The Best Headphone Stand – From Style & Function to DIY

So you have a nice pair of headphones or bought a great gaming headset. No matter what brand or model of headphones you have; what better way to take care of and display your headset than with a headphone stand.

You need a place where you can hang your headsets after long hours of use. There are a lot of headphone stands / headset holders out there in the market and we’ve exhausted our researchers to find the best ones in different categories. These headset holders can certainly help keep your gear in excellent & display worthy condition.

We selected these based on several factors, primarily value. Following value, we look at aesthetics, durability, and sturdiness; along with the extras you can get.

I will also showcase several alternatives or Do it yourself versions of headset holders if you’re looking for creative ideas or saving some cash.

As mentioned, choosing the best headphone stand is typically up to user preference. The subjectivity of what makes a headphone stand great is a difficult one overall. As a result, we have broken out the list in the various sections and rated what we feel are the best headphone stands in each category shown in the table of contents below.

Single Headphone Stand

NewBee Headphone Stand

Simple, affordable and easy to assemble. This headset holder is priced at under $10 and is a pretty good deal overall.

NewBee Headphone Stand
  • [ Compatible ] Our new bee headphone stand supports headphones of all sizes, such as Sennheiser...
24-month warranty
Easy to assemble
Lightweight, can be knocked over

This headphone stand from Newbee is made of aluminum with TPU rubber under the base. It is compatible with most headphone brands like Sennheiser, Beats, Sony, Bose, etc. It is fashionably designed, and the best part is it is affordable.

The height of the stand itself is 8.85 inches, the base is 3.74 x 3.74 inches, the base is quite narrow, so if you have a really heavy headphone, then this one may not be a good headphone stand since it tends to get easily knocked off. It would have been better if they made the base a bit wider. If you place your gear gently on the holder, there won’t be a problem.

There are a few other downsides to this headphone stand; this headset holder does not have a tidy cable holder, USB ports or auxiliary ports and the headband rest is only 1.81 inches long. It could have been nice if this headset holder has at least one USB port for charging your phone.

On the plus side, the headband rest is 2.26 in wide and has flexible rubber material. These features evenly disperses the weight of your headphones, preventing damage to the pads. This headphone stand is easy to assemble and durable.

For its price, this is a great headset holder.

Znoble Headphone Stand

Nicely crafted, durable solid base and easy to assemble. But is it worth it? Let’s find out.

Znoble Headphone Stand
  • Professional headphone stand:Full body premium top-level aviation aluminum material provides...
  • Safe and reliable:Flexible gasket made with leather keeps your headphones away from spills,...
  • Sturdy and durable: rubber soles at the base of the holder provides a safe and stable...
Sturdy base
Aluminum construction
Multiple color choices
Premium Look
No USB ports
No cable management

This stand from Znoble is similar to the one from Newbee; it also has that minimalistic and elegant-looking design to make sure that it does not take too much space on your desk. It is made of top-level aviation aluminum, so this headphone stand is durable and lightweight.

This headset holder is priced around $17.00 at the time of this review. On the plus side, the Znoble Headphone stand has a wider base of 3.9 inches compared to the headset holder of Newbee. This headphone stand is very easy to assemble, you just have to screw the stand to the base and the headband holder, and that’s it.

This headphone stand has a wide headband rest (3.1 inches), so this is compatible with almost any headphones out in the market

This headphone stand does not have any USB port and auxiliary ports; It does not have a cable holder as well. These could have been great additions to its simple design.

The extra expense over the Newbee is noticeable, with a more polished and premium look overall – and this will not use up much room on your desk – where space is a premium for my station!

Most stands are made with either silver or black, so it’s nice to see that this stand offers 3 color choices, including gold shown above.

LUXA2 E-One Silver Headset Holder

If you are looking for a headphone stand that offers that premium look and weight at a reasonable price, then the LUXA2 is a perfect option.

