 inches in screen size.


Monitors are designed to install on desktops. Using the monitor for extended periods of time can make it an uncomfortable experience when compared to nestling on your couch for playtime in front of your TV.

LCD vs. LED Monitor Gaming - General Overview and Comparison 

Since the advent of computers, Cathode Ray Tubes (CRT) were used inside monitors. With the passage of time, better display panels were invented. These include Liquid Crystal Display or LCD and the latest Light Emitting Diode or LED. People have always been disputed over which one is better for gaming monitors. Here are a general overview and comparison of both.


LCDs screens are constructed from two screen panels that have a special liquid called plasma squeezed between them. LEDs are a special diode that releases photons of light when current passes through it.


Backlighting is the only significant difference between an LCD and an LED. LCDs don’t produce light on their own. They have CCFL lamps installed at its back or sides to disperse light through it. LEDs function on a series of light-emitting diodes spread throughout the panel, which illuminate the screen.

Width and Depth

Both LCDs and LEDs are very thin as compared to their huge and bulky predecessor CRT. However, LEDs have a shorter depth and are lighter than other alternatives.


Since LEDs are considered better because of their more developed technology, they are more expensive. They do offer features like broad dimming range, better contrast rates, and low energy cost. But they also cost more than LCDs.

From the points described above, it can be deduced that LEDs are overall better than LCDs. However, when it comes to gaming monitors, their advantages turn into disadvantages. The higher contrast and brightness restrict your view and pose a risk to your eyes during prolonged usage. LCDs provide a better vision while being easy on your eyes. Also, considering the price, we think LCDs are a better option for gaming monitors.

Curved vs. Flat Monitor For Gaming - What's the Difference

When looking to buy or upgrade your monitor, people are faced with a choice of either a flat-screen or a curved screen monitor. If you are unsure, too, we advise you to get a curved monitor for gaming. Why so? It offers a more immersive interface making sure that you have great gaming experience. Here’s what you should know about curved screen monitors.


As the name suggests, curved monitors feature a curved screen. The magnitude, also known as the curvature, is measured in millimeters and is denoted by Radius or R. Nowadays, curved monitors are available in the variety of 1800R, 3000R, or 4000R. You can choose one that is more suitable for your gaming needs.


Curved monitors make gaming so much more immersive than a flat monitor, just like in movie theaters. You have the advantage of the peripheral vision, which turns movie watching into a real-life experience. Similarly, curve screen monitors take gaming to a whole new level.

Prevent Eye Strain

Prolonged gaming on curved monitors is not straining for your eyes. This is because the curvature of the screen matches the natural arc of the human eye. Flat monitors do not present this opportunity.

Broader Vision

Curved monitors with their curvature cast light on your eyes from every direction. This enables you to see wider and larger whilst reducing eye strain. You have a more cinematic experience when using a curved monitor for gaming.


Gaming is a great past-time activity. Adults and kids enjoy it alike. And if you have the right monitor, it makes the experience worthwhile. Having the right monitor does not mean getting an over-the-top expensive high-end unit. You can also grab more or less the same features at a budget price of under $100. We have proved this point by presenting to you the best gaming monitors under $100. If you are on a tight budget but still want a great monitor for your gaming needs, you can buy any of these without a single doubt.

People Also Ask

The thought of navigating through a sea of monitors to find the right one for yourself may leave you reeling. There are many things to consider before reaching a final decision. You will be faced with some questions that need answering. Some of the common questions people ask regarding gaming monitors are discussed below.

Are LG Monitors Good For Gaming?

Generally speaking, LG monitors are actually quite good. However, the performance varies from model to model. The panel quality of LG is certainly good as many renowned manufacturers like Apple and Dell use LG panels in their devices. The fact remains that there is no such thing as a bad monitor these days. The only thing that differentiates monitors is their intended usage.

Do You Need a PC For Gaming Monitor?

No, you don’t necessarily need a PC for a gaming monitor. A gaming monitor usually has input ports for VGA/DVI, Display Port, and HDMI. You can easily connect your Xbox, PS4, or any other gaming console to it. Even a low specification monitor that supports DP input can connect to just about any source using the DP/HDMI adapter.

Is 60 Hz Good For Gaming?

The answer to this question depends upon the kind of games you are playing on it. 60 Hz is good for story-driven games that don’t have a lot of action and fast play. However, for more action-packed games, a 60 Hz refresh rate is lacking because it fails to deliver a smoother gaming experience.

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The 9 Best DAC’s for Any Price range

Getting great sound is a challenge overall.

We’ve done the hard work and looked at headphone AMP DAC combos that cover many budget ranges.

There are a few things that you should look for when picking up a good DAC.

You can come across an affordable DAC (Digital to Analog Converter) that has relatively the same basic function as two-thousand-dollar equipment.

External Sound Card VS. External DAC


Benchmark DAC3 HGC

  • Wide range of connectivity options
  • Built in true native digital to analog converter
  • Headphone amplifier built-in
View Latest Price

iFi - Micro iDAC2

  • Massive,durable casework
  • State of the art deisgn and components
  • Versatile balance of measurements
View Latest Price

Cambridge Audio DACMagic Plus

  • Massive,durable casework
  • State of the art deisgn and components
  • Versatile balance of measurements
View Latest Price

Musical Fidelity V90DAC

  • Massive,durable casework
  • State of the art deisgn and components
  • Versatile balance of measurements
View Latest Price

Meridian Audio Explorer2

  • 0 - 100dB volume control
  • Six-layer circuit board
  • 192kHz analog outputs
View Latest Price


  • Great value for money
  • Control knobs are easy to use
  • Sound is balanced and rich
View Latest Price

Optoma NuForce uDAC5

  • 140mW/32oh headphone amp
  • High quality file conversion
  • No external power supply needed
View Latest Price

Schiit Fulla 2

  • Can be used for gaming and music
  • 24-bit microphone input
  • 2 year warranty
View Latest Price

FiiO K1

  • Micro USB audio input
  • 16 - 1000ohms drive ability
  • 96kHz/24-bit sample rate
View Latest Price

You might already have that big question mark on your heads as to what is this and that. I understand it is quite confusing; what is a DAC versus what is an external sound card.

To put it simply, a DAC has a sole purpose of delivering sound out to a speaker or a headphone; it does not have an extra line-in.

An External sound card, on the other hand, has more out ports and thus can support surround sound up to 7.1 channels, it also has line-in ports.

So let’s get into the best headphone amp dac combos.

9. FiiO K1 – Cheapest Headphone DAC AMP Combo

FiiO K1 Headphone DAC AMP
  • Audio Input: Micro USB
  • Headphone output: Standard 3.5mm Port

While lacking some controls, The Fiio K1 gives you a great headphone DAC AMP for a really cheap price.

Combined with it’s small portable design, it is definitely a good choice as a cheap upgrade to a standard audio output.

Pocket sized
Pretty good sound for the price

No Dial/controls for sound

8. Schiit Fulla 2 – Best Headphone DAC AMP under 100 dollars

best headphone dac amp under 100

Once you see the features of this DAC, you’ll be convinced that this is not Fulla Schiit…

We don’t earn anything from you buying this, it’s just straight up the best headphone DAC AMP under 100.

You can purchase at schiit’s website and it’s just under 100 dollars.

Pocket sized
2-Input Unit
Direct Stream Digital (DSD) support

No power indicator
Can’t power larger headphones
Sound at volume over 75% will degrade

7. Optoma NuForce uDAC5

Optoma NuForce Headphone DAC AMP
  • ESS SABRE Hyper stream DAC for the best file conversion
  • High performance 140mWat32 Ohm headphone amplifier

Direct Stream Digital (DSD) support
Good construction
High sampling rate

No power indicator
Getting pricey…
Not meant for Smartphones

6. TEAC HA-P50SE – Best Portable DAC

Best Portable Headphone DAC AMP

This DAC is truly portable because of its built-in battery, so you can take it anywhere to get crisp sound from the source of your choice.

Built-in battery that can play up to 8 hours
Good construction
Wide Frequency response

No Direct Stream Digital (DSD) support

5. Meridian Audio Explorer2 – Best Headphone DAC AMP under 200 dollars

Meridian Audio Explorer Headphone DAC AMP
  • Extended-range 0-100dB volume control that allows for finer adjustments
  • Increased DSP power

A very good DAC AMP combo that although is limited on ports to use, has great sound at a decent price (relatively…)

High sampling rate
Good construction
Wide Frequency response

No smartphone support

4. Musical Fidelity V90DAC – Best Headphone DAC under 300 dollars

Extremely high audio quality, with very low crosstalk and sampling rates up to 384kHz.
A very impressive choice to consider

High Signal to Noise (SNR)
Good construction
Wide Frequency response

No Direct Stream Digital (DSD) support
No Headphone Amp

3. Cambridge Audio DACMagic Plus

Tons of features and it has Bluetooth capability. As you would expect in this price range, this has excellet overall sound for its price.

High Signal to Noise (SNR)
Great quality
Direct Stream Digital (DSD) support

Requires Cambridge Audio’s drivers for high res formats

2. iFi – Micro iDAC2

iFi - Micro iDAC2
  • UPGRADE YOUR SYSTEM - With this state of the art compact Digital Analogue Converter / headphone...
  • EASY CONNECTIVITY - Outputs include S/PDIF optical, Toslink or coaxial (only PCM up to 192KHz),...

It has awesome features, and this leads us to choose this as our second pick. The numbers from the manufacturers may throw you off, but its performance is amazing.

High sample rate
Great quality
Direct Stream Digital (DSD) support

Getting Pricey…
No Headphone Amp

1. Benchmark DAC3 HGC – The Best Headphone DAC AMP Around

Benchmark DAC3 HGC
  • ES9028PRO
  • Active 2nd and 3rd Harmonic Compensation

You would expect nothing but ultimate quality with the price tag that this DAC brings.

A DAC, an amp, and a pre-amp rolled into one. The superior sound quality coming out of this piece of equipment is just stunning. This is our number one pick for the Best DACs.

Good analog inputs
Great quality
Direct Stream Digital (DSD) support
Almost no THD+N

F&*king Pricey…
Can be very complicated

Best computer speakers under 200 – Bluetooth and Booming!

To find the best computer speakers under 200 dollars we found worthy of buying; we considered the sound quality and the overall functions to justify the price.

Just like our quest to find the best computer speaker under 100 dollars – we have broken up this list into separate speaker configurations that are worthy of the price tag – 2.0 & 2.1 configurations along with a couple of soundbars.


Edifier Luna Eclipse

  • Bluetooth pairing compatible
  • Touch sensitve controls
  • Dedicated power amplifier
View Latest Price

Yamaha NX-B55 Bluetooth Speakers

  • Convenient front panel controls
  • Auto standby system
  • Bluetooth pairing compatible
View Latest Price

Yamaha NX-50 Regular Speakers

  • Easy to use on/off system
  • Works with smart devices
  • Easy to use front panel headphone jacks
View Latest Price

Creative GigaWorks T40 Series II

  • Improved bass technology
  • Easily connects to your computer
  • Power saving featires built-in
View Latest Price

Edifier R1280DB

  • Bluetooth wireless compatible
  • 4" bass & 13mm silk dome tweeter
  • 2 year warranty
View Latest Price

Edifier R1700BT

  • Wireless connectivity via Bluetooth
  • x2 Aux input ports
  • Easy to use convenent controls
View Latest Price

Thonet and Vander Ratsel Ultimate Gaming Speaker System

  • 360 watt peak power
  • Improved Howl Bass technolgy
  • Bluetooth adaptor technolgy built-in
View Latest Price

Dodocool 2.1 Speaker Set System

  • Verstile compatibilty with devices
  • Easy to use mute/volume controls
  • 10W RMS amplifier output
View Latest Price

Harman Kardon Soundsticks III

  • Able to be used wired and wireless
  • 2.1 channel surround sound
  • Easy to transform configuration
View Latest Price

Logitech Z623 with Bluetooth Adapter

  • 200W RMS audio output
  • Stream music from 50' away
  • 2.1 speaker system
View Latest Price

Klipsch ProMedia 2.1

  • Wide frequency response range
  • 200W hybrid digital amplifier
  • THX certified sound system
View Latest Price

2.0 Speakers Vs. 2.1 Speakers – What’s The Difference?

Before we get into the products, there is one crucial distinction that you need to know, and that is difference between 2.0 and 2.1 speakers.

To summarize things, 2.0 speakers are speakers that DO not have a subwoofer. 2.1 speakers DO come with a subwoofer. What’s a subwoofer? It’s something that enhances the bass (low sounds) of a sound system.

Which one should you get? 2.0 Vs 2.1

At first glance, it makes a lot of sense to get 2.1 speakers, right? You gain the subwoofer which should make for a better experience. However, one major thing to note is that because of the subwoofer being apart of the package, the overall quality of all items is WAY lower than if you just got 2.0 speakers in a similar price range. So you’re achieving deeper lows, but you’re sacrificing the highs and mids.

2.1 is less seamless, less portable, a comparable 2.1 set to 2.0 set for speakers usually costs more than the $200 budget allows.

Which do I recommend?

Either one will work wonders. The 2.0 systems are some of the best you can get, and you will get superior sound out of them in general compared to the 2.1 sets, but if you’re looking for a more well-rounded experience with deeper lows, then 2.1 makes a lot of sense as well.

Get 2.1 if you want a very immersive system and are ok with sacrificing some sound quality to get those deeper lows.

Get 2.0 if you want the highest quality sound possible in this $200 budget range, and are willing to sacrifice some of the benefits that come with having a subwoofer.

Best computer speakers under $200 – 2.0 Configuration

My Top Pick – Edifier Luna Eclipse

Edifier is one of the best speaker brands in the market, and their Luna Eclipse 2.0 speakers are just absolutely amazing.

If you’re looking for the best 2.0 speakers for under $200, then here you go!

Edifier Luna Eclipse
  • Bluetooth pairing capability with Bluetooth enabled devices
  • Touch sensitive controls for volume, play/pause, previous/next track and standby as well as...
  • Auxiliary input port for versatile connectivity to external devices


Unique design
74 Watts RMS = Loud!


May require some EQ changes
Larger than they appear

Runner Up – Yamaha NX-B55 2.0 Speakers

Yamaha is a renowned motorcycle maker, but that’s not all they do. These Yamaha NX-B55 speakers are another one of Yamaha’s creations, and they’re coming in number two on my list of best 2.0 speakers for under $200.


Extremely portable
Sounds are rich for the size (Good highs, mids, and lows)
Audio Standby – turns itself off to save power.
Can be used as a speaker for phone, TV, tablets because of Bluetooth.
Modern High-Tech Design


Bass can get a bit distorted when it gets super low

Other Notable 2.0 Speakers

Creative GigaWorks T40 Series II

Beginning our list is an impressive speaker system from Creative.

While having very good sound, the lack of Bluetooth is a downer.

Creative GigaWorks T40 Series II
  • Refer the user manual below for troubleshooting
  • BasXPort technology enhances the low frequency response without the bulkiness of a subwoofer....
  • Connects to your computer, MP3 player, LCD TV or other stereo audio sources.
  • Comes with a power-saving feature that puts the speaker on standby when audio is not detected,...


Auto power off
Dual input connection
Easy to use


No Bluetooth!

Edifier R1280DB

Looking for a set of speakers that look nice on top of your desk but aren’t the conventional black color? The Edifier R1280DB is a great choice.

Edifier R1280DB
  • BLUETOOTH WIRELESS - Popular classic bookshelf speakers now can be enjoyed without the hassle...
  • STUDIO SOUND QUALITY - Naturally fine tuned sound reproduction from 4 inch bass and 13mm silk...
  • OPTICAL AND COAXIAL INPUTS - Digital inputs to enable lossless connection to most TV and...


Wood Casing
Studio sound quality
Multiple input options
Remote control


Bluetooth sometimes loses connection

Edifier R1700BT

For a 2.0 speaker set, this thing is loud! The Edifier R1700BT has 66W of total power.

Plus it has this classic look.

Edifier R1700BT
  • BLUETOOTH CONNECTION - Pair your phone, tablet or computer for a true hassle free wireless...
  • 2 x AUX INPUT - Convenient connection to any device that has a 3.5mm headphone output or dual...
  • REMOTE CONTROL - switch input sources, control volume and mute/unmute at your figure tips.


66w RMS power
Remote Control


Can’t switch inputs without remote

Best computer speakers under $200 – 2.1 Configuration

The last thing we wanted to show you is a list of the best computer speakers under $200 but with a subwoofer pakcage (2.1 channel).

Now I’m sure the assumption is that the 2.1 speakers would be the better choice. Certainly the below speakers are very good – but with the same budget, you may be sacrificing some features.

We have three entries for this list and are they worth every penny? You be the judge.

My Top Pick – Thonet and Vander Ratsel Ultimate Gaming 2.1 Speakers

Now, this is a unique product right here. Have you ever wanted something that can switch between being a speaker and a soundbar? Well, Dodocool has created a hybrid of the two.

For the price, the value is unmatched which makes it my runner up if you’re looking for a 2.1 speaker set this is the one I’d recommend if you’re looking for the most bang for your buck.

Thonet and Vander Ratsel Ultimate Gaming Speaker System
  • POWERFUL SOUND: 6.5-inch WOOFER and 360 WATTS PEAK POWER made entirely of lignin hemp fiber....
  • ENHANCED HOWL BASS TECHNOLOGY extends low frequencies delivering a more natural, deep bass and...
  • Latest BLUETOOTH Adaptor Technology connects any Bluetooth enabled device for a customizable...


