Playing Games For Money? 8 Ways How To Do it

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When thinking of making money, no one ever thinks of playing games, but as times change people are making not just money, but full-time incomes playing video games. If you are someone who is looking to play games for money there is no better time to get started than now. Below I’ve put together 8 amazing ways you can turn your gaming hobby into a job that changes your life!


Hey, This may not be the most glamorous job but if you know quick ways to make gold in online games you can easily sell it to other players for real cash.

This is simple supply and demand. People just want to play their games and having to come home and do tedious farming to buy the best gear and loot can really be annoying. That’s where you come in. You farm rare items or gold and then resale it to others who are willing to give you money.

To be honest, I would not recommend this way at all as there are much better ways to make a living playing games (which is the reason why this is at the bottom of the  list).

How Would I go about this?

If I did try starting a gold/ rare loot selling business I would not do this manually. I would use bot automation software and make many different accounts  and try to build a clientele list through forums and other communication platforms like skype. (this decreases chances of getting caught) After I have a decent List I would message people who need gold (not in-game) and offer rates better than the standard for good relationships. If you can really build out the network there is no reason why you cannot make a good living.



I know that everyone may need some motivation, but considering the profession the people that do this aren’t known to broadcast it. There have been people in the past who have disclosed their information, but it’s out of date. If you do go this route I would recommend you looking for a forum that has people with like-minded goals so you can socialize and also see how they’re making their money.


  • Can be done while gaming
  • Can be Automated


  • Competing against people in other countries with low costs of living
  • Really unstable business (constantly changing)
  • Tedious
  • some MMO’s are starting to sell gold themselves
  • Hard Market

Note: In many games this is against terms of service so if you do go this route try to be discreet.


Selling Advanced character accounts is similar to the gold farming route, but if you ask me it is just a little bit better. Many people have issues with MMO’s in that they have to do a bunch of tedious leveling before they can get to the fun parts such as playing max level with their friends, and it’s not uncommon for people to buy gaming accounts that already have max level characters on them so they can jump right into the content they want.

That’s where you come in, you sell people max level accounts and they pay for it. The more max level characters on an account the more it’s worth. You can really have a viable business doing this and there are sites that will let you facilitate these exchanges (with fees of course) such as Player Auctions.

How Would I  Go About This?

There are two ways you could do this method.

  1. the slow and boring way where you level up everything by hand where you spend most of your day leveling characters to max level just so you can sell the account.
  2. The Automated Route AKA botting that allows you  to level up characters and get characters to max level without having to spend a great deal of time on them.

The Way that I would go about selling advanced characters would be to level up all of the characters through automation and get them all decently decked out and then sell the account for a good price and just repeat this over and over again. The more accounts you have leveled up the more you will make.


Again due to the nature of this profession there are very few examples of people coming out and talking about selling accounts. You can easily find full-time sellers by checking on MMO account selling websites, however.


  • Good Business
  • Big Market
  • Can be automated


  •  Unstable
  • Some MMO’s have started selling level boosts
  • Fierce Competition


Game testers are always going to be needed as developers are always going to need someone who is willing to spend hours testing their games and making sure there are no bugs in them. I know that being a game tester sounds glorious, but what they actually do is play levels over and over again doing everything possible that could break the game.

Since being a game tester is an actual job, I can find the median salary which is generally between 16 and 35 thousand dollars a year. Considering the horror stories, you hear from people who’ve actually worked as gaming testers that income really doesn’t seem worth it (on the bright side it seems you will get a lot of pizza!)

Nonetheless, if you are willing to work long hours and are trying to make connections in the gaming world then this is definitely a choice that you should consider.

How Would I  Go About This?

If I was trying to be a game tester I would really just mass apply everywhere that had available positions and hope that something stuck. One good place to look would be LinkedIn and maybe on the companies website to see if there are any positions that are open and apply for them.


Considering that there are thousands of video game testers working for various companies, I really did not feel the need to provide one example for this. Just know that if you are going to be a video game tester, you are going to be putting 80 hour work weeks and might not even get paid for the overtime.


