Find The Best Computer Speakers For You – The Best Budget Speakers Around

We reviewed and searched hundreds of speakers. Many hours and coffee drinks were used to put together this roundup.

This is a massive post, we reviewed the best computer speakers across two budget categories to find the best budget PC speakers under 25 dollars and the best computer speakers under 50 dollars.

We have broken the speakers under $50 into both 2.0 and 2.1 sub-categories to help with your search.

Any of these computer speakers will be able to be used straight away, no DAC’s or other amps required to run any of the speakers on this list.


Logitech Z130

  • 5 watts of power
  • On-speaker power and volume controls
  • Very simple to set up
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GoGroove 2MX

  • Plug and play design
  • Easy to use volume control scroll wheel
  • Portable and compact design
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Basics 100

  • Portable due to USB connection
  • 3 watts of power
  • Control volume with on-speaker knob
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  • Independant pratble volume control
  • Plug and play design
  • Acoustic quality stereo sound
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Logitech Z200

  • Can use with multiple devices
  • Easily access power, volume, and bass
  • 10 watts of power
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Insmart P100

  • 3.5 audio interface
  • ISB powered PC speaker
  • 10W wooden speaker
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Satechi ST-WDS20

  • In-line volume control
  • No drivers needed
  • Compatible with multiple devices
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Creative Inspire T10

  • 2.0 speaker system
  • BASXPORT technology built-in
  • Multiple Aux ports
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GoGroove BassPulse 2.1

  • 5W satellite speaker
  • 10W side foring subwoofer
  • Stream from multiple devices
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TaoTronics TT-SK11

  • Fully surround sound capble
  • Able to be cntrled via smartphone
  • 5200mAh built-in battery
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Creative A250 2.1 speaker

  • Dual slot enclosure
  • Enhnaced image focusing plate
  • down foring subwoofer
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Genius SW-G2.1 500 2.1 speaker

  • 2.1 channel rocket subwoofer
  • Separate volume and bass control
  • Plug and play design
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Logitech Z313 2.1 PC Speaker

  • 25 watts of power
  • Sound is very balanced
  • Compact subwoofer for tight spaces
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Cyber Acoustics CA-3602 2.1 PC Speaker

  • 5.25" ported subwoofer
  • 2" dual drivers
  • Easy to get to 3.5mm aux port
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Logitech Z323 2.1 PC Speaker

  • Ported down firing subwoofer
  • 360 degree surround sound
  • 3.5mm inputs for more connectivity
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As a matter of practice, we have only considered the RMS wattage of the speakers. Peak Power represents the instantaneous maximum sound a speaker can produce, whereas the RMS (Root of Mean Square) represents close to the average sound a speaker is able to produce.

In short, the peak power is more of a marketing figure.


Top 5: Best Budget PC Speakers Under 25

We put together this list and had a challenge choosing the best overall. Some are surprisingly loud for the price. As a general rule, you get what you pay for; if you want something a bit better keep reading down this list.

There are many speakers in this price range, but we looked at them all to come up with our top 5.

With that said, let’s look at the best budget pc speakers under $25.

Logitech Z130

So you are trying to find the best budget pc speakers? A strong competitor in this category is the Logitech Z130.
The Z130 is the updated version of the S120 and brings improvements all around.

Logitech Z130 Best Budget PC Speakers

Balanced bass and treble
Convenient power and volume control
3.5mm headset port
Plug and Play

Unnatural sound at high volume

The Logitech Z130 is probably one of the best budget pc speakers you can find in the market. This pair of great looking speakers are designed aesthetically; they come with 5W of RMS power at 10W peak rate.

If you’re looking for the best budget computer speakers, then these are a pair to get.
I cannot say that these speakers are compact though. The dimensions are 5.58″ x 3.96″ x 4.34″ (H x W x D), so they may not be perfect as small speakers for laptop. However, the design is still great.

For its affordable price, it is one of the best in its category.
It uses an AC adapter for its power and has a volume control for a more ease of use.

Sound wise they offer pretty respectable reproduction of sounds, with a balanced bass and treble, just don’t turn them up to full volume as they can sound unnatural.

One more advantage of the Z130 is that it has a 3.5mm port that serves as an output for a headphone whenever you need to be quiet.
These are both Windows and Macintosh compatible and can be plugged to any gadget that has an auxiliary port.