Most Immersive Speaker Set In Its Class
Enhanced Howel Bass Technology
Bluetooth + 3.5mm Stereo Inputs
HDAA Wood Finish – Better Acoustics


On The Bigger Side (If you’re looking for something more compact check out the runner-up)

Runner Up – Dodocool 2 in 1 Speaker System

Now, this is a unique product right here. Have you ever wanted something that can switch between being a speaker and a soundbar? Well, Dodocool has created a hybrid of the two.

For the price, the value is unmatched which makes it my runner up if you’re looking for a 2.1 speaker set this is the one I’d recommend if you’re looking for the most bang for your buck.

Dodocool 2.1 Speaker Set System
  • 【2-in-1 Composable Speaker】There are two locks on the bottom of the vertical speaker, and...
  • 【2.1 Channel Surround Sound】Equipped with a 7-inch independent subwoofer and two separate...
  • 【Wired & Wireless Connection】Built-in 4.2 allows you to wirelessly transfer audio from your...


Able to be both a soundbar and two individual speakers
Excellent value for the price
Rich Deep Bass
Can get very loud without any significant distortion
Comes with a lot of features


Weird brand name (just joking)

Other Notable 2.1 Speakers

Harman Kardon Soundsticks III

Like the Edifier E25, this speaker set from Harman Kardon is uniquely designed. It is made from clear plastic allowing you to see the internals of the speakers.

Harman Kardon Soundsticks III
  • Compatible with all devices with a stereo minijack output
  • Outstanding bass performance
  • Touch volume and mute controls. Satellite Height (inches) 10.
  • Subwoofer volume control and Angle adjustable satellites
  • Amplifier output power 10 Watt RMS per channel


Compatible with all devices
Clear Sound
Connecting wires can break


No Bluetooth
Lots of wires

 Logitech Z623

Do you want power? We give you power! This is, the Logitech Z623!

A super affordable speaker set with a Bluetooth add on.


THX Certified


Short cables

Klipsch ProMedia 2.1

If you’re looking for something that’s a bit more expensive than $200, but one of the best 2.1 sets you can get then you might want to check out Klipsch’s Promedia 2.1.

Klipsch ProMedia 2.1
  • THX-certified, three-piece computer audio system
  • Exclusive Klipsch MicroTractrix Horn maximizes digital technologies such as CDs, MP3 downloads,...
  • 200-watt digital hybrid amplifier driven ProMedia 21 incorporates a convenient headphone jack...


Still affordable


Power switch on sub


All in all I hope you have found a speaker set that works for you.

Certainly there are some affordable speakers in the 2.1 category that are below the $200 mark – maybe there is an opportunity to buy a great gaming headset under 100 dollars.

If there are any differing thoughts, sound off in the comments – we are always on the lookout for better speakers out on the market.

Best Arcade Stick – Bring Your Gaming To The Next Level

Searching for the best arcade stick (or fight stick) is a very personal journey at times. There are many factors that come in to play beyond the standard durability side of things.

We will be exploring the different avenues for each arcade stick but before we begin with our review – we want to explore the different parts of the arcade stick so you can make an informed decision.


Hori Pro 4 Premium VLX KURO Arcade Stick

  • Genuine HORI original parts
  • Easy to open steel top panel
  • Designed with an anti-slip mat
View Latest Price

Mad Catz TE2+ Arcade Stick

  • Designe wth a genuine arcade layout
  • Easy to upgrade
  • Improve mobility for improved play
View Latest Price

HORI Pro 4 Kai Arcade Stick

  • Beveled edges & slim profile design
  • Imcreased space between sticks and bittons
  • Hayabusa buttons built-in
View Latest Price

Mayflash F500 Arcade Stick

  • Supports vibration function
  • Customizable wrist strap
  • Variety of speed settings supported
View Latest Price

Mad Catz Arcade Stick

  • 6-button arcade layout
  • Improved USB connectivity
  • Streamlined and portable unit
View Latest Price

Hori Mini 4 Arcade Stick

  • Standard arcade layout
  • Micro switch activated joystick
  • Built-in share button
View Latest Price

The Joystick Vs. The Control Pad

There are two types of controllers out there, the Joystick and the control pad. A Joystick is typically installed on an arcade machine and a control pad that is used on a home console.

The main reason why home consoles have control pads is about pricing and size. It is not cheap to manufacture good-quality joysticks. Second is the size; even the smallest tournament-grade joystick is bulky. In general, a cheap control pad will work better than a cheap joystick.

The argument now is, are you going to be a good player if you are using a control pad? Most pro gamers say that if you are using a control pad, you’re not able to maximize performance.

And a lot of people think there isn’t a great difference between playing using a Control pad and using a Joystick. In my opinion, if you are using a control pad to play games, you are limited in terms of motion. It is not that intuitive.

Pro gamers will certainly agree that the best weapon of choice is a fight stick. However a player with an IGN of MD|Luffy defied this statement. In all his tournament appearances he uses a PS1 Control Pad. In the Evolution Championship Series of 2014, he was declared champion after winning against Bonchan in the finals.

MD|Luffy is the exception to the rule, Joysticks dominate high-level fighting games (to my knowledge, since 2014 all winners have been using fight sticks).

Range of Motion & Speed

Your fingers (rather than your thumbs) are so much faster at movements that you are able to fire off your moves just that bit faster than using a control pad which focuses on your thumbs primarily.

Using a joystick is much easier and more natural to navigate as well. Our bodies are much more aligned for speed with our wrists and forearms than with our thumbs. While we are exercising our thumbs constantly now on either our control pads and our phones (a lot of people can type faster on their phone than on a keyboard) – we’re still not at the level of speed.

Combos & Input Drops

Here is another the big advantage of arcade sticks over control pads – tying to master quarter circle turns is so much easier and reliable on an arcade stick. In addition, as it’s more natural you are able to hit those combos much better than when you think you’ve done it on the control pad (we’ve all been there, shouting at the game).

Negatives to Arcade Sticks

It’s not all roses for the arcade stick. The control pad wins out in dash movements and sometimes movements in general as the distance to roll from left to right on a control pad is minor compared to the larger side movements of an arcade stick.

The other minor negative is the learning curve, you may be so used to the control pad that it will take a lot of hours to retrain yourself for where all the buttons are again.

As mentioned, choosing the best arcade stick is typically up to user preference (the look) – we have broken out the list in the various sections in the table of contents below.

How to find the right Arcade Stick (The components)

Let’s first talk about the components of the arcade stick. I also will be referencing an awesome website that has tons of information on arcade sticks. Not the best web design, but don’t let that stop you.


Arcade Stick Lever

This is the part of the arcade stick that looks like a shift stick on cars, a smaller version that is, this is also called a lever. The joystick allows you to control the character’s movement (up, down, left, right and diagonals).

There are several factors to consider when picking a joystick: the top, shaft, spring, restrictor gates and switches. There are some joystick models that use a PCB where the switches are installed like the Sanwa JLF and the Seimitsu LS-40.

When selecting a top for your arcade stick you have two common choices; the ball top and the bat top.

For fighting games, the ball top is much preferred over the bat top since it has a more natural grip to it. Although, there are still players that are used to the bat top, this is a matter of preference and what type of arcade stick they grew up with.

Springs and shafts determine how fast you can execute your movement and how well you can hold the movement down for. The weight of the shaft and the tension of the spring plays a big role when you are doing complex movements especially on a fighting game, so the lighter the shaft and the less tension on springs the easier it is for you to move.

Restrictor Gates

Fight Stick Restrictor Gate

Relative to executing movements are the restrictor gates, there are a lot of variations depending on the game you are playing, you have the square, octagonal and circular.

The gates determine the distance travelled and the engage distance. These factors affect your split-second precision movements.

Square restrictor gates do take the most time to master, but once you get used to them – you’ll find that you don’t have to move the lever that far to trigger the action.  The Slagcoin website has a very good explanation of restrictor gates should you want to read more about it.

Buttons & Switches

Arcade stick buttons

Buttons have components as well, it has a plunger, which is either convex or concave.. This is the part that you push down to execute an action. Convex buttons are common and it looks like a small bump, concave ones are less common for arcade sticks and these are like hollow dimples.

The cylinder is what holds the plunger, switch and springs, cylinders can either be screw-ins or snap-in, I personally prefer a screw-in type since this is more stable and is easier to swap out should you need to.

Switches activate and execute an action when you push the plunger, there are also several types of button switches, IL and Happ use standard microswitches that look like the ones used for the joystick,  Sanwa and Seimitsu use a center switch that allows the buttons to be more compact and easier to actuate.

If a button uses a standard microswitch it feels very tactile and it is loud. On the other hand the center switch does not impede engagement allowing a player to rapidly press it without a fuss.

Again preferences differ from one player to another. I just feel that Sanwa has a better feel to it since it has less tension and it resets slightly quicker than Seimitsu and Happ buttons. Still overall top choice of gamers will be Sanwa buttons followed by Seimitsu buttons.

And of course the switches, there are three types of switches available depending on the amount of force you need to apply, you have Soft (Cherry), Medium (Sanwa & Seimitsu) and Hard (Omron), there are also levered and non-levered switches depending on the manufacturer.


A lot of gamers agree that Sanwa-Denshi’s buttons and Sticks are by far the best they have used. Controllers with these components are much responsive than ones that don’t. So if you are planning to make your own arcade stick it would be wise to get only the best parts.

Now, if you are not a tinkerer and you don’t want to get your hands dirty (or burnt) with the soldering iron, we have a few arcade sticks in this list that are great as is.

We also created a list of the best arcade sticks for the PS4. Unfortunately, there are a few fighting games that are exclusive to PS4, Street Fighter V is one of them. 

We have arcade sticks lined up for review, I may have ranked them differently from other sites but, I sorted them out based on how they perform and what platforms they support, I also took into consideration the ease of modifying them and the initial cost.

Multi Platform Arcade Stick (Top 4)

4. The Mayflash F500 Arcade Stick

Want something easy to modify (and can be profitable if you are to resell it after modding)? The Mayflash F500 is an affordable fighting stick you can grab on Amazon.

Mayflash F500 Arcade Stick
  • High Quality Arcade Stick for PS4/PS3/XBOX ONE/XBOX 360/PC USB/Android/NEOGEO mini/SEGA MEGA...
  • Supports the headsets to output the background music and online chat on PS4, Xbox One.


Easy to Mod


Need compatible controller to connect to arcade stick

Platform PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC.
Buttons Used HAYABUSA Buttons
Joystick Used HAYABUSA Arcade Stick
Restrictor Gate Square

When I first saw the Mayflash F500 I saw great potential in it. Although it’s really dull looking since it does not have the fancy artwork on the panel itself. This arcade stick is multi-platform and can be used on PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

But it’s too good to be true, in order to play on this arcade stick you have to plug in the different controllers on the USB port of the Mayflash F500 before it can work on your console (What a drag!). Alternatively, you can purchase an adapter called Magic boots that’s specific for the console you will use this arcade stick with.

This is exactly the same case if you will buy their Mayflash F300 arcade stick a cheaper option. The F500 and the F300 are basically the same board, but here are the reasons the F500 is better than the F300:

1. Supports headsets for the PS4, XBOX ONE and XBOX 360
2. The F500 is also made of Metal over the plastic F300
3. The F500 is also larger, many people have an issue with the lack of space on the F300.

You can also fully modify this arcade stick and use a UFB (Universal Fighting Board) from Brook Designs. You can then throw in a Sanwa JLF and Sanwa OBSF 30mm buttons to make them work really well on any console you’d use it with.

3. HORI Pro 4 Kai Arcade Stick

Having a good looking arcade stick is always important. This fight stick is sleek and Pro grade.

More than looks, however, the Real Arcade Pro 4 Kai from Hori is one hell of an arcade stick.

HORI Pro 4 Kai Arcade Stick
  • Officially Licensed by Sony
  • Compatible with PS4, PS3, and PC (XInput).New & Improved HAYABUSA Buttons:Beveled edges and...


Storage compartment for the cable
Sony licensed
Solid build


Buttons can be too responsive
Not easy to mod

Platform PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC.
Buttons Used HAYABUSA Buttons
Joystick Used HAYABUSA Arcade Stick
Restrictor Gate Square

Tournament grade, looks appealing, solid build, this is the Hori Real Arcade Pro 4 Kai fight stick. It measures 17 x 9.5 x 4.5 inches and weighs 4.8lbs. You can do serious combos with this arcade stick, as these come with very responsive Hori Hayabusa buttons and Hayabusa Stick.

It uses a square gate so your movement with this stick is less fluid compared to the ones using circular or octagonal gates. If you are used to the clicky feel of the sanwa button then this one is going to give you less satisfaction. Plus these buttons are too responsive for some people.

It has a turbo setting of 5/12/20 hits per second and has a cable length of 3m/9.8ft. This works with Playstation 4, just make sure that your console is using the latest firmware. It also will work on the Playstation 3 using the V2.80 or higher firmware. You can also use this on PC, however, this is not going to work on the PS2, and PS1.

It’s easy to switch from PS3 to PS4 by pushing the button on the right hand side of this arcade sticks; It’s somehow concealed so, you can’t push the button accidentally.

Using it on a PS4 you can easily navigate through the options using the touchpad on the top near the cable compartment. It has the share button on the side as well if you want to upload your video clip or broadcast your games.

It is not that easy to modify the Hori RAP 4 Kai arcade stick. You will really need to dismantle the bottom plate in order to get access to the buttons and lever. Other than that, this arcade stick is fully compatible with sanwa components. So you can easily stick in a JLF Joystick, Sanwa Denshi OBSF 30mm and the restrictor gate of your choice.

2. Mad Catz Street Fighter V TE2+ Arcade Stick

Probably the best arcade stick around, with the lowest input lag. The Mad Catz arcade stick is a great choice…other than price and the soon to be lack of availability.

Mad Catz TE2+ Arcade Stick
  • Genuine Arcade Layout: This PS4 FightStick uses extremely accurate and durable Sanwa Denshi...
  • Easy to Mod: Chassis hinges open for clear access to inner parts. Removable bezel and top panel...
  • Ideal for ALL Fighting Games: Multiplayer action in Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Persona,...


High-quality Sanwa parts
Extra L3 and R3 buttons
Effortless modding


Mad Catz Bankrupt…
The position of the select/start button
PC compatibility limited

Platform PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC.
Buttons Used Sanwa Denshi OBSF-30
Joystick Used Sanwa JLF ball-top stick
Restrictor Gate Square

Mad Catz is one great brand when it comes to the world of arcade sticks. The TE2+ costs fluctuate a lot (was $500 not long ago).

Right out of the box you can see that the parts are all Sanwa-Denshi, It has the Sanwa JLF ball-top stick and Sanwa Denshi OBSF-30mm buttons. So you are guaranteed to get good quality from this arcade stick.

This arcade stick has an option to switch between PS3 and PS4 by selecting the correct mode using a switch on the top of the panel. It also has a lock mode, so you don’t press the Start button by accident. You also have a touchpad that you can use for the PS4 when navigating through the options.

It has a big compartment that can fit in spare buttons, tools, the 9.8 ft screw in cable, and you still have enough space for other stuff you want to put inside. And this is easily accessible with just pushing a button.

Though it has Sanwa parts installed on it, you may still get that itch to modify this arcade stick. You may want to change the square gate that originally came with it to an octagon gate, or possibly you want to replace the buttons or the dust washer, the color of the ball top, etc. It all depends on who uses this stick. But like I said this works perfectly as it is for most people who already got this stick.

The biggest upside to this stick and most likely the flagship of this arcade stick; is speed. This has very minimal input lag (1.45ms). So combo after combo you are certain that it will execute and ram your opponent.

Unfortunately, we won’t be seeing any more of the Mad Catz arcade sticks as the company declared bankruptcy and ceased all operations back March 31st 2017.

So in a sense, you can call these arcade sticks “limited edition” or “collector’s item” . This would explain why these sticks fluctuate in price and can be so expensive.

1. HORI Real Arcade Pro 4 Premium Arcade Stick

Another fantastic arcade stick from Hori. This fight stick is a great option, while having a little longer input lag than the Mad Catz TE2+.

Hori Pro 4 Premium VLX KURO Arcade Stick
  • Officially licensed by SCEA and Taito
  • Perfect replica of the Japanese VEWLIX arcade cabinet
  • Featuring HORI original HAYABUSA stick lever and KURO buttons, touch pad, and program functions
  • Easily open top panel for maintenance and internal access. Compatible with PlayStation 4 and...
  • Kindly click the Main Image and refer to the other Images for User Manual


Perfect replica of the Taito Vewlix Arcade layout
Panels are metal


Does not use a break-away cable
Minor input lag

Platform Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3 and PC
Buttons Used Kuro Buttons
Joystick Used Hayabusa Joystick
Restrictor Gate Square

I like the way they made the Hori Real Arcade Pro 4 VLX Kuro, it looks exactly like the Taito Japanese made cabinets, so it has that real arcade feel to it. It does not have any fancy artwork on the panel though so for some it might be boring.

This arcade stick is heavy, weighing 11.9 pounds. So this thing may not be good for a long gaming session if you are to put it on your lap. This arcade stick measures 22.4 x 10 x 5.5 inches, and the panel is made of metal, so this thing is really solid.

Same as other Hori arcade sticks, they did not use a break-away cable. They included two extra buttons though they added an L3 and R3 for your gaming convenience.

The VLX Kuro has the Hayabusa stick for its lever and Kuro buttons (still no Sanwa components), now according to some the Kuro buttons have more resistance than the Sanwa OBSF 30mm buttons, so it takes time to get used to it. But as for the Hayabusa stick, it is more responsive compared to the Sanwa sticks. Perhaps it still depends on what buttons and sticks you are using before.