LUXA2 Headset Holder
  • Full body premium aluminum construction: High grade aluminum provides the E-One with...
  • Diamond Cut Aluminum design to avoid scratch: CNC precision crafted with diamond cut finish to...
  • Born ready and assembly free: The E-one stand requires no tool, parts, and simply just take out...
No assembly needed
No fingerprint marks
Sturdy and all metal
10 inch clearance
May not fit all headphones

The E-one from Luxa2 is an excellent choice if you are looking for a headset holder. The base is wide enough for it to stand still even if you put heavy headphones on it. The base measures 115mm x 105mm. This headphone stand cannot be knocked off easily which is always an important feature.

This headset holder is also compatible with any headphones with headbands. The stand is sturdy and would not wobble much. It stands 10.2 inches and has a rubber pad to protect the padding on the headband.

This headphone stand is beautifully crafted diamond cut aluminum finish. It comes in four colors; gold, black, silver and rose gold.

Same as the other two headphone stands the E-one by luxa2 does not have any ports for USB or auxiliary, and it does not have a cable holder as well. One more thing is that they could have made the headband rest a little bit wider so it can provide better support to the headband pad.

The main advantage this stand headset holder has going for it is the premium finishing (smooth edges), the weight and the fact that it holds full sized headsets without any issue. In addition, for those less mechanically inclined, the stand comes fully put together our of the box.

Casanuva Solid Wooden Headphone Stand

Looking for a premium wooden headphone stand that is beautiful and high end? The Casanuva stand is for you.

Casanuva Solid Wooden Headphone Stand
  • Heirloom Quality Crafted From 3 Beautiful Unique Pieces of Solid Wood
  • Contemporary design that will work with all headphones.
  • 10" inches tall with black felt pads on bottom.
  • Designed to beautifully display your most prized headphones.
  • Perfect for your Home Office, Studio, Bedroom, or just next to your TV.
Solid walnut wood
Sturdy and heavy design
Luxury purchase
More expensive
Matte finish, may need polishing
Some visible glue in the seems

This is a premium wooden headphone stand as stated earlier no doubt – but this is a beautiful piece to display your headset.

The matte finish of the stand can be made even more shiny by rubbing a polishing/finishing oil over it.

The headpone stand is a sturdy 10.25 inches tall, which is more than enough to hold all the common headsets out there. The depth of the stand is 3″ which is more than enough to hold one headset, 2 if you really squish them in.

This is real black walnut wood, so do not expect the photos to be what you get, which makes this a unique purchase, the real wood makes every headphone stand one of a kind.

Because of the omega shape, there is a chance that your headphones will not be perfectly relaxed when sitting on the stand, but they hardly will be stretched out.

Given the sold wood, there is enough weight to be sturdy and keep everything stable on your desk.

All in all, a very nice headset holder for your gear.

Cable Management Single Headphone Stand

Avantree Universal Solid Steel Headphone Stand

To begin this section, we have the Avantree Headphone Stand – a classicly designed stand with a curved support (or wooden) for the headband.

Avantree Headset Holder
  • SLEEK, SIMPLE & SPACE SAVING: Our unique stylish design features a silicone top pad and sturdy...
  • STABLE & ANTI SLIP: Featuring a silicone cable holder at the bottom, our headset holder can...
  • PERSONAL & PROFESSIONAL: Whether you use on your desk at work or near your gaming console at...
Wood and silicone designs
Soft and washable
Stand can wobble

This headphone stand by Avantree is made of solid steel for the stand and silicone for the base, this requires assembly, but I can assure you that it is effortless. You just have to slip in the headphone stand to the silicone base and make sure that the stand is locked in the grooves of the base and that’s it.

The silicone base is durable and serves as a cable holder to keep your desk nice and tidy. The base has a diameter of 5.9 inches. So, if you have wireless headphones do not have a cable, you can use the base as a phone holder instead.

There are a few downsides for this headphone stand though. Since the material for the headband rest and the base is silicone, expect that you will have problems with sticky dust. Another thing is that the base is a bit soft, so the stand tends to wobble especially if the headphones are heavy.

The headband rest is attached to the stand using a double sided adhesive which I think can be improved. It could have been better if the headband holder is locked in place same as what they did to the base and the stand.

Compatibility-wise it can hold headphones with up to 1.5 inches headband width. So, you need to check your headphones first before purchasing this headphone stand.

