Logitech G105 Review

Logitech G105 Gaming Keyboard Review:

For those looking for a budget gaming keyboard, the Logitech G105 is a steal!

We’d Rate The Logitech G105 An 8.5/10

Logitech G105 Review – Introduction

Over the years, Logitech as a brand has established a very strong reputation in the gaming industry with its range of widely available gaming accessories. Right from PCs to high-end gaming consoles, Logitech’s range of gaming accessories includes all. The Logitech gaming peripherals are famous not only for their superior quality but also for its affordability, which makes it one of the most preferred brands among beginners to avid pro gamers.

Here, we will be providing a Logitech G105 review.

First and foremost this Gaming Keyboard is a membrane type keyboard.

As a quick aside, membrane keyboards are more resistant against dirt and liquids than most mechanical keyboards. Membrane keys, however, tend to be less durable over time and have less of a tactile feedback.

If you’re looking for a mechanical keyboard – we have a list of the best mechanical keyboards under $100.

The Logitech G105 comes with a nice build quality enough to sustain some intensive gaming action and deliver uninterrupted and seamless fun. The keyboard also hosts a range of features like backlight LEDs for keys suitable in low-light conditions, anti-ghosting technology, programmable G-keys, time sensitive keystroke recording and much more.

Please read on to see more of our Logitech G105 review!

Logitech G105 great Keyboard
  • Long-life blue LED backlighting: Select from two brightness levels to easily see keys in the...
Programmable keys with 18 macro options
Very affordable
Good on-board features like anti-ghosting and game mode switch
Sufficient key-spacing with quick access to keys
Decent build quality
Only for beginners and not mid or pro levels gamers
Keys sticking issues over the use of one year
No tactile feedback like mechanical keyboard

Logitech G105 Review – Design

The Logitech G105 Keyboard not only performs well, but is also very stylish with its gamer-centric design. At the first glimpse, you can make out that the keyboard has got fine smooth edges. A peculiar thing about its design is that the keyboard bottom has got a gradual slope at the center. The slope offers sufficient space for your palm to rest by relieving any pressure felt on your wrists. This keyboard does not come with a wrist wrest however.

Another thing in this keyboard design which grabs a quick attention are the two small handle like openings to the top, near the cable region. Not quite sure of the intended purpose, but yes, good enough and it also gives off a sporty vibe.

The positioning of keys is nicely done overall. The programmable macro G-Keys are placed vertically to the left for quicker accessibility without looking at the keyboard. Positioning of the keys are open for debate, some feel that they are too close on the left hand side that they can be easily hit while in the heat of a game.

Spacing between the keys is sufficiently maintained for easy manoeuvrability of fingers. At the top, you have the profile section keys to the left corner, while the top-center hosts the Logitech key and the brightness key.

Logitech offers two levels of adjustable brightness for back-lit illumination. The blue light emanates from the key characters and is sufficient to spot the keys quickly in dark and low-light conditions.

Overall, the keyboard features quite a decent profile in terms of design and finish.

Logitech G105 Review – Features

Six Programmable Keys:

This is one of the most sought after features loved by almost every gamer. Programming and customizing keys help to perform complex actions with absolute simplicity.

For example; trigger multiple shots at the target by just pressing the programmed key for one time. With six G-keys and three modes, you can customize up to 18 unique combinations for different actions.

Additionally, the G-Keys can be programmed for a variety of different purposes like changing mouse DPI levels on-the-go, activate your microphone to talk with friends or send predetermined texts to the team in multi-player gaming and much more.

This is the most powerful part of this keyboard.

If you want to read more about the Logitech Gaming Software & macros – you can read about it on Logitech’s website here.

Anti-Ghosting Technology:

This is basically handling of multi-key inputs at a time. Like open the door, perform the dive and change the gun. All these can be done in less than a second. The Logitech G105 Gaming Keyboard can take up to six simultaneous key inputs at a time and deliver seamless and uninterrupted performance without any skip.