  • Can get you connections in the gaming industry
  • You get to play games all the time
  • Could build lasting friendships


  • You don’t choose what games to play
  • Low Pay
  • Overtime
  • Repetitive


If you are really so interested in games, then there is no reason why you can’t create them yourself and make major cash. The gaming industry is growing and the amount people playing games is increasing at an amazing rate, so there really is no reason why you can’t become a developer yourself.

Really, if gaming is your passion this is something you should consider  because investing in yourself pays dividends and having the knowledge to build games will open many more doors rather than just selling in-game items or talking about them.

How Would I  Go About This?

If I was trying to become a developer I would immediately go online and learn as much as I possibly could about the gaming world and whether I wanted to be an indie developer or work for another big company. Then after that, I would spend as long as necessary to learn coding fundamentals and then start to actually apply this knowledge by creating games.

Obviously, this is a long process so I would probably do something else on this list at the same time so I could still be making while I’m learning the gaming development process.



an example of someone who has successfully created an indie game would be the creator of FEZ. he not only created a beautiful game that you could explore, but he also made himself a millionaire in the process. I’m not going to act like what he did was easy, but it is definitely possible as there are hundreds of other tales of people creating these amazing games that truly inspire anyone who plays them.


  • Making Something that will change your life
  • Learning Coding
  • Can Potentially make you millions
  • Establish Yourself In Gaming Industry


  • Hard Work
  • Takes a while


There is a huge craze for e-sports, and if you really feel as though you are a superb gamer then this might be something to consider. If you become a gaming professional you will be playing in tournaments competing for huge prize pools of millions of dollars. This certainly sounds like a dream come true, but it’s not all fun and games. If you do decide to pursue this path, you should get ready for a lot of work and heartbreak as getting to the top will take a long time.

New e-sport games are coming out every day, but the biggest ones at the moment are MOBA’s such as League Of Legends, Smite, and Dota 2. So if you’re especially talented at this genre, you can definitely make some money.

How Would I Go About This?

If I really felt that I had the skills to play games at a competitive level, I would look for a group of skilled players that were also trying to go to the pros and make a name for ourselves. After proving that we were good enough to compete, I would then try to get into tournaments and win them for the prize money.

The Game that I would try to become a pro at would definitely be a MOBA and to narrow it down a little more I would either choose DOTA 2 or LOL due to them


Becoming a proffessional gamer is really a long shot and in many ways it’s just like getting into the pros in other sports, but just like other sports the people that can get in it and win stand to make millions of dollars. Just recently there was a Dota 2 tournament that had a prize pool of 18 million! (US Dollars)


  • If you can get in tournaments you have the chance to make a lot of money
  • Form bonds with other amazing gamers
  • Become Famous
  • Meet leaders in the gaming industry


  • Constantly Playing One Game to perfect it
  • Can become stressful
  • A Long Shot


These next top three ways are probably the best ways to actually play games and make a good full-time income.(with some work) The first one that I’m going to talk about would be being a let’s player. If you are trying to figure out how to play games for money, this is it! Let’s playing allows you to record yourself playing games and then put them on video sharing sites (Most commonly youtube). These videos then garner views and in turn, you make money. 

If you do decide that you are going to be a let’s player you are going to need to decide if you are going to talk on your vids (which is what I recommend if you want a consistent audience) or be a silent lets player who basically just guides people through the game.

How Would I  Go About This?

Before I would do anything, I would need to make sure I have the right equipment so I could put out, at least, 1080p videos. After getting the right gear, I would try to pick a certain type of games such as indies so I could differentiate myself from my competition and make let’s plays of these games with my own commentary on them.  I would see how people were reacting and whether it was catching on or not. After a few months of doing this, I would start to track my sub count and figure out ways to boost the numbers. When my channel started to grow, I would try to target harder lets plays such as mainstream games like fallout 4. You might have to do things such as giveaways or streaming in order to help boost your subs. All in all, becoming a let’s player is hard and you really need to put in some work to grow your channel.


