Nvidia GTX 1060 VS GTX 970, Which One Is Better?

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As is often the case in the world of technology, updates and upgrades are frequently released. These “new” versions of products usually offer wide varieties of enhancements and features that are supposed to make the new product superior to the versions released before it. But how often is that the case?

Today, we are taking a look at one such case of old vs. new. It is a battle of the graphics cards, this time, around, with two types of cards from popular graphics card producers, Nvidia.

Nvidia is a powerhouse name in graphics card technology, powering some of the most advanced computers that are used for gaming. Until now, the biggest and baddest of their mid-range cards came in the form of the GTX 970, which would provide gamers with great graphics and lag free video experiences in their custom rigs. That was until the GTX 1060 came along.

Will the GTX 1060 be able to surpass the older GTX 970 model, or are all the new bells and whistles of the GTX 1060 just flashes in the pan? In this article, we will take a look at each of the graphics cards strengths and weaknesses and find out which of these two great graphics cards will end up as the best choice for your custom gaming rig.


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The first graphics card we will look at is the older model: the Nvidia GTX 970. While being available for some time now, the GTX 970 graphics cards are a force to be reckoned with in the PC gaming industry, with the cards being able to produce amazing graphics details, and even being ready to support gaming in virtual reality.

These are all impressive things that the GTX 970 is capable of, while consuming little power, and space, within you custom gaming build.

With all these features do come some setbacks, and noise, that may end up with some gamers turning their eyes away from this graphics card, though.

Here is a list of some of the pros and cons associated with the GTX 970 graphics cards.

While the GTX 970 comes in various models of graphics cards, all of them have some things in common. For starters is the fact that these graphics cards are capable of amazing graphics when playing most games. Giving you 1080p, 60fps graphics when gaming helps to create an immersive and unforgettable experience that any gamer would want, and the GTX 970 provides that and more.

Speaking of immersion, the GTX 970 is capable of playing new virtual reality games, such as those for the Oculos Rift and the HTC, and does so with the same graphical fidelity that you would get from other, non VR games. And  the GTX 970 is able to do that while maintaining cooler temperatures and low energy consumption.

Nvidia did run into issues as it concerns these cards, and their advertised ram. Nvidia has always maintained in advertising that these cards all have 4GB of RAM, when in truth the RAM total actually comes out to be around 3.5 GB. False advertising aside, these are not terrible RAM amounts, but they also do not come close to the GTX 970’s… newer brother. But we’ll get to that in a moment.

Another huge issue that the GTX 970 run into is issues as it concerns the DVI-D ports on the cards. The port has been known to be defective in some graphics cards that were issued. While this is an issue that doesn’t appear in every card, it is an issue that is big enough to cause problems.

For those that don’t like too much noise coming from their tower, the GTX 970 has a pretty substantial “Coil Whine”, which is a noise the card makes while operating. This issue can be remedied by lowering the screen refresh rate in the settings, but this may be a sacrifice some users may not want to make.

The GTX 970 cards are overall spectacular cards, and offer a great services to users. But what about the newer, GTX 1060? How well does it hold up against the older model? Let’s take a look


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The GTX 1060 model of graphics cards just recently became available on the market within the last few weeks. In that time, the GTX 1060 has proven that it is a force to be reckoned with in the graphics cards industry, boasting features that help it to surpass most graphics cards available today.

Speed? HD Graphics? VR Capability? These are all things that the GTX 1060 can do effortlessly, and all while staying as cool as a cucumber.

Even as great as it is, there are drawbacks, and even price gougers, that one has to be aware of. The following is the list of pros and cons of the GTX 1060

The GTX 1060 is an absolute beast when it comes to gaming resolution. 60fps and 1080p are available on almost all available games, and the fps are even greater when overclocked. And this quality can be produced while maintaining a temperature that rarely exceeds 50 degrees. The only drawback graphic-wise is that the GTX 1060 is unable to perform on 40K displays, which makes it a pass for those looking for something of that caliber.

Similar to the GTX 970, the GTX 1060 cards are generally easy to install, and are ready for gamers taking the plunge into the Virtual Reality market. What it does have over the 970 is that it is quiet, and doesn’t seem to produce the annoying coil whine that its older brother does. The GTX 1060 also kills the GTX 970 in terms of RAM, boasting a whopping 8GB or RAM in most models. This RAM upgrade just helps to further boost gaming performance.

The GTX 1060 graphics cards generally run at around $300 dollars in price when available, but this brings up one major issue not so much with the cards, but the sellers. At the time of this writing, availability of the GTX 1060 cards are hit and miss, and as a result, many sellers on Amazon have been selling them for outrageous prices that have sometimes become upwords of $800! This will likely pass with time, but if you are in need of this graphics card now, you may have to wait or sift through a bunch of nonsense.

Another issue that seems to come up is the size of the graphics card. Most of the models available for the GTX 1060 at the time seem to run larger then its predecessor. This is not a big deal in most cases, but if you are looking to save space it may be an issue.

Another overall great card, the GTX 1060 is everything and more that you may want in a graphics card, with impeccable graphics and RAM. But is it better then the GTX 970 as a graphics card option?

Winner? The GTX 1060

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The answer to that question is: Yes, the GTX 1060 is, overall, the better graphics card. The GTX 1060 provides a superior HD gaming experience, bigger RAM, and does so without some of the technical drawbacks that hinder the GTX 970, such as the DVI-D port issues and the extra noise. Add in the fact that the GTX 1060 is actually cheaper then the GTX 970 (when you can find it), and you have a card that blows away its competition.

That isn’t to say that the GTX 970 is a bad card, and, depending on certain preferences, the GTX 970 may be the choice for some people. In the end, everything is ultimately up to the individual gamer, and both choices are great. We hope you enjoyed this article, and we’ll see you next time.

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