i3 6100 VS. FX-6300, The Best Value Processor?

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If you have a high end graphics and audio card, powerful motherboard, and other top of the line products for your computer. But all of this equipment is nothing without a good CPU to run it all.

The CPU is what powers everything else in your custom computer, so that the fancy, high power equipment can work properly. The CPU also allows you to achieve the best sound and overclocking capabilities that your graphics and sound cards can provide, and is essentially the heart of any custom build.

As it concerns the CPUs, two brands stand above the rest as staples of gaming computers around the world: AMD and Intel. You can find these processors in nearly every computer and laptop that is commercially available, as well as in the custom computers of most gamers.

Of all the CPUs that these two have put out, some of the most popular are the Intel i3-6100 and the AMD FX-6300 processors. These two are capable of providing gamers with some of the most impressive gaming possible. But which of these two are better?

That is the purpose of today’s article, as we will be comparing both the i3-6100 and the FX-6300 to decide which of the two is the best fit in a custom gaming build. Along the way, we will be looking at each processor’s strengths and weaknesses, and hope in the process to help you, the reader, decide on the CPU that is best for you.

So, with that said, let’s get this battle under way!

The Intel I3-6100

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For many years, the processors made by the folks of Intel have been a household name for the computing industry. You would be hard pressed to find someone that has not seen an Intel commercial or used a computer that had used the CPU in the past.

With the i3-6100, Intel gives a CPU that is has some of the greatest capabilities possible for a CPU, providing overclocking and HD gaming support the likes of which have not been seen before. But as great as the i3-6100 is, it does stumble a few times.

As you can see from the pros and cons, this processor gives you some amazing gaming capabilities right out of the box. In combination with a good graphics card, you will be able to get a great gaming experience that runs in full 1080 HD and maintaining, usually, a full 60 FPS.

I say usually, because on rare occasions, such as when your screen fills up with enemies in a first person shooter, the frame rate can dip, creating a small amount of lag. This issue is a rarity, however, and may not be an issue at all depending on your graphics card and ram.

Should you be willing to take your gaming experience even further, than you will be pleased to know that the i3-6100 comes capable of full, 4k HD, which will give you an HD experience like no other. Should you be ready to take that next step into the future, then the i3-6100 will be right there with you.

And the i3-6100 gives you all of these features while consuming very little power itself. If you are building a custom computer that is energy efficient, then the i3-6100 will be right at home with all your other components.

Speaking of your build, it don’t matter which motherboard you choose to use in your custom computer, the i3-6100 should be able to fit perfectly into it. Only downside is you may want to run your system with some extra fans, because the i3-6100 also tends to run a bit warm, meaning you will want adequate cooling for your computer.

While this Intel CPU’s competitor today, the FX-6300, is a bit cheaper, the i3-6100 is still very affordable, at just over $100 dollars. And with all the amazing gaming you will be doing with this processor, as well as the money you will be saving on your energy bill, this CPU is well worth the price.

The AMD FX-6300

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Another mainstay in the computer industry is the AMD processor. Nearly anyone who buys a commercial computer or laptop on the cheap these days is running it on an AMD CPU, as most of these budget computers will come with one built in.

Don’t let the price confuse you, however, as AMD is capable of CPU’s that are just as good as their more expensive counterparts. This is the case with the FX-6300 which, while it does have some flaws, is capable of providing those building a custom computer with some of the best gaming around.

What makes the FX-6300 unique to it’s competition today is the CPU’s use of six cores. This allows the FX-6300 to play any game that supports six cores at a super fast, 60 FPS speed and at full HD. This makes the FX-6300 a great choice for gamers looking to get the most out of their modern games.

This six core design also helps in other areas, such as multitasking. If you have multiple windows open on your internet browser, are doing spreadsheets, and gaming all at the same time (for whatever reason), you will be able to do these tasks with little to no slowdown from the FX-6300. And you can do all this multitasking without having to worry about heating, as, thanks to the CPU’s built in heat sink and cooling fan, overheating never happens.

And you get all this for a really affordable price that is under $100 dollars. This makes this one of the best CPUs you can get for the price.

The six core design of the FX-6300, while it does much good, does lend itself to a lot of the drawbacks of the CPU as well. For example is the CPU’s high energy consumption, which, if you are the energy conscious sort, is an issue you may want to avoid.

The processor also suffers with some gaming aspects as well. While a lot of modern games support the six cores, not all do, which can lead to some major slowdown with the CPU, especially when compared to other processors, such as the i3-6100. For example, while games like Fallout 4 will run perfectly, a game such as World of Tanks, which only runs on a max of two cores, can only run at medium settings, at best.

The six cores also creates some issues if you are trying to play some older games that don’t run on all six cores. If you are like me, from time to time you like to bust out some classics such as Half Life 2. Unfortunately, with the FX-6300, older games of that sort can not run at all as they are not supported.

But for the price and the abilities that it does provide, the FX-6300 is a great choice of CPU that many a person creating a custom computer will not be disappointed in.

Winner? The I3-6100

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While the six cores of the FX-6300 does provide some features that the i3-6100 does not, the amount of gaming capabilities alone give the Intel processor the edge. Not only does the i3-6100 provide full 4k support that the AMD CPU does not, but it also capable of playing most modern games without issue, as well as a lot of older game. It is for this reason that today’s winner is the Intel i3-6100. You also have to account the i3-6100’s hyper-threading which means that it’s as if it has four cores instead of two. Making its only weakness almost non-existent.

That isn’t to say that both are not great CPU’s in their own right. While the gaming capabilities are better with the i3-6100, the FX-6300 is both cheaper and runs cooler, as well as provides great speed while doing multiple task at once. If this sounds like something you are interested in, then you will be just fine with the FX-6300.

At the end, it all comes down to preference, but hopefully this article helped to make your next CPU purchase a little easier. Thanks for reading, and we’ll see you next time!

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