GoGroove 2MX

If you want to add some flair to your desk then these speakers are for you, the GoGroove 2MX has a sleek piano black finish with either Blue, Green or Red LED lit base. Talk about aesthetics.

GoGroove 2MX
  • [CLEAR SOUND, DUAL DRIVERS & PASSIVE WOOFER] provide pristine audio and full bass so you can...
  • [BLUE LED GLOW LIGHTS] with a portable and compact design brings a dynamic , bright flare to...

Nice design
USB powered
LED lit base
Great sound quality
3 year warranty

Can’t Turn off LED lights
Cables are too short

With great aesthetics and good sound quality, this speaker is a thing to love, it is USB powered, making it easier to use with almost any gadget.

You can either plug it into a computer or a laptop or get a power adapter that has a USB port, and you are ready to go. Though it looks small these speakers can still get loud; they are rated at 4.8W RMS.

It produces good bass through its passive subwoofers at the bottom of each driver. It has 150Hz – 20KHz Frequency range but can still produce a decent, crisp sound.

The volume control is on the back of one of the speakers.
Overall these speakers look great and have good sound (looks like a flat headed Darth Vader if you ask me).

If you are looking for the best budget pc speakers within this price category, I’d say you found yourself a pretty good match.

AmazonBasics 100

Good sound with a price tag that won’t break your budget, that’s the Amazonbasics A100, these speakers have two variants. One is AC powered (and more expensive), and the other is USB powered.
These speakers are for people who like their desk without clutter and are one the cheapest speakers on the list.

Best budget speakers

Very affordable
Minimalist design
Plug and Play

Tinny highs
Mid-bass is close to non-existent
No 3.5mm port

The A100s from AmazonBasics has a very minimalist design. There is a full metal grill to protect the drivers with a black glass accent out the front on each side. True to its name, they are basic – but that’s not a bad thing.

These budget pc speakers have great reviews on Amazon (of course) at 4.2 stars out of 5 and a massive amount of reviews – more than any reviews that I’ve seen on Amazon.

As mentioned, they have the AC powered speakers that produce 5W RMS power and a USB powered speaker that comes with 3W RMS power.

It has a volume control on the front that doubles as a power switch. As a small laptop speaker, it is not all bad when it comes to sound, though I should say that you will hardly hear a midbass with these speakers and the highs are a bit tinny.

We included this in the list since we are searching for speakers that meet the price range of under $25 as best budget PC speakers. We created the list based on the output power and price.

Cheapest computer speaker

Small and mighty this is the EARISE AL101 speakers, they are compact and perfect Small speakers for laptop use.

Design wise, they have a decent overall appearance, I like the clean look with the elegant orange circle inside.

  • Simple design speakers, compact appearance and double Color match make it trendier and not...
  • Acoustic quality stereo sound, let your room Filled with music, movies, or computer games and...

Logitech Z200

#1 Best Budget Speakers under $25

Simple, compact and powerful, these are the three words that best describe the Logitech Z200. Best of all this still falls under $25, so this is still really affordable.

Logitech Z200 Best budget pc speakers

Convenient power and volume control
3.5mm headset port
Plug and Play

Cables are short

The Z200 is another set of speakers that are good for a set of small laptop speakers or probably a full-sized PC.
They may look slim but still comes with a decent 5W RMS of power.

The Z200’s differ from the Z130 in that each speaker has two 2.5 drivers to add some more bass to your sound. The sound quality is not of an audiophile’s standard, but I can say that this still does a great job providing good crisp sound.

One added feature for this is that it has a tone control that can control the amount of bass that the speakers produce. It is great handling the mid tones and the highs but not too much for the lows.

There is a control for volume right on the front of the speaker and bass control wheel is a great add-on to the speakers for ease of use. There is a 3.5mm port for headphones and another one for an additional source like an MP3 player or a cellphone.

Overall these speakers are packed with features that defy its price.

Truly this is one of the best budget pc speakers you can find in the market – in fact, I would argue it is #1 given all the extras

Best Computer Speakers Under 50

We were very strict in our search for the best computer speakers under $50, anything a penny over 50 dollars were excluded.