Should the Mad Catz TE2+ arcade stick in our number 2 spot be less expensive than this one – go ahead and grab that one!

Arcade Sticks for the PS4 (Top 6)

The below list is for strickly PS4 machines. Although people with PS4’s have more options available since they can also choose from the muli-platform arcade sticks above.

6. HORI Fighting Stick Mini 4

Beginning our list for the best arcade stick PS4 edition is the Hori Mini. A compact and affordable option for those on the go or starting out.

Hori Mini 4 Arcade Stick
  • Officially licensed by SCEA
  • Compatible with PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3
  • Compact design with all the features of a typical arcade stick controller
  • 8-button layout and micro switch activated joystick
  • Share button included


Most Affordable


Not tournament arcade stick

Platform PS3 and PS4
Buttons Used Generic button
Joystick Used Generic stick
Restrictor Gate Square

If you are a “social gamer” on the go, or someone who wants to play using a joystick without the hassle of using a big bulky arcade stick. The Hori Fighting Stick Mini 4, might just give you that satisfaction.

Everything is generic for buttons and lever, this arcade stick measures 8.27″ x 5.9″ x 3.43″ and only weighs 1lb. This arcade stick may be compact in design, but you still get the arcade features from just like the regular/premium arcade stick; it even has a share button if you are using it on a PS4.

There are some downsides to this arcade stick though. You do not have a turbo button, which is a disapointment. In addtion, you cannot easily modify this arcade stick. On a side note, the action buttons are just 24mm, you’ll need to use a Dremel on the holes for you to fit in a 30mm button (seriously doubting this method). Not to mention the switches are soldered instead of clamped.

Like I said earlier, this arcade stick is for gamers just starting to get the hang of using a fight stick. The price tag for this arcade stick is around $45. Definitely a good option to buy and just purchase a better one later on.

5. Mad Catz Fight Stick Alpha

Another small form arcade stick that you can bring with you for a game night with your friends. Good for entry-level gamers. But is it worth the price?

Mad Catz Arcade Stick
  • Ultra-Compact Design: Arcade Fight Stick Alpha maintains the tournament-quality look and feel...
  • 6-Button Arcade Layout: Our Mad Catz Fight Stick boasts a Vewlix-style design with 6 action...
  • Versatile Gamer: This PlayStation 4 Fight Stick has a button enabling the joystick to emulate a...
  • Ideal for all Fighting Games: Multiplayer action in Street Fighter, Mortal Combat, Persona,...
  • Reliable USB Connectivity: The world's best fighters prefer the assurance of a low-latency USB...


More mod friendly than the Hori Mini


A bit expensive
Not making any more

Platform PS3 and PS4
Buttons Used Generic button
Joystick Used Generic stick
Restrictor Gate Square

The Fightstick Alpha from Mad Catz is a small arcade stick that is lightweight and compact. It measures 8.75 x 7 x 2 inches; weighs 5 pounds. It is slightly bigger than the Hori Fight Stick Mini and a bit heavier. Getting them head to head this arcade stick is a better choice.

Unlike the Hori Fight Stick Mini, these arcade sticks from Mad Catz uses 30mm Buttons, not 24mm. So this is better if you consider modding this arcade stick. You won’t have to use a Dremel to get the buttons to fit. The buttons and lever installed in this fight stick are not from Sanwa. However, the buttons are almost a perfect clone of the OBSF 30mm and JLF stick.

It has a square gate, so this is another thing that you might want to replace down the road. This arcade stick has a six-button layout same as the Hori stick. It has all the buttons on the face of the panel itself, and you have the share and lock buttons on the top as well as the L1 L2 buttons. However, if you push the Lock buttons, the L1 and L2 do not work.

On the upside, if you get this arcade stick for like a starter stick and get yourself one of the big fight sticks like the TE2+ or the VLX Kuro you won’t have a hard time transitioning since the button size and the spacing is the same even the position of the stick is the same. The only thing different is this lacks two more buttons since most of the premium sticks have an 8-button layout.

As mentioned above with the TE2+, Mad Catz as a company has filed for bankruptcy so they will be ceasing production of these fight sticks (if not done so already). This means that the pricing of the fight sticks may increase over time.


Qanba Dragon Arcade Stick

  • Braided wire USB
  • Built-in LED lighting
  • Compatible with Playstation & PC
View Latest Price

Razer Panthera Arcade Stick

  • Constructed to be fully moded
  • Programmed with tournament gaming mode
  • Built with quality SANWA components
View Latest Price

Qanba Obsidian Arcade Stick

  • Built-in LED lighting
  • Compatible with Playstation 3 & 4
  • Constructed with Sanwa buttons & switches
View Latest Price

Qanba Drone Arcade Stick

  • compatible with multiple Playstation consoles & PC
  • Fitted with an anti-slip bottom pad
  • Buillt-in tournamnet lock switch
View Latest Price

4. Qanba Drone Arcade Stick

Another Mini arcade stick for our list, so far we covered the Hori Mini, the MC Fightstick Alpha, and now we have the Qanba drone.

Qanba Drone Arcade Stick
  • Compatible with PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 & PC; USB wired connection
  • Officially licensed Sony peripheral; Authentic Qanba buttons & stick
  • Antislip bottom pad; LED indicators for MODE & Turbo
  • Tournament LOCK switch; Honeycomb-inspired design


Great for an initial arcade stick


Expensive given no Sanwa parts

Platform PC, PS3 and PS4
Buttons Used Qanba buttons
Joystick Used Qanba stick
Restrictor Gate Square

For pros, most likely they will say this is not a good buy as it’s an entry level stick. However, a lot of the pro gamers would still say that this is a good initial fight stick.
With the notion that it should be priced lower than its current price tag. I have to admit $80.00 puts it in place wherein you’d be better off getting another stick for $150 since this arcade stick still needs modding to get this up and running.

Now, we still consider the fact that yes, you need to mod; and yes it is expensive, but right out of the box the parts that came with it which are all Qanba-made works fine. I guess it would still boil down to the person using it and his level of experience in gaming. But even for a total beginner, this stick is still going to perform admirably.

I do like the layout for this stick. This is compact, but it still has 30mm buttons, eight of them to be exact. Feels comfortable when placed on your lap since this is not one of those heavy arcade sticks like the VLX Kuro or the Obsidian, this arcade stick only weighs about four pounds.

Now don’t get me wrong, this stick may be light, but it can still take a beating. This arcade stick is made of solid plastic and would be able to withstand the countless pounding. If you line up the Hori Mini, the Fightstick Alpha and the Qanba drone; the Drone would stand out from the rest, this is bigger than the other two, and it measures 5.4 x 10.4 x 6.6 inches. Not to mention the ball top for its lever is colored yellow.

If you are in luck and you get this arcade stick at under seventy bucks, then that’s a steal.

3. Qanba Obsidian Arcade Stick

Flashy, sleek and outright cool. The Qanba Obsidian is just one of the few arcade stick made for the PS4 that you will absolutely approve of.

Qanba Obsidian Arcade Stick
  • Sanwa buttons and stick with square gate
  • PlayStation 4 compatible
  • PlayStation 3 compatible
  • Wired USB Cord.Sanwa OBSF 1.18 inch butons
  • LED lighting


Sanwa parts
3.5mm headset port
Solid build


Fingerprint magnet

Platform PS3 and PS4
Buttons Used Sanwa Denshi OBSF 30mm
Joystick Used Sanwa JLF lever, square-gated
Restrictor Gate Square

The Obsidian by Qanba is a one sexy arcade stick. It has the right curves in the right places. And even with a plain looking design it still looks good.

This arcade stick has a Sanwa JLF using a square gate for its lever and Sanwa OBSF 30mm buttons for all eight action buttons. Talking about the case you have a solid build and it almost feels like it is a unibody case. It weighs 6.6 pounds; you won’t see this flying off of your lap or your table even if you are playing intensely.

The Obsidian is 18 x 10 x 5 inches and is a bit lighter and slightly smaller than the Qanba Dragon. It has a shiny chrome finished ball top, which may not be that attractive for all. I do prefer a black ball top. The Obsidian

You have all the buttons on top especially the turbo and the mode button (although, there might be just a few people who’d use the mode button). One cool feature is that if you move the lever, the left side of the case lights up blue and if you press a button the left side will light up. This is barely noticeable, and if it is that annoying, you can turn it off permanently.

The Obsidian has an 8’10” cable, and it is not break-away. It sits nicely inside its compartment, and the door compartment has two holes where you can have cables positioned according to your preference The lock for the door is rigid which is good since it only means it won’t just fall off.

The $200 price tag is just right, considering that you don’t have a lot to modify with this stick.

What’s there to hate?

I guess the downside of it is that it is glossy and it will attract dust and fingerprint like a magnet, while this is evident in most arcade sticks. You’ll rarely see a matte finish on a fight stick.

2. Razer Panthera Arcade Stick

You’ve got to get your hands on the Razer Panthera if you wanted to get a wired premium arcade stick. This fight stick is sick!

Razer Panthera Arcade Stick
  • PREMIUM QUALITY SANWA HARDWARE COMPONENTS: 10 highly responsive buttons and an 8-way joystick
  • FULLY MOD-CAPABLE CONSTRUCTION: Built for modding enthusiasts, customize the joystick and...
  • INTERNAL STORAGE COMPARTMENTS: Internal compartment opens to reveal dedicated slots to store...
  • TOURNAMENT GAMING MODE: Deactivate the Start, Back, and Xbox One Guide buttons
  • COMPATIBILITY: Compatible with major fighting games


Detachable cable
Spacious compartment
Bat top. Sanwa parts


The artwork is not easy to replace

Platform PS4
Buttons Used Sanwa Denshi OBSF 30mm
Joystick Used Sanwa Denshi JLF-TP-8YT
Restrictor Gate Square

The Panthera is not your entry level arcade stick this is tournament-grade, and it is evident by the way it is built. This fight stick is 18.6 x 12.5 x 6.7 inches and weighs 7.4 pounds; the case is made of aluminum, so it is really rigid even on the top panel.

The Razer Panthera can be considered the PlayStation equivalent to the the Razor Atrox that only works for the XBOX consoles. This is also a good looking arcade stick, it has a glossy finish with the Blue razer logo. It is somewhat a dust and fingerprint magnet, but arcade sticks are known to have a glossy finish instead of matte.

It has a 9.8 ft, 5-pin, screw-on, detachable, braided USB cable; which can be stored neatly inside the spacious compartment along with the other stuff you want to put inside like extra buttons or tools.

This arcade stick has Sanwa stick and Sanwa buttons installed for all ten buttons, including the Start, Select/Option, Share on the right-hand side of the case.

This arcade stick is mod-friendly, If ever you have plans modifying this arcade stick or if you will be replacing any parts; all you have to do is to pop the top panel open, and you’ll be able to access the switches inside. The compartment door has a hydraulic arm that supports the opening and closing of the top panel to reduce the tendency of wear and tear on the hinges.

The artwork of this arcade stick already looks good, however, if you like to get your own artwork on your top panel then it would be a serious task to do. The transparent cover is glued to the top panel so it won’t be easy removing it. This probably is the only con for this arcade stick.

Switching from PS3 to PS4, as well as locking and unlocking the buttons is quite satisfying since it does not use a push button but a metal slide switch.

1. Qanba Dragon Arcade Stick

Premium quality arcade sticks that you’d kill for, our top pick for the PS4 arcade stick is the Qanba Dragon. What makes this a remarkable fight stick? There are tons of reasons.

Qanba Dragon Arcade Stick
  • Sanwa buttons and stick with square gate
  • Compatible with all video game titles for the PS3, PS4 and PC
  • Braided, wired USB
  • LED lighting.Stunning aluminum dragon scale interior


3.5mm jack for your headset
Spacious layout


Arcade Stick doesn’t have a cable compartment

Platform PC, PS3 and PS4
Buttons Used Sanwa’s OBSF-30s
Joystick Used Sanwa JLF
Restrictor Gate Square

Qanba is my top pick for PS4 arcade sticks for a lot of reasons that I can think of, and most of the pro gamers would also appreciate. This arcade stick is a premium quality stick has a case made of aluminum.

This fight stick is built to last, you can hammer your hands against it, and it can take all of the pounding head on. This arcade stick is also one massive piece of equipment. It weighs 11.6 pounds, 22.7 x 15.5 x 7.2 inches for its dimension. Caution! Be careful playing against an opponent with this stick you can get serious injuries in-case they hit you with this.

RIght out the box, the Qanba Dragon needs no modifications for parts, unlike the other Qanba arcade sticks this fight stick has Sanwa parts (JLF lever, OBSF 30mm buttons) and a square gate; same as the Obsidian. It has this minimalistic look since it does not have that big artwork on the top panel.

I like the color contrast for this arcade stick; the panel is black as well as the buttons. However, the stick is chrome finished and has a shiny ball top and dust washer; although some gamers who’d like to change the button colors as well as the ball top.

If you open up the compartment you would see how much space you would get from this arcade stick; also, the switches and the lever is covered by a clear plastic, which protects it from getting damaged by the things you put inside the compartment like a bulky headphone.

You also have all the buttons and the switches on the top of the panel, you have the Option, Share, Turbo, and a button to turn the LED light on and off. It’s just like the lighting for the Obsidian. However, the lights are on the top panel. It also has the slide switches for PS3/PS4/PC and the mode. It does not have a lock function though.

You can plug in a headphone to this arcade stick; it has a 3.5mm jack facing you on the left-hand side, which is another great feature of this arcade stick.

The 8.5 ft cable is reinforced and braided, the only thing I don’t like about it is the way you keep the cable, unlike most arcade sticks that have a compartment where you can keep the cable; this arcade stick has two metal pegs where you can wrap the cable around it.

You might ask, is it worth it paying $290 for this fight stick? Well, there are other sticks that cost more considering the amount of modding you’d need to do with it. This arcade stick is already perfect right out of the box. So, yes. It’s definitely worth it.

Have another gaming console?

For some other people who have Xbox 360 and own sticks that are not supporting cross-platform functions but wanted their fight sticks to work with a PlayStation console, there are a few alternatives that you can do.

First off, you have the converters, these plug to your USB connector and you connect it to the console that you are about to use. It is an easier solution for those who don’t want to dismantle their expensive arcade sticks.

The second option requires a bit of tinkering. You can purchase a UFB from Brook and solder the PCB to your buttons and joystick replacing the old PCB you have in your arcade stick; you can also use the Akishop Customs PS360+; however, there are reports that it times out every 8 minutes (such a drag).


An arcade stick is to a gamer; as the Excalibur is for King Arthur. You may have the best of the best equipment, but you won’t be able to do any magic if you don’t put in the work to learn.

As always, please like and share the post using the icons below – it really helps us out!

Thanks for reading.

The Best Headphone Stand – From Style & Function to DIY

So you have a nice pair of headphones or bought a great gaming headset. No matter what brand or model of headphones you have; what better way to take care of and display your headset than with a headphone stand.

You need a place where you can hang your headsets after long hours of use. There are a lot of headphone stands / headset holders out there in the market and we’ve exhausted our researchers to find the best ones in different categories. These headset holders can certainly help keep your gear in excellent & display worthy condition.


NewBee Headphone Stand

  • Supports headphones of multiple sizes
  • Lightwieght and portable
  • Constructed with high qulity aluminum
View Latest Price

Znoble Headphone Stand

  • Equipped with multiple connectivity ports
  • Headstand is compatible with multiple headphones
  • RGB lighting effect
View Latest Price

LUXA2 Headset Holder

  • Diamond cut aluminum design
  • Universally headphone compatible
  • No need for assembly
View Latest Price

Casanuva Solid Wooden Headphone Stand

  • Black felt pads on bottom
  • Compatible with all headphones
  • Crafted with handpicked wood
View Latest Price

Avantree Headset Holder

  • Silicone cable holder at base
  • Crafted with premium grade quality steel
  • Silicone top pad
View Latest Price

Just Mobile Headphone Stand

  • High grade aluminum constructed
  • Easy to assemble
  • Cable management system
View Latest Price

Geekdigg Headset Holder

  • Lightwieght and portable
  • Fitted with a cable manegement system
  • Easy to assemble
View Latest Price

AmoVee Headphone Stand

  • Compact, lightweight design
  • Designed with high quality acrylic
  • Compatible with multiple headphones
View Latest Price

AmoVee Dual Headphone Stand

  • Ergonomically crafted design
  • Compact lightweight build
  • 1 year warranty
View Latest Price

Casanuva Dual Headphone Stand

  • Sleek and contemporary design
  • Base fitted with felt pads
  • Made with walnut finish
View Latest Price

Elevation Lab Mounted Headphone Stand

  • Capable of holding multple headphones
  • Limits cord clutter
  • Constructed with high quality silicone
View Latest Price

Brainwavz Mounted Headphone Stand

  • Constructed with durable premium grade metal
  • Easily adjustable design
  • Minimal tools need for assembly
View Latest Price

Satechi Headphone Stand with USB

  • Multiple 3.0 USB ports
  • Rubberized grip for protection
  • compatible with all headphones
View Latest Price

Corsair RGB ST100 Headphone Stand with USB

  • Customizable RGB lighting
  • 3.5mm analog input
  • Dual 3.1 USB ports
View Latest Price

NELXULAS Brushed Stainless Steel Short Bath Towel Hooks Single Super Heavy Duty Wall Mount Hook

  • Solid stainless steel build
  • Quick & easy installation
  • Able to hold versatile accesories
View Latest Price

Coat and Hat Hook

  • Matte Nickel finish
  • Holds up to 35 lbs.
  • Comes with mounting hardware
View Latest Price

15" Tall Male Mannequin Head Durable Plastic Grey

  • Solid and durable construction
  • Good for molding and displaying hats
  • 22" circumference measurements
View Latest Price

DecoBros Wire Fruit Tree Bowl with Banana Hanger

  • 13 x 5" measurements
  • Removable hanger good for a varity fo fruits
  • Chrome finished design
View Latest Price

We selected these based on several factors, primarily value. Following value, we look at aesthetics, durability, and sturdiness; along with the extras you can get.

