When’s the Best Time to Buy New Parts for Your Rig?

Everyone wants to make sure that they always have the best computer technology in their hands. It’s hard to do so, of course, when technology is constantly updating and improving. But why build or buy an entirely new computer when you can adjust for a few upgrades here and there. If you were careful during buying or building your computer, you should have the capability to upgrade. But whether you’re hoping to get an increase in speed or storage, it is still important to know where to buy the parts and find the best prices. By following these tips, you’ll ensure you get the most out of your dollar and get that sweet upgrade you were hoping for.

Black Friday

Black Friday is hard to ignore for the fantastic deals you can get, on everything from socks to widescreen TVs. According to Tech Radar, this year it will take place on November 23rd, 2018. Take the weeks before it to research the deals that are being anticipated across the web, as many stores will give you a sneak peek of what they’re going to be offering that day. You can take advantage of the season to upgrade your system to a more powerful one if you’re smart about it. Try to be cautious though, as while a lot of things do go on sale, they aren’t always the best absolute deals. Be sure to compare the stores that sell the parts you’re looking for and look for the best price possible. And of course, keep a checklist and a budget for this time, and don’t let yourself get distracted or tempted by the many other deals you’re bound to see.

Amazon Prime Day and other Holidays

Aside from Black Friday, other holidays are also an awesome time to look for amazing deals in computer parts. Amazon prime day comes once a year, and even though this year’s event was two months ago, you can still look into other holidays when sellers offer different deals, as by the time Christmas time rolls by, many shops are offering generous sales for people buying gifts. New Years time also has some discounts come up here and there, even though you will have to search a little harder for deals in computers. Just note that the holidays are the time to get parts for 20 to 30 percent less than you would during the rest of the year.

Preparing for the Purchase

There are other factors which will determine how much of a save you will make from your sale. For instance, if you are set on buying one of those high-end Intel processors, and you have no interest in looking at other alternatives such as an AMD processor that could serve the same purpose, it will be more challenging for you to get the parts that you desire during the sales period. What most people do not realize is that Intel does not offer massive deals during the holiday, while AMD almost always does. Additionally, make sure to do some digging when you find the exact part you want (and know where you want to buy it). Despite the amount of amazing sales retailers and manufacturers have throughout the year, there are even more savings to be found. 

Choosing the Components That Get the Highest Cuts

Another important thing to think about is the components which you need, versus the components which usually get the biggest cuts. Here are some of the parts that get the best sales deals with the holidays, especially when you have coupons:

  • Monitors, keyboards, and mice
  • Headsets, SSDs, and HDDs
  • AMD CPUs
  • Power Supply Units
  • Memory

When strategizing, aim to get the very best deals that there are on these parts. You can have a look at the past sales history that the company has had to determine how generous they are when it is sale time. When you have narrowed down to the parts and the percentage that you are likely to get off, you can plan your budget accordingly. It is crucial to note that the fact that the components listed above usually have the most significant price cuts does not mean that you shouldn’t buy the others, they will also have their own coupons and discounts, and your purchase will depend on how important the part is to you.


Another way that you can get great deals is to keep checking offers which occur on a regular basis. Many retailers also hold flash sales from time to time, and when you are on the lookout, you are likely to get a deal which you will find hard to resist. Finally, when making your buy, ensure that you know when the company is expected to release an upgraded version of their hardware or software. For instance, it would make little sense to buy an Intel processor because there is a sale only to have them release a new and upgraded version of the processor a month later because then you would be stuck with a cheap, but an old piece of hardware. The most important here is to research and prepare because it ends up paying off.