Unlike the budget computer speakers, we evaluated more specifications such as total power, frequency range and other factors, not just the price.

We also have split the list up – looking at the best computer speakers in both 2.1 and 2.0 configuration.
Not everyone has the legroom for a subwoofer (the .1 in the 2.1).
Let’s take a look, shall we?

Top 3: Best Computer Speakers under 50 – 2.0 configuration

3. InSmart P100

At number 2 of our list of best computer speakers under 50 we have the InSmart P100.
Aesthetics meets power, this speaker set has a great wood finish, and it comes with a total power of 10W RMS (5W/Satellite), this is the InSmart P100.

Wood casing
Tweeter and woofer
Great Sound

On the larger side
Newer Product

The InSmart P100 is housed in wood which not only looks great but also helps in the overall sound quality that these speakers produce.

These speakers have a USB 2.0 connector for power and a 3.5mm jack for the connection and make it remarkably flexible since any cell phone charger would be able to provide power to it or just plug it into a USB port on a laptop or a desktop computer.

It only requires 5V as well so it is really small in power consumption, with the 3.5mm jack this makes this speaker set universally compatible with any gadget or computer that has an auxiliary port. One other thing these speakers are good at is producing near-true sound quality because of its built-in noise-canceling IC which works great whenever watching movies, playing games or listening to your favorite tunes.
It also has a demagnetization ring that filters noise and makes voices clear.

The best part of it is it comes with 1-year warranty and a 30-day hassle free return in case you don’t like the speakers. I would like to put it higher on the list of our best computer speakers under $50. However, the lack of power for its price simply cannot be taken for granted.

2. Satechi ST-WDS20

Simple, compact and can indeed pack a punch! These speakers are designed with style in mind.

Let’s look closer at the ST-WDS20 by Satechi.

Satechi ST-WDS20
  • Compatible with PC, Mac, and mobile devices
  • USB-powered speakers with in-line volume control

Affordable Price
Compact design
Great Sound

Stand can damage desk (sharp edges)

This speaker set is very close in comparison to our number 3 spot – the InSmart P100. However, it comes with a better price, and more style so we bumped it higher.

The design is straightforward and compact and certainly lightweight (17.3 ounces only), it can easily be placed anywhere on your desk.

If you are not a big fan of white and chrome, there’s always an alternative which is black and chrome; both variants are matte finished. I’d say this is a perfect match for a minimalist who isn’t interested in bulky satellites or using them as small speakers for laptop use.

The volume control is located in-line and not on-board on the speakers. This speaker is also universally compatible since it uses the same USB and 3.5mm jacks for the power and the connection, in short, these are plug-and-play even on a Macintosh platform.

The sound is clear with a frequency range of 90 Hz – 20 KHz (can’t expect much for its price). Overall I’d say this is a great speaker to look for and has earned its place in our list of Best PC speakers under $50.

1. Creative Inspire T10

So you wanted that deep bass, but you don’t have space for a Subwoofer – using up precious foot space?

Rounding out our top spot of 2.0 speakers is the Creative Inspire T10. This is definitely the speaker to buy for a 2.0 configuration.

Creative Inspire T10
  • COMPACT AND SLEEKCoated with a high-glossy black finish, the compact and sleek Creative Inspire...
  • PREMIUM 2.0 SPEAKER SYSTEMThe elegant 2.0 design with a dedicated tweeter in each satellite...

Affordable Price
Compact design
Good Bass

Bass and treble controlled by same knob

Because you are the minimalist that you are and want as little as possible lying on your desk. Well, your search for that speaker has come to an end.

The T10 by Creative has almost everything that you wanted. The T10 has 10W RMS total power 5W for each of these piano black satellites. These speakers can give you an impressive deep bass. The company uses their “BasXport” technology & able to produce this impressive bass without the use of a separate subwoofer.

The frequency range for these speakers is respectable overall for its price at 80Hz – 20,000 Hz, and is able to keep distortion to a minimum when the volume is at its peak.

While the speaker itself isn’t the most beautiful of our choices it makes up for it in performance.

Creative’s T10 has onboard controls for power, volume, and tone adjustment. One thing I did find odd with the tone adjustment, was that the dial controlled both the treble and Bass at the same time – separating these would be nice.