Just Mobile Headphone Stand

Sturdy sleek and solid, this is how I would like to describe this headphone stand from Just mobile.

Just Mobile Headphone Stand
  • High-quality aluminum construction
  • Simple assembly
Very Study
Unique cord storage
No protection for headphone band
More expensive than others

First thing I noticed about this headphone stand is the price, this is the biggest downside to this headphone stand.

Looking at the advantages for this headphone stand; The headband rest is wide (approx 3 inches), so definitely it can fit all the headphones on the market. Although, I have to say that it needs a rubber or silicone pad to make sure it won’t damage the pads for the headband.

Another advantage, is the stand they used two pieces of aluminum rods that you need to screw in to make sure it is sturdy.

The base is 5.8 inches in diameter and serves as a cable organizer to make sure your cable is wrapped in keeping the top of your desk tidy. However, it is a bit of a hassle if you use your headphones often since you have to wrap it around the base.

Even if this is lightweight at only 342g, the base is wide enough to support the stand and cannot be knocked off easily.

I like the way this headphone stand is built, but I still say it is overpriced – this is definitely for those who want a unique cable management headphone stand and aren’t worried as much about price.

Geekdigg Gaming Headset Holder

Cheap, functional and feature rich this is the Geekdigg headphone stand.

Small footprint
Easy cable storage
Clear and Black plastic options
Fingerprint magnet
Acrylic stand

This headphone stand is arguably the best value around.

One thing I don’t like is the material used making these headphone stands. Acrylic is a type of durable plastic. No matter how many times you put the word durable together with acrylic, it does not take away the fact that it is plastic and it can break when you put pressure on it.

They could have used aluminum instead and made it really sturdy. To have the value that this headset holder offers, some sacrifices need to be made. Having said that, there really shouldn’t be much strain on the headphone stand overall, unless you’re really aggressive in your hanging.

Back to its features, the stand is about 10 inches and compatible with most headphones. At the back, you have the cable holder which is easier to access compared to wrapping the cables around the base. The base of this stand also has a small stopper so you can place your phone on the base which is a nice touch.

Putting the stand and base together is easy. Just snap the stand into the base and screw it into place. This headphone stand is really worth looking at considering the features it provides.

AmoVee Headset Holder

Looking for a stand that bucks the typical stand appearance? The Omega from AmoVee is a headphone stand to consider.

AmoVee Headphone Stand
  • Compact design, No extra color and no extra decoration, Quite fashion to put it on your desk
  • Special curve shape makes its stand more stable
  • Comfortable and sleek for you to touch by its special processed edge and pointedness
Clear stand avoids visible dust
Color Options
Unique design
Base is not as stable as others

The AmoVee Omega a great alternative for a traditional headphone stand. The design is simple, and it somewhat mimics the shape of a human’s head. So it is definitely compatible with all headphones out there.

This headphone stand is made of acrylic, so it tends to flex a little bit which is an advantage since it will still have that snug fit even with the tighter headphones. This takes away the strain not only on the headband but to the pads of the headphones as well.

When putting your headphones, you need to make sure that the headphone pads are on the narrow part of the headphone stand. This makes sure that there won’t be too much pressure on the headphone or the headband.

The things that I don’t like about this headphone stand is that the material used is acrylic. It is not as solid as other metal or wood products. I chose to list the clear option, as it will not show the dust as much (and I like low maintenance).

AmoVee does offer a black omega stand, that is slightly more expensive (it can be a dust collector and a fingerprint magnet because of the glossy finish) both can be found using the link above.

Another thing is that the base for this headphone stand is a bit narrow. It is only 2.7 inches, and it can easily be knocked off if you’re not careful removing your headset. It also does not have rubber feet.

Still a great and attractive headset holder, without any frills.

Dual Headphone Stand

Amovee Dual Headphone Stand

If you need a headphone stand that can hold two of your precious headphones and is still affordable; then check out the Amovee stand below.

Base acts as storage tray
Wide stable base
Simple design
No protection for headband

This dual headphone stand is made of plastic, and can hold miscellaneous items in the base tray stand. Depending on the orientation of your headphone stand, you can also use this as a phone or tablet holder as well.

