FIFA or NBA 2K Series: Which is More Popular?

In the world of sports video games, bragging rights count for a lot. This statement is not only true among players but game makers as well. Soccer is arguably the most popular sport on the planet, and the FIFA series is the most widely known soccer game. Basketball has been growing steadily in popularity worldwide, and the 2K series has dominated basketball video games for many years. Which of these two franchises rules?

The Numbers

As far as sales, NBA 2K18 is the clear winner. The 2K18 version was the best-selling sports video game of last year and second best-selling game overall. In early January, FIFA 2018 reached the $10 million mark regarding sales.

Game Features: NBA 2K18

2K18 improves in many ways upon previous entries, especially when it comes to team synergy. Players seem to know their roles better and engage in far fewer random moves. Teammate AI is not perfect, but it is pretty darn good. Microtransactions are the main drawback of this game. Even the most fun games can become unpleasant grinds when the goal is to raise points for in-game purchases.

Game Features: FIFA 2018

Players who love offense, offense, and more offense will eat up FIFA 2018. Offensive controls and options are so precise that defense is frustrating to play.  As a consequence, game scores tend to be rather high. These high scores aren’t the soccer equivalent of NBA Jam, but it is geared toward the fantastic and nearly unbelievable plays.

If You Could Only Choose One

Regardless of which sport you prefer, NBA 2K18 does a better job of translating the actual game into a video game. Unless the developer is going for a gimmick game, sports video games succeed or fail based on how well they recreate the game experience. NBA 2K18 does this better, and that could well be why it’s sales are so phenomenal. If mom is complaining about having so many games and wants you to pick only one, go with NBA 2K18.

Benefits of Playing Either Game

Okay, so you have to make a choice. Basketball or soccer? Which one is it going to be? The thing is, it doesn’t matter which one you choose because playing a video game is beneficial to your overall health. According to BroBible, playing FIFA gives you more of an understanding of the World’s Most Popular Sport and playing a game where cat-like reflexes are needed, it helps with hand-eye coordination. According to Leviathyn, “video games can help with your social, mental, and even physical health.”

So, when deciding which game to play, understand that you can learn a few things that will go a long way in your life.

Closing Thoughts

Soccer may still be the most popular sport in the real world, but in the gaming world, it has a lot of catching up to do. NBA 2K18 is the current reigning sports video game for good reason.

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  1. I think the biggest issue is that it’s hard to translate soccer into a game. 2k feels better because it’s less complicated

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