What Teens Interested In IT Need To Know

Technology is becoming more popular among a majority of teens as it plays a significant role in their daily activities. They have school as their full-time job. However, when they aren’t in school, they spend most of their time on technology. A career in Information Technology (IT) would enhance their knowledge in this field. This article will show you IT programs and other ways to prepare for a career in IT.

IT Career

Typical IT careers are support specialists, computer programmers, and system analysts. Programmers translate software developer’s designs into a language that computers understand. A system analysts’ role is to ensure machines and networks are working correctly while support specialists solve problems encountered by computer users. You need to have analytical skills and be detail-oriented to succeed in this career. Acquire strong communication skills and be organized. Your ability to learn fast will enhance your career growth.

IT Job Market

As firms increase their use of computers, the demand for IT specialists will increase. This demand is expected to rise. The annual average salary of a support specialist is $48,900 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. System analysts and programmers are paid a higher income of approximately $79,680 and $74,280 respectively.

IT Education

You need a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a similar discipline to take up a career in IT. There are instances where an associate degree will get you a job. Experience, which you can acquire through summer jobs, is always an advantage in getting any job. Some organizations may give you work based on the computer skills you possess. Since you already know that you’ll need a degree, take steps now to prepare for college. If you optimize your time in high school, you have a better chance of qualifying for scholarships and other financial aid.

IT Programs and Courses

ID Tech Camps offer teens an opportunity to learn various topics which include coding, virtual reality, and 3D printing. Previous students of this program have gone on to get jobs at Google and Facebook while others have started their companies. ID Tech has the best teachers in the industry. They have a student to teacher ratio of 8:1, so you get as much attention from the teacher as you want.

There are plenty of IT training courses online, some free and some requiring a subscription. See if you can talk to a parent or research student programs to see if they can cover some costs or have different resources in mind. EdX is another site that offers online courses, most of which are free of charge. You pay a fee if you require a certificate to verify your participation. MIT OpenCourseWare offers lessons in Introduction to Computer Science and Programming. Code Academy offers its courses for free. The classes on this site relate to web development. Acquire skills in IT from these sites. As you focus on classes, also try to focus on what you are good at. Taking pre-employment assessments or aptitude and personality tests, can tell you if the information technology world is good for you. 


A career in IT is fulfilling. IT specialists derive satisfaction from the continuous learning that takes place in this career. Follow the tips above to make the most out of a job in IT.

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