The stand is 10.2 inches high making it compatible with most headphones in the market. The base can act as a cable holder as well.

With some assembly required, the stand is up in minutes and even comes with a brush to keep your headphone stand dust free.

Because of the design of the hanger, although the base isn’t wide, the direction of removing your headphones do not cause the headset holder to tip over easily, which is nice.

A simple clean design, the stand is mostly all function without a bunch of style to it.

The price of this dual headphone stand is very affordable, and will go very well with a gaming headset under 50 dollars.

Elevation Lab Mounted Headphone Stand

A great dual headphone stand that we have written about under our mounted headphone stand section just a little lower on the page.

Casanuva Wooden Dual Headphone Stand

If you want that classic look for your headsets, a wooden headphone stand is a great choice.

Casanuva Dual Headphone Stand
  • Dark Walnut Finished Layered Wood Headphone Stand
  • Contemporary design that will work with almost all headphones.
  • 10" Inches Tall With 4.5" x 5.5" Base With Felt Pads.
  • Designed to beautifully display your most prized headphones.
  • Great for your Home Office, Studio, Bedroom, or just next to your TV.
Wide Base
Wood veneer
Unique omega design
No rubber pads on base
More expensive

Minimalistic design, classic look, and best of all made of durable material. Compared to the AmoVee Omega, this dual headphone stand from Casanuva will not flex or bend. It has a wider base as well at 4.5 inches. This makes sure that the stand won’t get knocked off easily from your table. Another advantage is that it makes it more compatible with the bigger headphones.

The downside though, if you have a tighter headband then it will put more pressure on the headphone pads since it does not flex, so you need to really find a spot where the pads will have less pressure on them. Another thing is that it does not have any rubber pads on the base so there’s a tendency that it can scratch the desk surface.

Now for the cable holder, I think, one idea for the lack of a cable holder is for you to wrap the cable around the narrow part of the headphone stand near the base (Just a suggestion).

Another thing is the price it is currently sold around $30.00 on Amazon, so it is not that cheap, but anything with wood construction will be more expensive.

The Best Mounted Headphone Stands

Elevation Lab Mounted Headphone Stand

If you want your desk clutter-free, the best solution is to hide your headphones under the desk. The Anchor from Elevation Lab gives you a dual headphone stand that is a great alternative solution and setup couldn’t be easier.

Elevation Lab Mounted Headphone Stand
  • Keeps your headphones out of sight & easy to reach.
  • Holds ultra-securely (same 3M adhesive GoPro uses).
  • Thick premium silicone construction + steel pin inner reinforcement (new)
  • Lessens cord clutter
  • Can hold two sets of headphones.
Space saving
Easy setup
One time use/can’t move
Can use up legroom

For some people who are minimalist and keep their desktop as clean as possible. Having a headphone stand on their desk is simply not an option. Thus, the need for a dual headphone stand that can be hidden under the table. So, technically this is not a stand this is more of a headset holder/hanger.

Mounting this headset holder is quite easy. Just remove the top layer of the adhesive tape and stick the Anchor anywhere clean and flat and that’s it. You need to plan the location though, since it would not be easy to remove it once you stick it on.

A little caution though, over time no matter how good the quality of the adhesive is, it will still wear off, and this means that your precious headphones may fall off from the table. There is a provided screw hole to mount the hanger physically, but it is difficult to use.

“The Anchor” is made of medical-grade silicone with a steel pin inside the center which serves as reinforcement. This headset holder can fit two headphones. It is compatible with any headphones with headbands up to about two inches wide.

Brainwavz Hengja Mounted Headphone Stand

If you don’t like the idea of using precious legroom under your desk, this mounted headphone stand from Brainwavz is able to fasten to any side surface with compression.

This headset holder from Brainwavz uses a clamp that can be securely mounted anywhere on the edge of your desk. The clamp extends to about 1.5 inches; now if you have a desk that is thicker than 1.5 inches (40mm), you can’t use this headset holder. The tools are included in the package for your convenience; a screwdriver and an Allen Key Multi-Tool.