I will also showcase several alternatives or Do it yourself versions of headset holders if you’re looking for creative ideas or saving some cash.

As mentioned, choosing the best headphone stand is typically up to user preference. The subjectivity of what makes a headphone stand great is a difficult one overall. As a result, we have broken out the list in the various sections and rated what we feel are the best headphone stands in each category shown in the table of contents below.

Single Headphone Stand

NewBee Headphone Stand

Simple, affordable and easy to assemble. This headset holder is priced at under $10 and is a pretty good deal overall.

NewBee Headphone Stand
  • [ Compatible ] Our new bee headphone stand supports headphones of all sizes, such as Sennheiser...
24-month warranty
Easy to assemble
Lightweight, can be knocked over

This headphone stand from Newbee is made of aluminum with TPU rubber under the base. It is compatible with most headphone brands like Sennheiser, Beats, Sony, Bose, etc. It is fashionably designed, and the best part is it is affordable.

The height of the stand itself is 8.85 inches, the base is 3.74 x 3.74 inches, the base is quite narrow, so if you have a really heavy headphone, then this one may not be a good headphone stand since it tends to get easily knocked off. It would have been better if they made the base a bit wider. If you place your gear gently on the holder, there won’t be a problem.

There are a few other downsides to this headphone stand; this headset holder does not have a tidy cable holder, USB ports or auxiliary ports and the headband rest is only 1.81 inches long. It could have been nice if this headset holder has at least one USB port for charging your phone.

On the plus side, the headband rest is 2.26 in wide and has flexible rubber material. These features evenly disperses the weight of your headphones, preventing damage to the pads. This headphone stand is easy to assemble and durable.

For its price, this is a great headset holder.

Znoble Headphone Stand

Nicely crafted, durable solid base and easy to assemble. But is it worth it? Let’s find out.

Znoble Headphone Stand
  • Professional headphone stand:Full body premium top-level aviation aluminum material provides...
  • Safe and reliable:Flexible gasket made with leather keeps your headphones away from spills,...
  • Sturdy and durable: rubber soles at the base of the holder provides a safe and stable...
Sturdy base
Aluminum construction
Multiple color choices
Premium Look
No USB ports
No cable management

This stand from Znoble is similar to the one from Newbee; it also has that minimalistic and elegant-looking design to make sure that it does not take too much space on your desk. It is made of top-level aviation aluminum, so this headphone stand is durable and lightweight.

This headset holder is priced around $17.00 at the time of this review. On the plus side, the Znoble Headphone stand has a wider base of 3.9 inches compared to the headset holder of Newbee. This headphone stand is very easy to assemble, you just have to screw the stand to the base and the headband holder, and that’s it.

This headphone stand has a wide headband rest (3.1 inches), so this is compatible with almost any headphones out in the market

This headphone stand does not have any USB port and auxiliary ports; It does not have a cable holder as well. These could have been great additions to its simple design.

The extra expense over the Newbee is noticeable, with a more polished and premium look overall – and this will not use up much room on your desk – where space is a premium for my station!

Most stands are made with either silver or black, so it’s nice to see that this stand offers 3 color choices, including gold shown above.

LUXA2 E-One Silver Headset Holder

If you are looking for a headphone stand that offers that premium look and weight at a reasonable price, then the LUXA2 is a perfect option.

LUXA2 Headset Holder
  • Full body premium aluminum construction: High grade aluminum provides the E-One with...
  • Diamond Cut Aluminum design to avoid scratch: CNC precision crafted with diamond cut finish to...
  • Born ready and assembly free: The E-one stand requires no tool, parts, and simply just take out...
No assembly needed
No fingerprint marks
Sturdy and all metal
10 inch clearance
May not fit all headphones

The E-one from Luxa2 is an excellent choice if you are looking for a headset holder. The base is wide enough for it to stand still even if you put heavy headphones on it. The base measures 115mm x 105mm. This headphone stand cannot be knocked off easily which is always an important feature.

This headset holder is also compatible with any headphones with headbands. The stand is sturdy and would not wobble much. It stands 10.2 inches and has a rubber pad to protect the padding on the headband.

This headphone stand is beautifully crafted diamond cut aluminum finish. It comes in four colors; gold, black, silver and rose gold.

Same as the other two headphone stands the E-one by luxa2 does not have any ports for USB or auxiliary, and it does not have a cable holder as well. One more thing is that they could have made the headband rest a little bit wider so it can provide better support to the headband pad.

The main advantage this stand headset holder has going for it is the premium finishing (smooth edges), the weight and the fact that it holds full sized headsets without any issue. In addition, for those less mechanically inclined, the stand comes fully put together our of the box.

Casanuva Solid Wooden Headphone Stand

Looking for a premium wooden headphone stand that is beautiful and high end? The Casanuva stand is for you.

Casanuva Solid Wooden Headphone Stand
  • Heirloom Quality Crafted From 3 Beautiful Unique Pieces of Solid Wood
  • Contemporary design that will work with all headphones.
  • 10" inches tall with black felt pads on bottom.
  • Designed to beautifully display your most prized headphones.
  • Perfect for your Home Office, Studio, Bedroom, or just next to your TV.
Solid walnut wood
Sturdy and heavy design
Luxury purchase
More expensive
Matte finish, may need polishing
Some visible glue in the seems

This is a premium wooden headphone stand as stated earlier no doubt – but this is a beautiful piece to display your headset.

The matte finish of the stand can be made even more shiny by rubbing a polishing/finishing oil over it.

The headpone stand is a sturdy 10.25 inches tall, which is more than enough to hold all the common headsets out there. The depth of the stand is 3″ which is more than enough to hold one headset, 2 if you really squish them in.

This is real black walnut wood, so do not expect the photos to be what you get, which makes this a unique purchase, the real wood makes every headphone stand one of a kind.

Because of the omega shape, there is a chance that your headphones will not be perfectly relaxed when sitting on the stand, but they hardly will be stretched out.

Given the sold wood, there is enough weight to be sturdy and keep everything stable on your desk.

All in all, a very nice headset holder for your gear.

Cable Management Single Headphone Stand

Avantree Universal Solid Steel Headphone Stand

To begin this section, we have the Avantree Headphone Stand – a classicly designed stand with a curved support (or wooden) for the headband.

Avantree Headset Holder
  • SLEEK, SIMPLE & SPACE SAVING: Our unique stylish design features a silicone top pad and sturdy...
  • STABLE & ANTI SLIP: Featuring a silicone cable holder at the bottom, our headset holder can...
  • PERSONAL & PROFESSIONAL: Whether you use on your desk at work or near your gaming console at...
Wood and silicone designs
Soft and washable
Stand can wobble

This headphone stand by Avantree is made of solid steel for the stand and silicone for the base, this requires assembly, but I can assure you that it is effortless. You just have to slip in the headphone stand to the silicone base and make sure that the stand is locked in the grooves of the base and that’s it.

The silicone base is durable and serves as a cable holder to keep your desk nice and tidy. The base has a diameter of 5.9 inches. So, if you have wireless headphones do not have a cable, you can use the base as a phone holder instead.

There are a few downsides for this headphone stand though. Since the material for the headband rest and the base is silicone, expect that you will have problems with sticky dust. Another thing is that the base is a bit soft, so the stand tends to wobble especially if the headphones are heavy.

The headband rest is attached to the stand using a double sided adhesive which I think can be improved. It could have been better if the headband holder is locked in place same as what they did to the base and the stand.

Compatibility-wise it can hold headphones with up to 1.5 inches headband width. So, you need to check your headphones first before purchasing this headphone stand.

Just Mobile Headphone Stand

Sturdy sleek and solid, this is how I would like to describe this headphone stand from Just mobile.

Just Mobile Headphone Stand
  • High-quality aluminum construction
  • Simple assembly
Very Study
Unique cord storage
No protection for headphone band
More expensive than others

First thing I noticed about this headphone stand is the price, this is the biggest downside to this headphone stand.

Looking at the advantages for this headphone stand; The headband rest is wide (approx 3 inches), so definitely it can fit all the headphones on the market. Although, I have to say that it needs a rubber or silicone pad to make sure it won’t damage the pads for the headband.

Another advantage, is the stand they used two pieces of aluminum rods that you need to screw in to make sure it is sturdy.

The base is 5.8 inches in diameter and serves as a cable organizer to make sure your cable is wrapped in keeping the top of your desk tidy. However, it is a bit of a hassle if you use your headphones often since you have to wrap it around the base.

Even if this is lightweight at only 342g, the base is wide enough to support the stand and cannot be knocked off easily.

I like the way this headphone stand is built, but I still say it is overpriced – this is definitely for those who want a unique cable management headphone stand and aren’t worried as much about price.

Geekdigg Gaming Headset Holder

Cheap, functional and feature rich this is the Geekdigg headphone stand.

Small footprint
Easy cable storage
Clear and Black plastic options
Fingerprint magnet
Acrylic stand

This headphone stand is arguably the best value around.

One thing I don’t like is the material used making these headphone stands. Acrylic is a type of durable plastic. No matter how many times you put the word durable together with acrylic, it does not take away the fact that it is plastic and it can break when you put pressure on it.

They could have used aluminum instead and made it really sturdy. To have the value that this headset holder offers, some sacrifices need to be made. Having said that, there really shouldn’t be much strain on the headphone stand overall, unless you’re really aggressive in your hanging.

Back to its features, the stand is about 10 inches and compatible with most headphones. At the back, you have the cable holder which is easier to access compared to wrapping the cables around the base. The base of this stand also has a small stopper so you can place your phone on the base which is a nice touch.

Putting the stand and base together is easy. Just snap the stand into the base and screw it into place. This headphone stand is really worth looking at considering the features it provides.

AmoVee Headset Holder

Looking for a stand that bucks the typical stand appearance? The Omega from AmoVee is a headphone stand to consider.

AmoVee Headphone Stand
  • Compact design, No extra color and no extra decoration, Quite fashion to put it on your desk
  • Special curve shape makes its stand more stable
  • Comfortable and sleek for you to touch by its special processed edge and pointedness
Clear stand avoids visible dust
Color Options
Unique design
Base is not as stable as others

The AmoVee Omega a great alternative for a traditional headphone stand. The design is simple, and it somewhat mimics the shape of a human’s head. So it is definitely compatible with all headphones out there.

This headphone stand is made of acrylic, so it tends to flex a little bit which is an advantage since it will still have that snug fit even with the tighter headphones. This takes away the strain not only on the headband but to the pads of the headphones as well.

When putting your headphones, you need to make sure that the headphone pads are on the narrow part of the headphone stand. This makes sure that there won’t be too much pressure on the headphone or the headband.

The things that I don’t like about this headphone stand is that the material used is acrylic. It is not as solid as other metal or wood products. I chose to list the clear option, as it will not show the dust as much (and I like low maintenance).

AmoVee does offer a black omega stand, that is slightly more expensive (it can be a dust collector and a fingerprint magnet because of the glossy finish) both can be found using the link above.

Another thing is that the base for this headphone stand is a bit narrow. It is only 2.7 inches, and it can easily be knocked off if you’re not careful removing your headset. It also does not have rubber feet.

Still a great and attractive headset holder, without any frills.

Dual Headphone Stand

Amovee Dual Headphone Stand

If you need a headphone stand that can hold two of your precious headphones and is still affordable; then check out the Amovee stand below.

Base acts as storage tray
Wide stable base
Simple design
No protection for headband

This dual headphone stand is made of plastic, and can hold miscellaneous items in the base tray stand. Depending on the orientation of your headphone stand, you can also use this as a phone or tablet holder as well.

The stand is 10.2 inches high making it compatible with most headphones in the market. The base can act as a cable holder as well.

With some assembly required, the stand is up in minutes and even comes with a brush to keep your headphone stand dust free.

Because of the design of the hanger, although the base isn’t wide, the direction of removing your headphones do not cause the headset holder to tip over easily, which is nice.

A simple clean design, the stand is mostly all function without a bunch of style to it.

The price of this dual headphone stand is very affordable, and will go very well with a gaming headset under 50 dollars.

Elevation Lab Mounted Headphone Stand

A great dual headphone stand that we have written about under our mounted headphone stand section just a little lower on the page.

Casanuva Wooden Dual Headphone Stand

If you want that classic look for your headsets, a wooden headphone stand is a great choice.

Casanuva Dual Headphone Stand
  • Dark Walnut Finished Layered Wood Headphone Stand
  • Contemporary design that will work with almost all headphones.
  • 10" Inches Tall With 4.5" x 5.5" Base With Felt Pads.
  • Designed to beautifully display your most prized headphones.
  • Great for your Home Office, Studio, Bedroom, or just next to your TV.
Wide Base
Wood veneer
Unique omega design
No rubber pads on base
More expensive

Minimalistic design, classic look, and best of all made of durable material. Compared to the AmoVee Omega, this dual headphone stand from Casanuva will not flex or bend. It has a wider base as well at 4.5 inches. This makes sure that the stand won’t get knocked off easily from your table. Another advantage is that it makes it more compatible with the bigger headphones.

The downside though, if you have a tighter headband then it will put more pressure on the headphone pads since it does not flex, so you need to really find a spot where the pads will have less pressure on them. Another thing is that it does not have any rubber pads on the base so there’s a tendency that it can scratch the desk surface.

Now for the cable holder, I think, one idea for the lack of a cable holder is for you to wrap the cable around the narrow part of the headphone stand near the base (Just a suggestion).

Another thing is the price it is currently sold around $30.00 on Amazon, so it is not that cheap, but anything with wood construction will be more expensive.

The Best Mounted Headphone Stands

Elevation Lab Mounted Headphone Stand

If you want your desk clutter-free, the best solution is to hide your headphones under the desk. The Anchor from Elevation Lab gives you a dual headphone stand that is a great alternative solution and setup couldn’t be easier.

Elevation Lab Mounted Headphone Stand
  • Keeps your headphones out of sight & easy to reach.
  • Holds ultra-securely (same 3M adhesive GoPro uses).
  • Thick premium silicone construction + steel pin inner reinforcement (new)
  • Lessens cord clutter
  • Can hold two sets of headphones.
Space saving
Easy setup
One time use/can’t move
Can use up legroom

For some people who are minimalist and keep their desktop as clean as possible. Having a headphone stand on their desk is simply not an option. Thus, the need for a dual headphone stand that can be hidden under the table. So, technically this is not a stand this is more of a headset holder/hanger.

Mounting this headset holder is quite easy. Just remove the top layer of the adhesive tape and stick the Anchor anywhere clean and flat and that’s it. You need to plan the location though, since it would not be easy to remove it once you stick it on.

A little caution though, over time no matter how good the quality of the adhesive is, it will still wear off, and this means that your precious headphones may fall off from the table. There is a provided screw hole to mount the hanger physically, but it is difficult to use.

“The Anchor” is made of medical-grade silicone with a steel pin inside the center which serves as reinforcement. This headset holder can fit two headphones. It is compatible with any headphones with headbands up to about two inches wide.

Brainwavz Hengja Mounted Headphone Stand

If you don’t like the idea of using precious legroom under your desk, this mounted headphone stand from Brainwavz is able to fasten to any side surface with compression.

This headset holder from Brainwavz uses a clamp that can be securely mounted anywhere on the edge of your desk. The clamp extends to about 1.5 inches; now if you have a desk that is thicker than 1.5 inches (40mm), you can’t use this headset holder. The tools are included in the package for your convenience; a screwdriver and an Allen Key Multi-Tool.

Brainwavz Mounted Headphone Stand
  • Made from high quality metal, durable and strong, capable of holding light weight to very heavy...
  • No glue, no mess, adjustable design allowing to fit on to desks and tables of different...
  • Rotable design allowing to be used on horizontal or vertical surfaces (hex/allen key tool...
  • Unique and stylish, will look good in any setting be it at home, work, school or cyber café.
  • Smaller than a headphone stand, sturdier than most other comparable desk headphone hangers.
Steel construction
Easy repositioning/removal
No protection for the headband pads

Unlike the Elevation lab above, this is mounted securely with no adhesive. Changing the position where you want to place this holder is easy. You won’t have to worry about this stand falling off from the table. The headset holder is made of metal, so this is durable but still very lightweight at only 112g.

On the negative side, headset holder does not have any rubber or silicone coating that will protect the headband even though it has a smooth finish. Another thing I noticed is that the screws stick out a bit. In addition to being unattractive, this may damage the pads for the headband as well.

Some things I would like to add though is they could have added a cable holder under the headband rest.

While using compression, there shouldn’t be any damage to your desk, as headsets are not that heavy overall – but it is something to consider that some marking may occur.

The Best Headphone Stands with USB

Now let’s move on to the fun part, so we wanted a headphone stand that does not just hold your headphones for you. Here we have two of the more multi-purpose types.

Satechi Aluminum Headphone Stand with USB

If you need a USB hub and a headphone stand and keep your desk clutter-free, the Satechi Aluminum Headphone stand a good choice.

