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Gigabyte Aorus Motherboard BIOS Issue- Must Read

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For anyone who owns the Gigabyte Auros AX370 Gaming K5 or K7 motherboards (one of my favourites in our best Ryzen motherboard post) need to be aware if they are planning on updating their BIOS.

Owners of the Gigabyte AX370 K7 Motherboard

Reports of users who updated to the new BIOS F5 version have shown horrible results within the K7 motherboards.

Users have seen their CPU get fried from supplying too much voltage to the core.

As you would expect, Gigabyte was alerted/detected and worked on a patch quickly. Gigabyte has now updated to BIOS series F6 which will presumably correct the issue of overvolting in the F5 update. Get the F6 update here from Gigabyte.

Anyone who updated their BIOS to F5 needs to update their BIOS again immediately to avoid any potential issues with your beautiful PC build.

Owners of the Gigabyte AX370 K5 Motherboard

A new BIOS version has also been released for the K5 motherboard as well. While I haven’t heard of any issues with this motherboard, please get the F8 update here. The update specifically mentions the same problem to “Fix CPU Vcore caused high voltage issue while adjusting the Dynamic Vcore option”.

A General process for updates

As a word of general caution about updating to new firmware/software. When a new update arrives – avoid the huge temptation to update right away.

Wait as long as you can before updating. Maybe a week…unless of course it’s to fix a previously flawed firmware/software update – then you get caught in a vicious cycle.

Everyone makes mistakes, we’ve seen issues from Apple, Microsoft and clearly Gigabyte.

I have immediate urge inside me to update to the newest version of anything. I know – I’m talking to myself as well.

Let other trigger happy users be the guinea pigs to see if there are any bugs to work out.

Just like this example, if you’re reading this and haven’t updated your BIOS – you’ve unknowingly just done what I preach above and potentially saved your CPU as a result.

Thank you for letting me rant…er…educate.

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