Brainwavz Mounted Headphone Stand
  • Made from high quality metal, durable and strong, capable of holding light weight to very heavy...
  • No glue, no mess, adjustable design allowing to fit on to desks and tables of different...
  • Rotable design allowing to be used on horizontal or vertical surfaces (hex/allen key tool...
  • Unique and stylish, will look good in any setting be it at home, work, school or cyber café.
  • Smaller than a headphone stand, sturdier than most other comparable desk headphone hangers.
Steel construction
Easy repositioning/removal
No protection for the headband pads

Unlike the Elevation lab above, this is mounted securely with no adhesive. Changing the position where you want to place this holder is easy. You won’t have to worry about this stand falling off from the table. The headset holder is made of metal, so this is durable but still very lightweight at only 112g.

On the negative side, headset holder does not have any rubber or silicone coating that will protect the headband even though it has a smooth finish. Another thing I noticed is that the screws stick out a bit. In addition to being unattractive, this may damage the pads for the headband as well.

Some things I would like to add though is they could have added a cable holder under the headband rest.

While using compression, there shouldn’t be any damage to your desk, as headsets are not that heavy overall – but it is something to consider that some marking may occur.

The Best Headphone Stands with USB

Now let’s move on to the fun part, so we wanted a headphone stand that does not just hold your headphones for you. Here we have two of the more multi-purpose types.

Satechi Aluminum Headphone Stand with USB

If you need a USB hub and a headphone stand and keep your desk clutter-free, the Satechi Aluminum Headphone stand a good choice.

Satechi Headphone Stand with USB
  • HEADPHONE STAND - conveniently store your headphones so they are always in reach! Features a...
  • CONNECT USB DEVICES - includes 3 USB 3.0 ports to transfer files or back-up data, with speeds...
  • ORGANIZE YOUR CABLES - equipped with a backside hook to wrap and store cables when not in use
  • SECURE, RUBBERIZED GRIP - features a rubberized grip to securely hold your headphones in place...
  • UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY - supports all over-ear headphones including Bose, Beats, Sony,...
2 USB ports
3.5mm aux port
Cable holder
4 color choices
None to think of

Made of sleek aluminum, the Satechi Headphone stand is a head turner, it is beautifully crafted and well-built. The polished edges add contrast to the sandblasted finish of the base. Its base is really wide with 5.5 inches in diameter, so this is a solid & stable base. It has a non-slip rubber pad beneath it so it won’t slip or scratch your desk when moving it.

The stand has a height of 10.5 inches and width of 1.5 inches. This makes this headphone stand compatible with any headphones. The headband rest is protected with a rubber pad as well so it will not scratch your headband.

This headphone stand also has its cable holder at the back of the stand making sure that your cable won’t be lying on your desk.

Now for the really fun part, this headphone stand has a built-in USB hub with three USB 3.0 ports, imagine the number of peripherals you can connect in addition to your existing computer ports, not only that you don’t have to crawl under your desk to reach for a USB port.

Another cool thing they have with this headphone stand is the 3.5mm auxiliary port. You can plug your headphones directly from the stand instead of at the back of your CPU.

Corsair Gaming ST100 Headphone Stand with USB

Built for the gamers and music lovers, coupled with LED RGB lighting, what more can you ask for from this headphone stand from Corsair.

Corsair RGB ST100 Headphone Stand with USB
  • Durable aluminum construction and iconic design, combine to create the ultimate display for...
  • Dynamic RGB lighting across 9 zones allows for virtually unlimited color options
  • Built-in 3.5mm analog input enables full range Stereo or 7.1 Surround sound for an immersive,...
  • Easy access, Dual USB 3.1 inputs provide improved charging power and faster data speeds for...
  • Non-slip, rubberized base provides stability and protection for your headset
RGB lighting
2 x USB 3.1 ports
7.1 Virtual Surround sound connection
Lightweight, can be knocked over

The only thing I wished Corsair added to this headphone stand is the cable holder. I know there are a lot of people using cordless headphones, but it could have been a great feature that could have been added to it.