Satechi Headphone Stand with USB
  • HEADPHONE STAND - conveniently store your headphones so they are always in reach! Features a...
  • CONNECT USB DEVICES - includes 3 USB 3.0 ports to transfer files or back-up data, with speeds...
  • ORGANIZE YOUR CABLES - equipped with a backside hook to wrap and store cables when not in use
  • SECURE, RUBBERIZED GRIP - features a rubberized grip to securely hold your headphones in place...
  • UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY - supports all over-ear headphones including Bose, Beats, Sony,...
2 USB ports
3.5mm aux port
Cable holder
4 color choices
None to think of

Made of sleek aluminum, the Satechi Headphone stand is a head turner, it is beautifully crafted and well-built. The polished edges add contrast to the sandblasted finish of the base. Its base is really wide with 5.5 inches in diameter, so this is a solid & stable base. It has a non-slip rubber pad beneath it so it won’t slip or scratch your desk when moving it.

The stand has a height of 10.5 inches and width of 1.5 inches. This makes this headphone stand compatible with any headphones. The headband rest is protected with a rubber pad as well so it will not scratch your headband.

This headphone stand also has its cable holder at the back of the stand making sure that your cable won’t be lying on your desk.

Now for the really fun part, this headphone stand has a built-in USB hub with three USB 3.0 ports, imagine the number of peripherals you can connect in addition to your existing computer ports, not only that you don’t have to crawl under your desk to reach for a USB port.

Another cool thing they have with this headphone stand is the 3.5mm auxiliary port. You can plug your headphones directly from the stand instead of at the back of your CPU.

Corsair Gaming ST100 Headphone Stand with USB

Built for the gamers and music lovers, coupled with LED RGB lighting, what more can you ask for from this headphone stand from Corsair.

Corsair RGB ST100 Headphone Stand with USB
  • Durable aluminum construction and iconic design, combine to create the ultimate display for...
  • Dynamic RGB lighting across 9 zones allows for virtually unlimited color options
  • Built-in 3.5mm analog input enables full range Stereo or 7.1 Surround sound for an immersive,...
  • Easy access, Dual USB 3.1 inputs provide improved charging power and faster data speeds for...
  • Non-slip, rubberized base provides stability and protection for your headset
RGB lighting
2 x USB 3.1 ports
7.1 Virtual Surround sound connection
Lightweight, can be knocked over

The only thing I wished Corsair added to this headphone stand is the cable holder. I know there are a lot of people using cordless headphones, but it could have been a great feature that could have been added to it.

Corsair is well known for creating innovative computer equipment, fans, casing cooling system RAMS, and I am not surprised that they will come up with a very good headphone stand.

The ST100 is made of Aluminum, so this is really durable. This headphone stand can be used with any corded or cordless headphones out in the market. It has a satiny – finish. However, they could have made the headband rest smoother so it won’t damage the pads.

Now for the features, they did not include a cable holder but, they have two USB 3.1 ports that you can use to for easy access in transferring files to your computer.

In addition to its cool lighting features the ST100 is great for sound. The 3.5 mm auxiliary-out can transform the audio signal to 7.1 Virtual surround sound. So if you are listening to music, playing games, or watching movies, you will always get great audio. Of course, you need the CUE+ software to manage that which can be downloaded from their official site.

Last but not the least RGB lighting, you can have RGB lighting on almost any gadget nowadays, and this headphone stand has it.

Still controlled using CUE+ you can use several themes for lighting that suits your style, and as an advantage to people who uses Corsair for their casing, fans and headphones, the headphone stand can be synchronized along with other Corsair peripherals.

Headphone Stand DIY Designs

We’re going to cover the gauntlet here, for people looking for the uber cheap option to those wanting a one of a kind option to fit their style, we’ve chosen our favorites below.

The Binder Clip

Headphone stand DIY

You probably have a paper clamp at home; you need the biggest one you can find so you can clamp it to the edge of your desk. This is by far the easiest and cheapest Headphone Stand DIY alternative.

see Binder-Clip-Life-Hacks

You can also have two pieces of tongue depressors joined by super glue. You can then cut about 3.5 inches from it and hot glue it to the paper clamp you can add some rubber bands, so the headband holder becomes non-slip.

Not the most attractive design, but they work, they’re cheap and can be used in a pinch.

With all the mods from the original Paper Clamp headphone stand, I’d say it will cost you about $1.00. Or you won’t even have to spend a dime since all of the materials might already be in your home (or office).

The Towel Hook

This next project requires the use of a drill and bath towel hooks – these are one of my favorite headphone stand DIY projects, as they’re pretty easy to set up. I would recommend these:

Headphone Stand DIY Wall Mount
  • Solid stainless steel construction ensuring quality and longevity

Mount these bad boys on the wall, behind your monitor and you have a great out of the way design. These are a 4 pack, so you get the extra benefit of some added coat hangers if needed!

You will need a drill and bit to set this one up though.

An alternative and slightly less expensive option would be to use a coat and hat hook for a headphone stand DIY project – but I don’t like the direct force on a small point on your headset headband.

The Mannequin Headphone Stand DIY Design

I doubt you would have a mannequin head lying around your home, but you can get one from Amazon for a reasonable price:

Headphone Stand DIY Mannequin
  • Strong and solid construction. Style: Abstract. Material: Durable PE Plastic.
  • Height: 15 inches. Circumference: 22". Neck Measurements: 14 Inches. All measurements are...

The mannequin head is made of plastic, so you will need to weigh it down. You can fill the mannequin head with sand from the opening on the bottom, you then seal it closed using either some duck tape or anything similar.

This design allows you to really bring your creative side out and consider even styling the mannequin any way you wish.

The head will keep your headphones from relaxing all the way to their natural state when at rest though.

The Banana Headphone Stand DIY Design

Be like McGyver and turn an ordinary banana hanger into a nice headphone stand.

Headphone Stand DIY Fruit Bowl
  • 13 x 5 inches fruit bowl to hold variable size fruits
  • Removable hanger provides capability to hang bananas and grapes

It is made of metal/steel and has a little basket for a base. The great thing about this headphone stand DIY project is that you automatically get yourself a cable holder or a holder for almost anything you want to put there.

Some might ask if this can also have a USB port or auxiliary ports, the answer is, it depends on your imagination and knowhow!

You can put a USB hub and hot glue it to the back of the hanger; you can even add an LED strip to get it to illuminate. Oh the possibilities!


I hope you liked our in depth assessment of all the different headphone stands available.

If you know of any other stands that are worthwhile, please let me know in the comments!

Redragon CENTROPHORUS M601 Review: The Best Budget Gaming Mouse?

Delivered by Redragon, the Redragon Centrophorus M601 is an all in one gaming mouse is catered for fast-twitch players that enjoy responsiveness and quickness in their play. With a price tag of below $30, it’s a steal!

PC Gaming Builds


Redragon Centrophorus M601

  • RGB backlighting
  • Up to 7200dpi
  • Ergonomic, mmo mouse
View Latest Price

We’d Rate The Redragon Centrophorus M601 An 8.5/10!

Redragon Centrophorus M601
  • WIRED GAMING MOUSE WITH SIDE BUTTONS; The Redragon M601 RGB “Centrophorus” is a durable...
  • RGB BACKLIT PROGRAMMABLE PC GAMING MOUSE; with 11 Lighting Effects (Backlight can be disabled),...


Excellent balance price-quality.
3200 DPI with quick toggling.
Sturdy braided cable.
Naturally fit design.
Ergonomically made to protect your hand.


Excessively light weight.
Not as sturdy as it looks like.
Side buttons difficult to maneuver.

Introducing The Redragon CENTROPHORUS M601

The Redragon Centrophorus M601 is a good value, sturdy, modifiable, piece of hardware that truly elevates the experience of gamers, by providing high reflexes without losing accuracy.

Brought into existence by the capable hands of Redragon (or commonly typed “Red Dragon”), this red dragon mouse closes the gap between quality and price, by providing a great experience that usually could only be grasped by paying a high amount of money.

Its beautiful package, great design and impressive specs, invite the buyer to take attention to it, while the price range make it a definite buy.

The People Behind The Redragon Centrophorus M601

Formally part of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), which opened in 1996, Redragon has looked to bring more than 20 years of experience into the design, manufacture and process of gaming related hardware.

This company, which opened its doors in 2012, with a 215,000-foot factory, looks to provide gamers with a product that is not only developed with cutting edge tooling, plastic injection molding, etc, technology, but that is at the same time environmentally responsibly.

The idea behind reforming their former self into this new company comes from the drive of its team to put all their efforts into delivering a quality but affordable end product. To do so, they had to have control of all the production process, that is not only designing and polishing the final product, but also controlling the manufacturing process, which has led to their quick success.

See The Redragon Centrophorus M601 

Redragon Centrophorus – In-Depth Review

The Redragon Centrophorus M601 offers a wide range of specs that usually are difficult to find in other mouses of this price range. Here are 5 main features that highlight the qualities and benefits of this mouse:

  • The red dragon mouse possesses a DPI adjustment of up to 3200 DPI, which can be easily toggleable with its precise mouse wheel for those last second adjustments. Additionally, it offers an output of 4000 frames-per-second respond rate for those needing to balance preciseness and accuracy.
  • The red dragon mouse offers 6 programmable buttons, which gives gamers a variable set of key-binding options for their necessities.
  • The red dragon mouse has An 8-piece weights set on the bottom of the mouse, which provides adjustability for those gamers that enjoy light-weighed mouses or more precise movements.
  • It has a “6ft high-strength braided fiber cable” that prevent damage from hours of gaming and at the same time offers considerable reachability for those users with longer needs.
  • Finally, it does not fall short of other mouses in the industry, by providing a smooth design.

The concept that Reddragon was looking for with the Redragon Centrophorus mouse is an affordable competitive gaming mouse. The need for “instant responsiveness” combined with a simple but ergonomic design is the cornerstone of this project that gets the job done “not in milliseconds but in microseconds.”

Such design devised a mouse with six buttons (2 side buttons are to be controlled by the thumb finger) that looks to fit perfectly in the palm of the hand, while having bigger than average buttons for that always necessary “miss click protection.” This is further enhanced with the eight 2.4-gram weights that balance the mouse and make it steady.

Being a mouse for gamers is something that not only wants to cater on speed/accuracy/responsiveness, but it also looks to offer the latest on what the world has to offer in input device ergonomics. Worried about the health effects that long hours of practicing with a mouse can have on the regular gamer, especially the long-term damages that arthritis and carpal tunnel can have on the body, Redragon looked to input naturally fit curves into a hardware that is designed to be not only resistant against damage, but also leading safe against common mouse exposure illnesses.

Nevertheless, it is important to mention that even though the features of the red dragon mouse point heavily to one used only for gaming, the reality is that it also becomes a great mouse for other activities like web-browsing or designing where sometimes key accurate movements necessary for the perfectionist vector drawer.

Finally, it is beautifully complemented by an attractive set of lights that look to set the mood for long nights of gaming and it is contained in a good-looking box that call’s you to buy it.

What I Like Most About The Redragon Centrophorus M601

What I like the most about this mouse is the great balance of price and quality. This mouse was designed to be a gaming mouse, which means that it looks to bring all the specs that other high ended mouses have and it does not fell short to deliver that promise.

The speed of clicking, the sensitivity, quickness and accuracy of the mouse combine perfectly for any FPS enthusiast, like me, that enjoys fast-twitch gaming. I enjoy having the reliability of toggling the DPI so easily with a mouse wheel that feels great at touch.

Other perks that complement beautifully this mouse and that I love are the natural fit on the hand, the slick design that greatly complements with my PC gear and the sturdiness of the cable that gives me security while playing.

See The Redragon Centrophorus M601 

What I Think Could Be Better

It is not easy to find many things to dislike about this mouse, especially by taking into account the limitations that a mouse of this price range usually has, but not any invention is free of some shortcomings.

Firstly, even though it has a set of 8-weights that look to provide maneuverability on the desired weight of the red dragon mouse, it still feels “too light” with even all of them on. Compared to other mouses in the market, it gives the impression that it only works on 2 weights either slightly heavy or super light, which means that it actually fell short of the sensation needed for other genres of gaming, where usually a heavier weight is the rule.

Secondly, even though having only 6 buttons feels right (must of us only have 5 fingers after all), I still feel that the side buttons are a little bit difficult to maneuver. They take some time to get used to and even after that, it still seems limited the instances that I use both of them.

Finally, it might be beyond saying but even with the nice price tag the red dragon mouse still feels weak in comparison of other sturdier (and expensive) mouses, which makes me doubt on how much it can actually resist after long hours of abuse.

Redragon Centrophorus M601
  • WIRED GAMING MOUSE WITH SIDE BUTTONS; The Redragon M601 RGB “Centrophorus” is a durable...

Who Would I Recommend It For?

Initially, I would like to recommend this piece of hardware to new gamers that are starting to feel the advantages of having more reliable equipment. After exhausting the possibilities that bring a “family PC mouse”, I would like to introduce the Redragon Centrophorus M601to those that have not felt the difference on “milliseconds reactions” that a gaming mouse can provide.

“Intermediate” and “hardcore gamers” are not out of the list of those who can beneficiate from this particular piece of hardware. “Intermediate gamers” can find the adjustability of the weights of the mouse and the changes of DPI as a great first experience into other pieces of hardware, while not having to empty their bank account.

Finally, for those that expend hours and hours perfecting their techniques in their preferred game, this mouse can become an affordable second or third mouse in case of urgency. Even tennis players carry more than one sturdy racket around.


For less than 30 dollars this mouse is the best that you can get and I do not mean that in the negative sense of the phrase, but rather is unbelievably the amount of craftsmanship and thought that this mouse has if you only read its price tag.

The people at Red Dragon made a fantastic job at building a mouse “made for all”, which at the same time fell short of its own great scope, that is in things like its weight and apparent sturdiness. Nevertheless, it is the perfect choice for those “new gamers” that are starting to enjoy playing with more reliable machines. The M601 Red Dragon Centrophorus does not feel like a one-time love, but rather will probably stick with you for long hours.

See The Redragon Centrophorus M601 

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Logitech G105 Gaming Keyboard Review:

For those looking for a budget gaming keyboard, the Logitech G105 is a steal!

We’d Rate The Logitech G105 An 8.5/10

Logitech G105 Review – Introduction

Over the years, Logitech as a brand has established a very strong reputation in the gaming industry with its range of widely available gaming accessories. Right from PCs to high-end gaming consoles, Logitech’s range of gaming accessories includes all. The Logitech gaming peripherals are famous not only for their superior quality but also for its affordability, which makes it one of the most preferred brands among beginners to avid pro gamers.

Here, we will be providing a Logitech G105 review.


Logitech G105 great Keyboard

  • Long-life blue LED backlighting
  • 6 programmable G keys
  • Anti-ghosting technology
View Latest Price

First and foremost this Gaming Keyboard is a membrane type keyboard.

As a quick aside, membrane keyboards are more resistant against dirt and liquids than most mechanical keyboards. Membrane keys, however, tend to be less durable over time and have less of a tactile feedback.

If you’re looking for a mechanical keyboard – we have a list of the best mechanical keyboards under $100.

The Logitech G105 comes with a nice build quality enough to sustain some intensive gaming action and deliver uninterrupted and seamless fun. The keyboard also hosts a range of features like backlight LEDs for keys suitable in low-light conditions, anti-ghosting technology, programmable G-keys, time sensitive keystroke recording and much more.

Please read on to see more of our Logitech G105 review!

Logitech G105 great Keyboard
  • Long-life blue LED backlighting: Select from two brightness levels to easily see keys in the...


Programmable keys with 18 macro options
Very affordable
Good on-board features like anti-ghosting and game mode switch
Sufficient key-spacing with quick access to keys
Decent build quality


Only for beginners and not mid or pro levels gamers
Keys sticking issues over the use of one year
No tactile feedback like mechanical keyboard

Logitech G105 Review – Design

The Logitech G105 Keyboard not only performs well, but is also very stylish with its gamer-centric design. At the first glimpse, you can make out that the keyboard has got fine smooth edges. A peculiar thing about its design is that the keyboard bottom has got a gradual slope at the center. The slope offers sufficient space for your palm to rest by relieving any pressure felt on your wrists. This keyboard does not come with a wrist wrest however.

Another thing in this keyboard design which grabs a quick attention are the two small handle like openings to the top, near the cable region. Not quite sure of the intended purpose, but yes, good enough and it also gives off a sporty vibe.

The positioning of keys is nicely done overall. The programmable macro G-Keys are placed vertically to the left for quicker accessibility without looking at the keyboard. Positioning of the keys are open for debate, some feel that they are too close on the left hand side that they can be easily hit while in the heat of a game.

Spacing between the keys is sufficiently maintained for easy manoeuvrability of fingers. At the top, you have the profile section keys to the left corner, while the top-center hosts the Logitech key and the brightness key.

Logitech offers two levels of adjustable brightness for back-lit illumination. The blue light emanates from the key characters and is sufficient to spot the keys quickly in dark and low-light conditions.

Overall, the keyboard features quite a decent profile in terms of design and finish.

Logitech G105 Review – Features

Six Programmable Keys:

This is one of the most sought after features loved by almost every gamer. Programming and customizing keys help to perform complex actions with absolute simplicity.

For example; trigger multiple shots at the target by just pressing the programmed key for one time. With six G-keys and three modes, you can customize up to 18 unique combinations for different actions.

Additionally, the G-Keys can be programmed for a variety of different purposes like changing mouse DPI levels on-the-go, activate your microphone to talk with friends or send predetermined texts to the team in multi-player gaming and much more.

This is the most powerful part of this keyboard.

If you want to read more about the Logitech Gaming Software & macros – you can read about it on Logitech’s website here.

Anti-Ghosting Technology:

This is basically handling of multi-key inputs at a time. Like open the door, perform the dive and change the gun. All these can be done in less than a second. The Logitech G105 Gaming Keyboard can take up to six simultaneous key inputs at a time and deliver seamless and uninterrupted performance without any skip.