These speakers give a bang for every penny you spent on it, and therefore it is our top choice in 2.0 configurations for the best computer speakers under $50.

Top 7: Best Computer Speakers under 50 – 2.1 configuration

Now onto our favorite 2.1 PC speakers under $50.

These speaker sets offer a separate Sub woofer to the overall sound experience and in theory should offer a fuller sound experience as each speaker can specialize in the sound they are more suited for.

Let’s get to it!

7. GoGroove BassPulse 2.1 – PC Speaker

One word for this gorgeous-looking speaker set, GROOOOOVY!

GoGroove BassPulse 2.1
  • POWERFUL 2.1 SOUND QUALITY WITH BOOMING SUBWOOFER : Satellite channel speakers and bass heavy...
  • VOLUME & BASS CONTROLS: Adjust the sound on the Full-range 5 watt satellite speakers &...

Great Design
Easy to clean
Clear highs and mids

Control knobs are located on the subwoofer

The BassPulse is a 2.1 speaker set made by GoGroove.
We featured 2 of their speakers in our under $25 category, and this one is an eye catcher to start our best computer speakers under $50 – 2,1 configuration.
These speakers are indeed designed uniquely; the satellite stand is made of thin clear plastic with diagonal-cut patterns to add style to it, non-slip rubber pads under the base which keeps them from falling off of your desk when you’re cranking the tunes!
The subwoofer’s case is designed equally great as well. Sound quality is amazing.

You can even control the bass using the knob found at the bottom of the sub which is a little odd as a placement.

The highs and the mids are clear and solid, these speakers have a frequency range of 80 Hz – 20 KHz and 20W RMS total power (10W subs and 5W each satellite). I would say that it could have been better if they had control knobs placed on the satellites since the sub would most likely be under the desk or if they added a phone cradle with the controls on them.

This speaker set can be a gamer’s fave since it has this pulsating light that coincides with the bass. The LEDs can be switched on or off by one push of a button located on the subwoofer: Again though, still likely an awkward spot.

If the controls are not a deal breaker there are also a choice of colors. GoGroove has Blue, Green & Red LED variants, and I am sure some gamers want these choices to flash up their builds (Yeah, they’ve thought about it).
So enough of the traditional black dull looking speakers and get Groovy!

6. TaoTronics TT-SK11

Best Portable Computer Speaker

Center of attention, that’s what this speaker is all about. The TaoTronics speaker is perfect for the minimalist and the traveller as it has Bluetooth & 3.5mm cable connectors.

TaoTronics TT-SK11
  • 360 surround sound: fill large spaces with full-circle crisp and clear sound and enjoy...
  • Loud and clear 20W driver: 2 x 10W driver pumps up the volume and plays pulse-pounding music so...

15 hours playback on battery

Beeping at low battery even when charging

I know, this isn’t a 2.1 speaker…but it goes toe to toe in sound and the dual driver speaker setup almost mimics the subwoofer capability.

Crisp, room-filling, 360° surround sound. That’s what you will be getting from the TaoTronics TT-SK11. First off I would like to comment on how these speakers look. They look great in a cylindrical design and are perfect for those on a go, particularly as small speakers for laptop use.

The volume control knob at the top of the speaker, and onboard controls for skipping tracks along with power on the side. It also has the 3.5mm port and charging port covered with rubber, so it stays dust-proof (way to go TaoTronics, big thumbs up!).

I should say their designers thought this through!

This can be used while plugged in, so this can be used as the main speaker on your desk as well. As I said, this is really geared towards the laptop crowd as most Laptop PC’s now come with Bluetooth – you can keep your cord clutter to a minimum.

The only issue is the fact that when the battery is low, the beeping notification will not stop once you plug it in immediately – which is bothersome when you still want to keep the tunes going.

Surprisingly, these speakers come with 20W RMS dual drivers and has a frequency range of 50 Hz –20 kHz so you can truly feel the midbass and the still have highs as good as many others on this list. At that power, these speakers are loud and wonderful.

Like I said I could have placed this in a different category however with the 3.5mm connection I felt that we will be missing out something if we did not include this in our list of best computer speakers under $50.

I mean think about it portable and universally compatible, any device with Bluetooth or a 3.5mm connection will work.