Corsair is well known for creating innovative computer equipment, fans, casing cooling system RAMS, and I am not surprised that they will come up with a very good headphone stand.

The ST100 is made of Aluminum, so this is really durable. This headphone stand can be used with any corded or cordless headphones out in the market. It has a satiny – finish. However, they could have made the headband rest smoother so it won’t damage the pads.

Now for the features, they did not include a cable holder but, they have two USB 3.1 ports that you can use to for easy access in transferring files to your computer.

In addition to its cool lighting features the ST100 is great for sound. The 3.5 mm auxiliary-out can transform the audio signal to 7.1 Virtual surround sound. So if you are listening to music, playing games, or watching movies, you will always get great audio. Of course, you need the CUE+ software to manage that which can be downloaded from their official site.

Last but not the least RGB lighting, you can have RGB lighting on almost any gadget nowadays, and this headphone stand has it.

Still controlled using CUE+ you can use several themes for lighting that suits your style, and as an advantage to people who uses Corsair for their casing, fans and headphones, the headphone stand can be synchronized along with other Corsair peripherals.

Headphone Stand DIY Designs

We’re going to cover the gauntlet here, for people looking for the uber cheap option to those wanting a one of a kind option to fit their style, we’ve chosen our favorites below.

The Binder Clip

Headphone stand DIY

You probably have a paper clamp at home; you need the biggest one you can find so you can clamp it to the edge of your desk. This is by far the easiest and cheapest Headphone Stand DIY alternative.

see Binder-Clip-Life-Hacks

You can also have two pieces of tongue depressors joined by super glue. You can then cut about 3.5 inches from it and hot glue it to the paper clamp you can add some rubber bands, so the headband holder becomes non-slip.

Not the most attractive design, but they work, they’re cheap and can be used in a pinch.

With all the mods from the original Paper Clamp headphone stand, I’d say it will cost you about $1.00. Or you won’t even have to spend a dime since all of the materials might already be in your home (or office).

The Towel Hook

This next project requires the use of a drill and bath towel hooks – these are one of my favorite headphone stand DIY projects, as they’re pretty easy to set up. I would recommend these:

Headphone Stand DIY Wall Mount
  • Solid stainless steel construction ensuring quality and longevity

Mount these bad boys on the wall, behind your monitor and you have a great out of the way design. These are a 4 pack, so you get the extra benefit of some added coat hangers if needed!

You will need a drill and bit to set this one up though.

An alternative and slightly less expensive option would be to use a coat and hat hook for a headphone stand DIY project – but I don’t like the direct force on a small point on your headset headband.

The Mannequin Headphone Stand DIY Design

I doubt you would have a mannequin head lying around your home, but you can get one from Amazon for a reasonable price:

Headphone Stand DIY Mannequin
  • Strong and solid construction. Style: Abstract. Material: Durable PE Plastic.
  • Height: 15 inches. Circumference: 22". Neck Measurements: 14 Inches. All measurements are...

The mannequin head is made of plastic, so you will need to weigh it down. You can fill the mannequin head with sand from the opening on the bottom, you then seal it closed using either some duck tape or anything similar.

This design allows you to really bring your creative side out and consider even styling the mannequin any way you wish.

The head will keep your headphones from relaxing all the way to their natural state when at rest though.

The Banana Headphone Stand DIY Design

Be like McGyver and turn an ordinary banana hanger into a nice headphone stand.

Headphone Stand DIY Fruit Bowl
  • 13 x 5 inches fruit bowl to hold variable size fruits
  • Removable hanger provides capability to hang bananas and grapes

It is made of metal/steel and has a little basket for a base. The great thing about this headphone stand DIY project is that you automatically get yourself a cable holder or a holder for almost anything you want to put there.

Some might ask if this can also have a USB port or auxiliary ports, the answer is, it depends on your imagination and knowhow!

You can put a USB hub and hot glue it to the back of the hanger; you can even add an LED strip to get it to illuminate. Oh the possibilities!


I hope you liked our in depth assessment of all the different headphone stands available.

If you know of any other stands that are worthwhile, please let me know in the comments!

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