Backlight Illumination:

All the keys on the keyboard come with LED backlighting which can be set at two different levels of brightness or can be completely turned off. This ensures that your gaming sessions are left uninterrupted even in dark and low-light conditions.

Game Mode Switch:

This turns out to be one of the key features of the Logitech G105. This switch acts as an instant toggle between the gaming mode or normal computing. Imagine you are in the middle of an intense gaming session and accidentally you press the ‘Windows’ key. It would surely ruin your experience. With Game Mode Switch you can prevent such accidents and enjoy a hassle free experience on-the-go.

Quick Media Access:

The function keys at the top will allow users to perform quick media function like controlling volume and play, pause, mute actions in a convenient manner.

Gaming Software:

The Logitech Gaming Software offers an intuitive and easy to understand interface to set up various commands and controls. The most appealing feature of the software is that it is smart enough to scan your machine instantly and set up profiles for all the games you have installed.Moreover, with easy drag-and-drop setting the software offers instant customisations on-the-go.

See The Logitech G105 Membrane Keyboard 

Logitech G105 Review – What I Like

Our Logitech G105 review wouldn’t be complete without starting on price and affordability. At the current price of this keyboard, it is extremely difficult (if not impossible) to find another keyboard in the same price range that offers as many features. While I spoke about mechanical keyboards above, it is truly difficult to bring that comparison any more. The keys on this board are significantly more tactile than other membrane keyboards. Another benefit of membrane keys are that they are much quieter when typing.

You may be able to find a mechanical keyboard that has backlighting – but often the lighting of these keyboards are dim and hardly worth it – I find the backlighting on this keyboard to be very good overall.

Logitech G105 review

The macro recording feature is typically left to boards that are more expensive.
For the macro recording alone, this keyboard is an absolutely great find and I think is understated. For such a cheap price you can do so many things with the macro recording. I would suggest this is a keyboard not just for gaming, but for anyone looking to eliminate those annoying repetitive keyboard tasks for “regular” use. You could, for instance, assign a huge block of text that you frequently type to a macro and save yourself time

I listen to quite a bit of music on my computer as well so having the multimedia keys there for me to pause and play music is a must have (albeit not dedicated keys).

Warranty – this keyboard comes with a 3 year limited hardware warranty. Keep in mind the warranty is only for normal wear and tear – if you spilled a drink on it…you’re out of luck.

What I Think Could Be Better

It’s actually quite difficult to bring up features that could be better in this Logitech G105 review – again when you compare it to others in this price range.

Since this keyboard is a gaming one, I still feel I need to compare it to the traditional mechanical keys.

To some, the keys are quiet and mushy and take a little effort to trigger actions without any kind of tactile feedback. Tactile feedback plays a crucial role in competitive gaming as it gives a sense of confidence to the gamers while playing.

Moreover, the membrane type keyboard is far below in comparison to the robustness of keys while comparing to a mechanical keyboard. Also, there is a chance you might complain about its build quality over the period of longer use as the silicon keys have a tendency to fade away or stick upon the press and trigger unwanted actions. Keep in mind however, there is the 3 year warranty to look at.

Logitech G105 great Keyboard
  • Long-life blue LED backlighting: Select from two brightness levels to easily see keys in the...

Logitech G105 Review – Conclusion

While concluding from the above-discussed factors, it seems that the Logitech G105 Gaming Keyboard can certainly be a good choice for all those performing simple computing tasks daily as well for all the casual gamers and beginners. Available for very cheap, it certainly beats other competitors in this range, in terms of performance and available functionalities.

The special key-programming functions are quite handy and easy to setup and deliver decent performance with absolutely no errors.

If you take a look at the Logitech G105 reviews on Amazon, there are over 800 reviews at 4.3 stars, showing that this keyboard is quite well received.

While if you are a pro-level gamer and expecting some more than this, you might end up in disappointment. This keyboard is certainly not a piece of device you can proudly carry to high-level gaming competitions.

Overall, looking to pricing, features, build quality and other aspects, the Logitech G105 certainly offer value for your money.

I hope you enjoyed this Logitech G105 review – please sign up for our newsletter for more great content.

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Xiberia Gaming Headset Review: Should You Buy It?

Introducing The: XIBERIA Gaming Headset

When it comes to gaming, having a reliable pair of headphones is an essential part of any gamer’s set up.

With that in mind, the XIBERIA Gaming Headset crushes it. Offering clear and crisp binaural sound, but also in terms of its integration with PC and Macs. It also stands out from other competing brands in part because of its extreme comfort (perfect for that long hour binge gaming sesh) and durability.


XIBERIA Gaming Headset

  • Resonating bass
  • Skin-friendly material
  • Supports multiple devices
View Latest Price

Many other headsets that fall into the same class and price range often don’t offer the same degree of support and adjustable features. The headphones have decent padded interior which ensures 360 degree immersion without feeling like you’re carrying around a massive piece of gear on your head.


The Cost!
Good sound quality
Built in volume & mute control
Thick USB cable


Lights don’t turn off
Head size may be an issue (small or large)
May not block noise perfectly (e.g. no max vol. in the library!)

The People Behind The XIBERIA Gaming Headset

The WCA (or World Cyber Arena) is one of the largest eminent gaming matches across the world . There is something fitting about the fact that the XIBERIA Gaming Headsets are specifically designed with their organizations purpose.

The Chinese company behind their production have only really been in the market for the past two years; However, combined with extremely reasonable prices and a pretty reliable track record in terms of quality and customer satisfaction, they’ve quickly risen to become one of the more popular headphones for both avid and moderate gamers alike.

In-Depth Review

Essentially, what you see if what you get – and when it comes to the XIBERIA Gaming Headset, there’s something a bit comforting about that. Both headphones are connected via two lightweight and flexible bands, and attached to a floating leather band that’s wide enough to distribute the weight of the entire headset.

Over time you can expect the elastic to sag a bit, but if you take care of your headset they have more than a few years in them. The headphones themselves are well-built and heavily padded with PU leather, and allows for hours of gameplay without becoming painful. Keep in mind it’s crucial to adjust them to the dimensions of your own head beforehand!.

People with small heads have found some disparities in terms of getting the headphones to sit comfortably, but one thing XIBERIA has routinely attempted to do (or so it seems) is steer away from overly ‘tight’ setups that crush the speakers into your ears.

Overall, they also have a really elegant balance in terms of sound levels – whether you’re immersed in a video game war zone with exploding shells all around you, or you’re walking through a creepy mansion and want to pick up on the most nuanced noises, the XIBERIA brand tends to accommodate both of these without distortion.

The omnidirectional microphone complements the setup, and is rated to about 38 decibels give or take, meaning that you’ll have no problem communicating clearly and directly with your friends, especially in those moments when teamwork is paramount. The XIBERIA Gaming Headsets also function just as well for watching videos and movies or listening to music, and they have an impressive range on their bass.

There have been some variable reports on the quality of sound, but again taking advantage of their warranty is always an option.

Another small drawback, however, is that even though they are marketed as having noise cancellation properties (and for the most part this holds true), the sound out is not quite the same – depending on the fit of your headphones you can expect from noise leakage. The potential noise leakage is something to take into consideration if you plan to be listening to your tunes at max volume while your girlfriend/boyfriend sleeps beside you!

An added feature is the inline volume control and a mute button, so you can easily experiment with your own fine tuning of audio levels to find one that suits.

Another benefit that the XIBERIA Gaming Headset has over other headphones is the durability of their cable. At 7 feet long, it allows for you to go a decent distance when you’re AFK or having your setup across the room.

The cable is also not so long as to require minutes of bundling it up when you have to travel somewhere. The fact that the cable itself is also strong and covered in a harder less flexible shell than conventional rubber cables on cheaper speakers is also a big bonus, since often times this is where normal wear and tear tends to be localized.

The heavy ‘anchoring’ of the power cable to the headphones themselves was promising, and probably responsible for the 18 month guarantee that every XIBERIA Gaming Headset comes with.

It would have been nicer to see some longer warranties available, but again considering the demographics of people who are likely to purchase this kind of headset – high to medium caliber gamers who put a lot of hours on their gear – it’s pretty reasonable given the price.

And of course, the price can’t be understated either. Easily within the $20-40 range, you’re getting a lot of bang for your buck, so XIBERIA can be forgiven for some of their drawbacks given that other headphones can easily set you back hundreds of dollars. It’s easy

Save The XIBERIA Gaming Headset For Later
Add To Cart

What I Like About The XIBERIA Gaming Headset

As a gamer ourselves, there’s a significant advantage in having a headset that cooperates with all elements of itself. The XIBERIA gaming headset manages to offer a surround sound system capable of delivering very clear output, and a really reliable omnidirectional mic, without having to sacrifice quality in either.

I don’t like having a mic right in front of my face all the time, but even when I adjusted it so that it was to the side, it was still able to pick up my voice perfectly. As a gamer, having that inline volume control is also extremely helpful for making minute adjustments while in the middle of a match (or, conversely, being able to quickly mute if you need to).

Lastly, I also really appreciated the durability of the cord – both in terms of preventing ‘kinks’ in it that can affect sound quality over time, and in terms of having a strong attachment to the USB and the headphones themselves. For a price-to-quality ratio, it’s difficult to find a better deal…Just don’t expect any fancy packaging!

What I Think Could Be Better

The sound leakage could definitely be an issue for some, and although I haven’t tried it out solely as a sound cancelling pair of headphones, my initial experience with them is that this probably isn’t the case. That doesn’t mean they don’t work very well as headphones and what I use them for, but if you’re hoping for all the benefits of actual noise cancelling headsets (say, for long distance flights, etc.) then you might be a little disappointed.

In general, I haven’t experienced any problems with comfort, but there definitely seems to be a margin for error in terms of adjustability for certain head sizes, and this can be compounded by the fact that they don’t have the “tight” fit ascribed to other headsets in this style.

Who Would I Recommend It For?

THE XIBERIA Gaming headset is certainly geared more toward the gamer community – especially those who want a cheap alternative to some of the more custom and expensive headsets on the market.

I think this would also make a great addition to classroom settings or academic situations, such as language learning (Rosetta Stone, for example), since it has unparalleled mic capabilities and doesn’t seem to fall into the trap that other cheaper or shoddier headsets fall into, which is sound degradation.


The XIBERIA gaming series of headsets were definitely made for people who have a love of games, and who have been gaming long enough to know what they like and what they don’t like.

Comfortable headphones that endeavor to rest lightly on the head, while still providing an adequate degree of suction and coverage, means you’ll never miss a sound – even when an enemy NPC sneaking up behind you.

Best Monitor For CS:GO Players: Dominate On Any Budget!

Counter Strike: Global Offensive (commonly referred to as CS:GO) is an online first-person shooter game that has taken the world by storm. Gamers not only compete online against friends and rivals, but they also form teams that compete in big competitions for cash prizes.

If you are a CS:GO player, then you know how important a quality monitor is to your game. Being able to have a clear vision of the playing field can mean the difference between victory and defeat, and having a lame gaming monitor can easily spell the end of your CS:GO career.


Acer GN246HL BBid 24-inch

  • Ideal for advanced full HD gaming
  • Comes with VGA, DVI & HDMI inputs
  • Rapid 1ms response time
View Latest Price

Asus VG245H 24 inchFull HD 1080p

  • 75Hz refresh rate
  • Ergonomically designed stand
  • 1ms response rate
View Latest Price

ASUS VX238H 23-Inch Full HD Wide-Screen Gaming Monitor

  • 23" HD LED monitor
  • 1ms response time
  • Eye care technology w/ flicker free imagery
View Latest Price

Samsung 32-inch Curved LED Monitor

  • 1800R curved screen
  • Built-in game mode technology
  • Excellent contrast ratio
View Latest Price

LG 25UM57 25-Inch Screen LED-lit Monitor

  • 2560 x 1080 resolution
  • 250cd/m2 brightness
  • Split screen capable
View Latest Price

AOC Agon AG241QX 24" Gaming Monitor

  • 24" HD resolution gaming monitor
  • 144Hz refresh rate
  • 4 year warranty
View Latest Price

BenQ ZOWIE XL2411P 24 Inch 144Hz Gaming Monitor

  • 144Hz refresh rate
  • 1ms response time
  • Color vibrance technology
View Latest Price

ASUS PB287Q 28″ 4K Gaming Monitor

  • 28" 4K display
  • Eye care technlogy system built-in
  • High-quality digital signal frequency
View Latest Price

AOC G2460PF 24” Gaming Monitor

  • 5.1" adjustable height
  • 1ms response time
  • Versatile connectivity capabilities
View Latest Price

ASUS VG248QE 24" Full HD 1920x1080 144Hz 1ms HDMI Gaming Monitor

  • 2W stereo speakers
  • Full HD display
  • 4 mode color temperature selection
View Latest Price

Acer Predator Z35P bmiphz 35" Curved 1800R QHD (3440x1440) NVIDIA G-SYNC VA Monitor

  • 35" curved UltraWide screen
  • 100Hz refresh rate
  • Ultra low motion blur
View Latest Price

ASUS ROG Swift PG348Q 34" Gaming Monitor

  • 34" IPS panel
  • 3 yrear warranty
  • Low blue light and flickering technology
View Latest Price

AOC Agon AG271QX 27" Gaming Monitor

  • 27" TN panel
  • 350cd/m2 brightness
  • Wall mountable unit
View Latest Price

Acer Predator XB281HK bmiprz 28-inch UHD (3840x2160) NVIDIA G-SYNC Monitor

  • 1ms response time
  • VESA mount standard
  • Reduced screen flickering
View Latest Price

Dell Gaming S2716DG 27.0″ Gaming Monitor

  • Brilliant jitter free graphics
  • Fully customizable setup
  • 3.0 USB supported
View Latest Price

Today we will be taking a look at the best monitors you can buy if you are a CS:GO player. These monitors will be broken down into three different price ranges: Budget, Mid-Range, and High-End, so that you can find the monitor that fits both your gaming and financial needs.

Note: Click on the tabs to show alternate content!

Review Criteria: How We Chose These Monitors

When reviewing these monitors, we took a look at the aspects that would best benefit a player of the FPS genre, in particular CS:GO. This included taking into consideration things such as clarity, colors, and resolution. All these aspects can help create a playing field that is clear and easy to see, allowing you to easily spot enemies and objectives on the map.

We also took into consideration some other features that gamers may find essential such as field of vision, connection types, and features that can reduce eye-strain or color fading.

If you feel there are any monitors that we may have missed that warrant being on this list, let me know by commenting below!

Best Budget Monitors For CS:GO

Gaming is an expensive hobby, so a lot of gamers may be on a budget. These monitors are for those people, as all of the following monitors are of a good quality while still coming up to a price that is under the $200 dollar mark.

Also Note: Prices do fluctuate so if something is a little bit above the determined price that’s why!

1. The Acer GN246HL BBid 24-inch Gaming Monitor

Best Gaming monitor under 200


Quick 1ms Response time
Ports for HDMI, VGA, and DVI
Can be connected to your tablet or smartphone
Energy Efficient
144HZ Refresh Rate!


Picture brightness can be inconsistent
No built-in speakers
Bezel And Stand Leave Much To Be Desired

The Acer GN246HL is one of many products offered by the computer giants known as Acer. In this budget offering from the company, we get many features that CS:GO players will love.

Chief among these features is the super-quick, 1ms response time of the monitor. This response time will allow for quick and latency-free gameplay, which will make it easier to spot objectives and enemies in heated matches. That’s impressive, but what really sets this monitor apart is the fact that it also features a 144hz response rate which is almost unheard of at this price range!

For those looking for many connection options, the GN246HL has ports for multiple HD options, such as VGA, HDMI, and DVI, as well as the ability to connect smart devices up to your monitor if you so choose. In addition to this, the monitor is very energy efficient, meaning you won’t drive up the electric bill too much while using the monitor.

As far as drawbacks, users of the monitor tend to have issues concerning the brightness of the screen, with some reporting that it either comes out-of-box too bright or too dim, with adjustment of the settings doing little to remedy the issue. But, just like the bears and their porridge, more often than not you will find a monitor whose brightness is just right. The bezels are also a tad bit too big for my tastes!

Despite this issue and the small problem of no built-in speakers, there isn’t much negative to talk about with the Acer GN246HL, making it a great choice for CS:GO players on a budget looking for lightning-quick gameplay.

2. ASUS 24-Inch Full HD FreeSync Gaming Monitor

Asus VG245H 24 inchFull HD 1080p 1ms...
  • 1ms response time featuring ASUS Game Fast Input Technology and dual HDMI ports for a...
  • ASUS Eye Care technology with flicker free and blue light filter to minimize eye...


Uses “Eye Care” technology to reduce eye-strain
Automatically syncs to your graphics card
Custom visual options for gaming
Full-swivel stand


Low-light modes produce muddy visuals
No DVI options

ASUS is another name that is very familiar to the PC gaming crowd, providing many quality monitors and other computer products to the consumer. One such product is this budget monitor, the Full HD FreeSync Gaming Monitor.

The FreeSync gets its name from the monitor’s ability to automatically sync up with whatever graphics card your gaming build might be using. This allows you to jump right into a CS:GO match without too much need for adjusting the monitor’s settings.

Should you choose to adjust the settings for your monitor, you will find a plethora of visual options available to you that are designed with games in mind to give your experience the most vibrant, clear color option available. Added options to help your viewing experience include the use of “Eye Care” technology to help reduce eye-strain while gaming, and a full-swivel base that allows you to get the best angle to snipe the opponent.