There are many examples and the image I selected above was me just typing in let’s play fallout 4. As you can see from the results, there were many videos with hundreds of thousands of views which translates into income. The more videos you have the more you will make and it’s definitely possible to keep scaling your income as you work harder.


  • Get To Play Games For Money
  • Grow A Fanbase
  • Work On Your Own Terms
  • Scalable Income


  • Watch Out For Copyright
  • Competition Is Fierce


This is probably one of the best ways to make money gaming and probably one of the hardest as well. People are always looking for entertaining things to watch and there’s this new craze called streaming where basically you record yourself real time gaming and talk to other people while doing this. In turn, you get paid by the number of people who are watching your stream. The more you have the better. 

One of the cool things about streaming is that you can have people who are subscribers. This means that if you stream all the time and people start to watch you daily they might end up subscribing five dollars a month to you ( less after twitch takes their cut). This may not sound like a lot but if you really build up your subscribers then you can make a lot of money doing this. That’s not even counting donations and ads which provide even more income.

How Would I  Go About This?

Breaking into the streaming industry isn’t easy as so many people want to play games and make an income while doing it, so I wouldn’t expect a quick response. Personally, I would start streaming indie games that were interesting and had people in them, but weren’t being played by hundreds of other streamers. This would let people see my stream and when the top streamer with a lot of views decides to stop playing, if they want to keep watching the game they could join my stream. My hopes of doing this would to slowly build a following until I could then start playing more mainstream enjoyable titles and have a dedicated fanbase that would tune in.


If you want to see examples just check the Twitch Website and you will see thousands of people streaming and earning incomes doing what they love. What is really stopping you from joining them? If you can become a top streamer with thousands watching your stream you could easily be making 6 figures. This will definitely take a long time of building up a following, but there is no reason why you can’t do it as there are hundreds on twitch doing it right now!


  • Can Be Very Lucrative
  • Make Life Long Friends
  • Establish Followings
  • Can Get Sponsorships


  • A lot Of Competition
  • Twitch is the only major streaming site at the moment, which makes for a monopoly


I chose gaming tutorials as the number one way of making money online because unlike streaming and let’s plays there will always be a need for it. As you can see in the image above people, love how to’s and just imagine how many games there are. You can probably do about a hundred how to’s per game. You will always be able to grow a fanbase and you really don’t have to worry that much about personality as people are on your site for information. That’s not to say you won’t grow a fanbase. As you prove that you write great tutorials on how to do things in games people will start to subscribe and watch your videos more often. Before you know it you are a top gaming channel that people go to for information.

How Would I  Go About This?

The Way I would go about this would be simple. I would write how to’s bigger channels are not focusing on and build my audience until it could compete with other channels. Once it can compete and the content is better, I would then try to do how to’s that could be considered a little more generic that also get more views. This might take a while, but you will definitely see results if you stick with it and if you are consistent you will be able to build a full-time income doing this for sure.


Honsetly there are thousands of successful how to’s on youtube and the image above just shows you the potential amount of views you can get by doing how to’s. There’s really no reason not to give this a shot if you are knowledgeable about games and like to help out other people.  There’s nothing better than getting a thank you from someone who’s been struggling to get something done and found your awesome video and got past the challenge because of it.


  • Grows Audience
  • Less Competition
  • Easier To Stand Out
  • Always A Need For It


  • Watch Out For Copyright

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If you  are going to make money gaming  then you are definitely going to need a decent PC that will allow you to play games, stream, record, and do other things as well. Below is an affordable gaming PC build that should allow you to accomplish all of your goals.

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I really hope that this list helped you out and you are ready to change gaming from a hobby that costs you money and into something that makes you a full time income instead. There’s no reason why you can’t do it as long as you take stick with it and keep trying.

If you have any questions leave a comment below and I will answer them to the best of my ability.