Backlight Illumination:

All the keys on the keyboard come with LED backlighting which can be set at two different levels of brightness or can be completely turned off. This ensures that your gaming sessions are left uninterrupted even in dark and low-light conditions.

Game Mode Switch:

This turns out to be one of the key features of the Logitech G105. This switch acts as an instant toggle between the gaming mode or normal computing. Imagine you are in the middle of an intense gaming session and accidentally you press the ‘Windows’ key. It would surely ruin your experience. With Game Mode Switch you can prevent such accidents and enjoy a hassle free experience on-the-go.

Quick Media Access:

The function keys at the top will allow users to perform quick media function like controlling volume and play, pause, mute actions in a convenient manner.

Gaming Software:

The Logitech Gaming Software offers an intuitive and easy to understand interface to set up various commands and controls. The most appealing feature of the software is that it is smart enough to scan your machine instantly and set up profiles for all the games you have installed.Moreover, with easy drag-and-drop setting the software offers instant customisations on-the-go.

See The Logitech G105 Membrane Keyboard 

Logitech G105 Review – What I Like

Our Logitech G105 review wouldn’t be complete without starting on price and affordability. At the current price of this keyboard, it is extremely difficult (if not impossible) to find another keyboard in the same price range that offers as many features. While I spoke about mechanical keyboards above, it is truly difficult to bring that comparison any more. The keys on this board are significantly more tactile than other membrane keyboards. Another benefit of membrane keys are that they are much quieter when typing.

You may be able to find a mechanical keyboard that has backlighting – but often the lighting of these keyboards are dim and hardly worth it – I find the backlighting on this keyboard to be very good overall.

Logitech G105 review

The macro recording feature is typically left to boards that are more expensive.
For the macro recording alone, this keyboard is an absolutely great find and I think is understated. For such a cheap price you can do so many things with the macro recording. I would suggest this is a keyboard not just for gaming, but for anyone looking to eliminate those annoying repetitive keyboard tasks for “regular” use. You could, for instance, assign a huge block of text that you frequently type to a macro and save yourself time

I listen to quite a bit of music on my computer as well so having the multimedia keys there for me to pause and play music is a must have (albeit not dedicated keys).

Warranty – this keyboard comes with a 3 year limited hardware warranty. Keep in mind the warranty is only for normal wear and tear – if you spilled a drink on it…you’re out of luck.

What I Think Could Be Better

It’s actually quite difficult to bring up features that could be better in this Logitech G105 review – again when you compare it to others in this price range.

Since this keyboard is a gaming one, I still feel I need to compare it to the traditional mechanical keys.

To some, the keys are quiet and mushy and take a little effort to trigger actions without any kind of tactile feedback. Tactile feedback plays a crucial role in competitive gaming as it gives a sense of confidence to the gamers while playing.

Moreover, the membrane type keyboard is far below in comparison to the robustness of keys while comparing to a mechanical keyboard. Also, there is a chance you might complain about its build quality over the period of longer use as the silicon keys have a tendency to fade away or stick upon the press and trigger unwanted actions. Keep in mind however, there is the 3 year warranty to look at.

Logitech G105 great Keyboard
  • Long-life blue LED backlighting: Select from two brightness levels to easily see keys in the...

Logitech G105 Review – Conclusion

While concluding from the above-discussed factors, it seems that the Logitech G105 Gaming Keyboard can certainly be a good choice for all those performing simple computing tasks daily as well for all the casual gamers and beginners. Available for very cheap, it certainly beats other competitors in this range, in terms of performance and available functionalities.

The special key-programming functions are quite handy and easy to setup and deliver decent performance with absolutely no errors.

If you take a look at the Logitech G105 reviews on Amazon, there are over 800 reviews at 4.3 stars, showing that this keyboard is quite well received.

While if you are a pro-level gamer and expecting some more than this, you might end up in disappointment. This keyboard is certainly not a piece of device you can proudly carry to high-level gaming competitions.

Overall, looking to pricing, features, build quality and other aspects, the Logitech G105 certainly offer value for your money.

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