Of these visual options, the only bad ones are those for low-light settings, as these settings tend to wash out the colors on-screen, creating muddy and unclear visuals. In addition to this, while HDMI support is very much welcome, there is no support for users looking to connect through DVI, as there exists no port for this connection.

When you play CS:GO, you will want monitors that can provide you with clear and fast, lag-free visuals. You get all that and more at a great price with the ASUS Full HD FreeSync Gaming Monitor.

Other Great CSGO Gaming Monitors On A Budget!

ASUS VX238H 23-Inch Full HD Wide-Screen Gaming Monitor

ASUS 23-inch Full HD Wide-Screen Gaming...
  • Elegant sundial-inspired design 23-inch with Full HD LED monitor
  • ASUS Eye care technology with Flicker free for less Eye fatigue. Audio Features - Stereo...

ASUS has more than one trick up its sleeve when it comes to gaming monitors, and they bring us another great budget option for CS:GO players with their Wide-Screen offering.

This lightweight monitor has a great contrast ratio for a budget monitor at 80,000,000:1, providing sharp colors and deep blacks. Despite the vibrancy that this contrast provides all your games, the monitor still maintains a fast, 1ms response time, giving you a latency-free gaming experience.

If you happen to be lacking speakers of your own, then you will be happy to know that there are two HDMI compatible speakers built into the monitor. These speakers are not of the best quality and are sometimes very quiet, but they provide a viable option for those looking to save some cash on buying speakers for their build.

If there is anything to knock against the ASUS Wide-Screen, it is that it is impossible to mount on a wall out of the box. This means that some jimmy-rigging is required, but is overall not a major negative against the monitor.

For what it is capable out of the box, the ASUS Full HD Wide-Screen Gaming Monitor is more than worth the purchase, giving players of CS:GO and other games more quality than they would get from a lot of other monitors in the price range.

Samsung CF390 Curved 24-Inch Monitor

Samsung 32 inch CF391 Curved Monitor...
  • 1800R curvature of the screen provides a truly immersive viewing experience
  • An ultra-slim and sleek profile that measures less than 05 inch thick The simple circular stand...

These days Samsung is a company that is more well known for its phones and smart devices, but they also offer a lot of quality electronics in other departments as well, including computer monitors. These monitors include selections such as this gaming monitor, the Samsung CF390.

Featuring a curved screen and a 3000:1 contrast ratio, the CF390 immerses you in your game like few others. These two features allow you to be surrounded by your games, which will be detailed in vibrant and deep colors, giving you the feeling of being right there on the front lines.

With vibrant colors such as these come a few downsides, namely that the monitor can be susceptible to dead pixels, which can create bleeding and an ugly aesthetic on-screen. Luckily, this occurrence doesn’t happen to everyone, and it can sometimes be avoided altogether using the monitor’s low-light mode, which dims the screen a bit and also prevents eyestrain.

Set-up of the monitor can be very easy as well, thanks to the auto-sync ability that the CF390 has. This allows the monitor to automatically sync up with your graphics card, letting you spend less time adjusting settings and more time racking up frags.

What seems to be a ghost that haunts Samsung and effects this monitor as well is that sometimes the product can arrive defective, but this issue is easily remedied with a quick return of the item to the manufacturer. Problems such as this should not turn you off from trying this monitor out because otherwise, you would be missing out on one of the best and brightest gaming monitors you can buy in the Samsung CF390.

LG Electronics UM57 25-Inch Monitor

LG 25UM57 25-Inch Screen LED-lit Monitor
  • Resolution: 2560 x 1080 Resolution (WFHD)
  • Brightness: 250 cd/m2 Brightness

Our next budget monitor comes courtesy of LG Electronics with their UM27 25UM57 monitor, and it is a monitor that, despite the price, will give you even more than you could want if you are a CS:GO player.

This monitor has 21:9 “Ultrawide” HD support, which gives a wide-screen experience that is unlike that you can find elsewhere. This also allows the monitor to display split-screen up to four ways, allowing you to easily have chat dialog windows open while in a match on another part of the screen.

Should you use multi-monitor displays or are viewing the screen from various angles, the screen is able to keep colors bright and accurate, allowing for clear viewing from every direction. For those that are a bit Eco-conscious, this monitor is Energy Star approved, meaning it will not consume much electricity while in use.

With the good of the LG UM57 25UM57 comes the bad, unfortunately, which includes the fact that there are only ports for HDMI connections on the monitor. What is an even bigger issue than this, however, is that this monitor has some longevity issues, with some users reporting dead pixels and monitor failure within months of making a purchase.

This can make the LG UM57 25UM57 a bit of a gamble to take, but it is one that can pay off with some of the best visuals available from a budget monitor.

Best Mid-Range Monitors For CS:GO

While budget monitors are good, sometimes you need a bit more to give you the edge in the competitive CS:GO environments. For those gamers that need more features and don’t mind spending a bit extra, these mid-range monitors, with prices between $200 and $400 dollars, are the way to go.

AOC AG241QX Agon 24″ Gaming Monitor

AOC Agon AG241QX 24" Gaming Monitor, QHD...
  • AOC Gaming Agon 24" (23.8" Viewable) Professional grade gaming monitor with 2560 x 1440 quad HD...
  • Blistering Fast 144Hz refresh rate, rapid 1ms response with premium TN panel


Contains multiple ports for connections and USB
2560×1440 Resolution
Fully adjustable positioning
Multiple audio options


None to speak of

When it comes to mid-range monitors for CS:GO, you want something that will give you more gaming potential than your average monitor. Luckily, that is just what you get with the nearly-flawless AOC AG241QX Agon.

The Agon has an unbelievable 2560×1440 resolution, which, in combination with a 50 mil:1 contrast ratio, brings your CS:GO matches to life in high-quality HD and bright colors. To help give your game immersive sound along with the visuals, the monitor includes many options for audio, including headphone-out, PC Audio-in, and both built-in and external speaker support.

A wide range of options are further given to the player thanks to the many ports for HDMI, DVI, and VGA connections, as well as a plethora of USB ports. If you are looking to adjust the pivot and height of your monitor, or if you want to wall mount the product, the Agon is fully adjustable to the player’s needs, with a full-swivel stand and being wall mounting capable out of the box.

AOC certainly outdid themselves with this offering, with the AG241QX Agon being one of the best and most immersive mid-range monitors for CS:GO players.

BenQ ZOWIE XL2411 Professional Gaming Monitor

BenQ ZOWIE XL2411P 24 Inch 144Hz Gaming...
  • Lightning-fast 144 Hz refresh rate performance for a smooth gaming experience.
  • 1ms Response Time (GTG) to eliminate ghosting and lag, providing the optimal gaming experience....

If anything, the BenQ Zowie gets your attention immediately with its outlandish name alone. Spend a little time with this mid-range monitor, however, and you will see that there is a lot more here that deserves your attention.

For starters is the preset resolution options for many different genres of games, including First-person shooters. This gives the user a visual presentation that is suited to the game they are playing at the time, giving games like CS:GO the attention to detail and depth of field that you will need in competitive play.

To help you to see in dark areas in game, the Zowie has a built-in feature that automatically adjusts darkness, allowing for improved visibility. If you want to further customize your own viewing experience, the Zowie has image-scaling options, which allows you to adjust the size of the on-screen display, which makes this monitor a great option for displaying multiple screens at once.

The only major knock against the Zowie is that the monitor is advertised as having a refresh rate of 144hz when in reality this number is much lower at 60hz. This would not have been much of an issue had the company put the right numbers up in its advertisement, but it is worth mentioning so that potential buyers are not led astray.

With the amount of versatility this monitor has for gamers, including those that may choose to play on home consoles, it’s no wonder this is one of the best monitors available. For multiple options available to give you the edge in CS:GO, the BenQ Zowie will not disappoint!

Other Great CS:GO Mid-Range Monitors

ASUS PB287Q 28″ 4K Gaming Monitor

ASUS PB287Q 28" 4K/ UHD 3840x2160 1ms...
  • See every detail in 28-inch true 4K display with 3840 x 2160 UHD resolution, 157 pixels per...
  • ASUS Eye care technology with Flicker free for less Eye fatigue; Ergonomically-designed stand...

ASUS once again shows up in our article on CS:GO monitors, this time with their mid-range option known as the PB287Q.

While this is technically a “mid-range” monitor, the price is $399 dollars, meaning that after tax and shipping, this item can come up to well our mid-range $400 dollar mark. This price is worth every penny when considering the full 4K HD support and multitude of visual options.

This wide range of options includes many custom color set-ups for gamers, including presets that are catered to FPS games such as CS:GO. The image quality is maintained even when using the included Picture-in-Picture option, which allows viewing of multiple screens at once, and the included eye-care visual options which help to reduce eye-strain.

What does affect the picture quality of the monitor is an unfortunate back-light bleeding issue that has plagued a number of users. The backlight bleeding makes the image on screen lose its quality in time and has caused many gamers a few headaches.

Thankfully ASUS has included a 3-year warranty and free return shipping that can help put worries at ease if this problem arises. For this reason, it is worth taking a chance on the ASUS PB287Q, because it gives you many 4K resolution benefits that far outweigh the negatives.

AOC G2460PF 24-Inch Professional Gaming Monitor

AOC G2460PF 24” Gaming Monitor,...
  • 24" Class LED Monitor (24" Viewable) Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution, 144hz Response Rate
  • AMD FreeSync technology provides the smoothest gaming experience. Height adjust amount- 5.1...

Frames-per-second is an important aspect of many games, especially CS:GO where smooth frame rate can help give you the edge. This is why having a monitor that can boast smooth frame rate is essential and is something that helps make the AOC G2460PF a strong choice of mid-range monitor.

This monitor sports an impressive 144hz response rate, which helps to display the maximum possible frame rate on screen without tearing or distortion. This is aided by the AMD-Compatible FreeSync technology that the monitor has, which will adapt to your graphics card to give you the best possible high-speed gaming experience.

This impressive speed does come at the cost of the colors on screen, however, with some of the colors being a bit washed out and duller than some other monitors in the price range. This downside can be a big deal for making out certain objects on screen, but with the smooth FPS provided by the FreeSync and response time, this problem equals itself out a bit.

With the many ports on this monitor, including a fast-charge USB port, you have many display and add-on options available to you, including the capability of substituting the sub-par built-in speakers of the monitor. For those that have a need to adjust their monitor to their specifications, the monitor’s base is fully adjustable for tilt and height, and the option to wall mount is there if you so choose.

Even though this may not be the best monitor for those looking for bright and vibrant color options, the high-speed potential of this monitor can not be overstated. This is why we highly recommend the AOC G2460PF.

ASUS VG278HV 27-inch Gaming Monitor

Asus VG248QE 24" Full HD 1920x1080 144Hz...
  • Ultra smooth action with 144 Hertz rapid refresh rate and 1ms (GTG) response time; Display...
  • Ergonomically designed stand with Tilt,Swivel,Pivot,Height adjustment plus wall mount...

While many of the monitors we will cover today have plenty of visual options available to CS:GO players, there aren’t as many that have the kind of unique features you can get with the ASUS VG248QE, which bills itself as the “de facto tournament monitor for eSports.”

The unique features that we are talking about come from the “GamePlus” options the monitor is included with. “GamePlus” allows gamers to hotkey various different types of on-screen cross-hairs for their game as well as allows you to view in-game information such as spawn time, which is information that any CS:GO player would like to have on hand.

While playing the game you will be allowed to get fast and high frame rate thanks to the 144hs refresh and 1ms response rate of the monitor. This option is only available to those using non-AMD brand GPU, however, as the monitor is not compatible with any AMD products.

One issue with the monitor that has affected a few users is the problem of dead pixels, which create a distraction while gaming and can make your display ugly. While this issue has cropped up a few times, it does not appear to be widespread enough to cause much concern.

With the unique options available to the consumer, the ASUS VG248QE is a monitor that most CS:GO gamers will want to take a look at, and is a mid-range monitor that lives up to its claim of being the “de facto tournament monitor for eSports.”

Best High-End Monitors For CS:GO

So you have played a few CS:GO tournaments and have won yourself a little spending cash that you are looking to spend on the best monitor possible. If that’s the case, these high-end monitors, all with price-points over $400 dollars, maybe right up your alley.

Acer Predator Z35P 35″ Gaming Monitor

Acer Predator Z35P bmiphz 35" Curved...
  • 35" QHD Curved 1800R UltraWide Screen with 3440 x 1440 resolution
  • Refresh Rate: 100Hz - Using Display Port

When playing CS:GO, you may oftentimes find yourself feeling like a “predator” as you stalk your enemies and take them down, so why not have a monitor that helps you feel this way? This is exactly what the aptly named Acer Predator Z35P does!

The curved display and NVIDIA auto-syncing capability of this monitor help you to immerse yourself in your game by surrounding you with sharp colors at a smooth frame rate. If you need even more immersion than you already get with this, the Predator comes built with two high-end speakers that give you unparalleled sound to go with your visuals.

Should something not seem right with the colors displayed on-screen, the Predator has an option that is catered to gamers that allows them to customize color intensity, darkness, and in-game displays. These custom pallets can then be saved to one of four profiles, allowing you to switch to your custom setup at the press of a button.

One caveat of the visual provided by the Predator is the potential for some motion blurring on-screen. While by no means is this blurring too severe, it can cause a bit of a distraction while you are in the middle of a match, and can easily take you off of your CS:GO game.

This one problem aside, there is a lot of value to be found with this monitor. While the price may be a bit high for this product, the Acer Predator is a gaming monitor that can help take your CS:GO game to the next level.

Asus ROG PG348Q 34″ Ultra-Wide Curved Gaming Monitor

ASUS ROG Swift PG348Q 34" Gaming Monitor...
  • 34 inches 1440p IPS panel?with?NVIDIA G SYNC Technology?and?100 Hertz Refresh Rate?deliver...
  • Curved Ultra wide 21:9 Aspect Ratio?maximizes immersion by expanding the display right to the...

When you are looking to buy a high-end monitor for CS:GO, you want something that gives you a field of view and speed that you can’t get with cheaper monitors. For these features, look no further than the Asus ROG PG348Q.

The PG348Q has a wide, curved screen that allows you to become immersed in your games. With the addition of G-Sync capability, which allows you to sync your GPU with your monitor, and the ability to adjust your frame rate with the press of a button, you will get a clear and consistent image that will let you spot obstacles anywhere around you without issue.

Much like other monitors, this ASUS monitor gives you a full range of motion from its base, allowing you to adjust it to your liking. No matter what height or angle you choose to have the monitor in the image on screen will not lose its intensity as it maintains its color from every direction.

While the range of motion the base provides is good, the base itself is quite large and can take up a good amount of space on your desk. Another issue that you may also come across with this monitor is that, should you put the monitor into sleep mode, you may find that you will need to power cycle your monitor to get your signal back.

Even though the loss of signal is not preferable, it isn’t a big enough issue to detract from an otherwise great monitor. The ASUS PG348Q is without question one of the best monitors for CS:GO, giving players the performance that they need for intense competition.

Other Great High-End CS:GO Monitors

AOC AG241QG Agon 24″ Gaming Monitor

AOC Agon AG271QX 27" Gaming Monitor, QHD...
  • 27" TN Panel, 2560x1440 Resolution, 144hz Response Time, 1ms, Adaptive Sync
  • Brightness- 350 cd/m2, Dynamic Contrast Ratio- 50,000,000:1,16:9 Aspect Ratio

When it comes to gaming monitors, there are those that are can easily display higher frame rates and those that can overclock said frame rates even further. Then there are monitors like the AOC AG421QG, which can take your games to speeds never seen before.

While most monitors will have anywhere from 60hz to 140hz refresh rate, this AOC monitor has a whopping refresh rate of 165hz! This combines with auto syncing and a 1ms response time to give you high FPS and low latency in beautiful and clear colors.

To make your gaming experience even more visible, there are easy-to-use built-in shadow adjustment features on this monitor, which allows you to adjust your contrast to see better in dark areas. Other built-in features of this AOC monitor are multiple display options for different HD connections and many USB ports for potential add-ons.

You get all this for a price that is barely over the $400 dollar mark, making this one of the more affordable high-end options available. If you ever wanted to see what high-end gaming looks and feels like, the AOC AG421QG may be the most accessible option available.

Acer Predator XB281HK NVIDIA G-Sync Monitor

Acer Predator XB281HK bmiprz 28-inch UHD...
  • 28" UHD (3840 x 2160) Widescreen with NVIDIA G SYNC Technology; Interfaces/Ports: Inputs:...
  • Response Time: 1ms

Admittedly, at first glance, there is not much about the Acer Predator XB281HK does not have too much that stands it apart from the competition. It has very much the same full range of positioning options, bright colors, and multiple connection and USB ports that many others have. So what exactly does this monitor have to offer that makes it worth the price?

The answer to that is the high-quality of the video display. The XB281HK is a full 4K HD monitor, which will give you a picture on the screen that is just as crisp as the colors. This combines with the 3840×2160 wide-screen to give you a clear view of the entire playing field.

While this is certainly a great feature to have, there isn’t much else too unique about this monitor. That said, you will still get a lot of what you are looking for in a monitor, including the aforementioned ports for USB devices and different HD connections, and fast refresh and response rate for latency-free gameplay.

Setup could be a bit easier with this monitor. The menus and calibration options available on the monitor can be a bit confusing to use and hard to navigate, making it a bit hard to get your settings just right.

Once everything is set up, you will find that this monitor is a joy to use. Clarity and range of view can help decide many games of CS:GO, and these are features that you get in spades with the Acer Predator XB281HK.

