When Do You Need to Wipe Your Technology?

Every piece of technology you own, whether it be a tablet, smartphone or computer, has what is essentially a self-destruct button. You can reset the device to exactly the way it was when it rolled out of the factory. There are several important situations where completely erasing all your information from your computer or smart device is the best thing you can do. These four scenarios will walk you through knowing when it’s time to erase your data off your technology.

You Sell It

If you decide to put some extra cash in your wallet by selling your unused technology, don’t complete the transaction until you have restored your computer or smartphone to factory settings. Some of your personal data can be very valuable in the wrong hands.

You Give It Away

Sometimes when you upgrade your device, you may choose to give your old one to a friend or family member. Even if you trust them completely, it is still a really smart idea to erase all the personal information on your device. Someone who is not tech savvy can accidentally pass your data on to a person who knows how to exploit that information.

You Have A Virus

Your computer can pick up a virus or malware from any website that has been infiltrated. A virus does not usually seem malicious and is often packaged in a desirable download or informative website. If your virus protection does not detect a malicious file, you may end up with a slow, lagging computer and not even realize why. If you find your computer has been compromised, wiping it and resetting it will erase all viruses as well as any other files.

Free Up Space

If you love to take pictures or download large files, your computer will likely fill up to capacity over the course of several months. Instead of taking the time to look through each individual file and delete what you don’t need, you can backup the files you want and wipe the computer. This will give you a fresh start and plenty of space to work with.

Frequently backing up your data to an external hard drive is also an important part of protecting the personal information on your device. If you have extra copies of your most valuable photos and documents backed up, resetting your device will not create a huge data loss.

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