I should say a great bang for the buck considering it can go toe to toe with a Bose Soundlink Mini for a fraction of the cost.

5. Creative A250 Computer Speaker

Number 6 on the list is the Creative A250, for a 2.1 speaker – this has a really small footprint for overall use.

If you are looking for something that can give you that deep bass and clear highs when listening to your favorite tunes or watching movies, then you might find the A250 a great match.

Creative A250 2.1 speaker
  • High Quality, Durable, 2.1CH
  • Durable Design

Wide frequency range
Excellent natural sound

Only has 9W total for a 2.1 speaker

Creative Labs has been one of the biggest companies for speaker systems. They have a wide array of speakers to choose from at varying costs, and the A250 is just one of the speakers that you can brag about in this list of the best computer speakers under $50.

It has 9W total power (5W sub, 2W each satellite), not enough power you say? These can still blast your eardrums in a smaller room. The frequency range is wide, covering 40Hz to 20kHz allowing it to produce a decent natural sound.

The Creative A250 can hit the midbass and the highs easily. The subs are made out of wood and they are covered with black vinyl. The sub is designed with the speakers underneath it, so it is down firing, but that’s not totally an advantage (except for times you accidentally kick the sub). Downward firing just protects the driver when it is oriented that way.

The lack of power on these speakers are significantly compensated by the sound it produces. Given the smaller size of the overall speaker set, this would be a very good choice as a laptop speaker.

Not everyone will use this in a huge hall, and it’s priced quite fair which is one of the reasons why it is in our best of computer speakers under $50.

4. Genius SW-G2.1 500 PC Speaker

If you are a gamer on a budget and would like to get some speakers that have that “player” feeling to it then this speaker would be an excellent candidate, it’s affordable and great looking.

Genius SW-G2.1 500 2.1 speaker
  • 【IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCE WITH DEEP BASS】 2.1 Channel with RMS 15 watts rocket subwoofer....
  • 【ACCURATE JUDGE WITH CLEAR SOUND】 The crystal clear sound delivered by this speaker, you...

Choice of colors
Lot’s of inputs and outputs
Wall mountable

Unprotected Sub driver is made of plastic

The SW-G2.1 500 is a speaker that targets the gamers out there; it has a sleek black design with a Scorpion logo on the subwoofer’s driver and the base of the satellites.

It has on board bass and volume control and fires up to 15W of RMS power. This speaker set has a frequency range of 58 – 20,000 Hz.

Now, this won’t do great if you intend to use it in huge rooms but this thing can still produce ample sound if placed in a small to medium sized room. Great for listening to music or watching videos, this would look nice on your desk. It’s only intended really for desks, isn’t really portable since it weighs 3.5lbs, the sub is housed in wood (for better in acoustics, and surely the main reason for the weight).

The SW-G2.1 500 uses a 3.5mm connector which makes it universally compatible with most gadgets, computers/laptops , gaming consoles, or any handhelds that has an auxiliary port.

Is this a thing to love or what? This speaker goes to the top 4 spot of our best computer speakers under $50, for its price and its great feature this is a speaker set worth checking out.

3. Logitech Z313 2.1 PC Speaker

Best computer speakers under 50

The list for Best computer speakers under $50 is primarily for general users who just want to have good quality speakers that won’t drill a hole to their pockets. Some of these design speakers are aesthetic and modern, while others are more traditional.

Without further ado let’s look into the Top 3 computer speaker

Everyone wants to get more power and better sound quality for their money; so moving along the list of our best computer speakers under $50, I present to you the Logitech Z313.

25W total power
Powerful sound

Beeping at low battery even when charging

Logitech has been a great name for computer hardware especially in the field of speakers. The Z313 speakers come in with a whopping 25 Watts (15W for the sub and 5W per satellite).

The frequency range is wide which goes from 50Hz up to 20kHz, so you can only expect crisp, clear sound. The bass is, of course, great, the design is simple yet sleek. The sub is housed inside a sturdy case with a plastic finish.

What I like best about the Z313 is when you put them on top of your desk, you don’t have to worry the space it takes since the satellites are quite small.

One other good thing is that it has an in-line control pod for volume, and power switch to turn your speakers on and off. You can also plug-in a headphone to the auxiliary in port at the bottom of the control pod.