Dell Gaming S2716DG 27.0″ Gaming Monitor

Dell Gaming S2716DGR 27.0" Screen...
  • Vibrant, jitter free graphics, Fully adjustable setup, Premium support and reliability
  • Built in Devices: USB 3.0 hub

With as many computer products as Dell produces, it is surprising that their offering of good CS:GO monitors is fairly limited. Even so, they do have at least one good offering for CS:GO players in the form of their high-end Gaming S2716DG,

This Dell monitor uses a “Quad-HD” (or QHD) display. While this isn’t quite the quality of 4K, it still gives a picture that is clear enough to put other HD monitors to shame. Making the visual quality even better is the fact that this monitor has one of the best G-sync capabilities around, with nearly zero lag, even if the monitor is being used in multi-monitor setups.

While we are talking about good CS:GO monitors today, sometimes the need might arise to play some console gaming. The Dell Gaming monitor is compatible with all of today’s modern home consoles, which makes this monitor a great choice for the CS:GO gamer that likes to dabble a bit in some console exclusives.

For the price of the monitor, the Dell has a fairly poor contrast ratio at 1000:1, which is much lower than other monitors in the price range. Probably as a result of this, the monitor’s colors are not as bright and vibrant as they can be, appearing a bit dull.

While there are a few options out there likely a bit better than the Dell Gaming monitor, this monitor does have a lot to offer gamers with its super-fast frame rate and clear image that makes every CS:GO match a joy to witness.

Wrapping Up This Buying Guide…

There are certainly many choices available for Counter Strike players looking to get a monitor that suits their gaming and aesthetic style. No matter if you choose to play on a high-end or budget monitor, all the monitors on this list are sure to give you the edge you need to destroy the competition and climb the ranks of CS:GO!

If you think this buying guide is missing something important or just need some more help trying to decide what to get, leave a comment below and I’ll help you find the best CS:GO monitor for you!

Best Modem Router Combo – Top Picks Of 2019 For Crazy Internet Speeds!

Every year, we say goodbye to the old and welcome the new. Old worries are in the past, everything you’ve done now memories, and we look forward to the new experiences it will bring.

Much like people, technology changes with each passing year. For example, it used to be that to access the internet, you used to need a phone line, and the internet connection would move at a slogging pace. Today, however, we have internet that is available in high speeds both through an ethernet connection and wireless Wi-Fi.


NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1900

  • 1900Mb/s data transfer rate
  • Dual bandwith performance
  • Capable of 4K streaming
View Latest Price

Motorola MG7550

  • Internet speeds up to 375Mbps
  • Built-in high speed Wifi
  • Wireless power boost
View Latest Price

TP-Link AC1750

  • 680Mbps 3.0 download speeds
  • 6 internal antennas/amplifiers
  • Beamforming technology built-in
View Latest Price


  • 8x faster downloads
  • Dual band wifi speeds
  • 3 GB ethernet ports
View Latest Price


  • 340Mbps modem speed
  • 8x faster download speeds
  • 8x4 channel bonding
View Latest Price


  • 8x4 DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem
  • Up to 343 Mbps download speeds
  • 2 year warranty
View Latest Price

Zoom 8×4 Modem Router

  • 343 Mbps max download speed
  • x2 USB ports
  • 4 GigE LAN ports
View Latest Price

Netgear N300 Modem Router

  • NETGEAR Genie App Content Filter
  • Double firewall protection
  • 2GB wired switch
View Latest Price

TP-Link N300 Modem Router

  • Up to 8 channel bonding
  • 2 year warranty
  • 143Mbps upload speeds
View Latest Price

However, even as convenient as internet connections have become, most people still use multiple routers and modems to connect, and it doesn’t have to be that way. That is where Router/Modem combinations come from. These products allow users to connect both through a wired and wireless connection, all in one convenient package.

These items look to become a hot commodity in the coming year, as the need for both kinds of connections become even more relevant. To help you stay ahead of the curve, we are presenting you with nine of the best modem and router combo’s for the coming year, to help you stay connected through 2017 and beyond.

9. TP-Link N300 Modem Router

TP-Link N300 Modem Router
  • Eliminate Your Cable Modem Monthly Rental Fee
  • Item is Cable Modem Router and great with Cable Internet plans up to 150Mbps


Easy setup
Great Speed through wired connection
Can support multiple devices with no latency
Affordable combo modem


Weak wireless range

Our first combination that we are looking at today is the TP Link N300. While this may not be the best on the market right now, that does not in the least make it a bad product.

Set up for the N300 is really simple, with the product being able to be set up and installed in a matter of minutes. Once set up, you can connect any number of devices to the N300, from gaming consoles to computer, through wired ethernet or wireless Wi-Fi… within a certain range.

Yes, while the Wi-Fi connection is reliably strong with the N300, it only is within a certain range from the device, and that range is not very great. Unfortunately, the effective range of this modem is fairly low, making it way to easy to move out of range and lose connection.

That said, the wired connection of the N300 is actually fairly strong, with speeds of up to 343 MBPS for downloads and 143 MBPS for uploads. And you get this speed at a relatively affordable $80 dollars, which is much cheaper then buying both a wireless router and modem separate.

Again, while not the best, especially in terms of wireless internet, the TP Link N300 gives you tons of value for the price you pay, and is a great way to kick off our list.

8. Netgear N300 Modem Router

Netgear N300 Modem Router
  • Compatible with Xfinity from Comcast, Spectrum, Cox, CableONE & more; Double firewall...
  • Three in one DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem + N300 WiFi Router+ 2 Gigabit Wired Switch. ELIMINTE...


Compatible with most major cable companies
Easy install and control of home network
Parental Control and Guest Network features


Mediocre Wireless Signal

Tired of using the same, slow internet modem that your cable company makes you rent? Well, for the same price as that monthly rental fee that your cable company charges you, you can own the much faster Netgear N300!

The Netgear N300 broadband/wireless modem is not only compatible with most major internet providers, but promises 8x the speed through wired connection then you would get with a rental modem. This will allow you to not only get the more from your internet connection, but will allow you to get rid of a rental modem, which saves you money in the long run.

Install of the N300 is as simple as hooking your coax cable to the back of the unit (and sometimes making a quick call to your cable company). After setup, you are given easy access to control all aspect of your internet connection, including setting up passwords and static IP addresses for the various devices in your household. You can even set up parental controls and guest networks, which helps to control what content can be accessed with your internet.

Unfortunately, much like the previous TP Link, the Wi-Fi connection of the Netgear leaves a lot to be desired. Signal strength is relativity weak, with some users claiming to lose connection several times a day.

Again, while not the best for wireless options, what the Netgear N300 does, it does well. Of course, this is to be expected from a major name like Netgear.

7. Zoom 8×4 Modem Router

Zoom 8x4 Modem Router
  • Combines a 343 Mbps DOCSIS 3 cable modem and an N300 Wireless-N router with 4 GigE LAN ports...
  • Certified by Comcast XFINITY and Time Warner Cable and other cable services for own-your-own...


Two internal antennas to increase wireless performance
USB Ports allow storage and streaming across network
Digital tuner allows you to get the most from your internet


Confusing setup and software

So far, the duel router/modems we’ve been talking about have not been as good with the wireless connection as they have the wired. That all changes with the Zoom 8×4.

Using two built in internal antennas, the Zoom 8×4 provides a superior wireless connection, as well as a 340 MBPS wired connection. If there is still not enough speed for you, the Zoom comes equipped with a “digital tuner” feature, which allows you to tweak you internet settings to provide you with the most speed possible.

While having this much speed in one convenient package is good, getting to use any of the Zoom’s features may take some time. This is because it takes a bit of time to install the Zoom, with the instructions being confusing and of little help. After it is setup, your troubles are not over, as the software required to use the Zoom are equally frustrating to get used to.

Once you get everything set up and ready for use, the Zoom becomes a dream, even including an interesting feature not seen in some of the cheaper combo options. Using the USB ports in the back (as well as a built in DLNA media server), users on the same network are able to easily save, stream, and transfer data over the network.

For being on the cheaper end of the spectrum for a modem/router, the Zoom 8×4 gives you more than many other options in the same price range. Providing good wireless and wired speeds and so much more, you can’t go wrong with a Zoom.

6. ARRIS SURFboard SBG6400

  • Approved on Comcast Xfinity, Spectrum (Charter, Time Warner, Brighthouse Networks), Cox,...
  • Two-in-one 8x4 DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem + N300 WiFi Router


Backwards compatible with older internet connections
“Beamforming” technology for better Wi-Fi speeds and coverage


Issues with Comcast internet
Only two ethernet ports

If you are like me, most of the devices connected to your home network use a Wi-Fi connection, so you would naturally want your wireless internet to be super fast. Enter the ARRIS SURFboard SBG6400, which has the fastest Wi-Fi speeds of any of our Router/Modem combo so far.

How fast you ask? How does 343 Mbps sound to you? For the price range around $80 dollars, the ARRIS provides one of, if not the fastest, wireless connections of these hybrids so far. Increasing the wireless capabilities of the ARRIS is their patented “Beamforming” technology, which provides the most amount of coverage possible for your Wi-Fi, assuring you never lose connection.

That isn’t to say that the wired connection for the ARRIS isn’t good, providing download speeds of up to 343 Mbps. However, unlike all the previous entries on the list, there are only two ethernet ports on this device, which provides less options to wired internet users.

One cool thing that the ARRIS can do is it has the ability to be backwards compatible with older DOCSIS 2.0, 1.0, and 1.1 internet connections, providing that your cable internet provider is compatible with the device. Unfortunately for Comcast users, you may have issue using the ARRIS, as there seems to be some compatibility issues with this cable provider (although this is completely on Comcast and NOT on ARRIS).

If you have greater need for a wireless connection, but still have the need for a wired connection or to get rid of a rental modem, then the ARRIS is sure to give you exactly what you need.


  • Two-in One DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem + WiFi Router with 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports and 2 USB 2.0...


Capable of 340-450 Mbps speeds
Simple install with some cable providers
Convenient power options on device


Weak Wireless Capabilities

Way back in the number eight slot, we mentioned that the NETGEAR name is a major one in the world of internet gear. So it should come as no surprise that for the second time on our list, NETGEAR makes an appearance, this time with the N450.

Featuring 8×4 bonding channels, the N450 is capable of obtaining internet speeds between 340 and 450 Mbps, depending on the connection type. This makes big downloads and gaming fast and free of the frustration that you may get when your connection starts to lag.

Install of the N450 is simple, so simple in fact that with a few internet providers, install is as easy as plugging the cable into the back of the device. Should you want to power off or reset your modem/router, the N450 actually features power switches on the device, making it easy to power cycle at will.

Unfortunately, much like the previous N300, the wireless signal is a little weak with this device, with some people reporting frequent cut outs in wireless connectivity. This may make the N450 a hard choice for people who rely mostly on wireless internet for their devices.

All in all, this is another great modem/router combo coming courtesy of the folks of NETGEAR. And with so many quality products under their belt, I have a feeling the the N450 may not be the last we see of NETGEAR on this list.


  • Two in One DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem + WiFi Router with 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports and 1 USB 2.0...


Dual Wi-Fi Bands, both 300 Mbps
Push button WPS Wi-FI connection
USB and DLNA data sharing


Only two ethernet ports

As I mentioned with the previous product, we would see NETGEAR again on this list, and such is the case with the N600. While this product does have a lot of the features of the previous N450, such as the convenient power switches and 8×4 channels, the N600 offers even more than that.

For example is the duel wi-fi bands that the N600 transmits, both in 300 Mbps, allowing for super fast wireless internet connections. This makes the N600 easily the best NETGEAR option so far for wireless users, as they can connect multiple wireless devices to the N600 without the worry of dropped connection or lag.

Unfortunately, where NETGEAR stepped it up this time in wireless options, it eliminated in wired options. Offering only two Gigabit Ethernet ports, wired internet users have less options with the N600 then their wireless brethren.

That said, connecting to the Wi-Fi of the N600 is quite simple, as the device has a built in WPS switch. This allows you to connect to your network with the press of a button, eliminating the need to put in your password every time you try to connect a new device. Speaking of your devices, transferring data between multiple devices on your network is easy as well, thanks to the N600’s DLNA and USB data sharing options.

Easily the best option for NETGEAR combinations on the list so far, the N450 is sure to satisfy nearly every internet user out there.

3. TP-Link AC1750

TP-Link AC1750
  • Certified for XFINITY from Comcast,Time Warner, Cablevision, and Bright House(certification...
  • Class-leading 680Mbps DOCSIS 3.0 cable download speeds, 16x faster than DOCSIS 2.0


Dual band Wi-Fi capable of speeds up to 1750 Mbps
680 Mbps Download speeds
Multiple antennas and amplifiers increase Wireless strength


Connection issues with some older devices

Yet another returning brand name for this list today, we present you with the TP-Link AC1750.  With this modem/router combo, the AC1750 takes us into the top tier of our list with what is our fastest modem so far.

This is because of the AC1750’s dual band Wi-Fi, which is capable of wireless speeds of up to 1750 Mbps (with 1300 and 450 Mbps bands). If this isn’t enough to convince you of the speed of the AC1750, then maybe the fast 680 Mbps download speeds are, which is capable of downloading even the largest files in a matter of seconds.

You never have to worry about losing your wireless connection with the AC1750 either. This is due to the six internal antennas, as well as multiple connection amplifiers, which ensure that you will always get the most strength and best possible signal from your Wi-Fi.

The only small drawback is that the AC1750 does not seem to be compatible with some older devices you may have. Items such as older laptops or wireless printers have trouble connecting to the AC1750, forcing users to either upgrade these products or find another means to use them.

With as much power as you get from the AC1750, this small oversight can be forgiven. Easily one of the best combination devices available, both wireless and wired internet users will be able to get the most out of the TP-Link 1750.

2. Motorola MG7550

Motorola MG7550
  • 16x4 DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem plus a built-in AC1900 Dual Band (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz) WiFi Gigabit...
  • Requires cable Internet service. Approved by and for use with Comcast Xfinity and Xfinity X1,...


Amplifiers that increase wireless stregnth
16×4 Modem makes for fast downloads/uploads
Fast duel-band Wi-Fi


Some internet providers not compatible with device

Our number two spot today comes courtesy of Motorola, which is a well respected name within the wireless connections industry. With the kind of reputation they have, it’s not a surprise that our next combo, the MG7550, is one of the best options for wireless internet users.

Thanks to the dual-band setup similar to the one we have seen in some previous items, the Motorola is able to provide wireless users with some of the fastest Wi-Fi options available. Not only that, but the Motorola also provides users with superb wireless power, thanks to the devices “Power Boost” amplifiers, which allows for Wi-Fi with superior range that never drops out of service.

Adding to the value of the Motorola is the devices 16×4 modem. This allows for 16 separate channels for downloads, and 4 for uploads, which gives users quick transferring of data when using an ethernet cable.

Strangely enough, the only real flaw with the MG7550 doesn’t have as much to do with the device itself as it does cable providers. While most major names in cable are compatible with the Motorola, not all are, especially if the provider in question needs the use of a phone line for the internet.

This one small issue aside, the Motorola is one of the best Modem/Router hybrids that you can buy, with only one last device just barely edging out the MG7550…

1. NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1900

NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1900
  • Old Model** See newer C7000 model


Compatible with all high-tier internet services
24×8 Channel bonding which allows 960 Mbps download speeds
Easy, secure mobile connection
Wireless speeds of almost 2 Gbps


Price May Be Steep For Some

Here it is, the cream of the crop, the tip of the iceberg, the absolute best in Modem and Router combinations. Coming again courtesy of NETGEAR, the Nighthawk is like a dream come true for internet users.

To start is the ultra fast Wi-Fi connection speeds, which allows user to obtain unprecedented speeds of up to 2 Gbps. This will allow for near instant loading of any website, and provides lag free online gaming. Should you be using your mobile phone, connecting to your wireless network should also be lightning fast, with the ability to simply scan a QR code to connect quickly and securely.

No matter which internet package you currently have from your cable company, you will be certain that the Nighthawk will work for you, as it is compatible with nearly all high end internet connections. For the wired users among us, you will be glad to know that the Nighthawk has you covered as, with the help of 24×8 channel bonding, you will be able to obtain download speed of nearly 1 Gbps.

With all dreams, however, you eventually wake up, and the wake up call for the Nighthawk is the price. At nearly $200 dollars, this is easily the most expensive product we’ve talked about so far, but is also pennies when in comparison to what you will save on modem rentals.

In nearly every way, the Nighthawk outclasses the competition, giving you internet speed unlike any other. If you are willing to spend the $200 dollars to buy the product, then the NETGEAR Nighthawk will be your dream internet device.

What Would Be My Top Pick?

I understand that these lists with multiple products can be confusing. So to make your life easier, below I have my top recommendations.

On A Budget? Get the Netgear N300

If you’re gaming and using a wired connection this is an excellent option that also happens to be rather affordable. If using Wi-Fi I’d recommend getting something a little better.

In The Middle? Get The NETGEAR N600

While the NETGEAR N600 only has two ethernet ports, the WI-Fi signal is strong and the dual wifi bands makes for an awesome shared internet experience.

Want The Best? Get The NETGEAR Nighthawk

This Modem Router is easily in a league of its own. Not only does it offer insane wireless speeds, but it also has crazy wired connections speeds as well. Gaming, TV, it doesn’t really matter as the Nighthawk will handle it.


With everyone looking towards the future, you will want to be ready yourself. Thankfully, with these modems, you will be ready for what’s next in our increasingly connected lives.  Thanks for reading, and we’ll see you next time!

If you have any questions about these Modem Router combos please make sure to ask in the comment section below!

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