The sound is balanced, and you can fill a small room, I also like the contour of the satellites, it does not look like any other box type satellites on other speaker sets.

If you’re willing to put out another $20, you can also get the Logitech Bluetooth adapter – to allow easy connection to laptops or other Bluetooth enabled devices.

The 3.5mm jack allows it to be connected to either a PC or a Macintosh system, not to mention other platforms/gadgets that you may want to use with this speaker. The price is just a secondary thing to consider when picking up this speaker as the features speak for itself, indeed a great addition to our list of the best computer speakers under 50 dollars.

2. Cyber Acoustics CA-3602 2.1 PC Speaker

Nice design, powerful, great features while still affordable.

Let’s check our second place speaker in our list of the best computer speakers under $50 – the Cyber Acoustics CA-3602.

Cyber Acoustics CA-3602 2.1 PC Speaker
  • ROOM FILLING SOUND: Driven by an acoustically optimized internal power supply, this subwoofer...
  • EASY TO USE: The convenient control pod gives you full control over your sound system. Adjust...

30W of power
Comes with an control pod
Great sound

Exposed Speaker cones

The Cyber Acoustics CA-3602 is at number 2 on this list of best PC speakers that are under $50. This speaker could almost be interchanged with the current number 1 on our list, simply because it has a wider range of frequency (50 Hz – 20 KHz) and it has a more affordable price.

This set is a 2.1 channel speaker set with 30W of power (18W for the sub and 6W per satellite) it has a frequency response of 50Hz – to 20kHz, this also comes with a control pod that can control the power, the volume and the bass as well.

The control pod also has an auxiliary port that allows you to connect a stereo headphone/headset.

The design for the satellite is perfect for a minimalist. It takes a small space on top of your desk, and I like the combination of the silver base with the sleek piano black stand which holds the twin drivers per satellite. Again, with this sleak design these could be used as small speakers for laptop use very easily.

The sub is front-firing with the port on its side.

The speaker is plug and play and can be connected to anything that has a 3.5mm auxiliary-in port. Above all that feature is the price, it is unbelievably affordable that is the main reason why it is on our best computer speakers under $50 – more like a 1b than 2!

1. Logitech Z323 2.1 Computer Speaker

So we are at the end of our list for the BEST computer speakers under $50. I’d like to say that the list was tough to rank especially for the top 3, the features of each speaker are great, however like I said the number one spot and the second spot could be interchangeable, depending on who’s looking at it. But for us, our top pick for the best speakers under 50 is the Logitech Z323

Logitech Z323 2.1 PC Speaker
  • Immersive Logitech 360-degree sound for crystal-clear, room-filling audio
  • Ported, down-firing subwoofer delivers deep, rich bass. Satellites(height x width x depth): 8.3...

30W RMS power
Sounds fantastic
Deep Bass

All controls not in same location

As Said, the Logitech Z323 is our top choice for the best computer speakers under $50.

This speaker features Logitech’s “360 degree sound” which does offer a very good sound overall.
The Z323 has 30W of RMS power (18W for the sub and 6W each satellite).

The frequency response range is just a bit less than the CA-3602 at 55 Hz – 20 kHz, the sound is really immersive and crystal clear, it can produce great bass with its ported down-firing subs, and it can still hit the mids and the highs without any issue.

Although the frequency response is slightly less on paper, my ears tend to prefer the Z323 over the Cyber Accoustics.

The Logitech Z323, has a Bass controller at the back of the sub, a volume control one of the satellite along with the auxiliary out for an additional device and an auxiliary in for the headset / phone.

Found at the back of the sub is the RCA connector in case you need them and it still has a 3.5mm jack so it is universally compatible with any gadget / computer.

As for aesthetics, the design of this speaker is not the typical square and all corners but it is not as radical as the GoGroove BassPulse, it is something a minimalist would go for and it is not dull looking to say the least.

We realize that we are pressing the budget right to the max on this one, so if you’re looking to save a little money, go with the Cyber Accoustics at number 2.

I can say for a person who’s looking for good-looking yet functional and feature-rich speakers here is the overall champ. Truly the best computer speakers under $50.


I hope you found this post useful in your search for your chosen computer speaker.

If there is something on this list that you feel is missing or in the wrong spot, let us know in the comments – we love to hear from you.

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